NDIA.--Merchants and those who have orders for

BRIDGE'S SARSAPAR ALL CA.comtinues tombes, carefully,

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prepared by T. A. BRIDGE and Co.,

Operative Chemists, &c., 270, Regent Street, London. It is a pure Cortical Essence of Red Jamaica Sarsaparilla, and for many years has been extensively used as the best and cheapest preparation of this esteemed alterative Medicine. It has a large sale in India and the Colonies, as well as in England, and the highest testimonials are inclosed with full directions with each bottle. A dessert spoonful is a dose, equal to half a pint of Compound Decoction of Sarsaparilla, as ordered by the London College of Physicians. In bottles :-Pints, 15s. ; half-pints, 8s.; and quarter pints, 4s. 6d,

Messrs. Bridge beg to caution the public against spurious imitations which are now being sold, and respectfully intimate that none is genuine without having the name of T. A. BRIDGE engraved on each bottle. Also T. A. BRIDGE and Co.'s QUINTESSENCE of JAMAICA GINGER, a celebrated remedy for Indigestion, Flatulency, Gout, Rheumatism, Spasms, Debility, and all nervous affections. The great inconvenience of taking ginger in powder is quite obviated by this preparation, which, by a chemical process, contains all the properties of the best Jamaica Ginger in the highest state of concentration, a few drops being a dose. It is recommended by the first medical men in the kingdom. During sea-sickness, and afterwards, it is most beneficial, in doses of twenty to thirty drops. Families going abroad should be careful to provide themselves with it.

of lacing, should be careful to have them direct from Bailey's old establishment, as many persons have palmed upon our Indian brethren articles of an inferior quality, and in some cases in the attempt, have had them upon their hands. None are Bailey's without his name on them, no matter for what store.

VARICOSE VEINS.-BAILEY'S ELASTIC STOCKINGS and KNEE CAPS, to draw on, are made of silk or cotton, to suit the circumstances of all classes. They are so constructed as to give constant support. It is needless to say much in praise of any article made at Bailey's old esta. blishment. Persons requiring bandages for the support of the human frame have only to ask their medical inan who is the best.

RIDING and WALKING.-BAILEY continues to make fa. mous SUSPENSORY BANDAGES, which have prevented serious accidents by wearing them. They are made to any pattern for 38., 45., and 58. each. Size of the waist is all that is required. Postage stamps may be sent for the amount. Gentlemen may have them made to their own pattern.

Address, WM. HUNTLY BAILEY, 418, Oxford-street, London.


READe the following Medical Testimony, tour

the Cure of

London, the only Depot for the Rock Spring Ice, and the improved Patent Refrigerator, or Portable Ice-House.- The Proprietor respectfully invites attention to his large STOCK of REFRIGERATORS now on hand. Manufactured on an entirely new principle, by which the water is preserved from escaping until drawn off. By this arrangement the very many, accidents which have occurred, in despoiling carpets, &c., are completely avoided. They are highly approved of by many families of the nobility and gentry, to whom reference will be given on application, 302, OXFORD STREET.

Five Cases of Gutta Serena, from G. H. Boutell, Professor of Galvan. ism :-" Southsea, near Portsmouth, Hants, 5th Nov. 1846.-Mr. W. Grimstone. Sir-I must, in justice to you, send the following testimonial with regard to the extraordinary efficacy of your Eye Snuff, in cases of Gutta Serena. I have used it in five cases with the most astonishing benefit and cure. Sir, you may advertise this, or make what use you please. The cures have wholly astonished me and thousands of others. I am, Sir, your obedient servant, G. H. Boutell, Professor of Galvanism.”—This celebrated Eye Snuff can be had by forwarding money orders, directed to William Grinstone, 434, Oxford-street, or Herbary, Highgate, near London. A two-ounce canister will cost 3s. 6d. per post.



dents in and Parties proceeding to the EAST or WEST INDIES, and every hot climate, are respectfully solicited to direct their attention to T. MASTERS'S PATENT APPARATUS for the MANUFACTURE of ICE (from spring water), Dessert Ices, and Cooling Wine, &c. at the same time. His Patent Freezing Decanters, Claret and Water Jugs, Butter and Evaporating Coolers, and Patent Cooling Filter : also his Patent Apparatus for Making and Cooling Lemonade and all other Aerated Waters, together with the patentee's newly invented Freezing Mixture, without the use of ice, shewn and explained daily, from 2 to 4, at 294, Regent street, Oxford-street, and 7, Mansion-house-street, City. The process is so simple that eighty degrees of cold may be instantaneously produced in the hottest climate. А Bottle of Wine, &c. cooled at the trifling expense of one halfpenny.

