through Things temporal, as not to lose the Things that are eternal; and that in all the Concernments of this Life, I may govern myself by the Rules of Temperance and Sobriety, Justice and Honesty, Prudence and Moderation, and with an entire Trust and Dependence on thy fatherly Care and good Providence; that having always before my Eyes that great Account which I must one Day give, I may never dare to do any Thing that may dishonour thy Name; nor be so wretchedly foolish, as to purchase my Happiness in this World at the Expence of thy Favour: But that making thy Laws the Rule of all my Actions, I may approve myself to thee, as becometh thy Servant; by being zealous and devout in thy Service; kind and charitable towards my Neighbour; by being meek and patient, quiet and peaceable, humble and inoffensive towards all Men ; and as far as in me lies, useful and beneficial to the World ; that so glorifying thee here upon Earth, I may, at my Departure hence, enter into the Joy of my Lord, and be for ever glorified in thy heavenly Kingdom, through Jesus Christ, my only Saviour and Redeemer.

Be gracious, O most merciful God, to the whole Race of Mankind. Pity the


deplorable State of those that know thee not, and have never heard of thy Name. Reform the Wicked and Impenitent, and let all that name the Name of Christ depart from Iniquity.

Bless our Sovereign Lord the KING, and grant that under him we may leaci quiet and peaceable Lives in all Godliness and Honesty.

Be mindful, Q Lord, of all that are in any Affliction or Distress.

Relieve and comfort those that suffer for the Testimony of a good Conscience, or that labour under the Torments of a wounded Spirit. Let the sorrowful Sighing of the Afflicted come lefore thee, and deliver them in thy good Time out of all their Troubles.

Let every one of my Friends and Relations, O God, be of the Number of thote whom thou loveft and delightest in. Defend them from the Evils and Temptations of this World, and grant them whatever thou seest needful both for their Souls and Bodies.

To these my Prayers and Intercessions, I desire to add my unféigned Praites for all thy Blessings, spiritual and temporal. I bless thee more particularly for the Mercies of the Day past; for preserving me in Health and Safety; and delivering me from the Evils which I have most justly deserved.



Give me Grace to make a right Use and Improvement of all thy Mercies ; and vouchsafe, O Lord, to continue to me thy gracious Favour and Protection. Be thou pleased of thy great Goodness to take me, (and my dear Wife and Children] and all that belong to me, this Night, under the Care of thy good Providence. Defend us from all Perils and Dangers; and after the comfortable Refreshments of Rest and Sleep, raise us up in Health and Safety, with Hearts full of Love to thee, and Zeal to thy Service, through Jesus Christ our Lord, in the fullest Sense of whose Words I pray to be heard.

Our Father, &c.

PRAYERS for young Persons,

and Servants.

A Prayer for a Child to be used Morning

and Evening ALmighty God, who madeft me, and

hast preserved me to this Hour, I praise and glorify thy Holy Name for all

thy thy Mercies; O look graciously upon me, and bless me; forgive whatever I have done amiss, and give me Grace to remember and put in Practice my baptismal Vow, by renouncing the Devil and all his Works. Incline


Heart to that which is Good, and create in me an utter Dislikeand Abhorrence of all Evil.

Put thy Fear and Love in my Soul that I may serve thee, and worship thee, and keep thy Commandments.

Make me dutiful to (my Father and Mother;] obedient to my Teachers; humble and reverent to all my Betters; meek and courteous to all People; and enable me to do to others, as I would have them do to me.

Preserve me from bearing Malice or Hatred in my Heart, from Lying and Stealing, Slandering, and Evil-speaking, and all evil Thoughts, Words, and Actions. Guide me by thy Holy Spirit, that I may live to thy Glory, and when I die, may attain everlasting Life.

Lord, bless all my Relations and Friends, and save and defend them and me from all Dangers, this Day [or Night] and for evermore, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

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A Morning Prayer for a young Perfon.

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Eternal God and heavenly Father, thou art the kind Author of my Be

: ing; be thou the gracious Guide of my Life: my Age is simple and unexperienced, O be thou pleased to inspire me with true Wisdom from above, that it may guide and direct me in all my Ways. I am come into a World full of Snares and Temptations, O 'do thou fill me with the Knowledge and Love of thy Truth, that it may keep me from the Ways that lead to Destruction.

I render thee unfeigned Thanks for all the Blessings I daily receive from thee, and for thy particular Preservation and Refreshment of me the Night past.

O Lord, have thou Mercy upon me, and forgive me all my Sins; and give me Grace to flee all youthful Luits, and to remember thee my Creator in the Days of

O possess my Heart with the Fear of thee, and a Dependence upon thee. Let me always walk as in thy Presence, considering I must one Day die (I know not how foon) and render an Account of all the Aca cons of my Life. Poffefs also my Heart, O


my Youth.

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