New Medical and Physical Journal, Or, Annals of Medicine, Natural History, and Chemistry, 9. kötet

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Thorne, 1815

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217. oldal - And finishing its act, exists no more. Thus, in obedience to what Heaven decrees, Knowledge shall fail, and Prophecy shall cease ; But lasting Charity's more ample sway, Nor bound by time, nor subject to decay, In happy triumph shall for ever live, And endless good diffuse and endless praise receive.
242. oldal - Nature in the human species is the transmutation of the characters of the Negro into those of the European, or the evolution of white varieties in black races of men. We have seen that there are causes existing which are capable of producing such an alteration, but we have no facts which induce us to suppose, that the reverse of this change could in any circumstances be effected. This leads us to the inference that the primitive stock of men were Negroes, which has every appearance of truth.
516. oldal - I have spoken to on this head, of at least six or seven different tribes, has uniformly told me, that the people who are employed to milk the cattle caught a disease, which after once having had they were perfectly safe from the small-pox ; that this disease was prevalent among the cows and shewed itself particularly on the teats, but that it was more prevalent .among, and more frequently caught from the sheep. Now...
165. oldal - Facts appear to point out the use of water in the ventricles in the brain, and they account for the great variety which is met with in the form and extent of the posterior cornua of the lateral ventricles, their size varying according to the quantity of water which is necessary to keep up the pressure required.
225. oldal - A View of the Relations of the Nervous System, in Health and in Disease; containing selections from the dissertation to which was assigned the Jacksonian prize for the year 1813; with additional illustrations and remarks.
263. oldal - August, 1815, it shall not be lawful for any person or persons (except the persons then acting as assistants to any apothecaries, and excepting persons who have actually served an apprenticeship of five years to an apothecary) to act as an assistant to any apothecary, in compounding or dispensing medicines, without undergoing an examination by the Court of Examiners, or by five apothecaries, so to be appointed as hereinafter is mentioned. That it shall and may be lawful to appoint five apothecaries...
264. oldal - These several Lectures are so arranged, that no two of them interfere in the hours of attendance; and the whole is calculated to form a complete course of medical and chirurgical instruction.
171. oldal - Brain.—In a case in which the tuberculum annulare had undergone a change in its texture, and become so hard as with difficulty to be cut with a knife, a considerable quantity of earthy particles being intermixed with the medullary substance of the crura, and other parts of the cerebellum, and the cerebrum and upper part of the cerebellum unusually soft; the effects were, the boy had been an idiot from his birth, never walked, spoke, or understood what was said.
263. oldal - Court of Examiners, or the major Part of them, and have received a Certificate of his or their being duly qualified to practise as such, from the said Court of Examiners...
165. oldal - ... accurate information respecting the functions that belong to individual portions of the human brain, having been attended with very little success, it has occurred to me that, were anatomical surgeons to collect in one view all the appearances they had met with, in cases of injury to that organ, and the effects that such injuries produced upon its functions, a body of evidence might be formed that would materially advance this highly important investigation.

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