experimental philosophy during several months in the year, and owing to his being obliged to leave the Presidency before bringing the series to a close, the lectures were resumed and continued by Mr. Thwaytes till his transfer to the Hooghly College. A past student of the Medical College has been appointed medical adviser to the college on a salary of a salary of a hundred rupees per month. No change was stated to have been made in the system of education. The half-yearly examination of progress of the pupils was conducted last May, by the principal of the college, whose report was entirely favourable to the success of the institution, while the general public examinations were held under the immediate superintendence respectively of the Hon. C. H. Cameron, Sir H. W. Seton, D. Elliott, Esq., J. W. Colville, Esq., B. J. Colvin, Esq., A. R. Young, Esq., C. Bea. don, Esq., Rev, Messrs. Fisher and Kistnomohun Banerjea, and Baboo Russomoy Dutt. These examinations came off on the dates and in the order previously notified in the Gazette. The report then furnished an explanatory statement of the general as well as particular examinations for both the senior and junior scholarships. The best of those who obtained the highest marks was Baboo Issurchunder Mitter, to whom has been awarded Lord Hardinge's prize of Rs. 200 in books, being a small library. The scholarships alloted to the Hindoo College have all been taken up with the exception of two senior ones; besides which there were five students eligible for junior scholarships had more been available. The regular gold medal was awarded to Gopal Lall Roy, and the silver one to the best student above mentioned. The gold medal of the Council of Education, or the library medal, was awarded to Juggodisbnath Roy. Mr. Seton Karr's prize of Rs. 50 was given likewise to Issurchunder Mitter. The general result of the past year's operations in this institution was stated to be most satisfactory, the only deficiency being, as in the previous year, in the subjects of mathematics and natural philosophy.

The reports of the other institutions, the students belonging to which were in attendance, were next read respectively by Dr. Mouat, the secretary of the council on education, and Capt. Cavenagh, supdt. of the Mysore Princes. Regarding the Mudrissa, the most interesting points stated in the report was that two of its students have obtained employment in the education department, and four left the institution to join the medical college. In respect to the Russapugla school, it may be mentioned, that it brought together in the Town-hall yesterday some three dozen and upwards of the members of the Mysore family.

The reading of the reports was succeeded by the distribution of the scholarship, both senior and junior, and prizes, which consisted of gold and silver medals, money, and books. Next, specimens were read from the answers in literature and moral philosophy, furnished by the prize students at the late public examinations. A portion of the best English essay was likewise read by its author Chunder Seekar Gootoo, the subject being, “ the duties of man as a subject of the state and as a member of society, with illustrations from history.” The whole of the ceremony was wound up with the usual speech from the head of the Bengal government.-Hurkaru, Feb. 25.


LOCAL. A Novelty.—The inhabitants of Calcutta and the adjoining parts are daily gratified by an exhibition both novel and useful, which no doubt is intended to make up for the paucity of the amusements that welcomed the arrival of the guns. Futteh Jung, the chief attraction of them all, is fired daily at noon. The visitors morning and evening to inspect the trophies are still numerous.-Hurkaru, March 9.

H. M. 9th Regt.—The remnant of this gallant corps marched into Calcutta yesterday morning, and are now quartered in the Fort. They will embark in the course of the week. - Ibid.

TRE TROPHY Guns.-The trophy guns having afforded their full amount of entertainment to the good people of this City of the Ditch, have at length been removed from the public gaze. The triumphal arch still remains standing, but presents a miserably tattered spectacle of decay. Ibid. March 10.

H. M. 62nd Foor.-We understand that H. M. 62nd Foot may be expected to arrive here about the 17th or 18th. On the 2nd instant, after passing Colgong, the regiment was very near meeting with a disaster similar to that which happened to it near the same place on the 6th September, 1812. It came on to blow a perfect hurricane, the fleet of boats was all dispersed, and cast on shore, but we are happy to report that there was no loss of life.

Colonel Shortt, Captain Graves, and Captain Olpherts, had a very narrow escape. Just as their boat reached the shore, it took fire, and was burnt to the water's edge in less than three minutes; every thing on board was destroyed, including the

regimental colours. Had the accident happened before the boat approached the shore, it is probable that all on board would have perished. It was also fortunate that the fleet of boats had been dispersed before the fire broke out, for had they been close together, others would have taken fire, and as they were on a leeshore, the violence of the wind would have rendered it impossi. ble to clear them. As it was, our informant says that only the exertions of the soldiers, who kept throwing water on the flames, prevented other boats from being burnt. The above-mentioned officers are stated to have suffered a loss of not less than a thousand pounds, every thing belonging to them having been destroyed. It is mentioned as a curious coincidence that the regimental colours should have been lost very nearly in the same place where the former ones went down about five years ago, in à boat of nearly the same kind. - Englishman, March 10.

The Princely Donation.-It was announced in a morning paper yesterday, that two native young gentlemen, who have just attained their majority and come into possession of the estate bequeathed to them by their adopted father, the late Rajchunder Sing, had placed the sum of fifty thousand rupees at the disposal of Government “ for the general good and improvement of the country,” and that “it is the intention of the Government to devote the sum to educational purposes.” The fact and amount of the donation are perfectly correct; but the money is not given either for the improvement of the “country,” or to be devoted to educational purposes, but for the special local improvement of the town of Calcutta in particular. The amount was paid into the hands of G. A. Bushby, Esq. and by that gentleman forwarded to the treasury. The names of the generous and publicspirited donors are Pertabchunder Sing and Issur Chunder Sing. - Hurkaru, March 12.

