and Pestilence; fometimes by Fire, which consumed our Goods and wasted our Eltates; and sometimes by Storms and Tempests, which destroyed our Substance, and many of us, and weakened our Publick Defence against our Enemies; yet thou hast always in thy Judgments remembered Mercy; and hast not punifhed us according to our Deserts, nor left us without some special Marks of thy good Providence. More particularly, O Lord, I bless and praise thy holy Name for the Mercies which we this Day commemorate.

Bạt above all thy Blessings and Mercies, I render most humble and unfeigned Thanks to thee, most gracious and merciful Lord God, for thy distinguishing Favours to these Kingdoms, in that thou haft long since brought us out of Heathenish Darkness and Error, to the clear Light and true Knowledge of thee, and of thy Son Jesus Christ, and to a free Profession of thy true Religion and Worship.

For the free Use of thy Holy Word in our Mother-Tongue, which also is preached unto us in Simplicity and Purity by the Pastors and Ministers of thy Church whom thou haft preserved in a constant Succession to teach and explain to us, in these latter


Days, thy holy Will, and to stir us up to an Obedience thereof..

I thank thee for the free Use of thy holy Sacraments, and for all other the Means of Grace which we enjoy.

And for that thou hast delivered us from Popish Superstition and Error; and from fundry Attempts that have been made to bereave us of thy true Religion and Worship established among us.

For these and all other Blessings thou art pleased to give and continue to us, blessed and praised be thy holy Name, our Lord and Governor, who art excellent in all the Earth.

And, O Lord, I beseech thee to hear the Prayers and accept the Praises which have been this Day offered up unto thee, by the People of this land; and give us all such a Sense of thy great Goodness, as may engage us to a true and suitable Thanks fulnefs: such as may appear in our Lives by a holy and obedient Walking before thee all our Days.

Suffer us not to wax wanton or proud, careless and secure, and to forget thee the Lord our God, who hast wrought such mighty Works for us; and let this be the blefred Fruit of all thy gracious Dealings



toward us, that we may turn from the Evil of our Ways, and live as a People whom thou hast chosen, in so many remarkable Instances, to be the peculiar Care of thy Providence.

Make us truly sensible, O Lord, that it is thou, and thou only, that hait done these great Things for us; and O let us never assume any Thing to ourselves; but from the Confideration of thy great Goodness towards us, walk humbly before thee, and so behave ourselves in our several Places and Stations, with that Love to thee, and Charity to cne another, with that dutiful Subjection to his Majesty, with that Zeal for thy honour and Glory, and with such a stedfart Perseverance in thy pure and undefiled Religion, that thou mayest rejoice over us to do us Good, and mayest continue to us, and our Posterity, the Blessings we now enjoy, and add to then such other Mercies as thou in thy great Wisdom and Goodness feest needful for us, through the Merits, and for the Sake of thy Son, and our alone Saviour Jefus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer A Prayer for a Person under Afliktion. ; O Most Gracious God! who dost not

afflict willingly, nor grieve the Children of Men, I flee unto thee for Comfort and Support under the Troubles thou hast laid

upon me: I know, assuredly, that this is thy Hand, and that thou, Lord, hast done it. I acknowledge thy Judgments are right, that thou of very Faithfulness haft caused me to be troubled, and that my Sins have deserved more grievous Punishments than I now suffer. I am fully convinced, that the Events of this Life are not left to Chance or Uncertainty, but are all under the steady and wise Disposal of thy good Providence.

To thee, therefore, O my God, do I direct my Supplications; beseeching thee, O gracious God, who hast a tender Love for all thy Creatures, and more especially for thy faithful Servants, who repose all their Hope and Confidence in thy Mercy, to have Pity upon me, and to deal with me not according to my Sins, but after thine own great Mercy. Pardon, O Lord, all my past Sins; restore me to Peace and Favour with thee; consider my Weakness, and let not my Troubles be more heavy or lasting than what thou seest profitable and necesary for the Good of my Soul.

Make me truly and deeply sensible of my Condition, that I may see the Rod, and who bath appointed it; that I may be Struly sensible of the Evil of Sin, as well as feel the Smart of Punishment. Humble me under thy Corrections : awaken me thereby to a more conscientious and zealous Performance of my Duty, to a Sense of my spiritual Wants, to a Hatred of every Thing that is displeasing in thy Sight : and to fanctify my present Affliction, that by the Help of thy good Spirit, it may bring forth in me all the Graces and Virtues of a Christian Life, and accomplish the End for which it was sent.

Let the Experience of thy Love and Favour towards me, throughout the whole Course of my Life past, teach me to resign myself 'entirely to thee, to choose thee for my only Support and Comfort; to rely Stedfastly on all thy Promises; and to wait with Patience till thou shalt see fit to deliver me.

Direct and enable me to use all proper and honest Means for freeing myself from my present Troubles : but however griev


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