mote the Interest of Virtue and true Reli. gion among us.

Hear the Cry of the Poor and Needy, give ease to those who are under any

Af. Ai&tion of Mind or Body, and lay not more upon them than thou wilt enable them to bear

I pray thee in a more especial Manner, to be gracious to all my Friends and Relations, and more particularly to

0 Lord! thou art thoroughly acquainted with all our Wants, O vouchsafe to give us what thou seest best and most fitting both for our Souls and Bodies.

Accept, ( merciful Father, of my unfeigned Praises for all thy Blessings spiritual and-temporal.

My Health and Safety, and all the Comforts of my Life, proceed from thy Bounty and Goodness: To thee, therefore, I ascribe all possible Praise and Thanksgiving, humbly beseeching thee to grant me the Continuance of thy Mercy and Goodness.

Take me and and all that belong to me, this Night, under the Care and Protection of thy good Providence. Preserve us from all Perils and Dangers, and all Apprehension or Dread of any.

h refreshing Rest and Sleep, as may fit

Give us


us for the Duties of the Day following; and if thou art pleased to add another Day to our Lives, grant that we make a right Use and Improvement of it, to thy Glory, and the Benefit of our immortal Souls, through Jesus Christ oor Lord, who in Compassion to our Infirmities, hath taught us thus to pray,

Our Father, &c.

A Prayer for Saturday Morning.

O Moft blessed and most Glorious Lord

God, who art of infinite Goodness and Mercy! I thy Creature whom thou haft made, and to this Moment hast

preserved, do now present myself before thee, to offer up the Morning Sacrifice of my unfeigned Praises and Thanksgivings; thy Mercies are renewed to me every Morning, and thy Goodness follows me all the Day long; thou visitest me in the Night Season, and every Moment of my Life is a new Instance of thy Mercy.

It is hy thy Goodness, O Lord, that I have this Night slept secure, and am now raised up in Health and Safety. Praised therefore be thy Name, O God, for of thee only cometh my Salvation; thou art


the God of my Health, my Saviour, and mighty. Deliverer ; as long as I live, I will magnify thee, O Lord, for a joyful and pleasant. Thing it is to be thankful. O give me a Heart always tuned to thy Praises, which is iny Happiness

Happiness as well as my Duty. Imprint on my Mind such a deep Sense of thy Mercies, that I may never provoke thee to withdraw thy Favours from me. Let not the Blessings thou bestowest on me, make me in Love with this World: Let neither Covetousness nor Ambition; neither Pride nor Vanity; neither a Contempt of others, nor a fond Conceit of myself, be the Effects of thy Loving-kindness towards me; but endue me with such an humble and contented Mind, such a meek and resigned Spirit, such a quiet and peaceable Temper and Behaviour, as becomes a Creature and a Sinner. o let the Confideration of my Unworthiness suppress in me all proud, and aspiring Thoughts, and all covetous, and ambitious Desires ; that being meek and lowly in my own Eyes, I

may find Reft unto my Soul, and be filled with that Grace, which thou haft promised to the Humble.

Fit and prepare me, O Lord, for every Condition and Change, but especially for my great and last Change. Strengthen my

eth me.

Faith in the Time of Sickness and Trial, and forfake me not when my Strength fail

Let thy merciful Ears, O Lord, be then open to my Prayers; and spare me, O Lord most Holy, O God most Mighty, O Holy and Merciful Saviour, thou most worthy Judge Eternal; suffer me not at my last Hour, through any Pains of Body or Weakness of Mind, to let go my Dependence upon thee.

O let not the cruel Enemy of Souls affrighten me with his Terrors; but give thy Holy Angels Charge over me; and let the Consolations of thy Holy Spirit fortify my Mind, and dissipate my Fears, and be a reviving Cordial to my Soul at that last and momentous Period of my Life.

O Lord, leave me not to myself in that Time of Distress, when I shall stand in so much Need of thee. Give me an unfeigned Repentance of all my Sins, great Love to thee, and Charity to my Neighbour, an entire Submission to thy blessed Will, and (if

thou seest fitting) Tome Foretaste and Assurance of my Salvation. But if thou, in thy great Wisdom, Thalt not see fitting to vouchsafe me so great à Mercy, yet, 0 gracious Father, let me not fail in the great Day of Judgment to hear that blessed Sentence pronounced unto me, Well done, thou


good and

faithful Servant, enter thou into thy Master's Joy. Grant this, O most gracious God, for thy Mercy's Sake in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Be with me, O Lord, this Day, in my going out and coming in ; preserve me from the Dangers of evil Company; from the Deceitfulness of my own Heart: and defend me more especially from those Sins that are most apt to betray and ensnare me.

Let thy Blessing accompany all my honest Labours and Endeavours, and vouchsafe me such a Measure of Health, and other temporal Mercies, as thou seest best and most fitting for me.

I desire, O Lord, to leave myself, and all my Affairs, in thy Hands, humbly beseeching thee to take me, and all that belong to me, under the Care and Protection of thy good Providence, and so to bless, direct and guide us in this Life, that we may at last obtain that greatest of all Blessings, the eternal Salvation of our immortal Souls, through the Merits, and for the Sake of thy dear Son, and our alone Saviour, Jesus Christ the Righteous; in whose Words, I desire to be heard for myself and all Mankind. Our Father, &c.

A Prayer

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