nourable, because instituted by thee, and which thou hast ordained for the Comfort and Happiness of us thy Creatures, and for many other wife and good Ends. Sanctify it to me, I humbly beseech thee, and grant that I may behave myself under this, and all other Conditions of my Life, as becomes the Servant of the ever-blessed Jesus.

To this End, O Lord, give me a meek and humble Spirit, a Spirit of Love and Gentleness, that is not easily provoked, nor apt to entertain angry and unkind Resentments; that I may never be guilty of any unbecoming Carriage towards him whom thou hast given to be my Husband; but that I may love, honour, and obey him, as thou hast commanded me, and I have most folemnly engaged to do.

Let me never be of the Number of those who think hardly of thy Laws, which I am sensible, O Lord, and fully persuaded, are just and reasonable, and highly conducive to the Good of thy Creatures : and fince thou hast thought fit that Wives should be in Subjection to their Hufbands, grant that I may never be found to «ppose thy Will, but readily and chearfully

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submit to his Authority, whom thou hart been pleased to set over me.

Deliver me, Ó my God, from all Pride and Vanity, from all Affectation and SelfConceit; and suffer me not, I beseech thee, to employ my Thoughts and Study how to adorn á corruptible Body, (which will shortly be fript of all its gay Attire, and be a Prey to Worms and Rot-' tenness) and in the mean Time neglect to cultivate and improve my Mind, that better and nobler Part; but grant that

may labour to adorn my Soul with heavenly Graces, and good Difpofitions, and may esteem the Ornament of a meek and quiet Spirit, which is in thy Sight of so great a Price, far more beautiful and becoming than all that outward Dress and Gaiety, which foolish People so much doat on.

O let me never be conformed to the wicked Customs of the World, nor waste my precious Hours in unprofitable Amuse. ments, much less in the Pursuit of thoso vain and finful Pleasures, which wound and debase the Soul, and which (how pleasing foever they may now appear) will one Day end in bitter and severe Reflections: But, Lord, do thou inspiré me with

a Love

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a Love to Virtue and Religion, and to those Pleasures which are above; that all


Recreations and Diversions, that all my Busi- . ness and Employments, may be such as are fuitable to the Condition wherein thou hast placed me, and as becomes a Woman profeffing Godliness.

Grant, O gracious Lord, that not only my Thoughts and Defires may be chaste and pure, but that all my outward Actions and Behaviour may be agreeable thereto, free from all just Cause of Suspicion and Offence, and not so much as sullied with the least Appearance of Evil.

O make me faithful and conscientious in the Discharge of all those Duties to which the State I am now in engages me.

Finally, O Lord, I beseech thee to send thy Blessing upon my Husband; give him Length of Days, (if it be thy blessed Will) and increase in him ever more and more the Graces of thy holy Spirit. Grant that I may

do all that in me lies, to make his Life easy and comfortable, by a kind and obliging Conduct and Behaviour towards him, and by conforming myself to all his just and reasonable Delires.

Let all Strife and Contention, all Heat and Passion, Repinings and Discontent, ,


be far from us; and let true Christian Love and Peace dwell in our Hearts : Make us eminent Examples to all about us, of a holy and blameless Conversation ; and grant that we may live together in an inviolable Bond of Love and Friendship, bearing with one another's Infirmities, and studioully endeavouring to promote the Welfare and Happiness of each other ; O make us so faithfully to discharge all our Duties in this Life, that when thou Thalt be pleased to take us hence, we may dwell with thee in Life everlasting, through the Merits of thy dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer to be used either by a Father or

Mother for their Children.


LORD, make me a kind and tender

Parent, truly careful and solicitous to promote the Welfare and Happiness of my Children. Let thy good Spirit assist me to form in their tender Minds the Principles of Virtue and Religion, to teach them to remember thee, their Creator, in the Days of their Youth, and to bring them up in thy Fear and Love: Let me make it my conItant Care and Endeavour to wean them from



all Pride and Vanity, and to set before them the Example of a holy and religious Life.

O let the powerful Efficacy of thy good Spirit root out of their Hearts all corrupt and finful Affections; and instead thereof, do thou fow the incorruptible Seed of thy Grace, that they may become Partakers of thy divine Nature, and may bring forth in their Lives, the Fruits of Righteousness and true Holinefs.

Defend them, O Lord, I beseech thee, against the Evils and Temptations of this World, and grant that they may never

be led away by the wicked Customs and Examples, the Lusts and Vanities of it; but obediently keeping thy holy Will and Commandments, and walking in the fame all the Days of their Lives, they may be Inftruments of thy Glory, by doing Good in their Generations; and after they have ferved thee faithfully in this World, they may hereafter be made Partakers of everlasting Happiness in that which is to come, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer

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