N.B. Full and printed directions are given with every apparatus sent out, so that the most inexperienced person cannot fail ; and every machine warranted.

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wbo study to dress well must use this Brace, which, being mathematically constructed, suspends the Trousers equally, behind as well as before; gives a controlling power over the back of the side-seam and straps (during riding and walking), as well as the front of the leg. Buckles and Slides are dispensed with, and it effectually suspends the Drawers. Naval and Military Gentlemen's attention is called to this Brace.

Wholesale and retail by the Inventor, ROBERT METHAM, 2, Beresford Terrace, Walworth. Retail, price 5s.6d., 74. 6d., 10s. 6d., and 14s. each,-add 8d. postage for carriage.


ADIES TRAVELLING, or otherwise exposed to the

scorching rays of the sun, and heated particles of dust, will find ROWLAND'S KALYDOR a most refreshing preparation for the complexion, dispelling the cloud of languor and relaxation, allaying all heat and irritability, and immediately affording the pleasing sensation attending restored elasticity of the skin. The numerous varieties of cutaneous eruptions, together with sun burn, freckles, tan, and discolorations, are pleasingly eradicated by the Kalydor, and the skin rendered delicately soft and clear. Its purifying and refreshing properties have obtained its exclusive selection by her Majesty the Queen, the Court and the Royal Family of Great Britain, and the several COURTS of Europe ; together with the élite of the aristocracy and haute volée, from the sultry climes of India and the drawing-rooms of Calcutta and Madras to the frozen realms of the Czar and the saloons of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle.

Beware of spurious" KALYDORS," containing mineral astringents utterly ruinous to the complexion, and which, by their repellent action, endanger health,

ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL.—The singular virtues of this successful invention for restoring, improving, and beautifying the Human Hair, are too well known and appreciated to need comment. The very fact of its having stood the test of nearly half a century of probation, and obtained the especial patronage of her Majesty the Queen, H.R.H. Prince Albert, the whole of the Royal Family, and of every Court in the civilized world, and the high esteem in which it is universally held, together with numerous testimonials constantly received of its efficacy, afford the best and surest proof of its merits.-Price 35. 6d. ; 78.; family bottles (equal to four small), 10s. 6d., and double that size, 21s. per bottle.

ROWLANDS' ODONTO, or Pearl DenTIFRICE, a white Powder for the Teeth, compounded of the choicest and most recherché ingredients of the Oriental Herbal, of inestimable virtue for preserving and beautifying the Teeth and strengthening the Gums. Its truly efficient and fragrant aromatic properties have obtained its selection by the Court and Royal Family of Great Britain, and the sovereigns and nobility throughout Europe.-Price 2s. 9d. per box.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION.-Unprincipled individuals, for the sake of gaining a trifle more profit, vend the most spurious compounds under the names of Macassar Oil," " Kalydor," and "Odonto;" some under the implied sanction of Royalty, and the Government Departments, with similar attempts at deception, while they copy the labels, advertisements, and testi. monials (substituting fictitious names and addresses for the real) of the original preparations. It is therefore highly necessary to see that the word “ROW. LAND'S” is on the wrapper of each article.-All others are FRAUDULENT IMITATIONS !!

The genuine articles are sold by the Proprietors, and by every respectable Perfumer and Chemist throughout the kingdom.



STOCKINGS are now daily patronized by the leading members of the profession; their superiority over every other manufactured fabric, for artificial support, is admitted by all who inspect them; they afford an equal, comforting, and permanent pressure, on every portion of the limb, avoiding the excessive trouble of lacing; they are drawn on with the facility of an ordinary stocking, adding little or no size to the leg. The success that has attended every case submitted to them, through the profession or otherwise, has established the confidence of all the first practitioners. H. and Co. are therefore enabled to guarantee a comfort and support hitherto unknown in any other form of bandaging. It is remarkable that every kind of surgical stockings lately used have a tendency to impede the free and healthy action of the muscles, thereby producing relaxation and great diminution of the limb. 5, Vere Street, Cavendish Square. Manufacturers of Patent Abdominal Belts.

