No. 85.]


[Price 18.




558 559

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.... 555


558 558 558



again reporting all well and tranquil. This is all that is to

be said-and it is enough.

Shipping and Commercial In.
EASTERN NEWS ............


In the absence of more dignified disturbances, we are

Miscellaneous Intelligence. ... 546 CUINA:-

regaled with a snug little riot at Jullundur. The Mussul. Government General Orders .. 547 Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 559

man inhabitants of that place, urged by a vehement
Civil, Ecclesiastical, Military, Government General Orders .. 559
and Medical Establishments 548 Appointments, &c.

longing for beef (a feeling in which all good Englishmen
H.M. Forces in the East...... 550 Domestic Intelligence...
Domestic Intelligence..
Shipping Intelligence

will sympathize), implored the Commissioner to grant per-
Shipping and Commercial In. ORIGINAL ARTICLES:-
telligence .......

The Commercial Crisis


mission for the opening of a butcher's shop, a luxury then MADRAS:

Post-office Disturbance


it appears unknown in that unenlightened spot. The re-
Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 553 HOME INTELLIGENCE :-
Government General Orders .. 553 Debate at the East India House 564 quired permission was accorded, and a shop for the sale of
Civil, Ecclesiastical, Military, Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 567

and Medical Establishments 553 Shipping Intelligence. 567 the much-coveted food was opened outside of the city, its
Domestic Intelligence..

Domestic Intelligence.. 568
Shipping and Commercial In Arrivals, &c. reported at the

location being, we presume, determined with a view to telligence

East-India House

569 avoid giving offence to those (the larger part of the popuBOMBAY:

List of Rank of Cadets

Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 557 Changes and Promotions in Jation) who had not yet acquired a taste for the “king
Civil, Military, and Medical H.M. Regiments in India
Embarkation of Troops for

of meat.” But this precaution was insufficient to Marine Department...


570 Domestic Intelligence........ LITERARY NOTICES

neutralize the hostility of the Hindoos, who 570

ceeded without delay to the Commissioner, and threatened ARRIVAL OF MAILS.

to close the grain-shops, thus dooming the partisans The Precursor, with the mails, left Calcutta Aug. 8, Saugor 10, of the beef movement, if they would indulge in their Madras 15, Point-de-Galle 19, Aden Sept. 3, and arrived at Suez on favourite viand, to adhere to it altogether. Animal or vegethe 10th.--The Pekin brought the mails from China. She left HongKong June 25, Singapore July 6, and Penang 8. On the 15th, table, beef or bread, was the option, but both could not be being short of coals, she bore up for Trincomalee, and left that place allowed. The Commissioner stood by the butcher and his on the 21st. On the 24th she reached Point-de-Galle.-The Pot. finger, with a mail, left Hong-Kong July 25, Singapore Aug. 6,

patrons, and the anti-beef-eating league, numbering some Penang 8.-The Braganza, with a mail, left Bombay Aug. 3, and fifteen hundred persons, became thereupon greatly excited. arrived at Point-de-Galle prior to the despatch to Alexandria of the above mails. The mails thus brought reached Alexandria on the

Attempts were made to disperse them, but for a time with13th inst. The Indus arrived at Malta with them on the 18th. The out success; some troopers of irregular cavalry, who were Ardent here took on the Marseilles portion, and arrived at the last named place on the 22nd. The Indus, with the remainder, may be

employed on the duty, were very roughly handled, and the expected at Southampton about the 30th inst.

Commissioner himself was pelted. The treasury guard of The Bentinck, with the Londoa mail of July 24, arrived at Calcutta Aug. 3.

regulars was then turned out-it was certainly high timeThe Erin, for Southampton, with the London mail of Sept. 3, and the leaguers dispersed. But the grain-shops were arrived at Malta on the 14th inst.

closed, and remained impracticable; so we who, not long

since, were looking with anxious expectations for news A mail for Bombay will be despatched, via Southampton, on the

decisive of the fate of Sikh state, are waiting the further evening of Saturday next, Oct. 2. Letters should be posted in Lon. intelligence of the results of this conflict between the car. don on the previous evening, but if marked " via Marseilles " they will be in time if posted on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 7.

nivorous and granivorous people of Jullundur. A mail for Ceylon, Madras, the Straits, and China, will leave on the

The Governor-General remained at Simla, but was exmorning of Wednesday, Oct. 20. Letters should be posted in London on the previous evening, but if marked "vid Marseilles " they will pected to leave for Calcutta about the 20th of August. be in time if posted on the evening of Monday, Oct. 25.

On the affairs of NEPAUL we find the following

“ In Nepaul affairs remain in a very unsatisfactory state, the DATES OF ADVICES.

prime minister living in constant danger of assassination by the
Aug. 7 Bombay....

