of his Majesty, the Stability of our Times, and the Security, Peace, and Prosperity of all Estates and Conditions of Men among


Make all Magistrates, and other inferior Officers faithful and conscientious in the Discharge of that Trust which thou hast reposed in them; and grant, that they being truly zealous for thy Glory, may constantly employ that Power which thou hast given them for the Punishment of Wickedness and Vice; that so the Sins of particular Persons may not become National, nor, through the Connivanceor Encouragement of those in Authority, bring down thy heavy Judgments upon us.

Be gracious, O God, to thy holy Ca. tholic Church, especially that Part of it which thou hast planted in these Kingdoms; let no Design formed against it ever prosper; and grant, that all who name the Name of Christ, may depart from Iniquity, and live suitable to their holy Profeffion.

Look down with Mercy and Pity upon the sad and mournful Estate of those who now suffer for the Truth of thy Gospel, and the Testimony of a good Conscience; strengthen their Faith, and animate their

Courage; Courage ; and grant that no Persecutions may ever drive them to a Denial of the Truth. Shew thyself their mighty Deliverer, that all Men may see it, and say, Verily there is a God that judgeth in the Earth.

Enlighten all those that are in Darkness and Error, and bring them to the Light, and Knowledge, and Fractice of the Truth, and grant that all the Kingdoms of the World may be turned unto the Lord, and become one Flock, under the great Shepherd and Bishop of our Souls, thy Son Jesus Christ,


What follows may be properly added in Time

of War.

Bless and prosper the great Undertaking which this Nation is now engaged in : Go forth with our Fleets and Armies; bless them with Victory and Success: And suffer not our Sins to provoke thee so far, as to deliver us up into the Hands of our Enemies; but send us, in thy good Time, such a Peace as may tend to the Glory of thy great Name, the Preservation of thy Church and true Religion among us, and


the Honour, Safety, and Prosperity of these Kingdoms.

Finally, O Lord, I pray thee to extend thy Mercy even to those that bate us, and who without any just Causę are our Enemies: Disappoint their Devices, and give them Repentance and better Minds ; fhed abroad thy Love in their Hearts, and endue them with a meek, humble, and charitable Spirit ; and grant that we being delivered from the Hands of our Enemies, may serve thee without Fear, in Holiness and Righteousness before thee all our Days, through Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord and only Saviour. Amen.

A Thanksgiving and Prayer in Private on a

Day set apart by Authority for Commemorating any National Blessing or Deliver.


" On which Occasion may be also used - the General Thanksgiving. Page 234. BLESSED and glorious God, the Creator,

Governor, and Judge of the World, our Deliverer, and continual Benefactor, I acknowledge thy great Bounty and Goodnefs to these Nations, as well as to myself in particular,


I adore thy infinite Goodness, Wisdom, and Power, whereby thou sometimes pullest down one Nation and settest up another; and at other Times makest one Nation to be a Blessing and Defence, or a Plague or Scourge to another, in such a Manner as serves best the Interest of thy Church, and most manifests thy Providenee over the World, and makest thy Goodness, thy Justice, and thy Power, to be known to the Kingdoms of it; to the Intent they should not at any Time trust in the Arm of Flesh, nor abuse thy Blessings and Favours; but fear and love, serve and worThip thee, who art a Rewarder of them that seek thee.

I render unfeigned Thanks unto thee, O most gracious God, that though for our Sins thou hast juftly raised up Enemies, that seek our Ruin, yet thou hast not suffered them so to prevail against us, as to accomplish their cruel Designs; but hast hitherto afforded us Counsel and Strength to keep off all the dreadful Calamities and Miseries of War, Desolation, Distraction, and Slavery. I thank thee for that Measure of Tran


quillity, Safety, and Peace, we enjoy; that we are not difturbed by Civil Commotions, but poffefs in Safety, the many good Things tKou bestowest upon us; and that we have a Course of Common Justice open to us; and for the wholesome Air and Health of thefe Countries.

I thank thee for the great Plenty and Fruitfulness of them; and the many good Things we, by thy good Providence, obtain from other Places; as well for Health and Pleasure, as for Food and Nourishment.

I thank thee, who art the God of all Order, and the Sovereign Good, Happiness and Defence of all Societies and States, for the excellent Frame and Constitution of our Civil Government and Laws, and the wife and prudent Administration of them, for the Liberty and Freedom of our Persons and Estates ; whilst some People live under Slavery, Tyranny, and Oppression; and others are forced to strange Countries for Liberty and Relief. - Blessed be thy Name, O most merciful Lord God; that though for our Sins thou haft frequently visited this(City and) Country with thy Judgments, sometimes by taking great Numbers of us away by Plague


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