Have I not discouraged those, who, from a Concern for the Interests of Religion, and a Love to the Souls of Men, have been zealous and active in this good Work?

Have I not been more intent upon my own private Interest, than in advancing the common Good?

Have I been faithful and diligent in the Discharge of those Duties that are incumbent upon me, as living in the Town, Place, or Parish, whereto I belong?

Have I endeavoured to inform my felf of my Duty, in order to the doing of it, when I have been called to the Office of Constable, Church-warden, or any other Parish Office ?

Have I considered how to avoid and shun whatever might occasion Strife and Dissentioni, and endeavoured, what in me lies, to become useful and serviceable in my

Place and Station?

III. Of III. Of the Duties towards Ourselves. HAVE I wisely considered the End for

which I was created by God, that I might be the better able to direct all my Thoughts, Words, and Actions to that End

Do I make it the great Concern and Business of my Life, to serve and glorify God, that I may thereby be prepared, and meet for Happiness in his Presence and Kingdom for ever?

Have I frequently and seriously confidered, that I am here in a State of Trial and Probation, not of Happiness and Enjoyment ?

Have I not lived without Thought and Consideration, though Interest and Duty, and the express Command of God, call and oblige me to be much and frequent in the Exercise thereof?

How have I spent my precious Time?

Have I not wasted it in Idleness, or in any unprofitable Vanity?

Have I laid to Heart the Shortness and Uncertainty of this present Life, and daily improved it to the best Advantage? Have I exercised a daily Care and Watch

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fulness over my deceitful Heart, resisting its Importunities and Lusts ?

Have I seriously considered the great Damage and Mischief that Sin has done to human Nature ?

Have I applied myself with my whole Strength and Might, to recover that Re. semblance, which Man, when he first came out of his Maker's Hand, bore to him?

Have I contented myself with the Form and Outside of Religion and Godliness, neglecting the Life and Power thereof?

Have I laboured after the true Mortification of the Spirit, after that real and inward Purity of Soul, which Christ requires in all his Disciples and Followers ?

Have I diligently and earnestly implored the Aids and Assistances of the Holy Spirit of God, to renew and fanctify me?

Have I laboured to improve my Soul in Knowledge and Wisdom, in Grace and Holiness, taking Heed to secure my Salvation more than any temporal Interest?

Have I been contented with my present Portion of Good here, according to the Will of God?

Have I not suffered myself to be immoderately discomposed at Events, which are not in my Power; and been dissatisfied and


uneasy in such Circumstances, as the good Providence of God has thought fit to place

me in?

Have I not been too covetous of the World: its Riches, Honours, and Pleasures?

Have I not fought to gain or keep them by finful Means?

Have I not been immoderately concerned, and anxious about present Things?

Have I not grieved overmuch for worldly Crosses, Losses, and Disappointments ? And on the other Side, have I not placed my Happiness in its good Things, and rejoiced in them overmuch?

Have I laboured to disentangle my Affections from this world, and to raise up my Mind to the Things which are above; the Enjoyments of that superior World, for which I was principally designed ?

Have I been diligent and faithful in that Place and State of Life, unto which it hath pleased God to call me?

Have I been diligent in doing my own Business, and to provide those Things that are needful and expedient for myself and Family, and such as depend upon me?

Have I endeavoured to make myself useful in the World, and charitable to my Fellow-Creatures

Have I been temperate and charte, as one that is sensible, that the Perfection and Happiness of a reasonable Creature, doés not consist in sensual Enjoyments, but in those that are spiritual ? .. Have I therefore watched against the Lusts of the Flesh ?

Have I not had an impure Heart, or unčlean Affections, or offended by any unchafte Behaviour, Words or Actions ?

Have I abstained from all unnatural and unlawful Pleasures of Sense; and been moderate in the Use of such as are lawful and allowable by the Christian Religion?

Have I restrained my Appetite? Have I not committed Excess in Eating and Drinking, in Sleep, or Recreations ?

Have I frequently exercised myself in Self-Denial and Mortification, that my Flesh might be subdued, and my Spirit refined; and so prepared and qualified for the Company, the Employment, and the Pleåsure of Heaven?

Have I been humble and little in my own Eyes, as a depending Creature, and a poor Sinner should be?

Have I not betrayed Pride and Haughtinefs in Word or Carriage?

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