Aug. 3 ex-king and the refugee chiefs. A number of these would-be as-
Aug. 14 | China..

sassins had been detected, seized, and punished, and, despairing of Singapore..... Aug. 8

success by means of such agency, the exiles had determined to invade the country with the eight thousand men who still adhered to their

fortudes. While the deposed monarch and his chiefs were planning SUMMARY & REVIEW OF EASTERN NEWS.

this bold movement, a report reached their camp at Seegowlee, that four British regiments, with some artillery, had been ordered from

Allahabad to act against them. This rumour created the greatest “ From the force of habit,” says the Hurkaru, “ we give panic. The ex-king, in particular, was for an immediate flight, and

it was only on the British political officer on duty with the camp the Punjab and its affairs the first place in our notice.”

pointing out the absurdity of the report, that confidence was reFrom the same influence perhaps we follow the practice of stored." our Indian contemporary, and we have the satisfaction of A late number of the Delhi Gazette reports that the af


July 25

fairs of the ex-king had become desperate, his followers being nearly all dispersed, and the British Government having recognised the usurper.

In regard to Goomsoor, there are different statements, but, on the whole, the aspect of affairs seems pacific. Mr. GRANT, who has been appointed commissioner in Orissa, for the purpose of inquiring into and reporting upon the actual state of these districts, had arrived at the site of his investigations, but had not yet commenced them.

From the Nizam's territory there are, as usual, a multiplicity of reports, but none of them appear to rest upon

such foundation as can entitle them to notice.

The Presidencies contribute but little to the stock of intelligence. One important article of information, and which is always looked for with peculiar interest, is the annual relief, which will be found in its proper place.

It has been determined to establish a monthly steam communication between Calcutta and Assam, by way of Dacca, and carry it on for three years certain, whatever may be the pecuniary result. The first boat was to start on the 13th of August.

The guns captured in Scinde, which were about being sent to Europe to be cast into a Meanee monument, have been sunk in the barque Stalbart, which grounded near Saugor, while on her way to sea.

Nothing has yet been heard of the steamer Cleopatra, which left Bombay for Singapore so long ago as April. There are rumours of some vessels being seen, which might be the Cleopatra, but this is all. Whether she has been captured by pirates, or has met destruction from accidents of the sea, little hope seems to be entertained of her.

China is at the present the point to which, beyond all others in the East, attention is most earnestly directed. The news is hardly so bad as was expected, for the actual commencement of hostilities was already calculated upon. The state, however, of the feelings of the British plenipotentiary and the Chinese people has as yet found adequate vent in words. They are laborious correspondents, but little progress seems to be made towards bringing matters to a conclusioni. Sir John Davies is believed to have applied for reinforcements from India, and it is certainly not improbable that we may have another “little war” upon our hands before long. The dream of Manchester that she should clothe all the hundred millions of Chinese with her fabrics does not seem likely to meet a very early realization.

Esq. was in the chair, and Messrs. Hume, Clarke, Theobald, Judge, Fergusson, Gordon, Muller, and Mackenzie took princi. pal parts in the discussion. The results of the debate were resolutions-for the appointment of Messrs. Muller and Ross to audit and report on the accounts,—for the reception of the report of the directors, including those of the committee, on the loss of the Sir Herbert Maddock, &c., and for the calling of another general meeting on the 1st of September, to consider the report and accounts, and for the transaction of other business. -Ibid. July 20.

STORM. — Yesterday afternoon about four o'clock the neighbourhood of Tank-Square was startled by a vivid flash of lightning, followed instantaneously by one of the sharpest claps of thunder that we remember to have heard. We have not heard of any accident, but that some damage was done by the lightning seems extremely probable. Ibid. July 27.

ABKARI SUPERINTENDENTS. -Government has determined on making three abkari divisions in Lower Bengal, viz. Calcutta, Dacca, and Patna. The first two are already under Mr. S. Palmer and Mr. Donnelley respectively. A new commissioner is to be appointed for the Patna division. We hear that Mr. Donnelley will be transferred to the Patna division, the duties of which require an experienced hand.— Ibid. August 2.

Chess Club. — Thirteen persons have already enrolled their names as members of the proposed chess club, and the book is now in circulation. We believe there will be no objection to the room of the Metcalfe Hall, the use of which has been permitted, being kept open in the evening. It is proposed to establish a small library of books on chess out of the funds of the club, after it is set agoing. - Ibid.

A Bit or SCANDAL.-A curious criminal case is likely to come on for trial at the Supreme Court. A young man, legally an infant, finding his union with the lady of his choice opposed, decided on a runaway match, procured a license, and the couple were joined together by a regular presidency chaplain. The young man's father is entirely against the marriage, and denies its validity, the bridegroom being a minor. It is not known what ulterior proceedings it may be intended to adopt, but an indictment for conspiracy has been prepared against three parties, namely, the young lady's uncle, her brother, and another, who are accused of having combined together to bring about the marriage.-Ibid. Aug. 5.


MOFUSSIL. Agra.-Major-General Sir John Grey.-We believe that Major-General Sir John Grey will not proceed to England this year, a higher command being in store for him to the eastward of the Cape of Good Hope.

General Whish.-General Whish, C.B., of the artillery, is expected by the October steamer. He is to have a divisional command.