THE LATE MRS. MARSHMAN'S FUNERAL SERMON. --The Union Chapel, Dhurrumtollal, was full to overflowing on last Sunday evening, on the occasion of the Funeral Sermon of the late Mrs. Hannah Marshman, relict of the late Dr. Joshua Marshman, of Serampore. The sermon was preached by the Rev. A. Leslie, Baptist minister, who took for his text Heb. xi. 13. “ These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.' Having adverted to the melancholy occasion of the meeting, the preacher made mention of the deceased lady, as the last of that band of Missionary pioneers who first came out and settled in this country, like the ancient Patriarchs, expatriating themselves in the exercise of faith from their fatherland, and living and labouring till the day of their death, as strangers and pilgrims in India. The discourse chiefly con. sisted of copious extracts both from published and private documents, relative to that illustrious Missionary triumvirate, Carey, Marshman and Ward, with whom Mrs. Marshman was so intimately associated both as regards the great undertaking in which they were embarked, as well as the ties of affinity and friendship. The general tendency of these extracts was to exhibit in a striking manner the indomitable spirit of perseverance of those three men, their diligence, their zeal, the holiness and excellence of their character, the humility and spotlessness of their lives, and, above all, their firm, unabating, and undeviating reliance upon the arm of Omnipotence amid all the crosses, difficulties, and discouragements which obstructed their progress. Owing to the time which the reading of these passages in the personal history of Carey, Marsh. man, and Ward respectively, took up, there was very little oppor. tunity left to the preacher for religious meditation or practical improvement of the subject. There were, however, occasional remarks of this description interspersed in the discourse, which in some measure compensated for the deficiency adverted to. At the close, Mr. Leslie read a written statement, furnished to him at his own request by the Rev. Mr. Denham, containing a few facts regarding the life of Mrs. Marshman, whose lamented demise happened on the 5th inst., at Serampore, in the eightieth year of her age, and the forty-seventh of her residence in India. This event appears to have been for some time expected, as since a twelvemonth past, her health and constitution seemed to be breaking up. To the very last she was stated to have retained complete possession of her mind, and so long as the power of thought and speech was continued to her, she spoke with confidence and firmness of her fast approaching departure from this state of sublunary being, and expressed an unswerving hope in the bright prospect of beatific felicity which presented itself to her spiritual vision. She engaged incessantly in religious conversation and devotional exercises during the last hours, and at length the spirit winged its flight from its fleshly tenement without a struggle or a groan, unperceived by the many witnesses of this most impressive and solemn scene. --

-Ibid. March 16.

Ships. — The Earl of Hardwicke took her departure on Monday with the head quarters of H. M.'s 9th regt. The ships Hydrabad, Manchester, and Orient take home the remainder of the corps, in all about 520 men, women, and children. The Manchester was to embark her troops this morning, and proceeds down on the 18th. The Hydrabad will probably get away by the 20th, and the Orient by the end of the month. The Adelaide and Duke of Wellington are already taken up for conveyance home of about 200 men each of H. M.'s 62nd regt., which, women and children counted, is said to be about 600 strong. The remainder will probably go in the Hindostan steamer, which we hear has been tendered, and which might, we suppose, have taken the whole corps had she been tendered in time. The regiment is now hourly expected to arrive here.--Ibid.

A New ENGLISH School.- We have heard from a credible source, that an English school will shortly be establisheded at Ballea Ooturparah, in connection with one of the principal missionary institutions of Calcutta.-Ibid.

River Accidents. —We are sorry to have to record two serious accidents which have occurred on the river, within the last two days, involving great loss of valuable property, but happily, so far as we have yet heard, no loss of life. On the evening of the 18th, the new inland steamer Sir Herbert Maddock, belong. ing to the India General Steam Navigation Company, while on her way down the river, grounded near Fort Gloster, and parted in two almost immediately. It was so far fortunate that she had no cargo on board, it being conveyed in two flats which she was towing, and which received no damage. Last evening the Mars, Captain Smith, which had just completed her lading for Dundee, was discovered to be on fire, and notwithstanding that every effort was made to extinguish the flames, she was, before midnight, burnt to the water's edge, and it became neces. sary for the safety of the shipping in general, to scuttle and sink her. Reports differ as to the cause of the fire: one attributing it to the spontaneous combustion of the jute and linseed which formed a great part of the cargo, another to the accidental ignition of some spirits by the steward. - Ibid. March 20.

RAJAH OF SHIKIM.- We have learnt, from a source on which we can safely rely, that the Supreme Government of India have doubled the sum of money they allow to the Rajah of Shikim for their occupation of Darjeeling. The Vukeel of the Rajah of Shikim was in Calcutta a few days ago. - Ibid. March 22.

MOFUSSIL. Benares. —Death of Major-Gen. Jas. Alexander.-It is with deep regret we have to announce the death of Major-General James Alexander, commanding the Benares division. This melancholy event took place yesterday between the hours of ten and eleven a.m. The general was taken ill of dysentery from the effects of exposure to rain at the artillery review, at Sultanpore, in the early part of last month, and never rallied during the rapid progress of the disorder. Society sustains a great loss by the death of this amiable officer.

The remains of the late Major-General were interred this morning, with military honours.

The order of the funeral procession, under the command of Col. Foord, 21st Regt. N. I., was as follows:

The 9th Regiment Native Infantry.
The 21st ditto ditto itto.

The 48th ditto ditto ditto, and Two troops of the 4th Irregulars formed a street to the gate-way of the burying ground. The Artillery and 6 six-pounders

were posted beyond the gate to the south.
The Band of the 9th Regt. N.I.

On which was the late General's sword and cocked-hat, borne

by four Artillery-men.
M. C. Ommaney, Esq. magistrate.
Col. Wilson, C.B. commanding 48th N.I.

Major Pond, D. A. A. general.
Capt. T. F. Hobday, sub-assistant commissary general.

the last time for our departed chief, and the three infrantry regiments fired three volleys in the air in conclusion of the cere. mony.Benares Recorder, March 12.

Weather. — From the 9th to the 10th, thermometer ranging from 64 to 74 degrees without any change.

March 11th. -70 to 78. Wind easterly, a murky atmosphere with signs of a coming storm.

Arrivals, March 6th. - Cornet Lane, from Meerut ; 8th, Lieut. Pollock, from Allahabad ; 9th, Mr. G. F. McLeod, and Mr. H. S. Read, from Calcutta; 10th, Baboo Girdbarellal, from Calcutta; llih, Shaik Sumsoodin, and Sbaik Alladad, from Calcutta, and Mr. P. Gordon, from Barrackpore.

Departures, March 8th. - Lieut. Pollock, to Calcutta; 11th, Cornet Lane, to Calcutta.-Ibid.

Weather.-Getting warmer daily, but still the evenings and mornings are delightfully pleasant. Clear atmosphere, westerly winds. Thermometer 70 to 78 degrees.

Arrivals, March 10th. - Mr. W. Vincent, from Gazeepore; 11th, Mr. J. G. Gordon, from Agra, and Mr. J. A. D. Cohen, from Calcutta ; 12th, Mrs. Captain Ramsay, from Jubbulpore ; 13th, Captain Lyell, Major Goode, and Mr. Alexander, from Allahabad ; 14th, Siddessor Panda, from Agra, and Sir F. Currie, Bart., Member in Council, from Mirzapore.