Directions for Self-measurement and the Articles forwarded by Post.

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St. Mary Axe.

To Aden, Ceylon, Madras, Calcutta, the Straits, and China, parcels under a quarter of a foot, cubic measurement, will be taken at 5s., 6s, 6d., and 9s. each. Note.-Five Shilling Parcels will carry six monthly magazines.

Three-quarters of a cubic foot and upwards charged at the rate of 20s. per cubic foot; Bombay, 30s. per cubic fooi.

The above rates include every charge from the office to the port of destina. tion, except Egyptian transit-duty.

Packages received up to the last day of the month for the mail of the 3rd, and to 6 p.m, on the 17th, for the mail of the 20th. Detailed particulars will be given on personal application, or by writing. 44, St. Mary Axe.

JAMES BARBER, Superintendent.



ever offered to the public has met with such general approval as Dixon's ANTIBILIOUS PILLs. For the last FIFTY YEARS they have been considered a safe and effectual remedy for complaints arising from affections of the liver and stomach, viz. indigestion, loss of appetite, heartburn, flatulence, spasms, costiveness, and the disorders caused from the want of a proper secretion of the bile. They are well calculated for those persons, and elderly people, who are obliged constantly to take some medicine in order to assist the action of the bowels, as they contaid no drastic ingredients (or mercury in any shape), and their repeated use does not lessen their efficacy, or weaken the stomach. They have a peculiar effect in relieving headache, and all the disagreeable symptoms which arise from too much wine, or any excess of the table. As a medicine in warm climates, where bilious complaints are so frequent and alarming, they are an invaluable remedy, and strongly recommended to persons who travel, as they retain their effect for some years.

The proprietors of this excellent preparation, in consequence of repeated application, have been induced to offer a ONE SHILLING Box, which is sold, wholesale and retail, with the former sizes, at their new establishment, 24, Conduit Street, Regent Street. None are genuine which have not GEORGB Dixon engraved on the government stamp, sealed with his arms; and wholeBale by Messrs. Butler and Harding, Cheapside; Barclay and Sons, Farringdon Street ; Newbury and Edwards, St. Paul's Churchyard; Sutton and Co., Bow Churchyard; Willoughby and Co., Bishopsgate Street; Dietrichsen and Hannay, Oxford Street; in Dublin by Messrs. Butler and Co., Sackville Street; in Edinburgh, Messrs. Raines and Co.; and retail by all dealers in patent medicines,

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Robert Small
Minerva (new ship)
Barham (new)

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Prince of Wales
Marlborough (new)
Earl of Hardwicke

850 W. Howard
1000 Jas. Furnell.
700 W. Buckle
850 Ed. Williams
850 J. Geere
1150 W. Toller..
1050 William Bell

1200 J. Gimblett....

1100 M. C. Close.....
1050 W.A.Bowen, H.C.S.
1400 W. H. Walker

A. Henning

M. J. Lay
1350 W. F. Hopkins
1350 Donald M.Leod..
1400 John S. Webb

1000 J. Drew CAPE and CALCUTTA, 1000

J. T. Nash 1050 E. P. Nisbet

1100 John Domett CAPE and MADRAS.

700 C. Nelson...... 800 C. C. Consilt MADRAS.

800 H. Bristow

E. Voss........
900 R. Pollock
1000 E. Hight ......

W.H, Pare ...... CAPE and BOMBAY.

1000 D. Robertson

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do Aug. 10 Aug. 18 Aug. 26 Sept. 1 Sept. 1 Sept. 25

Maidstone Agincourt. Gloriana

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City of Poonah True Briton...

Sailed. Aug. 14

Duke of Argyll Vernon .... Northumberland

Aug. 14 Sept. 10 Oct. 10


84, King William Street, Mansion-house, London,

Thomas Hallifax, jun., Esq.

Francis Mills, Esq.
Thomas Heath, Esq.

Claude Edward Scott, Esq.

FRANCIS MILLS, Esq., Chairman.

THOMAS HEATH, Esq., Deputy-Chairman.
James Brand, Esq.

Edwin Leaf, Esq. Barclay F. Watson, W. Chippindale, Esq. William Lyall, Esq.

Esq. Edw. Sept. Codd, Esq. Thomas Morgan, Esq. J.J. Zornlin, Esq. John Harvey, Esq. John Stewart, Esq.

John L. Benuett, Esq. I Robert W. Eyles, Esq. I William Scott, Esq.