BENARES. - Weather.—The rains set in on the 2nd instant, with a copious fall, which continued for some hours, and we had a repetition of it on the following day. Thermometer 86 to 92 degrees. The following is a register of the fall of rain :

Inches, Ist and 2nd June

0.23 14th and 15th ditto

0.18 17th and 18th ditto

0.51 2nd and 3rd July

2.94 3rd and 4th ditto

1.44 4th and 5th ditto


6.56 The pluviometer is measured every day at noon.

- Indigo.- We have heard from several parties that the gloomy accounts of indigo are not general but very partial. The Khoonty promises very fairly, and the Assaroo will be in good time, so that a fair average season may be expected.

Arrival. - July 1. Mrs. Singer, from Chunar.

Departure. July 1. Mrs. Singer, to Goruckpore, Recorder, July 6.

Weather. - July 13. Sultry and uncomfortable. Thermometer 92 degrees. 14. Hot and oppressive. Thermometer as yesterday. 15. Cloudy, with variable winds. Rain from

Clouds low, and well charged with rain. Thermometer 86 degrees.

Robbery. On Tuesday evening last, during Captain and Mrs. Grindall's absence at church, a wooden chest, said to contain upwards of 3,000 rupees in specie, and some treasury drafts, was taken away by thieves. Suspicion rests on the sirdar-bearer, and he is now in the Secrole Thanna. - Arrival- July 13. Mr. Lind, from Goruckpore.

Departure. - July 13. Reverend Mr. Symes, to Allahabad. -- Ibid. July 16.

Weather.— Temperature much cooler, though hot occa


LOCAL MEETING OF the Union Bank.–At the half-yearly meeting of the Union Bank held to-day at twelve o'clock, it was resolved that the directors be requested to prepare explicit information regarding the state of that part of the funds of the bank invested in indigo securities, against a special meeting to be held on the 21st of August; and further, that the Supreme Government be memorialized to remove the prohibition against its civil and military servants being concerned in the directorship of jointstock companies. The above is the substance of the two most important resolutions. The appointment of new directors awaits the result of these applications.- Hurkaru, July 17.

MEETING THE INDIA GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. --The meeting of the India General Steam Naviga. tion Company took place yesterday afternoon, according to advertisement, and was numerously attended. There was as may have been anticipated, a somewhat large proportion of talkee talkee to the amount of the business done ; but on the whole the affair went off more quietly than many bad expected. John Storm,

2 P. M.


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sionally. Thermometer 88 to 90 degrees. The rains are favour Major J. F. Tait. C. B. 3rd regt. I. C. in progress towards able, and the indigo-planters expect better results than were at Nusseerabad. -Delhi Gazette, July 28. first anticipated.

SIMLA, July 17.- The Theatre. — The new Simla Theatre was Register of Pluviometer.

opened last night, and although the weather was unfavourable July 1st and 2nd


yet the house was well filled, and moreover honoured by the 2nd and 3rd


presence of the Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief. 3rd and 4th


The pieces selected for the evening's performance were The 4th and 5th


Irish Tutor” and “ Raising the Wind,” two farces which, al5th and 6th


though old, can still never be the worse for wear. --Mofussilite, 6th and 7th


July 23. 7th and 8th

0.61 8th and 9th



0 10th and I th.....


Head Quarters, Simla, July 7, 1847.— Inconvenience being Ilth and 12th


likely to arise to the public service from officers, while mem12th and 13th


bers of courts-martial, being permitted to go on leave of 13th and 14th


absence before the proceedings have been confirmed, the 14th and 15th


Commander-in-Chief desires it to be considered as a standing 15th and 16th


order, that no officer so situated shall proceed on leave of 16th and 17th


absence, except for certified sickness, until the proceedings of the » 17th and 18th


court of which he forms a part are finally disposed of. 18th and 19th

0 Bank Meeting.-- There was a meeting at the bank yesterday to take into consideration a proposition to increase the

Head Quarters, Simla, July 26, 1817.-With the sanction of capital by 1,000 shares, at 500 Rs. per share, which was unani

the right hon. the Governor-general, the following movement of mously carried. The affairs of the bank seem to be in a

corps and detachments for 1847-48 are directed to take place, flourishing condition.

on the dates and in the order specified : Horse Disease at Ghazeepore.- We hear that a dreadful mortality has occurred in the stud at Ghazeepore. In three battery, from Boodee Pind to Bareilly, to move October 25.

Foot Artillery.--4th company 7th battalion with No 1 horse days several of the most valuable horses died, the value of which

6th company 7th battalion, from Meerut to Lahore, Oct. 20. has been estimated at 50,000 rupees. The disorder with which

6th company 8th battalion with No. 15 bullock battery, from the horses were afflicted is said to be a murrain; sometimes

Bareilly to Boodee Pind, or Hajeepore, when relieved by 4th they were attacked with a pain in the fore leg, sometimes in

company 7th battalion and No. I battery. the hind, in short the disease, as it has been described to us, is

Sappers and Miners.—2d company, from Lahore to Jullunof the nature of a plague, hurrying on to a crisis in a few hours,

dur, when relieved by 6th company. and carrying off the animals : but the most curious part of this

6th ditto, from Phillour to Lahore, 20th October; tvill be calamity is, that the best horses only have been the victims of the disease which has got amongst them.

joined by the 10th company at Jullundur.