Departures, March 10th. -Mr. W. Vincent, to Allahabad; Ilth, Ensign W. L. Ryves, Mr. G. C. Davies, and Mr. J. A. D. Cohen, to Allahabad ; 13th, Captain Lyell and Major Goode, to Calcutta ; 14th, Mr. J. Alone, to Cawnpore; Geerdbary lall, to Futthepore; and Siddessur Panda, to Ghazepore; and Sir F. Currie, Bart., Member in Council, to Calcutta.— Recorder, March 16.

BHAUGULPORE.-A Tige-rhunt.— A letter from the neighbourhood of Bhaugulpore relates an extraordinary tiger-bunt. The writer says, “ I have just returned from a most desperate fight with a large male tiger, who charged home five times on the head of my large male elephant, wounded him dreadfully, and also the mahout in two places. The elephant, nine feet six inches in height, is since dead of his wounds. The tiger mea. sured twelve feet two inches, and three feet seven inches in beight."- Englishman, March 10.

Dhera Dảoon.- Cultivation of Tea.- Are we far wrong in asserting that the experiments which have been made, during the last three or four years, in respect to the cultivation of tea in the hills, and in the Dhoon of Dhera, are the most important of their kind which the Government of India have ever undertaken? The results which have already followed those experiments, and the eagerness which has already been displayed to share in the anticipated profits, are ample proofs of the truth of this assertion. Indeed, it is now shewn that there are no limits to the extension of the cultivation of this great and important staple. "A Traveller” gives, in another part of our paper, a most encouraging account of the plantations in the Dhoon, and we learn from other sources that such is the anxiety manifested by Government to improve on the various methods bitherto adopted for rendering success still less doubtful, that they have departed from their usual niggardly views, and authorized an increase of cultivation to the extent of 1,000 acres. A tea manufactory is to be permanently established at Paoree, in Ghurwal, and another at Dhera, in the Dhoon. European overseers are to be appointed to each division, and a proper native establishment is to be authorized, in order to carry out the proposed extension. The building of houses for the tea manufacturers has been sanctioned at Dhera and at Paoree, and there the Chinamen are to be permanently stationed. While these measures are being severally carried out, the different plantations are to be increased as follows: Dhera, in the Dhoon, to 400 acres; Paoree, in Eastern Ghurwal, 200 acres ; Bheemtal district, 200 acres; and Almorah district, 200 acres; making the above-mentioned total of 1,000 acres, and this measure will afford all that is requisite, in point of extent, for the immediate development of the experiments. The next thing will be to carry them on westward into the Sirmoor district (about Nahun), which we should think specially adapted to tea cultivation, and why not across the Sutlej, for we learn from a friend, well qualified to form an accurate opinion, that he has seen land in the Mundee districts perfectly well suited to tea plantation, of which there will consequently be “no end in the course of the next ten years. The most important point, and the one which the Government ought to keep steadily in view, is, that the extension of the tea culture, in the direction which it has now taken, will render districts, in fact whole provinces, which at present yield a most insignificant revenue, as valuable, if not more so, than any in the plains of Hindostan, and we would therefore most strongly advise perseverance in the liberal course of which we have given an outline above. Such alone can yield the hoped-for results. The Court of Directors are




Major A. Younghusband. A party of European artillery to relieve the coffin-bearers.

The General's Horses in full caparison. Several gentlemen, among whom we noticed the commis. sioner, E. A. Read, Esq.; J. T. Rivaz, Esq. ; the superinding surgeon, W. W. Watson, Esq. ; Dr. Butter; G. F. McLeod, Esq. ; Geo. Thomson, Esq.; J. H. M. Harvard, Esq. ; E. Saunders, Esq. ; J. C. Mackay, Esq. ; the deputy collector, and several other gentlemen whose names are not known to us. A large concourse of people followed the procession. After the funeral service was concluded a salute of 15 guns were fired for

evidently deeply interested in the issue of the experiments, and we look to their success with the anxiety which longs to see that fair play given to the resources of this country which has hitherto been denied them.-Delhi Gazette, March 13.

North-West Provinces. — Trade in the North. West. — It affords us much satisfaction to learn that the effects of our recent arrangements in the Punjaub are already beginning to tell on the trade of our own provinces, and that cotton is being exported in large quantities. One letter mentions a despatch of between eight and nine hundred camel-loads by one merchant alone. Grain also of the coarser kinds is being extensively exported. While on the subject of the trade of the country, we may as well mention that the whole of the duties, now, or rather hitherto, levied in the Saugor and Nerbudda territories have been abolished. The friend who communicates this interesting piece of information, from the spot, promises to furnish us with the details of the grounds on which the Governor-General has come to this resolution, and our readers may depend upon our making them acquainted with the particulars of this important and interesting measure the moment they reach us.-Ibid.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. BENSON, W. H. returned to duty Mar. 15, re-attached to N.W.P BENTALL, E. offic. addit. sess. judge 24 pergunnahs Hoogly

Nuddea, and E. Burdwan, assum. ch. of his off, March 5. BROWNLOW, H. B. civ. and sess. judge of Shahabad, assum. ch.

of app. April 27. CAMPBELL, J. G. coll. of Bhaugulpore, assum. ch. of off. March 1. CHEAP, G. C. civ. and sess. judge of Rajeshye, made ov. ch. of duty

to prin. sud. ameen, March 1. DRUMMOND, Hon. F. offic. mag. of Moorshedabad, assum. ch. of

off. March 9. Elliott, H. M. to offic. as sec. to govt. of India in the for. dept.

and all the civ. depts, with the Gov. Gen. March 1. FOWLE, F. C. offic. mag. of Purneah, assum. ch. of off. Feb. 27. GREATHED, H. H. pol. agent at Joudpoor, res. ch. of off. Feb. 1. HODGETTS, T. R. to be a mem. of the Ferry Fund Com. of Hoogly. Hodgson, R. F. coll. of Moorshedabad, ass. ch. of off. March i. Home, C. qual. for pub. serv. to the N. W. Prov. March 12. JACKSON, L. to be a mem. of the Ferry Fund Com. of Hooghly. Maples, W. to offic. as an extra asst. to the accountant gen. Money, D. J. coll. of Nuddea, res. ch. of off. March 6. Paterson, W. S. ret. to duty, Jan. 26, re-attached to N. W. Prov. READE, E. A. to be a mem. of the local com. of pub. inst. at Be.

nares, March 12. REID, H.S. to be an asst. in the Meerut div, March 6. Smith, F. W. to be post mr. at Lahore. ThomPSON, F. to be an asst. in the Agra div. March ll. Watson, W. C. to offic. as jt. mag. and dep. coll, of Maldah dur.

abs. of Kemp, March 10. WINGFIELD, C. J. to offic. as mag. and coll. of Moozuffernugger

dur. abs. of Timins, or until fur, orders.



