all Things to obey thy blessed Will, and to walk before Thee in Holiness and Righteoufiefs all our Days.

Wean our Affections, O Lord, from the Things of this World, and whatever our State and Condition may be here, give us Grace therewith to be content.

In our Passage through this Life, and our manifold Concerns about it, grant that in doing our Duty, we may make Thee our only Stay and Confidence, our Hope and our Trust, casting all our Care upon Thee, and intirely resigning ourselves to thy good Pleasure in all Things.

Let our chief Aim and Endeavour be, to secure the Salvation of our Souls, and to provide against that Time, when all earthly Comforts shall vanish away.

We humbly commend ourselves, and all our Affairs this Day, to thy Protection and Blessing. Be with us in our Going out and Coming in, that no Casualty or evil Accident may come near to hurt us.

Give us fuch a Measure of Health and other tem: poral Bleffings, as Thou seest best and most expedient for us; but above all Things, give us thy Grace and Favour, that our Lives may be holy and comfortable here, and our Éternal State happy and glorious

with Thee hereafter, through the Merits, and for the Sake of thy dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord; in the fullest Sense of whose Words, we recommend the Wants and Necessities of all Mankind, together with our own.

Our Father, &c.

Another Evening Prayer for a Fainily.


MOST Glorious and ever blefled Lord.

God, who inhabitest Eternity, and dwellest in that Light which no inortal Eye can approach ; we thy finful Creatures kneeling before thee, acknowledge we are not worthy to appear in thy Presence, nor fo much as to lift up our Eyes to that Place of Purity, where thou dwellest. O Lord, though we are thus unworthy to fpeakunto Thee, yet fo infinite and condescending is thy Goodness as to encourage our Addresses to Thee, by many gracious Promises of thy Favour and Acceptance ; with humble Confidence then, O Lord, we presume to approach the Throne of thy Grace, humbly beseeching Thee, in the Name, and for the Sake of thy beloved Son,

D. 4


to be merciful unto us in the Pardon and Forgiveness of all our Sins.

We acknowledge, O Lord, that we have acted foolishly and wickedly, by doing those Things which Thou hast forbidden, and by neglecting to do those Things which Thou hast commanded : O let. that Mercy of thine, which has spared us so long, lead us to Repentance, that we may forsake our evil Ways, and turn unto Thee the Lord

our God.

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Give us Grace, O Lord, seriously to cons fider the great Work we have to do, and the Uncertainty of that Time which Thou haft given us to perform it in, that we may not be fo foolish as to confume our Days in Vanity and Folly, in gratifying our corrupt Inclinations, and indulging our vicious Appetites.

Shew us the Foulness and Deformity of Sin, and poffefs our Minds with such a Jively Sense of those dreadful Threatenings Thou hast denounced againit it, that we may

abhor and forsake every evil Way, and give up ourselves to the Love and Obedience of thy Commandments, making it he great Study and Business of our Lives to serve and please Thee in all Things; so shall we daily grow in Grace, and be



continually advancing towards an happy Eternity.

Give us honest and upright Hearts, such as no Interest can seduce, no Advantage prevail upon to depart from the Ways of Truth and Justice ; restrain us from all immoderate Desires of the Things of this World, from all Pride and Covetousness, from Envy, Hatred, and Malice, and from all Evil-speaking, Lying, and Slandering.

O be Thou pleased fo to conduct us by thy good Spirit through all the Businesses and Employments, through all the Calamities and Troubles of this Life, that (whatever our Condition may be in this World) we may attain that Happiness, which Thou hast prepared for them that truly love and obey Thee.

We beseech Thee to extend thy Mercy to the whole Race of Mankind; make the Light of thy Gospel to shine among them; and deliver us from all Ignorance, Error, and Profaneness, and grant us Grace and Eternal Life.

Be gracious to this Church and Nation to which we belong; give us all Grace feriously to repent of the Evil of our Ways, and grant that Religion and Virtue, Peace


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and Charity, may for ever flourish and increase among us.

Bless our Sovereign Lord King George, and all in Authority under Him, both in Church and State. May all their Designs tend to the Advancement of thy Glory, and the Happiness and Prosperity of these Kingdoms !

Look with Pity and Compassion, O Lord, upon all in Affliction and Temptation; strengthen and support them ; and give them in thy good Time a happy Deliverance.

Be merciful, O God, to all our Relatións, Friends and Acquaintance ; forgive our Enemies, reward our Benefactors, and grånt that we and all thy People every where, may serve Thee, from the highest to the lowest, and be made Partakers of everlasting Happiness.

To these our Prayers and Intercefsions, we desire to add the Sacrifice of our unfeigned Praises to thy Divine Majesty, acknowledging it to be our bounden Duty, and Service, at all Times, and in all Places, to give Thanks unto Thee, to whose infinite Goodness and Mercy we owe all the Comforts of this Life, and all the Hopes nd Expectations of a better.


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