7th ditto, from Lahore to Phillour, when relieved by 10th Departures. July 16. Dr. G. G. Givins to Meerut.

company. 17. Ens. A. A. Bruce to Goruckpore. 18. Lieut. J. Marquis

10th ditto, from Jullundur to Lahore, to march with 6th to Allahabad. - Ibid. July 23.

company. Weather.-Heavy and continued rain on the 19th and 20th,

Light Dragoons.-H.M'.s 14th regiment, from Umballah to on which day the thermometer was down at 79 degrees. The

Ferozepore, date will be fixed hereafter. 21st and 22nd fine sunny weather.

Light Cavalry.—3d regiment, from Jullundur to Muttra, Shipping. - The Kaleeguna cargo-boat, in tow of the

when relieved by 7th regt. steamer Damoodah, passed Rajghat on the 21st on the upward

4th ditto, from Kurturpore to Cawnpore, when relieved by trip, after delivering twenty-eight packages.

6th regt. - Departures.July 20, Ensign Mackenzie, to Lahore. 21. Koondun Lall, to Muttra.- Ibid.

6th ditto, from Ferozepore, to Kurturpore, 20th October.

7th ditto, from Muttra, to Jullundur, 20th October. Weather.-Lots of rain with every appearance of plenty

9th ditto, from Cawnpore, to Mhow, 20th October. The river has risen considerably, but it is not so high as

10th ditto, from Mhow, to Nakodah, when relieved by 9th it was about this time last year. Thermometer 82 to 88

regiment. degrees.

Ilth ditto, from Nakodah to Ferozepore, on the arrival of the Departure.July 24. Ensign Mercer, to Cawnpore. — 13th irregular cavalry at Nakodah. Ibid. July 27.

Irregular Cavalry.—2nd regiment, from Mukho to HoshеyarWeather.– A slight shower on the night of the 27th :

pore, when relieved by 12th regiment. otherwise as dry as a bone. Thermometer 88 to 93 degrees.

3rd ditto, from Seharunpore to Nnsseerabad, has already Shipping.-The Patna steamer passed up on the 28th marched. instant. - Ibid. July 30.

4th ditto, from Sultanpore Benares, to Segowlie, Ist Nov. CUTTACK, July 22.- Weather.— Yesterday we had a fall of

7th ditto, from Mokerian to Lahore, when relieved by 14th rain such as is worth recording. It came down in torrents

regiment. from 114 A. M. to 1} P. M.; and in those two hours the fall was Ilth ditto, from Lahore to Loodianah, when relieved by 7th 5} inches ! On the evening of the 20th we had a nor’-wester,

regiment. and some rain. The total fall during the 24 hours from 4 P. M.

12th ditto, from Hoshеyarpore to Mukho, 1st Nov. of the 20th to the same hours on the 21st, was inches 6.90, being

13th ditto, from Hansi to Nakodah, when relieved by 16th one inch more than that of any one day during the rains of 1846. regiment. From the morning of the 17th to the evening of the 20th we

14th ditto, from Loodianah to Mokerian, 25th Oct. had no rain. The fall of 5) inches in two hours is not equal to

16th ditto, from Nakodah to Hansi, 20th Oct.

17th ditto, from Segowlie to Bundelcund, when relieved by but certainly it comes nearer to it than any we have seen re

4th regiment. corded. - Hurkaru, July 27.

European Infantry.-H.M.'s 18th foot, from Hong Kong, to Delhi.— Rain.— The following is a memo. of the quan of

Fort William, in progress; expected to arrive in Oct. rain wbich has fallen since our last :

21st ditto, from Cawnpore to England, 1st Nov. July 26, morning


32nd ditto, from Meerut to Umballah, date will be fixed here

after. » » evening ..


50th ditto, from Fort William to England, when relieved by

18th foot. Total

0. 60 shewing a total for the year of sixteen inches 56 cents. and for

53rd ditto, from Ferozepore to Lahore, date will be fixed

hereafter. the season, of fourteen inches 41 cents.

61st ditto, from Umballah to Jullundur, date will be fixed Arrivals.July 24, Major J. F. Tait, C. B., 3rd I. C., in

hereafter. progress towards Nusseerabad ; 27th, Lieut. W. D. Bishop, 30th

80th ditto, from Meerut to Dinapore, 20th October. N.I. ; 28th Capt. H. Wilson, 4th N.I. from escort duty with

98th ditto, from Dinapore to Dugshai, when relieved by 89th treasure to Agra and Umballah.

foot. Departures.July 24, Rev. H. A. Loveday, to Meerut; 27th, 1st Bengal susiliers, from Subathoo to Cawnpore, 20th Oct.



Native Infantry.- Ist regiment, from Meerut to Jullundur, 20th October.

3rd ditto, from Allahabad Hoshеyarpore, 20th October. 6th ditto, from Loodianah to Nusseerabad, 20th October.

7th ditto, from Lahore to Loodianah, when relieved by 52nd regiment.

8th ditto, from Phillour to Lahore, when relieved by 23rd regiment.

Ilth ditto, from Loodianah to Bareilly, when relieved by 7th regt.

14th ditto, from Mirzapore to Berhampore, by water; head. quarters and right wing, 20th October, left wing when relieved by 60th regt.

15th ditto, left wing, from Shahjehanpore to Moradabad when relieved by 43rd regt.