LEAVE OF ABSENCE. DUNLOP, R. H. asst. to mag. and coll. of Goruckpore, in ext. to

date of dep. Bentinck to England on m.c. March 6. KEMP, F. B. jt. mag. and dep. coll. of Maldah, on m.c. March 10. LEAN, James, spec. com. of Bareilly, 1 mo. March 4. LIMOND, C. asst. to jt. mag. and dep. coll. of Bograh, 1 mo.

Fort William, Financial Department, March 12, 1847.-Noti. fication.-Notice is hereby given, that in addition to the sum of 900,0001. advertised on the 5th October last as to be provided in India for the service of the Home Treasury during the course of the official year 1846.47, and of which the larger proportion has already been purchased, a further amount of 455,0001., being the unsupplied balance of the year 1844 45, will, in pursuance of instructions received from the hon. Court of Directions, be raised on the hypothecation of goods, either wholly within the remainder of the current official year, should the trade of India require it, or in portions within the present and the ensuing official years, viz. 1846-17 and 1847-48, and that, in addition thereto, a still further sum of 600,0001. will be raised in India for the service of the Home Treasury, by bills on the hypothecation of goods, during the course of the official year 1847-48 in full, so far as is at present known of the requirements of the Home Treasury up to the 30th April, 1848.

Advances of cash will accordingly be made for this purpose by the governments of Bengal, Madras, and Bombay, and the rate of exchange at which the bills are to be drawn will continue to be two shillings per Company's rupee until further notice. In all other respects the existing terms and conditions of the advances to be made by the respective governments will remain in force, and be the same as puhlished in the Calcutta Gazette, under dates the 1st April, 1842, and the 23 August, 1844.

Published by order of the Honourable the President of the Council of India in council.

J. A. Dorin, Sec. to the Govt. of India.



APPOINTMENTS, &c. BONSTED, Rev. J. to be chapl. of Jullundur together with Loo.

diana, March 2. CARSHORE, Rev. J. F. to be chapl. of Bareilly, together with Fut

teghur, March 2. FERMINGER, Rev. J. A. C. to be addit. cbapl. of Ferozepore, v.

Maltby, March 2. HARRINGTON, Rev. II. H. to be chapl. of Mhow, March 2. MALTBY, Rev. R. B. to be chapl. of Lahore, March 2. SHARPE, Rev. J. F. to be chapl. of Saugor, together with Jubbul.

pore, March 2. SPRY, Rey. A. B. to be temp. chapl. at Kussoulee, March 2.




LEAVE OF ABSENCE. CARSHORE, Rev. J. J. leave canc. fr. Feb. 15. CHARLES, Rev. Dr. sen. min. St. Andrew's Ch. leave cane. Dawson, Rev. F. A, leave to com. fr. Jan. 15.

Head Quarters, Camp, Russee, Feb. 27. 1847.- The service charge of powder for percussion Victoria carbines, as published in general orders of the 4th July, 1845, viz., three drachms, being found to be too great, his Excellency the Right Honourable Commander-in-Chief directs that the charge be reduced to 21 drachms.

COURT MARTIAL. ASSIST. SURG. JOHN DONALD GRANT, H. M. 94TH REGT. Head Quarters, Camp Bussee, Feb. 27, 1817.- At a general court martial assembled in Fort William, on Wednesday, Feb, 10, 1817, Assist. surg. J. D. Grant, H. M. 94th regt., was arraigned on the following charge :

For conduct unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman, in having, early on the morning of Jan. 1, 1847, at a party at the Government House, Calcutta, been in a state of intoxication, and then and there grossly insulted Lieut. H. C. Cardew, act. adj. of the left wing of the reg.

Finding and Sentence. — The Court, from the evidence before them, are of opinion that the prisoner, Assist. surg. J. D. Grant, H. M. 94th regt., is guilty of the charge preferred against him ; and do sentence bim, the said Assist. surg. J. D. Grant, to be dismissed from her Majesty's service.

Approved and confirmed.
(Signed) Gough, General,

Commander-in-Chief, East Indies, Head Quarters, Camp, Calpee, 24th February, 1817. Remarks by the Right Honourable the Commander in Chief:Assist. surg. Grant is to be struck off the strength of H. M. 94th foot. from the date of the publication of this order at Fort William, which will be reported to the adjutant general and to the military secretary.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. ADLAM, Lieut. H. C. to be adj. Ist reg. of cav. Scindiah's cont. AIKEX, Ens. C. inf. to rank fr. Jan. 3. ALLGOOD, Ens. G. to do duty with 48th N.I. at Dinapore, March 6 ;

to rank fr. Dec. 20, 1846. ALEXANDER, 2nd Lieut. D. C. art. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. ANDERSON, Capt. J. engs. executive eng. of Burdwan div. to be

garrison eng. and executive officer of Delhi div. v. Tremenheere. ANDERSON, Ens. 1. C. 54th N.I. to be lieut. fl. March 7, v.

