ous they may prove, O let me not dare to do any

Fraud or Injustice, or to cast off my, Dependence on thee, by calling in the Allistance of any of the Powers of Dark. ness for


Relief. And if, for Reasons best known to thing infinite Wisdom, thou shalt think fit to continue this Affliction to me, thy blessed Will be done; enable me patiently to bear, and contentedly to submit to the Dispensations of thy good Providence, how contrary soever to Flesh and Blood.

Suppress in me all murmuring and repịning Thoughts : Remove from me all Inclinations and Aversions, but such as agree with those of the blessed Jesus: Regu

Affections and Desires, and confine them to such Objects only, as are well pleasing in thy Sight. Thou knowest the Turest Way of making me happy: Thou? art infinite in Wisdom, Loving-Kindness, and Mercy, therefore let thy blessed Will, in every Thing, bę my Choice and Satis faction: I humbly submit to thy Fatherly. Discipline ; for, thou correçtest in Mercy, and for my Profit. If therefore thou takest not away thy Rod, yet take away thine Anger. Let me see a Fatherly Affection : in all thy Chastisements; and raise in my


late my

S 3

Soul an ardent Love and Desire after thee, which may fill me with an inward Satisfaction, with Peace of Conscience, and Joy in the Holy Ghost. Support and comfort me under all my Troubles ; direct and counsel me in all Difficulties ; Carry me through all Trials and Temptations; and in thy good Time, take thy Afflicting Hand from me: And grant that these light AfAi&tions, which (in Comparison,) are but for a Moment, may work for me an exceeding and eternal Weight of Glory. Hear me, O Lord, for thy Mercy's Sake, and for the Sake of thy Son Jesus, our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

A Prayer

for a Perfon troubled in Mind.


Blessed Lord, the Father of Mercies

and the God of all Comfort : look down, I humbly beseech thee, with Pity and Compassion upon a miserable Creature, under great Sorrow and Dejection of Mind.

I confess, O Lord, my Sins have deserved much more grievous Punishments than I feel; and shouldest thou be extreme to mark what I have done amiss, I should not be able to abide it. I will therefore betake


revive me.

myself to the Throne of thy Grace, and plead before thee thy gracious Promises, and the wonderful Expressions of thy Love and Mercy.

I will come unto thee for Succour; for thou hast graciously invited all those that travel and are heavy laden. O pardon my Iniquities, that have provoked thy Wrath, and deliver me from the Sorrows and Mia feries which I feel and fear.

Have Mercy upon me, O God, for thou art my great Creator, and Almighty Preferver. O receive me, and relieve me and

Take pity upon my forrowful Soul; and destroy not thou the Works of thine own Hands. Shut not up thy tender Mercies in Displeasure, but make me hear of Joy and Gladness, and to be sensible, that thou hast still the Bowels of a most tender Father.

I sue unto thee for Mercy in the Name of my Saviour, the blessed Jesus, the great Mediator between God and Man: Regard that All-Sufficient Sacrifice, Oblation and Satisfaction, which he made for all Mankind: Let it procure for me Pardon, and Acceptance, who desire unfeignedly to turn to thee: Let the Power of it prevail against all the Powers of Darkness : Let'the Wif. S 4

dom dom of it make me wise unto Salvation : Let the Peace of it reconcile me to thee, and bring to me Peace of Conscience, and Joy in the Holy Ghost.

II. Especially, O my God, preserve me from all Distrust and Despondency of thy

This may be Mercy, and all the fad Effects added, when a of it.' ("* Let no Temptations Rerson is under Temptations to

“ so far prevail with me as to Self-Murder. "

put an End to my Days, but “ let me consider that I am thy Creature, “ and that thou only bast à Right to dis" pose of my Life, and that it is my Du

ty to submit to the greatest Troubles “ when thou feest fit to lay them upon * . me:")

Give me a right Understanding of myself and my Condition ; of thy Threats and Promises; that I may never cast away my Confidence in thee, nor place it any where but in thee ; but make me to see and know that it is in great Mercy thou hast now laid thy Hand upon me: 0. let me truly humble myself under thine afflicting Hand, and let me rather feel thy Terrors than nol feel my Sins, which must inevitably have plunged me in endless Misery, if thy wonderful Mercy had not awakened my Conscience, and given me a Sight of my Şins;


and therefore, however severe this Afilica tion may at present seem to me, thy blesfed Will be done : Bring me furely to thyself, by what Methods thou pleafest ; and teache thy Servant to be content.

III. And, O Lord, if in thine infinite Wisdom thou shalt fee fit not to grant a speedy Answer to my Prayers, yet let'me not thereby be utterly çast down, as one without Hope; but make me to wait with Patience, for thy good appointed Time, when thou wilt clear up my Doubts, and scatter

my Fears, and remove my Sorrows, and make me know assuredly, that it is good for me that I have been affli&ted. In the mean Time, O Lord, stand by me in all my Trials and Temptations; let not the Enemy of my. Salvation prevail against me, but do thou comfort and affist me; and give me the Shield of Faith, whereby I

may be able to quench all the fiery Darts of the Devil; that trusting in thee, and in thy Promises, I may at last be more than a Conqueror; looking unto Jesus, the great Captain of my Salvation, who was bimself made perfect by Sufferings, and is now at the right Hand of God, making conti-nual Intercefsion for us. IV. Have Mercy upon me, blefsed



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