Griffith Gaunt: Or, Jealousy, 3. kötet

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Chapman and Hall, 1866

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108. oldal - What may they be, Mr. Houseman ? " said the magistrate, civilly ; and laid his pen down to hear them. " Briefly, sir, these. Where a murder is proven, you can commit a subject of this realm upon suspicion. But you cannot suspect the murder as well as the culprit, and so commit. The murder must be proved to the senses. Now in this case, the death of Mr. Gaunt by violence is not proved. Indeed, his very death rests but upon suspicion. I admit that the law of England in this respect has once or twice...
86. oldal - ... two vain efforts to check the torrent, he sank into a chair, and hid his face in his hands. But this did not disarm her, at the time. Her raging voice and raging words were heard by the very servants, long after he had ceased to defend himself. At last she came out, pale with fury, and finding...
165. oldal - Gaunt, art thou guilty of the felony and murder whereof thou standest indicted — or not guilty ?" " I am not guilty." " Culprit, how wilt thou be tried ?" " Culprit I am none, but only accused : I .will be tried by God and my country.
216. oldal - ... tis a wife that murders her husband, and robs her child of a parent who can never be replaced. " I also agree with him that circumstantial evidence is often sufficient to convict a murderer ; and, indeed, were it not so, that most monstrous of crimes would go oftenest unpunished : since, of all culprits, murderers do most shun the eyes of men in their dark deeds, and so provide beforehand that direct testimony to their execrable crime there shall be none. Only herein I am advised to take a distinction...
161. oldal - This report had set juries very much against all the Romanists in the country, and had already perverted justice in one or two cases, especially in the North. Mrs. Gaunt knew all this, and trembled at the peril to come. She spent the early part of the night in studying her defence. Then she laid it quite aside, and prayed long and fervently. Towards morning she fell asleep from exhaustion. When she awoke, Mrs. Houseman was sitting by her bedside, looking at her, and crying. They were soon clasped...
307. oldal - She wanted a good excuse for loving him as frankly as before, and now he had given her one. She used to throw it in his teeth in the prettiest way. Whenever she confessed a fault, she was sure to turn slyly round and say, "But what could one expect of me? I have his blood in my veins.
67. oldal - But favor me with your address, and I shall let you know should I hear anything about him." Mr. Atkins was half annoyed, half amused, at this piece of indifference. It never occurred to him that it might be all put on. He wrote back to say that the estate was large, and, owing to the terms of the will, could not be administered without Mr. Griffith Gaunt ; and, in the interest of the said Griffith Gaunt, and also of the other legatees, he really must advertise for him. La Gaunt replied, that he was...

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