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III. O Lord, raise up thy ufed when there Power, and come among us,

, Hopes of Reco- and with great Might succour

thy poor Servant now languishing under great Weakness of Body; look with an Eye of Mercy upon him, who in Appearance, is now drawing near the Time of his Dissolution : Perfect, O Lord, his Repentance, and make it effectual through the Blood of the ever-blessed Jesus; and for Christ's Sake pardon all the Errors of his past Life, that he may come to his great Change without Guilt, and feel its near Approach without Fear and Terror. O give him a firm and well-grounded Assurance, that thou art fully reconciled unto him; and now he is entered into the Valley of the Shadow of Death, take Care of him, and carry him through that dark Pafsage, into the bright Regions of eternal Bliss: But whether thou leeft it fit to give him such a Foretaste of Happiness; yet, O merciful God, take him not out of this World, before he is fitted and prepared ; that when he goes to meet the Bridegroom, he may not find the Door to everlasting Happiness shut against him.

O Lord, with thee, nothing is impossible, if thou wilt, thou canst even yet raise

him up,

and grant him a longer Continuance among us; but nevertheless, not our Will, but thine be done; we desire to leave him in thy Hands, and commend him to thy Mercies, and to the Love and Compassion of the blessed Jesus. O Lord, hear his Prayers, and the Prayers of all his Friends for him; support him in his dying Agonies ; strengthen him under all his Weaknesses ; visit him with the strong Consolations of thy Holy Spirit, and receive him into the blessed Society of Saints and Angels; there to love, praise, and adore thee for ever, through the Merits of thy beloved Son Jesus Christ the Righteous. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

Ejaculations for fick and dying Perfons. O Blessed Lord, who scourgest every

Son whom thou receivest; let me not be weary of thy Correction.

Give me such a perfect Submission to thee, the Father of Spirits, that this Chastisement may be for my Profit, and that I may be thereby made a Partaker of thy Holiness.

I confefs, I confess, O Lord, that I have deserved much greater Punishments than I now feel.

O make me chearfully and thankfuHy to bear my present Pains; chasten me as thou seest fitting ; do with me what thou pleasest here, so I may not be condemned with the World hereafter.

O Christ, who first sufferedst many and grievous Things, and then enteredft into thy Glory; make me fo to suffer with thee, that I may also be glorified with thee.

O Lord God most holy, O Lord most mighty, O holy and most merciful Saviour, deliver me not, I beseech thee, into the bitter Pains of eternal Death.

O cast not off the Bowels of thy tenderest Compaffions, but even as a father pitieth his own Children, fo be thou merciful unto me thy sinful, but repenting Servant.

O blessed High-Priest, who art able to fave to the utmost them who come unto God by thee, save me, I befeech thee, who have no Hopes but in thy Merits and Interceffion.

Suffer not, 0. my Redeemer, my Soul, which thou hast purchased with the invaluable Price of thy own Blood, to perish; bur say unto me, I am thy Salvation.

O dear

O dear Jesus, who humbleft thyself eveni to the Death of the Cross for me, let that precious Death of thine sweeten all the Bitterness of mine. I believe that thou shalt come to be

my Judge.

I pray thee, therefore, help thy Servant, whom thou hast redeemed with thy most precious Blood.

Make me to be numbered with thy Saints in Glory everlasting.

O receive me into that Place of Rest, where all Tears shall be wiped from my Eyes; where there shall be no more Death, nor Sorrow, nor Crying, nor Pain.

O take me, where I shall for ever behold thy Face, and follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth.

Into thy Hands I commend my Spirit ; for thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, thou God of Truth.

O Lord, in thee is my Trust; O cast not out my Soul.

O Lord, in thee have I trusted, let me never be confounded.

A Prayer A Prayer for a fick Child.


Father of Mercies, and God of all

Comfort, our only Help in Time of Need; we fly unto thee for Succour in behalf of this Child here lying under thy Hand in great Weakness of Body.

Look graciously upon it, O Lord; ease it, we beseech thee, of its Pains, and pity it in its Extremity.

We know, O Lord, that if thou wilt thou canst raise it up; and grant it a longer Continuance amongst us.

O raise it up again (if it may please thee) to grow in Years and Stature, in Wisdom, and thy Fear, and thereby to comfort its Parents, and to glorify thee.

We believe, O God, that thou knoweft best what is fit for it and us, and that thou wilt do what is best for both: And therefore we humbly resign its Life to thee, beseeching thee to have Mercy on us.

But whether it live or die, let it be thine; and either preserve it to be thy true and faithful Servant here on Earth, or take it to the Blessedness of thy Children in the Kingdom of Heaven, through the Merits of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Imen:

A Thanks.

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