Dr. Tweedie, F.R.S., 30, Montague Place, Bedford Square.

John Saunders Bowden, Esq., 66, Aldermanbury.

Messrs, Glyn, Hallifax, Mills, and Co. | Sir Claude Scott, Bart., and Co.

At the last division of profits, the reversionary bonus averaged 31 per cent. on the premiums paid.

The next division will be made in June, 1847.
Among the advantages of this Company are the following, viz-

Four-fifths of the profits given every five years to the Assured by the parti. cipation scale.

Persons assured with this Company are allowed to reside in the Colonies of British North America, New South Wales, and Cape of Good Hope, without extra charge, upon payment of sea-risk only.

No appearance before the Court of Directors required.
Tables and every information can be obtained by application to

W. T. ROBINSON, Actuary and Secretary.

Madagascar Malabar




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FOR THE EAST INDIES. SECURITY FROM THE RAVAGES OF THE WHITE ANT. THIS great desideratum completely obtained by using

SOUTHGATE and CO.'S BULLOCK TRUNKS, In the manufacture of these Trunks, a composition is used so repugnant to the white ant, that it avoids contact with any article to which it is applied.

This coinposition has been long employed in the preservation of the Hon, E.I.Co.'s stores in India, and found to be thoroughly efficacious. These Trunks are manufactured only by

SOUTHGATE and Co., 76,'Watling Street, London, And may be obtained through most respectable Outfitters and Army Tailors. Overland Newspaper for INDIA, China, and the Colonies.

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The “ HOME NEWS." THE THE “HOME NEWS,” with which is now incorpo

rated the “ LONDON MALL," is regularly issued on the 7th and 24th of each Month, in time for the despatch by the Mail via Marseilles, all intel. ligence of interest for the reader in India' being brought down to the latest hour.

Parties desiring to have the “HOME NEWS" forwarded to their friends in India, should apply to Messrs. GRINDLAY and Co. or through any respect. able Newsman in Town or Country, at the Offices of the “HOME NEWS," 10, Cornbill, and Green-arbour Court, Old Bailey.

The price of the “HOME NEWS” is 9d. for each copy, or 184. per annum, payable in advance, and the postage viu Marseilles, os. per an jum.

Just published (2nd Edition), price 103. sewed, THE EAST-INDIA REGISTER

And ARMY LIST for 1817. London: Wm. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street; and all Booksellers.

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Ready-made Linen Warehousemen, and Manufacturing Outfitters, 61 to 64, Houndsditch, present their establishment to Officers, Civilians, and Passengers about to leave for India, as combining facilities for the production and supply of Superfine Clothing for India, ready-made Linen Shirts, and every kind of Under Clothing at value. They also manufacture Cabin and Camp Solid Furniture for outfit and subsequent use. Peculiar Waterproof Overland Trunks, One Guinea each.---Priced estimates in detail, with every particular, sent by post.

LONDON:-Printed by CHARLES WYMAN, of 16, Casteln u Vullis, in the

Parish of Barnes, in the County of Surrey, Printer, at the Printing Otice of J. & H. Cox, Brothers, 74 & 75, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's-Inn Fields, in the Parish of St. Giles-in-the. Fields, in the County of Middlesex; and pub lished by LANCELOT W110, at No. 13, Catherine Street, Strand, in the Parish of St. Mary-le-Strand, in the said County.-Tuesday, August 3, 1847.






No. 83.]


[Price 1s.



Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 497 EASTERN NEWS

481 Civil, Military, and Medical BENGAL:


497 Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 482 Domestic Intelligence.. 498 Government General Orders .. 484 Shipping Intelligence

498 Civil, Ecclesiastical, Military, SCINDE

498 and Medical Establishments 486 H.M. Forces in the East...... 488


498 Probates and Administrations SINGAPORE

498 to Estates


ORIGINAL ARTICLE:Domestic Intelligence.. 499

Pensions and Pensioners...... 498 Shipping and Commercial Intelligence



Our Commercial Prospects in Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 490

501 Government General Orders .. 492

Sir George Pollock, G.C.B... 503 Civil, Ecclesiastical, Military,

Miscellaneous Intelligence..., 504

504 and Medical Establishments 493

Shipping Intelligence. Domestic Intelligence...

