The parliamentary remembrancer, conducted by T. Smith, 1. kötet

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Joshua Toulmin Smith

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62. oldal - Mill, were undertaken by him some four years after his retirement from official life, in consequence of the transfer of the government of India from the East India Company to the Crown...
87. oldal - That the raising or keeping a standing army within the kingdom in time of peace, unless it be with consent of parliament, is against law.
111. oldal - That an humble Address be presented to her Majesty, praying that her Majesty will be graciously pleased to...
2. oldal - That the pretended power of dispensing with laws, or the execution of laws, by regal authority, as it hath been assumed and exercised of late, is illegal.
136. oldal - Britain and Ireland ; to grant Allowances in certain Cases to Subaltern Officers, Adjutants, Paymasters, Quartermasters, Surgeons, Assistant Surgeons, Surgeons' Mates, and Serjeant Majors of the Militia; and to authorise the Employment of the Non-commissioned Officers.
24. oldal - An Act for the security of Her " Majesty's Person and Government, and of the " succession to the Crown of Great Britain in the
92. oldal - I shall propose to the committee is, that the chairman be directed to move the House that leave be given to bring in a bill to put an end to the Established Church in Ireland, and to make provision in respect of the temporalities thereof, and in respect of the Royal College of Maynooth.
128. oldal - May, should be forthwith printed and published and annexed to the Book of Common Prayer and Liturgy of the United Church of England and Ireland...
2. oldal - By issuing and causing to be executed a Commission under the Great Seal for erecting a Court called, The Court of Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes.
62. oldal - Act, as might or should have been exercised or performed by the East India Company, or by the Court of Directors or Court of Proprietors of the said Company, either alone or by the Direction or with the Sanction or Approbation of the Commissioners for the Affairs of India...

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