thy Son, and that Thou hast made our Duty fo necessary to our Happiness. Oh! that we may all so effectually apply our Minds to the Consideration of thy manifold Mercies, that they may work in our Souls all those divine Virtues, Dispositions, and Affections, which they are designed by Thee to produce in us.

Extend thy Mercy, O God, to the whole World, that thy Name may be great among the Gentiles, from the rising of the Sun unto the going down of the fame.

Bless thy universal Church. Put an End to all Schism and Division, Strife and Contention; purify and cleanse it froin Profanenefs and Ungodliness, from Superftition, Herefy, and false Doctrine ; and make it the Joy of the whole Earth.

Be gracious to these finful Nations to which we belong; forgive our many and great Sins; and particularly we pray Thee, pardon our Abuse of Time fet apart for thy more immediate Worship ; our Unthankfulnefs for the Light of thy Gospel, and walking contrary to its Precepts. Wash us 'thoroughly from our Iniquities, and cleanse us from our Sins : and grant, that

Unity and Charity, and Holiness of Life,

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we may glorify thy great Name, and adorn the Doctrine of God our Saviour in all Things.

Continue the Light of thy Gospel among us : Defeat and overthrow the Designs of eyil Men, that would pervert the Truth of it.

Be thou pleased to further with thy Blefsing all those good Designs that are for the Advancement of true Religion and Virtue. Let no Artifices of the Devil, or wicked Men, render them ineffectual.

Guide and defend our most gracious Sovereign Lord King GEORGE ; let his Days be many, his Councils wise and religious, and his Reign happy to himself and People. Let a Sense of the inestimable Value of Souls, inspire all Bishops and Pastors, exciting them to promote and further the Salvation of Men, by Soundness of Do&trine, and Holiness of Life, and a due Administration of thy Holy Sacraments.

Let all Magistrates, and othet inferior Officers,maintain and defend true Religion, encouraging Virtue and Goodness, and punishing and suppressmg all. Profaneness and Ungodliness; and let all Men follow after Peace and Holiness, without which no Man fhall fce Thee.


O thou

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: 0 thou that art the Father of Mercies, lelieve all that are in Afiction, of any kind whatsoever ; and grant that all may have cause to say, It is good for them that they have been in Trouble.

Be gracious and favourable to us that are here before Thee ; forgive us all our Sins, and remember not the Iniquities of our holy Things. Defend and protect us this Night from all those Dangers and Mifchiefs that may justly overtake us : Refresh our frail Bodies with quiet and moderate Rest, and help us in the renewed Strength thereof, vigoroufly to serve Thee in the faithful Discharge of the Duties of the following Day.' And in that and all other Days, enable us to live to thy Honour and Glory; that in the End of them, we may live with Thee, through our Lord Jesus Christ; in whofe prevailing Name and Words we fum up all our Wants.

Our Father, &c.

A Morning Prayer for a Family for any

otber Day in the Week.


ETERNAL God, Creator and Pre

server of all Mankind, Giver of all spiritual Grace, the Author of everlasting



Life ; we thine unworthy Servants desire to praise thy Name for all the Expressions of thy Bounty towards us, We give thee Thanks that thou haft preserved us from many and great Dangers, wherewith we have been encompassed ; that Thou hart brought us safe to the Light of this Day ; and that Thou hast refreshed us the past Night with quiet Rest and Sleep. But, atove all, we bless thy holy Name that Thou hast given thy Son to die for our Sins, and to put us in a Way of being happy, if we obey Thee ; and after all our wilful Abuse of thy Mercies, haft ftill Patience with us, to see if we will finish the Work Thou hast fet us to do, and fit our Souls for eternal Glory.

Pardon, good Lord, we beseech Thee, all our former Sins, and all our Abuses of thy Forbearance and Long-suffering, for which we are now sorry at our Hearts. Give us Grace to lead more holy Lives, and to be more careful in improving all future Opportunities. Make thyself present to our Minds, and let thy Love and thy Fear rule in our Souls, in all those Places and Companies where our Occasions shall lead us this Day.


Keep us chaste in all our Thoughts; temperate in all our Enjoyments ; humble in all our Opinions of ourselves ; charitable in all our Speeches of others; meek and peaceable under-all Provocations; fincere and faithful in all our Professions ; and fo just and upright in all our Dealings, that no Necessity may force, nor Opportunity in any kind allure us to defraud or over-reach our Neighbour. When Thou bestowest Good on others, let us not envy, but rejoice in it; and when thou addest any to ourselves, let us own thy Mercy, and humbly thank Thee for it. ;. 'Afford us convenient Supplies in all our reasonable Necessities, and protect us against the Approach of all Dangers ; make us diligent in our Affairs, and give such Success to our lawful Endeavours as Thou feest best and most expedient for us; teach us contentedly to submit, and not to repine at any Thing that happens by the Allot: ment of thy wise Providence.

In all our Passage through this World, and our manifold Concerns in it, suffer not our Hearts to be too much fet


it ; but always fix our Minds upon the bleffed Hope of an everlasting Life, that as we go along, we may make all the Things of this World


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