505 495

Domestic Intelligence.. Shipping and Commercial In. Arrivals, &c. reported at the telligence 495


East India House BOMBAY:

Changes and Promotions in Destruction of the British Hotel

H.M. Regiments in India .. 506 by Fire..... 496 | LITERARY NOTICES


Cbina ......

ARRIVAL OF MAILS. The Haddington, with the mails, left Calcutta July 3; Sangor, 5; Madras, 10; Point de Galle, 18; and Aden, August 2. Her mails reached Alexandria on the 12th iost, and were thence forwarded by the Ripon to Malta, where they arrived on the 16th inst. From this place the Marseilles portion was transmitted by the Ardent, which arrived at its destination on the 20th iost. The Ripon, with the remainder, was to leave Malta on the 16th inst, and may be expected at Southampton on the 28th inst.

The Haddington remained five days at Point de Galle, waiting the arrival of the Pekin, with the China mail. She did not, however, make her appearance, and, consequently, the Haddington left with. out the China mails.

The Auckland, with the London mail of June 7, reached Bombay July 6, from Aden.

The Sultan, from Southampton, with the London mail of August 3, reached Malta July 13.

lution; and now that the Punjab is as tranquil as Bengal and Scinde, and its Lord seems almost to

“ Sleep the sleep that knows no waking," a revolution, be it where it will, is worth something as an instrument of excitement to those labouring under the languor induced by the cessation of the stimulants to which they have become accustomed. The sovereign who has afforded (as far as we know) the latest instance of the instability of human grandeur is the Rajah of Nepaul, a country which some thirty years ago gave us a little trouble, and which has since afforded occasional relief to our newscraving propensities by the contribution of a little plot, or some such amusing trifle. The Rajah of Nepaul, it may be remembered, lately quitted his dominions for the sacred city of Benares, to undergo that mode of purification which the increase of cheap baths and washhouses seems likely to render common in this country. The Bengal Hurkaru insinuates somewhat ungallantly that the motive of his visit to Benares might possibly have little to do with a desire for purification either external or spiritual, and that in fact it was impatience of the ascendancy of his wife, who was supreme at Katmandoo. In England a man sometimes seeks refuge from domestic unhappiness in wine; the Rajah of Nepaul, under the influence of Oriental manners, sought the like end in water. The love of wine, it is believed, grows by excessive indulgence. The taste for water, though it be that of the sacred stream itself, does not; and after a sojourn at Benares long enough for a pilgrim, but not long enough for a sovereign and a husband who was not wanted at ome, the Rajah set off on his return, apparently not without dire misgivings as to the reception which he was likely to meet with; for before he passed, or attempted to pass, the frontier, he despatched messengers to Katmandoo with orders to the army and the chieftains to seize the minister JUNG BAHADUR and his family, and, if necessary, to put them to death—such a mode of cutting the knot as Sir CHARLES NAPIER has, it being quite regular in the East. The chiefs there. upon assembled in solemn conclave, and having no great liking for the required duty, nor possibly any srett affection for the person by whom it was sought to be lim posed, they came to a resolution that the king was mad. A rogency might, perhaps, have met such an emergency, but the statesmen of Nepaul do not execute their work by halves. So it was determined to set aside the Rajah at once, and elevate the heir-apparent to the throne, with it is to be presumed just as much of actual power as if nited the wise men of Katmandoo to allow him to exercise. According to the Friend of India, the person thus pre.

DEPARTURE OF MAILS. A mail for Ceylon, Madras, Calcutta, the Straits, and Chioa, will leave, viá Marseilles, this evening, Aug. 24.

A mail for Bombay, vid Southampton, will be dispatched on the morning of Friday, Sept. 3. Letters should be posted in London the previous evening, but if marked via Marseilles, on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 7.

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the place which it is in truth occupying of the civilizer of Asia. In executing this high function difficulties however must

In Goomsoor the people yet cling to the murderous rites by which they seek to propitiate the diabolic phantoms which they worship as divine. That unhappy country still remains unquiet, a proof of the tenacious grasp with which a dark and bloody superstition retains its votaries.

From the Nizam's dominions there is nothing satisfactory. We


add that there never will be till the British Government shall interfere more vlecidedly in the affairs of this unhappy and disturbed state than it has ever yet done.

From India there is no further intelligence of sufficient importance to be noticed here. Our columns of selections will be found to present at least their usual amount of matter of less weighty character.