16th ditto, from Dinapore to Barrackpore, 1st November. 18th ditto, from Hoshеyarpore, to Lahore, 20th October. 20th ditto, from Barrackpore to Allahabad, when relieved by

Strict attention to be paid to the standing regulations of the service, relative to the information required to be given by commanding officers, to the civil authorities in the districts through which the routes of their corps or detachments may lie; to the transmission of progress and other reports to head quarters ; and during the absence of the right hon. the Commander-in-Chief from the presidency, of duplicates of all such reports to the offi. cers in charge of the adjutant general's and quarter master gene. ral's offices in Calcutta.

Routes will be furnished from the office of the quarter master general of the army.

By order of his excellency the right hon. the Commander-inChief.

16th regt.

23rd ditto, from Lucknow to Phillour, 20th October.

25th ditto, from Benares to Agra, 15th October; to take the duty at Allahabad until the arrival there of 20th regt. and then proceed to its destination.

26th ditto, from Bareilly to Barrackpore, 20th October.

27th ditto, from Ferozepore to Barrackpore, 20th October ; by water from Futtebgurh.

28th ditto, from Lucknow to Hoshеyarpore, when relieved by

38th reg.

29th ditto, from Agra to Hajeepore, when relieved by 54th regiment.

31st ditto, from Lahore to Ferozepore, when relieved by 8th regiment.

32nd ditto, from Lahore to Ferozepore, when relieved by 36th regiment.

35th ditto, from Allahabad to Barrackpore, when relieved by 25th regt.

36th ditto, from Hoshеyarpore to Lahore, when relieved by 3d regiment.

37th ditto, from Nusseerabad to Jullundur, when relieved by 6th regiment.

38th ditto, from Lahore to Lucknow, when relieved by 18th regiment.

39th ditto, from Berhampore to Dinapore, when relieved by head-quarters and right wing 14th regiment.

43d ditto, from Ferozepore to Shahjehanpore, to escort the Governor-general's camp; date of movement to be notified hereafter.

46th ditto, from Jullundur to Lahore, 20th October.

47th ditto, from Ferozepore to Etawah and Mynpoorie, 22d October.

50th ditto, from Jullundur to Lahore, 20th October.

51st ditto, from Lahore to Ferozepore, to be withdrawn on arrival of H. M.'s 53rd foot, at Lahore.

52nd ditto, from Jullundur to Lahore, on being relieved by Ist regiment.

53d ditto, from Etawah and Mynpoorie to Jullundur, when received by wings of 47th regt.

54th ditto, from Lahore to Agra, when relieved by 46th regt.

55th ditto, from Lahore to Nowgong, when relieved by 50th regiment.

56th ditto, from Hajeepore to Loodianah, when relieved by 29th regt.

60th ditto, from Barrackpore to Mirzapore, when relieved by 35th regt.

67th ditto, from Barrackpore to Allahabad, when relieved by

65th ditto, from Nowgong to Benares, when relieved by 55th regt.

66th ditto, from Dinapore to Lucknow, 20th October.

67th ditto, from Lahore to Cawnpore, when relieved by 73rd regiment.

68th ditto, from Ferozepore to Meerut, when relieved by 51st regt:

70th ditto, from Boodee Pind to Loodianalı, when relieved by 71st regt.

71st ditto, from Loodianah to Boondee Pind, November; to march to Jullundur and do duty there until the arrival of the 37th regt. when it will proceed to its destination.

Native Infantry.72nd regiment, from Kangra to Ferozepore, when relieved by a corps of the frontier brigade.

73rd ditto, from Jullundur to Laliore, on the arrival of the 71st regiment at Jullundur.

A wing of the 2nd Oude local infantry to march from Seetapore on the 8th of October, en route to Bareilly, to assist in taking the duty there till the arrival of the 11th regiment.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. ALEXANDER, W. S. civ. and sess. jud. of Bhaugulpore, resumed

ch. of his off. July 17. ALLAN, C. to offic. as acct. N.W.P. dur. abs. of C. Grant. ANNAND, A. S. coll. of Sylhet to off. as mag. of that district dur.

abs. of E. J. G. Richardson, July 7. BALFOUR, G. G. to be a mem. of the local com. of pub. inst. at

Gya, July 21. Bruce, C. A. to be sub. ass. to com. of Assam, July 7. CARNAC, W. J. R. to be asst. to mag. at Allyghur, July 12. CHEAP, G. C. civ. and sess. jud. of Rajishye, res. ch. of his off. Cooper, B. H. to offic. as mag. of Sylhet, July 12. DENSIRON, C. B. to offic. as jt. mag. and dep. coll. of Agra. dur.

abs. of Mr. Tucker, or till further orders. Dick, R. K. to offic. as ajt. to the lieut.-gov. in Rohilcund fr. date

on which he assumed ch. fr. H. Pidcock, or until further orders. EGERTON, P. H. asst. to coll. of Bijnour vested with special

powers. FANE, H. P. to offic. as jt. mag. and dep. coll. of Cawnpore dur.

