very fore Affliction ; if thou shalt think fit to continue it, support me under it with the Affistance of thy holy Spirit. But if I am fit for so great a Mercy, O let this Torment of Soul depart from me; that being restored to an easy, free, chearful, and active Frame of Spirit, I may serve thee with more Delight and Vigour in all the Duties of my heavenly Calling. Blessed Jesus, my Saviour and Redeemer, let my Complaint come before thee. Amen. Amen.

A Prayer for a Person in a State of


O My God, infinite in Goodnefs, Power,

and Wisdom ! on thee all Things, depend; and thy Providence over-ruleth all Events: Riches and Plenty come from thee; and Poverty and Want are by thy Dispensation. I believe that for just and wise Reasons, thou hast allotted to all Mankind very different States and Circumstances of Life; and that thy good Providence hath designed my Benefit and Advantage in all the temporal Evils, which have at any Time happened unto me, I confess, O Lord, my Sins have de


served much more severe Amictions; and that thou art kind and merciful in all thy Dealings with me. Thou hast thought fit to place me in a mean Condition, to deprive me of many Conveniencies of Life, and to exercise me in a State of Poverty: But thou hast hitherto preserved and supported me by thy good Providence, and

* Here let the Person hast blessed me with Adrecollect the Blessings he


* above fome enjoys, as the invaluable Mery of Health, the others, who labour under Alfiance of Friends, great Trials and AfficLiberty, & C.

tions. And above all I enjoy the Light of thy glorious Gospel, and 'the Means of Grace, when many of my

Fellow-Christians are debarred of these most valuable Comforts, and lie groaning under Perfecutions, Misery, and Torments. I consider with humble Acknowledgement and Thankfulness that I am still alive, and have the Opportunity of working out my Salvation; whereas many poor Souls are given up to the juft Punishment of Sin, groaning out a fad Eternity under inexpressible Pains, and inconceivable Miseries. These, O Lord, are very great Mer. cies towards me, and must silence


Complaints if thou shouldest see fit to try me

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Give me

with greater Difficulties, than what thou hast hitherto laid upon me.

But, O merciful Father, who haft commanded and invited us to lay our Wants and Necessities before thee, help and relieve me, I beseech thee, under my present Circumstances ; and if thou feest fit, bless me with such a Portion of the Comforts and Conveniences of Life, that thereby I may be enabled to go on more chearfully in my Station, to serve thee better, to love thee more and more, and more admire thy wonderful Bounty and Loving-Kindness towards me. Health and Strength, and Abilities suited to my Circumstances; direct me in the Use of honeft Means, whereby I may obtain (for myself and Family). a come fortable Subsistence; and do thou succeed and prosper my honest Labours and En. deavours,

But, O Lord, if in this I know not what I alk; if greater Plenty, and the Comforts that attend it, are not convenient, but would prove Snares and Temptations to : me, thy blessed will be done : Support me that I fall not into extreme Want; lay not more upon me, than thou wilt enable me to bear.


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Supply the Want of worldly Blessings, by the Comfort and Support of thy good Spirit, whereby I may be made perfect in every good Work to do thy Will; that I may become rich in Faith, and an Heir of that Kingdom which thou hast promised to thote that love thee: Make me devout, holy, and heavenly-minded; and so purify and cleanse my Heart, that it may become an Habitation for thy Holy Spirit.

Enable me, likewife, O Lord, to exercise all those Christian Graces and Duties which my present Circumstances call for from me: Let the Sharpness of temporal Wants put me upon confidering what Misery must attend the Loss of my Soul: Let a Sense of my Poverty, stir up eager Desirès after the true Riches: and the less I have of this World, the more careful let me be to provide for the next; that I


seek an Inheritance incorruptible, and that fadeth not away: Let bodily Hardships convince me of the

great Evil of spiritual Wants, that I

may hunger and thirst after Righteousness. Give me Diligence and Industry in my Calling; and when I have done my Endeavour, make me to cast all my Care upon thee, and trust to thy Fatherly Good


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ness to provide for me. Let not the Con. tempt which some Persons wrongfully cast upon Poverty, or any Evil which I may endure, tempt me to any dishonest Way's of getting; but let me choose rather to be poor than wicked, and to want any Thing rather than thy Favour. Clothe me with a meek, and quiet, and humble Spirit, which in thy Sight is of great Price: Give me a thorough Contentedness in my present Circumstances : let me not dare to repine at my own Condition, or envy the Profperity of others; but teach me to possess my Soul in Patience: That I may acknowledge thy Right and Sovereignty over me, that thou art just, and wise, and merciful in all thy Dispensations. Convince me of thy Fatherly Love, and enable me chearfully to resign myself to thy All-wise Providence. : Teach me to look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith; who to reconcile us to a State of Poverty, chose to be born, and to live in a mean Condition, enduring Hunger, and Thirst, and Cold, and not having where to lay his Head: That by his Example, I may be encouraged to sit loose to the World, and wean my Affections from temporal Objects; that be

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