A Thanksgiving after Recovery.

O Most Mighty God and merciful Fa.

ther, I thy unworthy Servant whom thou hast raised up from a dangerous Sickness, do now present myself before thee, acknowledging it to be owing to thy Goodness alone, that I am now alive, and have once more an Opportunity of offering up my Prayers and Praises at the Throne of Grace. Thou, O Lord, haft chastened me and corrected 'me, but hast not given me over unto Death: Blessed therefore be that Divine Wisdom, which saw this late Affliction seasonable. Blessed be that tender Compassion, which in the midst of Wrath remembered Mercy; which made all my Bed in my Sickness, passed by my Impatience and many Infirmities, and inclined a will- ' ing Ear unto my Supplications, when I cried unte thee in the Time of my Dirtress: Blessed be the powerful Influences of that Grace, which disposed my Heart to Consideration and Repentance. But above all, blessed for ever be that Power and Goodness, which by {paring me, when I had deserved to be cut off, has now given me an Opportunity of rectifying the Er

rors of my past Life, and reforming whatsoever is. amiss in me.

O Lord, let not this Goodness of thine, nor my own serious Purpofes of better Obedience, ever slip out of iny Mind; but preserve me in a constant tender Sense of the great Obligatious I lie under, of serying ihee faithfully all my Days; make me every Day more and more zealous in promoting thy Glory, and the Good of my Brethren: in studying to please thee better than ever I have yet done; and in devoting the Remainder of that Life, which thou hast given me, to the Service of thee, iny gracious Benefactor,

I humbly offer and present unto thee my Soul and Body, which thou hast fo mercifully preserved, beseeching thee to take them into thy Custody. O let not the Return of my Health be accompanied with a Return to my former Sins-and Follies; but let the Experience I have had, how little any Thing will profit in the Time of Trouble, besides a good Conscience, so effectually convince me of the Necessity of a good Life ; so powerfully persuade me to the Practice of Religion ; that I may make it the great Study and Endeavour, the constant Business and Em


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ployment of my whole Life ; to love, adore, and serve thee, and in all Things to become such as thou wouldst have me to be.

But, O Lord, forasmuch as without thee I am not able to pleafe thee, mercifully grant unto me such a Measure of thy Grace, as may enable me to amend whatever has been amiss in the Temper and Difpofition of my Mind, or in any of the Actions of my Life. Oh! let me never more be led away by the deceitful Promises of the World, the Flesh; or the Devil; but grant, O my God, that my Hopes and Affections may be unalterably fixed upon the eternal and unchangeable Happiness, which thou haft prepared for them that love thee. Let the Thoughts and Expectations of Death and Judgment be fo constantly, so powerfully present to my Soul, as effectually to work upon my Mind, and to bring forth in me the Fruits of a holy and religious Life. Let the Pains and Troubles I have lately felt, infpire me with a tender Pity and Compasfion for the Miseries and Calamities of others, and make me ready upon all Occasions to contribute what I can, to the: Wants and Necessities of my Brethrer :

And Oh! let thore Talents which thou hast afresh committed to my Trust, be so faithfully improved for thy Glory, the Good of others, and the Benefit of my own Soul, that whenever thou shalt call me to give an Account of my Steward- : ship, I may not be condemned, as an unprofitable Servant, but may be found such an one, as thou shalt then pronounce faithful, and bid to enter into the Joy of

my Lord.

Grant this, O merciful Father, through the Merits, and for the Sake of thy dear Son Jesus Chrift our Lord! to whom with thee, and the ever-blessed Spirit, be ascribed, as is most due, by me and every Creature, all Honour, Glory, Power, Dominion, Thanksgiving, and Praise, throughout all Ages. Amen.


A Prayer for a Man that has lost his Wife,

or for any other Person that has lost a Relation or Friend.

O MOST mighty God, the Sovereign

Lord of Heaven and Earth; thou art Righteous in all thy Ways, and Holy in all thy Works, and doft every Thing with infinite Wisdom, Goodness, and Love. I


acknowledge thy Justice, O Lord, in taking from me my dear Wife, [or Friend] and depriving me of the Comforts I received from Her [or His] precious Life; for I am not worthy, I confess, of the least of all thy Mercies, having so ungratefully behaved myself under the many Blessings thou hast bestowed upon me: O be thou pleased, for thy dear Son's Sake, to pardon my Ingratitude, and deal not with me according to the Desert of my Sins.

Sanctify, O Lord, this Affliction to me, and give me Grace to bring my Will to a meek and quiet Submission to thine, that I may receive this Loss without murmuring or repining at the Dispensations of thy Providence.

Let not my Grief, O Lord, exceed the Bounds of Reason and Religion; but temper it, I beseech thee, with the Consolations of thy Holy Spirit, that whatever ! want of outward Comforts, I


find made up to me by the inward Joys of a good Conscience. O let this Lofs which thou hast now been pleafed should befal me, bring me Home to thyself, and possess my Mind with such a thorough Sense and Conviction of the Uncertainty of all worldly Blessings, that I may fix my Heart, my 03


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