Shand, dec. ANDERSON, Ens. R. P. 25th N.I. to be interp. and qr. mr. BEAN, Ens. C. C. posted to 25th N.I. under orders for Benares. BELLI, Ens. A. C. S. inf. to rank fr. Aug. 27, 1816. BERESFORD, Ens. R. 62nd N.I. to act as adj. to left wing, v. Lanb),

abs, on leave. BOISRAGON, Ens. T. W. R. to rank fr. Sept. 2, 1816. BOULDERSOX, Ens. S. S. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 18.16. BOURCHIER, 1st Lieut. G. art. to act as adj. and qr. mr. to Lahore

art, div. BROWN, Ens. G. A. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 26, 1816. Browne, Ens. J. H. to do duty with 48th N.I. at Dinapore,

March 6; to rank fr. Dec. 26, 1846. CAMPBELL, Lieut. R. to off. as sec. in com. 2nd Assam LJ. batt. CAMPBELL, Ens. L. G. A. to do duty with 48th N.I. at Dinapore. CAMPBELL, Ens. A. inf. to rapk fr. Dec. 10, 1846. CARNELL, Ens. W. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. CHAMBERS, Ens. R. G. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. COOPER, Maj. gen. G. fr. 34th to 54th N.I. March 9. CORBETT, Lieut. col. S. posted to 25th N.I. March 8. CREIGHTON, Ens. R. posted to 55th N.I. at Labore. Curtis, Lieut. col. J. G. W. sub.asst. comm. de pirto be dep. aset.

of 2nd class, v. Scott, promoted.


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DAY, 2nd Lieut. E. W. art. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846.
DELAMAIN, Brev. capt. W. H. 1st batt. of art. to offic. as dep.

jud, adv. of a court martial at Agra, Feb. 22. DENNISS, 2nd Lieut. A. D. art. fr. 2nd comp. 4th to 4th comp.

6th batt. EVANS, Ens. E. inf. to rank fr. Jan. 3, 1847. FAGAN, Brev. capt. G. H. eng. to be exec. eng. Midnapore div.

with the ch. of the Midnapore and Culmeejole embankments on salary of Rs.600 per mensem, to make over ch. of the Upper Assam div. to Brev. capt. D. Reid, to proceed and join his appt.

forthwith. FITZGERALD, Lieut. C. M. 31st N.I. to be sub. asst. comm. dept.

v. Curtis promoted. FRASER, 2nd Lieut. A. engs. to be adjt. v. Maxwell, on furl. GAMMELL, 2nd Lieut. F. E. art. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. GILBERT, Lieut. P. McD. to be adjt. 4th N.I. front. brg. March 11. GILES, Ens. J. P. ret, to duty, March 13. Goddard, Capt. T. 44th N.I. to offic. as dep. judge adv. gen. of

div. Cawnpore, v. Hollings, dec. March 1. GODFREY, Brev. capt. J. 43rd L.I. ret. to duty, March 12. GORDON, Ens. G. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 12, 1846. GRANVILLE, Ens. L. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 20, 1846. GRIFFIN, Brev, maj. C. 51st N.I. to act as stat. staff fr. March 2,

dur. abs. of Lieut. Vibart. Griffin, Ens. J. C. inf. to rank fr. Sept. 1, 1846. Griffiths, Ens. G. H. posted to 8th N.I. at Phillour. GRIFFITHS, 2nd Lieut. J. C. art. to act as adj. to detach. of foot

art. at Loodianah. GULLY, Eos. F. J. posted to 31st N.l. at Lahore, to proc. and

join. HALDANE, Capt. R. 2nd in com, of ist irr. cav. to ch, of sudder

bazaar and abkaree at Neemuch. HAMPTON, Capt. J. H. 50th N.I. to be considered as having ret.

to duty fr. Jan. 9. HARDCASTLE, Lieut. E. J. 53rd N.I. to offic. for Capt. R. Mor

rison, asst. to gov. gen.'s agent at Rajpootana, dur. bis abs. on

other duty. HEBBERT, 2nd Lieut. G. P. eng. to be exec. eng. upper Assam div.

on salary of Rs. 300 per mensem. HEWITT, Brev. coi. W. H. to be coll. in succ. to Maj. gen. J.

Alexander, dec, fr. March 11. HIRE, Lieut. S. J. to ofic. as adjt. 2nd Assam L.I. batt. Mar. 10. HOWARD, Ens. J. J. E. inf. to rank fr. Dec, 12, 1846. IMPEY, Ist Lieut. A. eng. to be exec. eng. Burdwan div. on salary

of Rs. 300 per mensem, making over temp. ch. of the Culmeejole

embankmients to Lieut. Irwin. IRWIN, Lieut. T. S. to rec. ch. of the Culmeejole embankments; to

be exec. eng. Arracam div. v. Money. JACKSON, Capt. G. 2nd in comm. 2nd irr. cav, to act as adjt. dur.

abs. of Hughes, on m. c. March 1. JENKINS, Maj. F. comm. of Assam, and agent to the Gov. Gen.

N.E. front. resum. ch. of off. fr. Maj. J. Matthie, Feh. 25. KAYE, 1st Lieut. E. H. A. to act as adj. to art. div. at Loodianah. LAMB, 2nd Lieut. J. H. art. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. LANDERS, Maj. J. E. com. of Bhopal contingent, returned to

Sehore and resumed com. Feb. 9. LANE, Eos. F. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 12, 1846. LATTER, Lieut. T. 67th N.I. to be sup. of forests in the Tenasserim

provinces, March 8. LENNOX, Ens. C. W. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 12, 1846. Low, Capt. J. H. 39th N.I. dept. judge advocate gen. posted to

the Cawnpore div. v. Hollings, deceased. MACDONALD, Ens. J. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. MAINWARING, Maj. E. R. sub. asst. comm. dept. to be dept. asst.

of 2nd class, v. Kennedy, on furl. MARTIN, Brev. capt. T. D. 28th N.I. to be capt. in succ. to

Alexander, deceased, fr. March 11. Mason, Lieut. G., H.M.'s 74th N.I. to be an asst. to the Gov.

Gen.'s agt. for the states of Rajpootana, March 11. MILES, Ens. F. N. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. MOR, Capt. J. De W.C. J. 28th N.I. to ch. of cornets and ens.

proc. to upper prov. in the Matabanajah, March 5. MONEY, Lieut. E. J. D'0. T. 25th N.I. to be asst. exec. off. at

Saugor, in subordination to exec. off. of tbat div. MONTEATH, Brig. T., C.B. to be temp. com. of the Benares

div, March 11. MONTGOMERY, 1st. Lieut. H. art. to act as adj. and qr. mr. to a

detach. of foot art, consisting of 1st com. 4th, and 3rd comp. 6th

batt. MOORE, Ens. J. A. H. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. MOREL, Ens. A. C. inf. to raok fr. Aug. 27, 1816. MORRIESON, Capt. R, to act as pol. agt. at Harowtee dur. abs. of

Burton, on leave. MURRAY, 1st Lieut. J. 9th N.I. to be capt. by brevet, fr. Feb. 9. NICHOLSON, Eos. F. C. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 12, 1846. ORCHARD, Ens. J. W. to do duty with 9th N.I. at Bepares, March

0; to rank fr. Dec. 20, 1846. OSWALD, Eos. A.J.T. 28th N.I. to be lieut. in succ. to Alexander,

etc. fr. March 11. OU SELEY, Maj. J. W. J. to be lieut. col. in succ. to Alexander,

d. c. fr. March ll. PKE, Ens. E. H. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 26, 1846. PETER, Eos. C. W. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 20, 1846.