From China we ought to have had news, but the Had. dington, which brought the mail from Calcutta, waited at Piont de Galle five days beyond its proper time for the steamer from the eastward, but to no purpose-none arrived.


maturely called to the throne manifested some little coquetry on the occasion, and urged, probably with more truth than sincerity, his unfitness for the honour which was

to be “buckled on his back." But the donors of the crown were unpersuadable. They silenced the conscientious qualms of the prince, if he felt any, or overcame his affectation, if such were the source of his objections; and he accordingly was enthroned with all the “pomp, pride, and circumstance” befitting the occasion. This done, the reverend men who had voted their sovereign non compos mentis, proceeded to justify their conduct in an elaborate paper, which was drawn up and transmitted to the prince whom they had deposed. In this document all the misdeeds of the dethroned one were enumerated for his edification. If the character of the prince at all resemble that of most of his brethren in the East, the paper must have been a very long one. Among the royal crimes which had provoked his subjects to forget their allegiance, that of withdrawing from his country and people was put prominently forward; no regard, as it would appear, being had to the cause of his departure, which was to purify himself, and it must, in charity, be supposed to make him a better man for the future. It seems, however, that in the judgment of the Nepaulese chiefs this effect had not been produced, for they adverted, with feelings of suitable horror, to his orders for the destruction of a worthy man (the minister), and his innocent family. It is gratifying to find an oriental minister described

“a worthy man,” and, if the description be correct, Nepaul must be blest far beyond the ordinary lot of Asiatic states. The crimes of the late sovereign having been duly chronicled, the chiefs proceeded to give him the consoling assurance that they were determined to maintain the state of things which they had established; this being, however, accompanied by an intimation that, if the prince chose to return, he should be treated with all respect as a private individual; but that, if he preferred remaining away, a proper provision would be made for him. This mode of dealing with a man declared to be mad would warrant a suspicion that the Nepaul chiefs were mad also. What the deposed prince will do-whether he will return to Nepaul in reliance on the promise of the chiefs, or turn his face again towards Benares, and resume there his aqueous amusements, or choose a residence in some yet untried spot-remains to be seen; but if he should take the first course, and trust himself within the frontier of the coun. try which he once ruled, he will prove clearly the chieftains were right when they determined him to be mad. As yet the revolution is a bloodless one—and if the pilgrim prince keeps on the British side of the frontier it may retain its maiden purity.

From JEYPORE and JHALWAR there is most gratifying intelligence. Measures have been adopted in the one for putting down the atrocious practices of slave-dealing and child-stealing, and in the other for suppressing the accursed rites of suttee and self-immolation. Such acts as these will constitute the brightest memorials of the sway of Great Britain in the East. Her moral victories transcend her other triumphs, great and glorious, and almost countless, as they have been. Fools may deplore the subjugation of India to the power and influence of England-knaves may libel the British Government as the oppressor of the natives; but while the advocates of that Government can point to acts like these, they may confidently claim for it


LOCAL. THE MEDICAL COLLEGE. — The annual ceremony of distributing diplomas, scholarships, and prizes to the students belonging to the Medical College, was held in the theatre of the college, on Tuesday evening, at five o'clock, in the presence of the members of the Supreme Council and of the Council of Education, the Lord Bishop, the professors of the Institution, and a number of public functionaries and others interested in its prosperity. The honorable Frederick Millett took the chair upon the occasion, in the room of the honorable Deputy-Governor, whose indisposition precluded his honor's presiding as on the previous year. The Secretary, Dr. Mouat, made a brief abstract of the annua report of the institution, when the diplomas and prizes were distributed, after which the students were addressed by Mr. Millett.- Hurkaru, June 16.

Court or Wards. — We learn that the Court of Wards, after mature deliberation, have lately come to the determination not to interfere with the management of the extensive landed property, which the late Rajah Kissennauth Roy left to his widow Ranee Surnomoy Dossee. - Ibid. June 17.

A New Daily Paper.-It is said that one of the printing establishments in Calcutta is actively engaged in making arrangements for the publication of a new daily paper.- Ibid.

Mrs. Trower's Case.—The subscribers to the military fund have by a large majorty declared against the claim of Mrs. Trower.-Ibid. June 21.

St. James's CHURCH. — The much respected minister of St. James's Church, the Rev. R. B. Boswell, has lately been suffering so severely from liver complaint that his life was at one time despaired of. He is now, however, we are happy to say, so far recovered as to be considered out of danger, and is about to proceed to the Cape for the renovation of his health. The reverend gentleman proceeds by the Elvira, which is to sail almost immediately.

