Have I every Day duly prayed to him, and praised him for his Mercies?

And when I have done it at Church at Home in my Family, or in secret by myself, hath it been only out of Cu or with such a Sense of God, and such Seriousness, Fervency, and Affection, as he requires ?

Have I used such Considerations before. hand, as might enable me rightly to perform the same?

Have I laboured to form such Apprehensions of God as are worthy of his adorable Majesty, and to furnish my Mind with useful and necessary Knowledge ?

Have I (notwithstanding the Means of Grace, and the Light of the Gospel) suffered myself to live in ignorance of him, and my Duty?

Hath the Consideration of his infinite Power made me fearful to offend him?

Have I feared Man more than God, by committing Sin, to avoid Disgrace or any temporal Evil?

Have I presumptuously hoped for Salvation, whilft I continued to live in the wil. ful Commission of one or more Sins ? Have I not been so foolish as to put off


my Repentance, thereby rendering myself less able to set about it? Have I resigned myself, and all my

Concerns, to the all-wise and good Providence of God?

Have I endeavoured to bear his afflicting Hand with Patience and Humility; considering that the greatest Sufferings I can undergo in this World, are much less than the Desert of my Sins? Or have I not murmured, or been impatient under any Trouble that has befallen me?

Have I grown better by Afflictions ?

Have I frequented the Holy Sacrament? Or have I not staid away through causeless Prejudice, or feigned Excuses, being unwilling to part with my

Sins ? If I have come to the blessed Sacrament, have I not received it without Repentance and a steadfast Purpose to lead a new Life; without a firm and lively Faith, a hearty and thankful Remembrance of the Love of Christ, in giving himself to be a Sacrifice for my

Sins; and without a sincere and -universal Love and Good-will to all Mankind?

Have I made it my Care to live suitably to my facramental Profession, and solemn Engagements ?

Have I endeavoured to affect


Heart with a lively Sense of the multiplied Mercies of God to me, both temporal, and spiritual?

Have I seriously considered that amazing Instance of the Love of Christ, in redeeming me from the Bondage and Dominion of Sin, and the Tyranny of the Devil?

Do I depend upon the Merits and Satiffaction of Christ, and hope for Acceptance with God, only through him, and not for any Merit of my own?

Have I as a weak Creature, depended upon the Light, Grace, and Afliftance of the Holy Spirit, to further my Endeavours, to guide and strengthen me in all my Performances, and to direct and comfort me in all my Temptations, Difficulties, and Troubles ?

II. Of our Duty towards our Neighbour.

O MY Soul, seriously consider thy past

Actions! How hast thou discharged thy Duty to thy Neighbour? Hast thou " considered, that in the Sense of the Gof

pel, not only the Person who dwells near " thee, but every Man is thy Neighbour?”

Have I, according to the Ability and Opportunities which God hath given me, done Good to all that stand in Need of my Help?

Have I carried it to my Neighbour, as one that loves him sincerely and heartily?

Have I done unto others, as I would they should do unto me; that is, have I done to others what I could reafonably expect or desire they should do to me, if in the like Circumstances? And on the other Hand, Have I been careful not to do any thing to others that I could reasonably desire they Thould not do unto me?

Have I, in Conformity to this Rule, endeavoured in my Place and Station to prevent Evil and Damage to the Souls, and Bodies, and Estates of others?

Have I wronged no Man in his Soul, by leading him into such Errors, as are destructive of true Religion ; by enticing and teaching him to sin against God, and wound his Conscience by setting him an ill Example; by counselling or commanding him to do that which was displeasing to God, or by consenting to his Sins?

Have I discouraged or deterred any one from the serious Practice of Religion and Piety?

any one!

Have I fought and endeavoured to bring those to Repentance, whom I have any ways led into Sin?

Have I delighted causelesly to grieve

Have I hurt any Person in his Body, by offering any Force or Violence to him; by drawing him into Intemperance, or any Vices ; or by exciting Jealoufies, Quarrels, or Fighting3 among Men?

Have I injured my Neighbour in his Goods or Estate, by damaging him; by defrauding or over-reaching him in Bargains, or Contracts; or in his good Name, by Slandering, Backbiting, or insult?

Have I, in the Management of my Estate or Calling, run into Debt without Hopes or Design of Payment ?

Have I not published my Neighbour's Faults, when neither the Glory of God, nor the Good of others, made such a Publication necessary ?

Have I rashly or wrongfully censured or judged any Person :

Have I flattered any into Evil, soothing them up in it, or commending them for it, or for that Good I knew they had not?

If I have by any Means, or upon any Account whatsoever, done any Wrong to


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