Plowdex, Brev. maj. J. C. 17th N.I. to offic. as exec. off. of the

Hidgellee div. of embankments, on salary of Rs. 400 per meosem. PLOWDEN, Lieut. H. G. C. 9th L. C. to be capt. by brevet. Pogson, Lieut. J. F. 47th N.I. to off. as interp. and qr. mr. to

22nd N.I. dur. abs. of Drummond, March 10. Pozson, Lieut. W. Q. 43rd L.I. to be act. interp. and qr. mr. to

1st L.C. to cont. to offic. as act. interp. and qr. mr. to sth L.C. Pughe, Lieut. J. R. 47th N.I. to be interp. and qr. mr. v. Reid,

on furl. QUAYLE, 2nd Lieut. W. F. art. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1816. REID, Brev. capt. D. to rec. ch. of the Upper Assam div. Righy, Brev. capt. H. eng. to the united charges of the Cuttack

and Balasore divs. on salary of Rs. 600 per mensem. RUTHERFORD, Brev. maj. W. 28th N.I. to be major in succ. to

Alexander, dec. fr. March 11. SAGE, Lieut. S. 30th N.I. to be adj. v. Fenwick, prom. Feb. 18. SANDHAM, Ens. E. inf. to rank fr. Aug. 27, 1846. SANDFORD, Ens. D. A. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 12, 1846. SATCHWELL, Ens. R. M. inf. to rank fr. Sept. 20, 1846. Scott, Capt. J. C. dep. asst. com. dep. 2ud class, to be dep. asst.

1st class, v. Tickell. SMITH, 2nd Lieut. P. art. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. SMITH, Ens. H. C. inf. to rank fr. Sept. 7, 1846. SMYTH, Capt. R. art. to be dep. com. of ordnance of the force at

Lahore, v. Brind, resigned, to retain ch. of trophy guns, until

further orders. SPAN, Eos. J. McC. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. STEWART, Ens. R. posted to 2nd Eur. regt. at Subathoo. STUART, Col. J. C.B. posted to 34th N.I. March 8. SWINTON, Cornet, adj. 5th irr. cav. to offic. as adj. Feb. 27. THOMAS, Ens. C. to do duty with 48th N.I. at Dinapore, March 6,

to rank fr. Dec. 20, 1846. Thompson, Lieut. A. N. 36th N.I. to be interp, and qr. mr. v.

Faddy, prom. March 6. Tozer, Ens. R. M. J. 45th N.I. to act as detach. staff to 2 guns,

1st troop, 1st brig. H. A. Gov. Gep, body guard, 45th N.I. I res

sallah 14th irr. cav. TURNER, Lieut. J. 51st N.i, to be sub, asst. comm. dept. v.

Nicholson. VINCENT, Ens. W. inf. to rank fr. Jan. 3, 1847. WAKE, Brev. capt. C. H. 34th N.I. perm. to resign app. of interp.

and qr. mr. March 10. WAKE, Lieut. col. W. H. fr. 25th to 70th N.I. March 8. WATSON, Ens. J. T. to do duty with 16th N.I. at Dinapore,

March 6; to rank fr. Dec. 20, 1846. WHITE, Ens. T. W. inf. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. WILLIAMS, Capt. G. W. 29th N. I. to rec. ch. of the suddur ba

zar Abkaree, and jt. mag. off. at Agra, fr. Johnson, March 10. WILLOCK, Cornet F. G. to do duty with 9th L.C. at Cawnpore ; to

rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. WILLOUGHBY, 2nd Lieut. G. D. art. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1816. WorthINGTON, 2nd Lieut. J. Y. art. to rank fr. Dec. 11, 1846. WRENCH, Asst. surg. T. G. to rank fr. Sept. 20, 1846.



INFANTRY. Bax, A. G. March 12. Morison, J. W. March 12. LAMB, Thos. March 12. PETER, C. W.

SANDFORD, D. A. March 13.

PASSED EXAMINATION IN NATIVE LANGUAGES. DRUMMOND, Lieut. 70th N.I. Parsons, Ens. 5th N.I. FERGUSSON, Brev. capt.6th L.C. RUSSELL, Ens. 43rd L.I. GREATHED, 2nd Lieut. engs. SYKES, Ens. 66th N.I. JENKINS, Cornet, 5th L.C. VIBART, Lieut. art.

m. c.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. AIKMAN, Ens. F. R. 4th N.I. fr. Feb. 15 to April 15, to Nusseer.

abad. AIKMAN, Lieut. C. R. 41st N.I. 6 mo.fr. Feb. 20, to pres. prep. to

appl. for furl. to Europe, on m. c. ALEXANDER, Maj. gen. J. to Dec. 31, to W. prov. and hills, on ALEXANDER, Ens. A. H. 68th N.I. to Feb. 19, in ext. ANDREWS, Capt. J. R. B. 52nd N.I. for May 2, 1846, to July 11,

1846, to enable him to join, fr. Sept. 14 to Oct. 2, 1846. ATKINSON, Lieut. and adj. F. D. 2nd Eur. regt. fr. Feb. 1 to

March 15, to Subathoo. Burton, Capt. C. E. fr. March 1 to Nov. 15, with perm. to visit

Mussorie on m. c. BUSHBY, Cornet G. 8th L.C. to Jan. 10, to Lucknow. CARTWRIGHT, Maj. gen. E. com. pres. div. fr. Feb. 22 to Aug. 22. CHEAPE, Col. J. C.B. to Ceylon, for 6 mo. CLIFFORD, Lieut. G. H. 2nd co. 2nd batt. art. fr. March 3 to May,

to Meerut. COLYEAR, Capt. T. D. 7th L.C. 6 mo. fr. May 1 to Subathoo and

Simla. DE TEISSIER, 1st Lieut. H. P. h. art. 6 mo, fr. March 29 to Simla

and hills n. of Deyrah. DRUMMOND, Lieut. P. 22nd N.I. 3 mo. fr. Marchi to Almorah

and Petoragurh on m. c.