abs. of Mr. Thornhill, or until further orders. GLOVER, F. A. B. to be a mem. of loc. comm. pub. instr. at Sau

gor, July 5. GRANT, J. civ. and sess. jud. of Dinagepore, res. ch. of off. July 6. HILLERSDON, C. G. to offic. as mag. and coll. of Saharunpore dur.

abs. of Davidson, July 12. Jackson, W. C. to be an assist. in the Agra div. to be stationed in

the Agra district. This cancels his appointment to the Allahabad

div. July 19. LEWIS, W. T. rejoined app. at Penang on June 12. Marriott, R. to off. as jt. mag. and dep. coll. at Goruckpore dur.

abs. of Lind, July 24. Orr, R. dep. coll. of Bareilly, prom. to 1st grade, July 5. RADCLIFFE, E. F. mag. of Shahabad, rec. ch. of the collectorate of

that district, July 13. RICHARDSON, R. J. asst. to mag. and coll. of Dacca, vested with

powers of a joint mag. and dep. coll. in that district, July 14. RICHARDSON, D. to be a dep. mag. in Zillah Hooghly, July 19. RUSSELL, H. P. civ. and sess. jud. of Moorshedabad, rec. ch. of

his off. July 14. SALMOND, J. W. res. councillor at Malacca, res. ch. of off. on

June 10. Scott, H. asst. com. at Jeellundur, returned to duty on June 14. Smith, A. T. to cond. duties of the Soonderbund commrs. off. dur.

abs. of Baboo Doma Kaupt Sein, or till further orders. TEMPLE, R. appt. as an asst. in the Delhi div. and order of June 7,

placing him temp. under orders of the dep. com. Kote Kangro, TUCKER, F. G. to offic. as civ. aud. N. W. Prov. dur. abs. of

Loyd, or until further orders. Tucker, W. T. to be a mem. of the local com. of pub. inst. at

Gya, July 21. Wyatt, T. civ. and sess. judge of Ringpore, made over ch. of the

current duties of his off. to the principal sudder ameen, July 17;

to proceed on circuit duty. Young, A. to be dep. coll. in Shikarpore, v. Capt. Townshend,

res. July 7.

are canc.

26th regt:


CRASTER, E. C. Jaly 6. Rose, H. July 6.

SPANKIE, J. S. July 15.


BRUCE, C. sub. asst. to com. of Assam, 2 mo. prev. to join his

appt. July 7. CAMPBELL, G. off. dep. com, at Wudni, 15 days in ext. June 29. Davidson, F. R. offic. mag. and coll. of Saharunpore, 1 mo. July 3. FRASER, D. W. dep. coll. of Calcutta, 4 mo. on m. c. HORNE, C. 4 mo. fr. June 19, to hills N. of Deyrah, on m. c. JACKSON, L. S. jt. mag. and dep. coll. at Serampore, leave cane.

July 12. LIND, F. M. jt. mag. and dep. coll. of Gorruckpore, I mo. fr.

June 1. on m. c. 1 mo. in ext. July 24. LOYD, T. R. 1 mo. Money, G. P. asst. to mag, and coll. of Mooradabad, 1 week,

July 24.

RICHARDSON, E. I. C. late offic. mag. at Sylbet, 5 mo. in ext. fr.

June 18. Ross, J. R. postmaster at Patna and Dinapore, 4 mo. on m. c.

July 26. RUSSELL, H. P. civ. and sess. jud. of Moorshedabad, 4 days in

ext. July 12. SANDYS, E. 2 weeks in ext. on m. c. July 27. THORNHILL, M. B. 1 mo.fr. Aug. 8 next to presidency, and further

leave for 1 year, to England, leave to com. fr. July 6, July 24.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. Bell, Rev. J. to be chaplain at Howrah, July 24. FISHER, Rev. H. S. to be a chaplain of St. Paul's Cathedral fr.

Oct. 8 next, or fr. date of consecration of that Cathedral. HAMILTON, Rev. A. to be jun. chaplain at St. John's Church,

Calcutta, fr. date of transfer of Fisher, July 28. Rudd, Rev. J. H. A. to be chaplain at Chinsurah, July 24. SAARPE, Rev. J. T. app. to chap. of Saugor canc.; to cont. to offic.

as chaplain of Jubbulpore, and perform ecc. duty at Saugor dur.

abs. of Mr. Bell, June 26. Vaux, Rev. F. W. to be chaplain at Monghur and Bhangulpore. Wood, Rev. T. to offic. for the present as chaplain of St. James's

Church in Calcutta, July 24; to be a chaplain of St. Paul's Cathedral fr. Oct. 1 next, or fr. date of consecration of that cathedral.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. ABBOTT, Capt. H. E. S. 74th N.I. to offic. as dep. jud. adv. at

Eur. gen. co. mart. at Mhow, July 8. ALEXANDER, Brev. Lieut. col. J. art, to be major fr. July 1, in

succ. to Lieut. col. T. Sanders, invalided. ANNESLEY, Lieut. R. M. S. 65th N.I. app. to off. as intr. and qr.

mr. to 3rd L. C. at Jullundur, dur. abs. on leave of Lieut.

