and in the Midst of Judgment hast remembered Mercy.

In Mercy, O God, awaken us all to a true and deep Sense of our manifold and often repeated Provocations; and for thy Name's Sake, and for the Sake of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, pardon the great and crying Sins of this whole Nation; and in a more peculiar Manner, I beseech thee to pardon me, who now humble myself before thee, and forgive all my Sins, which have helped to increase thy severe Displeasure against us.

Wash away all our Sins in the Blood of the ever-blessed Jefus : and Oh! be thou reconciled unto us, who are now seeking unto thee in Fasting and Prayer: spare thy People, O good Lord, spare them; and grant that we may so turn from all our evil Ways, that Iniquity may not be our Ruin.

Make us, in this our Day, to seek the Things that belong to our Peace, before they are hid from our Eyes ; left that dreado ful Day come upon us, when all Opportunity of reconciling ourselves to our offended God shall be taken from us.

And do thou fo effectually convince every one of us of the great Evil of Sin, nd what dreadful Punishments will inevi

tably tably fall

upon those who persist in it, that we may forsake all our Sins and Wickedness, and turn unto thee the Lord our God. Fill us with such a godly Sorrow for our Sins, as may work in us a true Repentance not to be repented of; and grant that we may now be so truly humbled for them, that this may be such a Fast as thou hast chosen : A Fast that may loose the Bands of Wickedness wherewith we have been fo long tied and bound, that we may be set free from every evil Way, and may no longer abuse thy Mercies, nor despise thy Judgments; but may become a peculiar Peoplezealous of good Works; that so thou mayest turn from thy Displeasure against us, and delight over us to do us Good, to build us up, and not to destroy us.

Hear, O Lord, and answer my Prayers, that go not out of feigned Lips: 0 let them prevail with thee for Mercy for myself and all this People ; even such a Measure of thy Grace, as will at length reclaim us, through the Merits and Intercefsion of thy dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer

A Prayer upon the fame Occasion ; whick

may be used after the Evening Service.

O GOD, thou art great, and doft won

derous Things, thou art God alone: Thou takest Vengeance of those that contemn thy Laws, but hast in all Ages wonderfully condescended to the Intercessions of thy Servants, which have feared thee, and called upon thy Name; behold with Pity and Compassion this Church and Nation, now humbling itself before thee; accept our Humiliation, and hear the Prayers which have been this Day offered up at the Throne of Grace; and grant they may be effectual, through the Intercession of thy dear Son, to obtain Mercy and Pardon for the sinful People of this Land.

O Lord, I confefs that thou mayest justly be displeased with us, for our great and manifold Provocations, and that we are no more worthy to be called, or dealt with as thy Sons or Servants, whom neither thy Judgments have driven, nor thy Mercies led to Repentance: O be thou gracioufly pleafed to look upon us in the Son of thy Love, and give us such a deep Sense of the Evil of our Doings, that we


may truly repent of, and so effectually turn from all our Transgressions, that thou mayest be reconciled, and at Peace with ús; and that our Humiliation and Repentance may so effectually work upon every one of us, that we may cleanse ourselves from all Filthiness both of Flelh and Spirit, perfecting Holiness in thy Fear; and that instead of those abominable and crying Sins, which fo openly now reign among us, Religion, and ail the blefied Fruits of it, may Aourish and increase in this Land.

Remove from us, O merciful Father, the Evils which our Sins have brought upon us, and avert those dreadful Judgments which we have just Cause to fear; and however thou mayest think fit to punish and correct us, yet take not from us, O Lord, I befeech thee, the Light of thy glorious Gospel; but grant that it may break in so powerfully upon all our Hearts, that we may see the great Danger we are in, and may resolve in good Earnest to give up ourselves to thy Obedience.

Stir up, O God, every Soul among us, to root out of our Hearts all Pride, and Wrath, and Bitterness; all Hatred, Malice, and Desire of Revenge; and whatsoever


nay hinder us from discerning or practifng the Things that belong to our Peace; and inspire every one of us with true Chriftian Love and Charity, with Meekness of Wisdom, Lowliness of Mind, Patience, Long-suffering and forbearing one another in Love, that we may all henceforth be united in one holy Bondof Truth and Peace, of Faith and Charity, and may with one Heart, and one Soul, join together in promoting the Honour and Glory of thy Name, the Interest of Religion, and the Happiness and Prosperity of these Kingdoms; that so thou who art the God of Peace, may be our God, and dwell among us; and that we may be thy People zealoully devoted to thy Service and Obedi


To this End, O Lord, I beseech thee to bestow thy Blessings spiritual and temporal upon our most gracious Sovereign Lord King GEORGE, and all that are put in Authority under him, both in Church and State; bless them with Wisdom from above, which is first pure and then peaceable; and make all their Consultations effectual to the Glory of thy great Name, the Preservation of thy Church and true Religion among us, the Honour and Safety


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