LEE, Asst. surg. J. M.D. h. art. to med. ch. of art. div. and detach.

of sappers and miners at Lahore, v. Rae, March 11. MACAULAY, Asst. surg. R. W. M.D. to 1st tr. lst brig. canc.

March 8, and posted to 1st tr. 2nd brig. art. at Meerut, v.

Thomson. MACRAE, Asst. surg. J. M.D. 26th N.I. to aff. med. aid to art, at

Bareilly, March 8. MACTIER, Asst. surg. W. F. M.D. to med. ch. of station and div.

staff. at Umballah, March 10. MATHIAS, Asst. surg. C. to do duty with art. at Dum Dum, Feb. 24,

to rank fr. Dec. 20, 1846. M'CURDY, Asst. surg. C. fr. 19th to 50th N.I. to proc. to join when

relieved by Surg. Holmes. M'GREGOR. Surg. W. L. M.D. 1st Eur. fus. to return to regt.

duty, when relieved fr. being a mem. of committee for selecting a

site for European barracks. MʻRAE, Asst. surg. J. 8th L. C. to aff. aid to left wing of 15th irr.

cav. March 9. MOUNTJOY, Asst. surg. J. W. to assume med. ch. at Khyouk

Phyoo, March 5; to rank fr. Oct. 20, 1846. M‘RAE, Asst. surg. D. to rec. ch. of Ist brig. and foot art. fr. Har

rison, and to aff. aid to 3rd co. 6th batt. art. March 9. O’SHAUGHNESSY, Asst. surg. R. to offic. as supt. of eye infirmary

fr. date of retirement of Surg. Egerton. PATON, Asst. surg. G. M.D. to ass. med. ch. of 12th N.I. RAE, Asst. surg. G. with 5th tr. 1st brig. H. A. fr. Lahore. REID, Asst. surg. A. posted to 46th N.I. at Jullundur, March 1. SMALL, Asst. surg. D. H. to rank fr. Nov. 21, 1846. SMITH, J. C. civ. and asst. surg. of Poore, to be also reg. of deeds

in that district, March 10. SMITH, Asst. surg. C. M. 6th L.C. to aff. med. aid to 43rd lt. inf. STEVEN, Asst. surg. W. S. M.D. to rank fr. Sept. 10, 1846. STUART, Surg. A. McD. 72nd N.I. to aff. med. aid to 10th comp.

sappers and miners. THRING, Asst. surg. E. B. 18th N.I. to aff. med. aid to 2nd tr.

1st brig. H.A. THOMPSON, Asst. surg. G. F. M.D. fr. Ist tr. 2nd brig. to 2nd tr.

3rd brig. art. at Ferozepore, v. Harrison, March 8. TURNER, G. civ. asst. surg. at Midnapore, to be also reg. of deeds

in that dist. March 10. WALKER, Asst. surg. J. P. M.D. to aff. med. aid to 7180 N.I. in

prog. to Loodianah. WHITE, Asst. surg. A. M.D. 63rd N.I. to relieve Surg. Morrieson

fr. med. ch. of 2nd comp. 8th batt, of art, and details attached.

EDMONSTONE, Lieut. F. N. 2nd in com. 5th_irreg. cav. fr. April

15 to Oct. 15, to Bolundshuhur and Simla, Feb. 27. FRASER, Capt. R. W. 45th N.I. to Eur, on m. c. GUTHRIE, Capt. C. S. eng. to Cape and N. S. Wales, on m.c. for

2 years. HASELL, Capt. C. 48th N.I. 6 mo. fr. April 15, to Nursingpore. Houstoun, Lieut. H. J. 2nd Eur. regt. fr. Feb. I to April 1, to

Sabathoo. HutawAITE, Lieut. col. E. C.B. 9 mo. fr. March 15, to Nynee

Tal, on m. c. INGLIS, Brev. capt. J. 11th L.C. 6 mo. fr. April 20, to Simla. JACKSON, Brev. capt. G. 2nd irr. cav. fr. April 5 to Oct. 15, to

Simla. JACKSON, Ens. P. H. 67th N.I. fr. Feb. 12 to April 12, to rem. at

Julluqdur. JEREMIE, Capt. W. H. 38th N.I. 4 mo. fr. March 15, to Calcutta,

prep. to app. for furl. to Eur. Johnson, 1st Lieut. E. B., h. art. fr. April i to June 15, to Simla. LANE, Ens. F. 4 mo. fr. D'C 18 10 remain at Calcutta. LARKINS, Lieut. R. 49th N.I. 4 mo. fr. Aug. 2, to Loodianah. LUARD, Capt. P. W. 55th N.I. to March 24, in ext. to remain at

Meerut, and to enable him to join bis corps. Manson, 1st Lieut. J. A. h. art. fr. March 20 to July 31, to Bit.

toor and Cawnpore. MACSHERRY, Lieut. col. T. 30th N.I. 6 mo. fr. April 15, to

Simla. McBARNETT, Lieut. G. G. 55th N.I. to Meerut. MOWATT, Brev, maj. J. L, 4th tr. lst brig. art. 6 mo. fr. May 1,

to Simla. Nasy, Brev. lieut. col. J. C.B. 43rd L.I. to rec. all reports of stat.

of Ferozepore, March 11. NEPEAN, Lieut. E. P. T. 38th L.I. to Europe on furl, on m. c. NIGHTINGALE, Ens. C. W. 18th N.I. fr. March 15 to Sept. 15, to

Subathoo and Simla. OGILVIE, Ens. J. S. 48th N.1.6 mo. fr. April 1, to Beerbhoom. PATTENSOX, Ist Lieut. H. T. T. b. art. 9 mo. fr. March 15 to

Nynee Tal, on m. c. PATTERSON, Lieut. F. T. 48th N.I. 6 mo. fr. April 15 to Nynee