Plowden, June 25. ARMSTRONG, Ens. H. H. to rank fr. April 20 ; to do duty with 9th

N.I. at Benares. AULDJO, Ens. J. R. 36th N.I. to be lieut. in succ. to Lieut. Cook,

prom. July 9. BARRY, Capt. H. 71st N.I. to offic. as comdt. dur. abs. of

Mackenzie, July 1. BEATSON, Asst. surg. J. F. M.D. removed fr. 51st N.I. posted to

3rd troop 1st brig. h. art. at Jullundur. BECHER, Ens. D. W. posted to 2nd Eur. regt. at Subathoo, July 1. Belli, Lieut. H. S. 18th N.I. to do duty with 2nd Assam lt. inf.

batt. Belli, Ens. A. C. S. posted to 29th N.I. at Agra, July 8. BLAIR, Ens. C. R. doing duty with 16th grens. posted to 62nd N.I.

at Dacca, June 25. BOISRAGON, Ens. T. W. R. posted to 36th N.I. July 20. BOULDERSON, Ens. S. S. to do duty with 48th N.I. at Benares. BRACKEN, Ens. R. D'O. C. to rank fr. April 26. BRANDER, Ens. M. J. 40th N.I. to act as interp. with H.M.'s

20th foot, at Agra, and dir. to join, June 25. BRISTOW, Capt. G. W. G. 71st N.I. to continue to act as adj. BRUCE, Ens. A. H. B. fr. 29th to 49th N.I. at Ferozerore, July 8. BRUCE, Ens. A. A. posted to 3rd N.I. at Allahabad, July 1. CAMPBELL, Lieut. and adj. E. rejoined head qrs. of Malcoa Bheel

corps, July 7. CAMPBELL, Brig. A. C.B. and K.H. to com. of station at Cawn

pore, July 1. CAMPBELL, Lieut. W. R. N., H.M.'s 9th lancers, to be A. D. C.

to Major gen. Sir J. Thackwell till Lieut. Thackwell joins. CAULFIELD, Lieut. J. P. 3rd N.I. to do duty with Bhaugalpore

hill rangers, June 26. CHAUNCY, Eos. R. 71st N.I. to be Lieut. fr. May 1, in succ. to

Jervis, invalided. COMBE Ens. A. fr. 3rd to 65th N.I. at Nowgong, July 1. Cook, Lieut. L. A. 36th N.I. to be capt. v. Capt. w. Caddell, dec. Cookson, Lieut. S. B. 73rd N.I. to do duty with right wing 64th

N.I. at Midoapore, July 1. CORBETT, Ens. Å. F. fr. 22nd N.I. to 2nd Eurp. regt. CUNLIFFE, Ens. G. G. to rank fr. March 20. D'AQUILAR, Lieut. G. 4th N.I. app. to act as intr. to H.M.'s 21st

fus. at Cawnpore, v. Rose, app. to Sylhet It. inf. batt. July 2. Dalton, Lieut. E. T. prio, asst. to comm. of Assam, assum. ch.

of Gowhatty div. July 1. Davidson, Capt. W. W. 15th irr. cav. rejoined on June 29. Dawes, Brev. capt. M. art. to be capt. fr. July 3, in succ. to Den

niss inval, July 23. Day, Brev. maj E. F. art. to be major, fr. July 3, in succ. to Den

niss inval. July 23. DENNISS, Lieut. col. G. G. C.B. art. trans. at his request to invalid

estab. sr. July 3. Dixon, Major C. G. art. to be lieut. col. fr. July 3, in succ. to

Denoiss inv. July 23. DRAKE, Capt. J. M. 46th N.I. to offic. as dep. jud. adv. gen. Pun

jaub div. v. Younger, July 15. ECKFORD, Lieut. col. J. posted fr. 6th to 7th N.I. July 24. EDWARDS, Ens. T. fr. 11th to 49th N.I. at Ferozepore, July 1. ELLIS, Cornet H. A. L. to off. as qr. mr. of the regt. June 26.

FORBES, Lieut, to be resident to his Highness Meer Ali Moorad

Khan, at Khyrpore, v. Malet, resigned, assumed ch, of off. GERMON, Lieut. R. C. 13th N.I. ret. to duty, July 7. GIBB, Capt. W. 200 Eur. regt. perm. to ret. fr. the service, on

pens. of his rank, fr. July 12. Gleig, Ens. H. L. fr. 30th to 49th N.I. at Ferozepore, July 1. GREATHED, 2nd Lieut. W. W. H. engs. app. asst. supt. of Dooab

canal, v. Fraser, July 24. Griffin, Ens. J. C. posted to 26th It. inf. at Bareilly, July 14. GWATKIN, Lieut. col. E. staff employ. posted fr. 7th to 6th N.I. HAMILTON, Lieut. O. 7th L.C. pl. at disp. of C. in C. July 19. HAY, Ens. G. J. D. to rank fr. March 20. HEARSEY, Lieut. col. J. B. posted from 6th to 10th L.C. July 24, HUTCHINSON, Brev. capt. A. C. art. to be capt. fr. July 1, in suc.

to Lieut. col. T. Sanders, invalided. JOHNSON, Ens. A. B. rem. at his own request fr. 62nd to 5th N.I.

