my God, with that natural Tenderness for my Parents, and those that have the Care of me, and with that Christian Sense of my Duty towards them, that my Language may be respectful, my Actions dutiful, and my whole Behaviour fuch that I may not icrease the Burthen and Care of their Life, but prove a Comfort and Blessing to them. Bless

me, O Lord, in my Learning, and deliver me from. Sloth and Idleness, and ill Company, and from all Dangers both of Body and Soul; and help me daily to increase in Knowledge, and Wisdom; and all Virtue.

I commend to thy Divine Providence, (my Father and Mother, my Brethren and Sisters] all my Friends and Relations, and all this Family, and all Mankind: Vouchfafe us, O gracious God, all those Graces and Blessings which thou knoweft to be most needful for us.

Unto thee, O my God, do I dedicate my Soul and Body, beseeching thee to take them into thy Care and Protection, that they may be always employed in thy Service, and to thy Glory: that having served thee faithfully in this Life, I may at last obtain Life everlasting, through the Merits and Mediation of my blessed Saviour and Riedeemer Jesus Christ our Lord; in whose


H 3

holy Name and Words 1 sum up my own and the Wants of all Mankiud.

Our Father, &c.

An Evening Prayer for a young Perfon.

O Almighty God, and merciful Father,

who willingly hearest the Prayers of all those that call upon thee faithfully ; I humbly beleech thee to pardon whatsoever thou hast seen amiss in me this Day, in my Thoughts, Words, or Actions. [Ilere mention Particulars.] Affist me, o God, in making it my constant Endeavour to resist and conquer every evil Inclination within me, and every Temptation from without.

Help me daily to increase in the Knowledge and Love of thee, my God, and of iny Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Shew me the Way in which I should walk, whilst I am young; and grant I may never depart from it.

Bless to me I pray thee, whatsoever good Instructions have at any Time been given me; help me carefully to remember them, and seriously to practice them, that I may ever be growing in Knowledge, in Wisdom, and Goodnels.


Bless and defend our most gracious Sovereign Lord King GEORGE, our gracious Queen Charlotte, his Royal Highness George Prince of IVales, the Princess of Wales, and all the Royal Family ; and all Orders of Men among us, from the highest to the lowest; Lord, give them all Grace in their several Stations, to be instrumental to thy Glory, and the publick Good.

Accept, O Lord, my humblest Praise and Thanksgiving for all the Goodness thou hast this Day, or at any Time, shewed me; for all the Helps of preventing or restraining Grace thou hast vouchsafed me; for whatever I have done, which is in any Measure acceptable to thee; for whatever Progress I have made in my Learning; for thy Preservation of me from all the Miseries and Dangers which frail Mortality is every Moment exposed to; particularly for[Here mention any particular mercy.)

I humbly commit my Soul and Body to thy Care this Night, begging thy gracious Protection and Blessing.

And all these Mercies and Blessings which I ask for myself, I heartily desire for all my

Relations and Friends, and for all Mankind. Let it please thee to guide us all in this present Life, and to conduct us safe to thy heavenly Kingdom, through



Jefus Christ our Lord and Saviour ; in whose most holy Name and Words, I conclude thefe my imperfect Prayers.

Our Father, &c.

A Morning Prayer for a Servant.


my God, the Creator and Preferver of all Mankind; I bless and praise thy holy Name for all thy Mercies to my Soul and Body: Thou hast given me another Day, O give me Grace to spend it to thy Honour and Glory : Enable me to work in it the Work for which thou hast sent me into the World, before the Night of Death cometh, wherein I cannot Work ; that I may not increase the Number of my Transgressions, by running heedlesly or knowingly into the Commission of any Sin. O God, thou Witness of all


Actions, and Judge of all my Thoughts and Affections; what would become of me, if thou Thouldest enter into strict Judgment with. me! How should I stand before thy Tribunal, covered with the Guilt and Shame of my Sin! Lord, I repent, increase thou iny Repentance ; I repent of-(Here mention those Sins which most burthen thy Conscience.] O be thou reconciled unto me, and.


pardon me, for the Sake of Jefus Christ, and not only pardon my Sins, but deliver me from the Power and Dominion of them.

I am conscious to myself of great Weakness and Frailty: 0 do thou confirm and strengthen me; create in me a clean Heart, Q. God, and renew a right Spirit within me: Give me a true Faith, and inflame my Heart with a holy Love, that I may delight in thy Commandments; that I may walk before thee in Uprightness and Fear, in Faithfulnefs and Honesty; constantly and chearfully depending upon thee; and doing the Duty of my Place, not with Eye Service, but with Singleness of Heart, as knowing that I shall be accountable to thee at the last Day, as well for those Duties which I owe my Master and Mistress, as for those which are more immediately to be paid to thee.

O Lord, I befeech thee, keep me from all opprobrious and reproachful Language; from all Lying and Slandering; and from all unjust and deceitful Actions. Make me always thankful, humble, and contented, neither withholding from thee the Praise due to thy infinite Bounty and Mercy, nor from Man the Thanks due to him, for any

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