Tal. Port, Brev, maj. D. 47th N.I. to March 11 in ext. on m.c. to

enable him to join his corps. Russell, Ist Lieut. W. C. h. art. fr. April 1 to Sept. 30, to Ber

hampore and Calcutta. Scott, Ens. W. A. 59th N.I, fr. April 15 to Oct. 15, to Simla. SHELTON, Lieut. H. R. 38th It. inf. 2 mo. fr. Feb. 18. SLADex, ist Lieut. J. R. 4th tr. 1st brig. art. 6 mo. fr. April 15,

to Simla. STOKES, Capt. G. W. 9th N.I. fr. May 15 to Nov. 1, to Nur

poorie. UNWIN, Lieut. R. 16th N.I. fr. March 1 to Nov. 20, in ext. to

hills north of Deyrah, on m. c. VIBABT, Lieut. F. E. 5th L. C. stat. staff Landour, fr. Feb. 2 to

March 25, to Meerut. White, Eos. M. J. 26th lt. inf. 6 mo. fr. March 1, to hills north of

Deyrah. WHITING, Lieut. F. epg. to Europe on furl. on m. c. Willows, Ens. J. E. L. 10th N.I. 6 mo. fr. March 15 to Futtegurb.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. AINGER, M. Asst. surg. to med. ch. of 38th L.I. March ll. ATKINSON, Asst. surg. R. J. to do duty with 9th L.C. at Cawn.

pore, March 4. BADDELEY, Surg. P. F. H, 7th N.I. to aff. med. aid to staff, v.

Rae, March 11. BANNATYNE, Asst. surg. J. to rank fr. Oct. 20, 1846. BARRETT, Vet. surg. W. P. to be vet. surg. of the central stud. Browx, Asst. surg. S. to rank fr. Oct. 20, 1846. Booth, Vet. surg. J. to do duty with 9th L.C. at Cawnpore. Canxox, Asst. surg. H. M. M.D. to aff. med. aid to 2nd tr. ist

brig. art. at Hoshеyarpore, March 8. DUNCAN, Surg. J. M.D. 10th N.I. to rec. the sick of art. into hosp.

at Goruckpore, and to aff. med aid, March 11. FAITHFUL, Sarg. R. W. 9th irr. cav. to rec. med. ch. of 59th N.I.

fr. Surg. Macdonald, on leave. GBANT, Dr. J. to be a mem, of the counc. of educ. March 10. GRIFFITH, S. M. civ. asst. surg. of Purneah, to be a mem. of the

Ferry and Chowkeedaree Fund comm. of that distr. March 10. HANDYSIDE, Surg. C. B. M.D. posted to 71st N.I. proc. to Loo

dianab. HARRIS, Vet. surg. J. 6th L.C. to aff. prof. aid to horses of 4th

troop 3rd brig. Å.A. HASTINGS, T. civ. asst. surg. to be also a mem. of the Ferry Fund

com. of Monghyr, March 17. HODGSON, Asst. surg. R. to aff. med. aid to 16th irr. cav. HOLMES, Surg. S. fr. 50th to 19th N.I. JACKSON, Supt. surg. W. to be a mem. of committee for selecting

a site for European barracks. KEMP, Asst. surg. J. G. M.D. to temp. med. ch. of 66th N.I. v.

Barker, on leave, posted to 2nd tr. ist brig. H.A. at Hoshеyar

pore, Feb. 15. LAY, Asst. surg. P. G. to relieve Asst. surg. C. Griffiths fr. med.

duties of civ, station at Cuttack,


COCKBURN, R, March 12. THORP, E. March 12.
RAY, G. H. M.D.

TURNBULL, A. vet. dep. Mar. 13.


DAVIDSON, Asst. surg. C. J.

Gordon, Surg. W. M.D. 2 mo. fr. March 10, to Caleutta, prep. to

appl. for furl, to Europe.
MACDONALD, Surg. J. B. to Europe on furl.
MINTO, Asst. surg. A. M. McK. to Europe on furl, on m. c.
White, Asst. surg. A. M.D. 63rd N.I. to Feb. 10, in ext.

HER MAJESTY'S FORCES IN THE EAST. STAFF.—Brig. T. Monteath, c.B. (aide-de-c. to the Queen) to temp. com. of Benares div. dur, abs. of Maj. gen. J. Alexander, on m.c. till

Dec. 31. DRAGOONS.- 3rd regt. Cornet E. J. Thackwell to be lieut. v. Ireland, who retires ; C. C. B. St. George to be cornet, v. Thackwell.-9th. (Lancers) Capt. Spottiswoode, leave to Cawnpore fr. March 15 to May 31 ; Paymaster Leach, leave to Calcutta prior to emb. to Europe ; Surg. R. J. G. Grant, fr. 16th, to be surg. v. Wood, who exch.--10th. Capt. Townley, leave to Mahableshwur 4 mo, on m. c. ; Capt. T. Lloyd has rejoined ; Asst. surg. T. Fraser, M.D. leave to Mabableshwur 4 mo. on m. c.-15th, Cornet J. B. Miller to be lieut. v. Walker, dec.

INFANTRY.-8th regt. Lieut. Herrick, furl. to Eur. on m. c.9th. This corps is at Calcutta, perf. to emb. for Englaod.-17th. Capt. F. A. Wetherall, perm. to res. bis app. of act. asst. in the Scinde canal and forest depart.- 22nd. Capt. J. Ramsay is at Bombay, awaiting the arrival of Sir W. Cotton.—24th. Arrived at Agra March 5, Lieut. col. J. Stoyte in command.--28th. Capt. Vignoles, at Bombay on m. c.; Capt. Fraser has rejoined, 50th. Capt. Bonham, to command the Chinsurah depot, v. Lewis, prom. to 80th do.--61st. Capt. G. Fitz Roy, fr. h. p. Roy. W. I. Rangers, to be capt. v. Ward ; Lieut. J. F. Brickdale, to be capt. ; Ens. E. S. Powys to be lieut. ; Ens. R. G. Brackenbury to be lieut.; J. Nagle to be ens.; T. H. Harrison to be ens.-63rd. Reached Poonamallee March 11.-78th. (Highla: lers). Lieut. W. H. Ridge, leave to Bombay ; Lieut. Hewson, ti i months at Poona; Capt. Elrington, has proc. to Eur. on m. c. ; Capt. M.Murdo, leave to Bombay.-81th. Lieut. F. W. Chapm ), drowned at sea, Jan. 17. -94th. Lieut. W. H. Dore to be cap.v. Decre, dec.; Eng. H.T. M‘Crea to be lieut. ; R. H. Lewis to be ens.; Lieut. H. Capadose, fr. sth do. to capt. without purch. ; Asst. surg. J. D.

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