and (if it be thy good Pleasure) make her speedily a joyful Mother of a hopeful Child, that may live to be an Instrument of thy Glory, and useful in its Generation.

O Lord, I leave her in thy Hands, and resign her to thy Will; humbly befeeching thee to deal graciously with her; through the Merits, and for the Sake of thy dear Son, and our alone Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Thanksgiving to be faid in the Presence of

tbt Woman after her Delivery, which may

be used for some Time afterward. O Father of Mercies, and God of all

Comforts; we thy unworthy Servants, do now present ourselves before thee, to return unto thy divine Majesty our most humble and unfeigned Thanks, for that thou hast vouchsafed to deliver thy Servant from the great Pain and Peril of Childbirth. Blessed be thy Name, O Lord, that thou haft turned her Sorrow into Joy, and her Pains into Eafe and Refreshments: continue, we befeech thee, thy Fatherly Good. ness to her; let thy good Providence still watch over her, and thy Strength support


her under all the Weaknesses of her present Condition.

And grant, O moft merciful Father, that not only this thy Servant, but every one of us here prefent, may from the Confideration of thy great Goodness, be excited to a greater Love to thee, and a stricter Obedience to thy Laws; that thou mayest still delight over us to do us Good; and that we serving thee faithfully all our Days, may at last obtain that greatest of all Mercies, the eternal Salvation of our immortal Souls, through the Merits of thy Son, and our alone Saviour Jesus Christ.

We commend likewise to This is to be adda thy Mercy and Goodnefs ed if the Child is

living. this tender Infant; preserve it, that it may be regenerated and born again by Baptism; that as it is thine by Creation, so it may thereby be made thinc by Adoption and Grace.

Sanctify it, we humbly pray thec, and take it into thy Protection, and so fill it with the Graces of thy Holy Spirit, that it may be of the Number of thy faithful Servants, through Jesus Christ our blessed Lord and only Saviour. Amen.

A Thanks

A Thanksgiving to be used by a Woman in

private before her going abroad. O Almighty and most merciful Father,

in whom I live, and move, and have my Being; by thee I have been preserved ever since I was born, and to thy infinite Goodness I acknowledge it to be owing, that I am now alive. I desire, O Lord, to adore and praise thy glorious Majesty, for the many Mercies and Favours which thou hast bestowed on me all my Life long; and in a more particular Manner, I present myself before thee at this Time to bless and praise thy holy Name, for thy late Mercies youchsafed unto me, in delivering me from the great Pains and Peril of Child-birth : It was thy Power that preserved me, thy Goodness that delivered me, and thy Hand that supported me, when Pain and Sorrow laid hold upon me. Praised therefore be that infinite Love, which moved thee to deal fo.graciously with thy Servant, and to enable a weak and feeble Creature to go through the Sorrow and Anguish of Travail.

O Lord, give me such a Sense of thy great Goodness to me, that

may make

may tend

This is to be add.


it the great Study and Business of my Life to serve and please thee in all Things; that so my Returns of Duty and Obedience may in some Measure be answerable to those many Mercies I have received at thy Hands.

Mortify and subdue in me all finful and corrupt Affections, and whatever to alienate my Love from thee, and to slacken my Endeavours after the Pursuit of heavenly Things.

I coinmend, likewise, o Lord, to thy Mercy and

ed if the Child is Goodness, that tender Infant which thou hast lately given me.

Sanctify it, I humbly pray thee, and so fill it with the Graces of thy Holy Spirit, that it may ever be in the Number of thy faithful Servants.

And grant, O merciful Father, that I may never be wanting in my Duty towards it ; but enable me, by thy Grace, to bring it up in the Nurture and Admonition of thee the Lord; that as it grows in Years, so it may increase in Grace, and thy Favour, and be a Comfort to me all my Days, through Jesus Christ our Lord; to whom with thee, O Father,


and the Holy Spirit, be ascribed, as is most due, all Honour, Glory, Power, Thankfgiving, and Praise, both now and for evermore. Amen.

In Case of dangerous Sickness, fee proper

Prayers in the Ofice for the Sick.

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