We understand that yesterday morning, while the Rev. Mr. Wood, who has been appointed to St. James's was reading the Litany, and just as he had come to the prayer " for all sick persons,” he suddenly fell back in a fainting fit. He was carried into the vestry, and, we are glad to say, speedily recovered, though, of course, not sufficiently to proceed with the service. His place was taken by the lord bishop, who was present, and who concluded the prayers and preached the sermon.-Ibid.

SANSCRIT College. -We hear the secretary and the deputy. secretary of this institution have been at loggerheads for some time, and the latter officer has, in consequence, tendered his resignation; the pupils of the College appear to be attached to the deputy-secretary, and wish much that he should withdraw it. — Ibid. June 22.

EDUCATION DEPARTMENT.-It affords us much pleasure to state that a proposition for allowing without deduction of salary, leave of absence for one month in a year to the teachers, pro

fessors and principals of the government schools and colleges is will be retrieved. Such is the listlessness and apathy of Calunder consideration, and we sincerely hope it will be carried. cutta society, that when a Joint Stock Company has begun to Ibid.

move down the inclined plane, it is usually allowed to find its Fire at the B. M. Press. -- We regret to learn the Baptist way unchecked to the bottom, where the gulph of bankruptcy Mission Press in Calcutta was nearly burnt down yesterday

yawns to receive it.

But on the present occasion the share. afternoon. A fire was discovered about five o'clock in the holders have bestirred themselves before the company had reached upper story, in the store-rooms, in which an immense quantity the edge of the precipice.-Ibid. of paper and of printed sheets were stored. Fortunately, the Disaster AT SEA.- The Kedgeree Semaphoric Report of yesEuropean assistants had not retired, and this the extinction terday has the following :— The Robarts burnt down to the of the fire, before irreparable damage was done, is to be ascribed. water's edge off Sagor, crew saved. She was a fine vessel of 700 - Calcutta Star, June 21.

tons, bound for China, with a cargo of saltpetre and cotton, CONFIRMATION.—The lord bishop held a confirmation in the which had been insured in Calcutta for 1,71,525 Rs. She had a cathedral yesterday forenoon. The morning service being read, lascar crew, who had, as usual, received their wages in advance. our worthy diocesan preached an excellent discourse, wbich was The superintendent of marine yesterday sent down a Semafollowed by the ceremony of confirmation. A large number of phoric message to the commander of the Fatima, who is bringpersons of both sexes and of every age, almost amounting to more ing up the crew, to keep them on board till they could be deli. than a couple of hundred, presented themselves, and were con vered to the police. He has, it is said, applied to the chief firmed with all the solemnity belonging to the rite.-Hurkaru, magistrate, in order to their being detained pending an investiJune 25.

gation, for if once allowed to disperse-supposing them to be EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. -A normal class is to be esta guilty-it would be no easy matter to find them again.-Ibid. blished in the School Society's school under the superintendence Chess CLUB.- We are glad to hear that the curators of the of Mr. W. Knighton, who will devote himself solely to this duty Calcutta public library have entertained the proposition for the on a salary of 500 rupees a month, and his connection with the establishment of a chess club in connection with that institution. Hindu College will consequently cease. There will be no ma We believe the only thing now required is for the gentlemen terial changes in the School Society's school in any other respect who are interested in the formation of the club, to call a public than in the drilling of the present teachers in the art of tuition. meeting and arrange all the details connected with its manage. We learn that Mr. Scutville, graduated of Cambridge, will be ment. - Hurkaru, July 2. appointed professor of mixed mathematics, in the room of Mr. Rain.- Register List of the quantity of rain which fell in the Newmarch, who resigned some time since. Mr. Masters, the month of June, 1817, according to the rain gauge kept in the late principal of the Patna College, succeeds Mr. Knighton as Surveyor-general's office:professor of history.-Ibid. June 30.


Inches. The Two Dromios. — Golam Subdar, the distinguished pleader 1st June

0.38 16th June of the Sudder Court, has a zemindaree in Beerbhoom. A soi 2

0.47 17 disant Golam Subdar made a putni grant of the property to an


0.23 18 individual by a regular deed executed by an attorney.


