ing convinced of the Vanity and Emptineis of this World, I may more and more delight myself in thy Love, and in the Praètice of true Religion,

And do thou, o God, quicken and enlarge my Desires, after spiritual Happiness, and those Pleasures which are at thy Right Hand for evermore; that through Faith and Patience, having finished the Race which thou hast set before me, I may be received into the Joy of my Lord. Grant this, 0. merciful Father, for the Sake of my Redeemer, the ever blessed Lefus. Amen.

A Prayer for a meek and quiet Spirit, O

Blessed Lord God, thou, most com

passionate Lover of Souls; look with thy tenderest Pity upon me,a weak and frail Creature ; who am encompassed about and

Infirmities; my Nature is corrupt, my Passions are strong and violent, and so prone am I to Peevishness and Anger, that almost every flight Provocation disorders my Mind, and makes me froward and impatient, and many Times. (alas ! with Sorrow. I confess it) I have been hurried away into foolish and unreasonable Passions.

with many


O Lord, Ilament and bewail this wretched Corruption of my Nature, humbly beseeching thee, for the sake and Merits of my blessed Saviour, to pardon and forgive all that Sin and folly that it has betrayed me to; and I beg of thee, O merciful Father, to give me a meek and quiet Spirit, a patient and forgiving Temper, an humble, charitable, and Christian Disposition; that my Mind may at all Times be quiet and easy, my Carriage gentle, kind, and obliging to all Men, and the whole Conduct and Deportment of my Life, such as becomes the Servant of the meek and blessed Jesus.

Convince me 'truly, O Lord, of the great Folly of Passion and Anger; how contrary it is to the Spirit of thy most holy Religion, which commands us to put away all Bitterness of Wrath, and Anger; what an Enemy it is to our present Happiness, and how much it unfits us for the Duties which we owe to thee, our Neighbour, and ourselves. Let the Example of my

blessed Saviour be powerfully present to my Mind, and inspire me with an humble, charitable, and

forgiving forgiving Temper. Let me consider, with what Vleekness and Patience he endured the Contradictions of Sinners, and the Insults and Reproaches of wicked and unreasonable Men; that, like him, I may be meek and lowly in Heart, and find that Rest unto my Soul, which he has promised to those that will be taught of him.

O my God, it is my fincere Desire, and it shall be the hearty Endeavour of my Life, to be free from the Bondage and Dominion of Sin ! but alas! I am a weak and feeble Creature: I find a Law in my Members warring against the Law of my Mind, which, without the Afittance of thy Holy Spirit, will bring me into Captivity to the Law of Sin: O let the mighty Power of thy Grace strengthen my feeble Wishes and Endeavours, and enable me to conquer my most inveterate Habits: Let the sweet and gentle Influences of thy blessed Spirit calm the Passions, and compose the Storms and Disorders of my Soul; and I do thou save me from the Dangers of this troublesome and tempestuous Life.

Root out of my Heart, O merciful God, all Pride and Vanity, all Malice, Hatred, and Ill-will, and give me a low and humble Opinion of myself, that the Sense of my


own Unworthiness, and of the many Offences which I have been guilty of towards thee, may move me to pity the Weaknesses and Infirmities of others, and to forgive the greatest Injuries and Provocations, which I shall meet with; remembering how much more I stand in Need of Pity and Forgiveness at thy Hand.

Take away from me, O Lord, the Spirit of this World, and fill me with that Spirit of Love and Charity, that suffereth long, and is kind; that beareth all Things, and is not easily provoked; that being full of that Peace of God, which passes all Understanding, I may live with Comfort, and die with Joy, and


hereafter. dwell in those peaceful Regions of everlasting Bliss, where thou o blessed Jesus, who art the Prince of Peace, liveft and reignest with the Father, and the Holy Spirit, one God, World without End. Amen.

A Prayer to be used in Time of Temp


O God our Refuge and Strength, who

art a present Help in Time of Need, I fly unto thee for Succour against the Face


of my Enemy, who has now lift


bi Hand against me: His Strength is mighty and his Malice great; and I, alas! weal and unable to withftand his Affaults: But, O thou, who art greater than all Things, send down thy Help from above, and rescue me out of the Jaws of the devouring Lion; save me, and deliver me from the Temptations I am now under. In thee, O Lord, have I put my Trust, o let me never be put to Confusion; and how. ever thou mayest think fit to make Trial of my Love and Obedience, yet suffer me not, I beseech thee, to be tempted above what I am able to bear; but make me a Way to escape, that I may not fin against thee.

Lord, I have no Strength of my own, but all my Hope, and all my Dependence, is in thy Almighty Power and Goodness; thou art the Rock of Ages, and the Help of all that put their Trust in thee: I know thy. Grace is sufficient for me: O deny it not then to thy Servant, who now needs it, and most earnestly defires it; and though I am not worthy of the least of all thy Mercies, yet, O merciful Father, have Compalfion on me, and help me that I may not be


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