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A Prayer for the Conversion of a Sinner, to

be used by a Friend.

O Blessed Jesus! thou great Lover of

Souls, who camest into the World to call Sinners to Repentance, and to seek and to save those that were lost; grant that thy Example may excite in Christians, a true and real Concern for the Salvation of one another. I desire, O Lord, to be filled with that truly Christian Spirit, and am now come before thee, humbly to intercede with thee in the Behalf of (here name the Perfon) who seems to be under the Power of Sin, and to live as without God in the World, and in Danger of being for ever loft. O what shall I do for him? And how shall I apply myself to be helpful to him? I desire to learn Wisdom of thee, my Lord, and to be enabled to use the most proper Methods and Expedients to work upon him, and to do himn Good. O instruct me in the way that I shall take ;

and assist and bless me in the Means and Endeavours I shall use to attain this desirable End.

O Almighty God, who canst enlighten the darkest Minds, foften the hardest Hearts, conquer the stubborneft Wills, and turn even the moft hopeless Sinners to thyself, be thou pleased to manifest the Powers of thy Grace, in the Cafe that is fo fad and deplorable : Convince him, O Lord, of the great Danger his Soul is in : open his Eyes, foften his Heart, and turn his Course; break the Force of his Temptations, and make him a Way to escape out of the Enemy's Hands, that even he, who feems to be now dead in Trespasses and Sins, may hear thy Voice and live.

Give him a true and unfeigned Repentance; forgive him all the evil Thoughts and Devices of his Heart, and all the offenfire, wicked Carriage of his Life ; forgive him all his Sins of Omission and Commisfion, and bring him with full Purpose of Heart to resign and give up himself to thee: and make him diligent to redeem the Time that he hath lost, and to become exemplary in all the Practices of Piety and Honesty, of Charity and Sobriety, and all nther Duties of a Christian Life; that he


may be truly changed, and quite another manner of Person in all holy Conversation and Godliness.' To this End, grant that he may serioufly confider the Promises and Threatenings of the Gospel, the inestimable Rewards thou hast promised to the Good, and thofe dreadful Punishments thou hast threatened to the Wicked. O grant him an Inheritance amongst them that are sanctified through Faith in thee, and send down that renewing Grace into his Heart, which may be there as a Well of Water, springing up to everlasting Life Incline him to be diligent in the Use of the Means of Grace which thou hast pointed; and grant that he may not resist and grieve thy Holy Spirit, but constantly obey and follow his kind Motions and Operations. Thus comfort and rejoice the Soul of thy Servant, O Lord; shew, O blessed Jesus, thy saving Mercy, not only to this Person, but to myself and all Mankind. Amen.


A Prayer for a Perfon under any Injuries,

Abuses or Provocations. BLESSED Jefus, the Prince of Peace, I

am sensible, that even the best of Men in passing through this tumultuous World, are often insulted, and evil intreated : Thou thyself didst meet with cruel Mockings and Scourgings when upon Earth, and wast evil intreated, and spit upon, and persecuted even to Death itself: Neither did thy blessed Disciples find a better Treatment from the World ; they had also Trial of cruel Mockings and Scourgings, and of severe Bonds and Imprisonment: And if this was the Usage that thou and thy Followers had in the World, O what am I that I should look to be exempted from all Injuries, and Wrongs ! Sucli as I have made my Enemies, by my Folly and Miscarriage, Lord, incline and enable me to appeale and gain them ; direct my Ways to please thee, that thou mayest make them to be at Peace with me; and such as are my Enemies wrongfully, Lord, lay not this Sin to their Charge ; open their Eyes, purify their Minds, and turn their


Hearts, that they may see their Error, and be reconciled to thee, O God, and then live with their Brethren in Unity and Godly Love, and that at last we may meet together in heavenly Glory; and thote that will not cease from hating, Lord, prevent them from hurting me; or though they do hurt me grant me such a Measure of thy Grace, that I may not only forgive them, but for their Hatred, may return Goodwill; for their Cursing, Bleffing; for their Injuries, may do them Good; and for their Perfecutions, may pray for them, in Obe. dience to thy Command and Example, who didst express the highest Love to us, in dying for us, even when we were thy Enemies. Let me consider all injurious Treatment as thy Rod, and the Punishment of my Sins; that' instead of endeavouring to revenge myself of my Enemies, I may be meek and patient under all Wrongs. O Lord God, mortify, I beseech thee, in all of us, the carnal Mind, which is Enmity against thee, and all thofe Lusts that war in our Members, from whence Wars and Fightings come.

Turn all our Enmity against the common Enemy of our Souls; and join all our Hearts to thee, in thy true Fear and Love, that we may not meditate


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