1.80 19 putnidar proceeded to take possession of the estate, when the in



0.17 telligence reached the ears of the real Golam Subdar, who is now 6

21 engaged in proving that he was not the conveyor of the right in 7

0.11 22

0.45 question.Ibid.

....................... 0.10 23

0.73 Sir John Peter GRANT.—Sir John Peter Grant, whose re 9

0.18 24

........................... 0.42 tirement from India has been so long talked of, has at length, we 10


0.33 hear, sent in his formal resignation to the home authorities. Sir 11

26 John is expected to leave about the latter end of the year. - Ibid. 12

........... 0.35 27

.................. 0.63 July 1.


1.12 28 MR. STOCQUELER.—The Calcutta Star alludes to the impro 14

•<•........................ 1.99 29

........................... 0.10 bable story given in a native paper, that Mr. Stocqueler was 15

2.30 30

0.16 about to return to India to establish a daily paper double the size of any of the existing journals at a reduced rate, and that he

TOTAL...... 12.01 was expected to obtain 8,000 subscribers. To one so well versed The total amount of rain in the month of June, 1816, was in newspaper economy as Mr. Stocqueler, it must of course be 12.14 inches; and in the same month of the year 1815, 10.66. well known, that a paper double the size of our present papers is -Ibid. out of the question ; that to issue a journal equal to them in size The Bore. - The bore on Wednesday was rather severe, and at a lower rate of subscription would be an act of suicide, and at Serampore caused some damage. A native panchway on its that he might as well calculate on 80,000 as on 8,000 subscribers. way from Calcutta, containing a marriage party of about fourOur contemporary of the Star thinks it extraordinary that a teen persons, was swamped ; two or three of the party, and a town-a city would be a more appropriate term ; it is the seat of child, being washed along by the current to a considerable disa bishopric-like Calcutta, should support three daily papers, tance, and the child seriously injured by its head coming in for according to the Hurkaru it is the town that does it, the local contact with a Pucka Ghaut. Another boat, containing a circulation of all the papers being considerably in excess of the palankeen, was also swamped off the College, but not much Mofussil list. He also states that if rumour is to be believed, injured.-Ibid. more than one paper is in the market, and with somewhat more Howrah SeAMen's Hospital.- We are sorry to learn from modest demands than were once made.-Friend of India, July 1. the half-yearly report of the Howrah Seamen's Hospital, which

The College Patsala.—The Englishman has a notice to the appears in another column, that, owing to the recent great scareffect that the College Patsala, or school for vernacular instruc

city of shipping in the port, and the consequent falling off in the tion, has dwindled away.

It appears that the death of the resort of seamen to the institution, the expenses of the establearned native professor, through whose zeal it was established,

lishment have, during the first six months of this year, exceeded has greatly reduced its numbers, and that unless measures are

the collections and returns by not less than Rs 150 per mensem. immediately taken for its revival, it is likely to become extinct.

-Ibid, July 3. A purely Bengalee school can scarcely be expected to flourish in a city in which the study of English has such paramount at

MOFUSSIL. traction.- Ibid.

AGRA-Newspaper. -An“outrider" of the Delhi Gazette is John Bull.—The oldest and best known thief in all the town about to be established at Agra, under the name of the Agra of Calcutta, has been again before the magistrate. He has Messenger. It will be issued once a week.-Friend of India, seven names, and is known by them all in the book of convictions July 1. in the superintendent's office. He usually, however, goes by ALLAHABAD-Court martial on Major Burt.- The court marthe name of John Bull, which his appearance well supports. A tial ordered to assemble at Allahabad for the trial of Major Burt constant residence in the House of Correction, and the com of the Engineers, and which was to have commenced sitting yesbined influence of hard labour and good food, have given him a terday, has, we are informed on good authority, been postponed most robust appearance. He has been in that healthful esta sine die, no one seems to know why, to the great inconvenience blishment, off and on, from his boyhood. The magistrate sen of the members, who have already been some time in attendance tenced him to six months' hard labour, and threatened to send at Allahabad. The expense to the state must also be very con. him up to the sessions if he was again brought to the court. siderable.-Delhi Gazette, June 5. Ibid.

Benares-Weather.-Sky hazy and gloomy. Since the storm INDIAN G. S. N. COMPANY.—There is every reason to hope on Friday last the weather has become intolerable. The night that the affairs of the Indian General Steam Navigation Company of the 9th was intensely hot, with scarcely a breath of wind.

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