And may

all those Evils, which the Craft and Subtilty of the Devil or Man worketh against me, be brought to nought.

That being outwardly and inwardly fortified by the Assistance of thy Grace, I may press towards the Mark for the Prize of the high Calling of God in Christ Jesus; when I thall enjoy thee no longer in Mystery, which is our Lot and Portion here below : but fee thee Face to Face, and be eternally satisfied with the Pleasures of thy Kingdom, in and through the Merits of Jesus Chrift our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

Another Prayer.


Lord, I come to this holy Table, as

a sick Man to the great Physician of Life; I beseech thee, O Lord, to cure my Infirmities.

I come as a polluted Wretch to the Fountain of Mercy ; wash away, I entreat thee, all my

Uncleanness. I come as a returning Prodigal Child to his tender and compassionate Father; O receive me and relieve me by thy Favour.

I come as a blind Man to the Source of eternal Brightness; do thou, O Lord, en


P 4

lighten my Darkness, that I


behold the wonderous Things of thy Law.

I come as a poor frail Creature, to the great Lord of Heaven and Earth; supply my Wants, and do abundantly more for me than I am able to ask or think.

Let me not only receive the outward and visible Sign, but the inward and spiritual Grace, the Body and Blood of thy Son Jesus Christ; that so all carnal Affections may die in me, and that all Things belonging to the Spirit may live and in me; that I may have Power and Strength to have Victory, and to triumph against the World, the Flesh, and the Devil; and also may be endued with all such heavenly Virtues which are pleasing to thee, and which thou wilt eternally reward, for the Merit of thy Son's Death; to whom with the Father, and the Holy Ghoft, be all Honour and Glory, World without End. Amen.


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God, work in me whatfoever is want

ing to fit me for thy divine Acceptance, and a worthy receiving of these holy


Mysteries. Give me Repentance unto Life, not to be repented of: Endue me with a lively Faith, a perfect Love, and an universal Charity. Pity my. Weakness and forgive my Infirmities ; that I may worthily receive these Elements of Bread and Wine, to my Support and Comfort in this Life, and my eternal Happiness in that which is to come. Amen.

After the Bread.


Thou who vouchsafest to be our Food,

nourish my Soul to Life eternal. Let me feed on thee by a true and lively Faith ; and give me such a Relish of this divine Food, that I may never more be delighted with the vain and sinful Pleasures of this World.

O merciful Jesus! create in me a mighty Hunger after Righteousness; and let this divine Food instil into my weak and languishing Soul new Supplies of Grace, new Life, new Love, new Vigour, and new Resolutions ; that I may never again faint or droop, or tire in my Duty.

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Before the Cur.


RANT, O merciful God, that this Cup,

which I am now about to receive, may be unto me a Cup of Blessing. Sprinkle me with the Blood of the ever-blessed Jesus; that my Soul being cleansed from all Corruptions, it may be ever precious in thy Sight, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer.

After Botn.

BLESSED be the Name of the Lord! I

have done 'as thou haft commanded mė, O let me find the great Benefits of this thy divine Institution : Pour down thy Graces upon me; direct my Goings in thy Ways, and enable me, by the Power and Strength of this divine Food, to persevere in the Practice of a holy and religious Life, even to the last Moment of my Days. Be thou my Peace and Refuge, and let my Pleasure and Safety depend on thee. Be thou my Portion and greatest Treasure, and let my eternal Happiness be fixed in the Enjoyment of thee. Amen.

A Prayer

A Prayer as soon as we are retired from

the Lord's Table.

BLÉsŚING and Honour, Gloryand Power

be unto him that fitteth on the Throne, and unto the Lamb that was flain, for ever and ever.

I give thee moft humble and hearty Thanks, O Lord, that thou hast been pleafed to admit me to renew my Baptismal Covenant with thee, in this holy Sacrament.

That thou haft vouchfafed to feed me with the spiritual Nourishment of the Body and Blood of thy Son Jesus Christ; and this not for any Merits of my own, but for the Sake of thy infinite Goodness and Mercy.

Unworthy though I am, yet thy Bounty, O Lord, never fails; the Love of


Sariour is not diminished, and the Virtue of his Propitiation is never exhausted; grant therefore, I beseech thee, that this holy Sacrament may never turn to my Judgment and Condemnation.

But that it may be Health and Reco- . very under all my Weaknesses and Infirmities;



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