at Dinapore, June 25. KNYVETT, Capt. W.J. B. 38th L.I. to offic. as dep. judge adv.

at Eur. gen. co. mart. at Lahore, July 8. LAMBARD, Lieut. J. 57th N.I. to do duty with the 2nd Assam lt.

inf. batt. LESLIE, Ens. H. G. 37th N.I. to be lieut. fr. June 5, v. Macmul.

len, invalided. MACMULLEN, Lieut. H. K. 37th N.I. traps. to inv. est. at his own

request, July 9. MARSH, Capt. H. 3rd L.C. to act as interp. and qr. mr. dur. abs.

of Lieut. A. W. C. Plowden. M'NEILE, Ens. W. 5th N. I. entitled to certificate of high profi

ciency in the Hindee language, July 14. Morel, Ens. A. C. de, posted to 30th N.I. at Delhi, July 1. MORRJESON, Capt. R. ass. to gov. gen, agent for Rajpootana, ass.

ch. of Harrowtee pol. agency, July 1. MYLNE, 2nd Lieut. W. A. art. to be 1st lieut. fr. July 3, in succ.

to Denniss, inval. July 23. NewALL, 1st Lieut. D. J. F. act. adjt. of 3rd batt. art. to off. as

adj. qr. mr. to art. div. at Lahore, July 21. Oakes, Lieut. G. N. 46th N.I. to off, as Gov. Gen. agent, S. W.

frontier, Aug. 4. Parish, 2nd Lieut. W. H. art. order placing services at disp. of

foreign dept. cancelled July 13. PARKER, Capt. G. 74th N.I. to be jt. mag. in cantonment of

Meerut, June 30. PATERSON, Ens. A. 2nd Eur. reg. to be lieut. fr. July 12, in succ.

to Gibb, retired. Paul, Ens. W. to rank fr. March 20. Pope, Lieut. col. A. C.B. posted fr. 10th to 6th L.C. July 24. RABAN, Lieut. H. 36th N.I. to do duty with Ramghur L.L. Riddle, Capt. T. 60th N.I. to be jt. mag. in cantonment of Cawn.

pore, June 30. Rose, Lieut. H. 3rd N. I. to be act. adjt. v. Verner, July 1. RYAN, Lieut. E. M. 20th N.I. to do duty with Ramghur lt. inf.

batt. July 9. SANDERS, Lieut. col. T. art. trans, to inv. est. July 1. SANDHAM, Ens. E. posted to 11th N.I. at Loodianah, July 1. SHERWILL, Brev. capt. M. E. 2nd Eur. regt. to be capt. fr. July 12,

in succ. to Gibb, retired. SAOWERS, Lieut. C. L. 14th N.I. pl. at disp. of ag. to Gov. Gen.

for states of Rajpootana for spec. emp. July 19. Smith, Ens. J. 41st N.I. to do duty with right wing 64th N.I. at

Midnapore, July 1. STEEL, Maj. J. 2nd Eur. regt. to be superint. of cantonment police

in the N. W. prov. June 30. STEWART, Ens. R. fr. 200 Eur. regt. to 22nd N.I. TALBOT, Capt. H. C. 61st N.I. to offic. as a.-d.-c. to Maj. gen. E.

Cartwright, dur. emp. of Capt. Grissell on other duts. TAYLOR, Lieut. R. B. to be jun, asst. to agt. to Gov.-Gen. in S.W.

front. fr. March 16. THACKWELL, Maj. gen. Sir J. K.C.B. and K.H. posted to Cawn.

pore div. of the army, July 1. THACKWELL, Lieut. E. J., H.M.'s 3rd L. D. to be a..d.-c. to

Maj. gen. Sir J. Tbackwell, com. Cawnpore div. July 21. THELLUSSON, Lieut. F. G. 29th N.I. to do duty with Ramghur

L.I. July 30. TOWNSHEND, Capt. E. Du Pre, 9th N.I. to be mil. sec. to the

president of the council of India, and to the dep. gov. of Bengal. TURNER, Lieut. G. F. 8th N.I. to offic. as qr. mr. Twemlow, Maj. G. art. to be lieut. col. fr. July 1 in succ. to

Lieut. col. T. Sanders, invalided. VANRENEN, Lieut. D. C. art. trans. fr. rev. surv. of the cis-Sutlej

terr. to Ajmere surv. July 8. VERNER, Brev. capt. G. 3rd N. I. serv. plac. at disp. of govt. for

empl. as offic. super. in Cachar, July 1 ; to offic. as superint. of

of Cachar dur. abs. of Lyons, July 23. VINCENT, Litut. G. F. F. 30th N. I. to be act. adj. to 1st Assam

L. I. July 23. WAKEMAN, Capt. H. dep.com. 3rd class Saugor and Nerbudda terr.

joined appt. on 5th June, July 22. WALE, Lieut. Bundlecund irr. cav. to off. for Lieut. Law, in add.

to other duti s, July 7. WALKER, Lieut. J. L. 71st N.I. to be capt. fr. May 1, in succ. to

Jervis, invalided. WALKER, 2nd Lieut. E.W. E. art. to be Ist lieut. fr. July 1, in succ.

to Lieut. col. T. Sanders, invalided.

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