THE INDIA DIRECTORY; or, Directions for Sailing


and patrons that he has removed from 8, Alfred Street, Bedford Square, to 58, Burton Crescent, Euston Square, where he receives Pupils daily, from 10 A,M. to 2 P.M., for the acquisition of Hindustani, Persian, Sanscrit, Scc.

of Africa and South America. Compiled, chiefly from original journals of the Hon. Company's ships, and from observations and remarks resulting from the experience of twenty-one years in the navigation of those Seas, by JAMES HORSBURGH, Esq., F.R.S., &c. &c. Fifth edition. 2 vols. 4to. cloth let. tered, price £4.6s.

HORSBURGH'S CHARTS for the Navigation from England to India and China, and throughout the Eastern Seas, viz.1. North Atlantic Ocean, 6s.

16. Straits of Malacca and Singapore, 2. South Atlantic Ocean, 78. 6d.

one sheet, 7s. 60. 3. Anchorage at Gough's Island, 25. 17, 18, and 19. Straits of Malacca and 4. Bird's Islands and Doddington

Singapore, three sheets, 18s. Rock, 3s. 6d.

20. Strails of Sunda, 6s. 5 and 6. Cape of Good Hope, S.E. 21. Straits of Banca and Gaspar, Africa, and Madagascar Seas,

78. 6d. two sheets, 10s.6d.

22. Carimata Passage and Borneo 7. Indian Ocean, 78. 6d.

West Coast, 78. 6d. 8. Arabian Sea and East Africa, 23. Straits of Rhio, Durian, Lingin, 7s.6d.

and Singapore, 78. 6d. 9. Hindoostan Coasts and Islands, 24 and 25. China Sea and Coast ad. 7s.6d.

jacent, two sheets, 158. 10. Bombay Harbour, 10s. 6d.

26. Canton River and its approxi. 11 Goa Road and River, and Mur.

mate Channels, 7s.6d. magoa Anchorage, 7s.6d.

27. East Coast of China, 8s. 6d. 12. Maldiva Islands and Channels, 28. Bashee Islands and Channels be5s.

tween Luzon and Formoso, 3s. 60. 13. Bay of Bengal, 6s.

29, 30, and 31. Eastern Passages to 14. Peninsula and Islands of India,

China, three sheets, £i. lls. 6d. East of Bengal Bay, 9s.

32. Passages through the Barrier 25. West Coast of Sumatra, 6s.

Reels, Australia East, 4s. HORSBURGH'S EAST-INDIA PILOT, £15, 5s.

London: WM. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

ELEMENTARY WORKS BY DUNCAN FORBES, LL.D. GRAMMAR of the HINDUSTANI LANGUAGE, in the Oriental and Roman Characters, with numerous copper-plate Illustrations of the Persian and Devanagari Systems of Alphabetic Writing. To which is added, a copious Selection of Easy Extracts for reading in the PersiArabic and Devanagari Characters, forming a complete introduction to the Bagh-o-Bahar, together with a Vocabulary and explanatory Notes. By DUNCAN FORBES. 8vo, cloth

HINDUSTANI MANUAL: a Pocket Companion for those who visit India in any capacity; intended to facilitate the essential attainments of conversing with fluency, and composing with accuracy, in the most useful of all the languages spoken in our Eastern Empire,

IN TWO PARTS. PART I.-A compendious Grammar, PART IL-A Vocabulary of useful and Exercises on its more promi. Words, English and Hindustani ; nent peculiarities; with a selection shewing at the same time the dif. of useful phrases, and dialogues un ference of idiom between the two familiar subjects.

Languages. By DUNCAN FORBES. 18mo. cloth BAGH-O-BAHAR; consisting of entertaining Tales. By MIR AMNAN, of Dilhi. A new edition, carefully collated with original Manuscripts, having the essential vowel points and punctuation marked throughout. To which is added, a Vocabulary of the Words occurring in the Work. By DUNCAN FORBES. Royal 8vo, cloth ..

158. HINDUSTANI READER, adapted for beginners; with a copious Vocabulary and explanatory Notes. By DUNCAN FORBES. Royal 8vo. sewed

35. 6d. GRAMMAR of the PERSIAN LANGUAGE. Το which is added, a Selection of Easy Extracts for reading, together with a copious Vocabulary. By DUNCAN FORBES. Second edition, greatly improved and considerably enlarged. Royal 8vo. cloth

12s.6d. London: Wm. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

75. 6d.


OF COW PER'S LIFE AND WORKS. A new edition, to be published in Eight Monthly Volumes. Price, bound in

cloth, each vol. 38. The first volume will appear on the 30th of April. THE WORKS of WILLIAM COWPER, his Life and

Letters. By WILLIAM HAYLEY, Esq., Now first completed, by the introduction of Cowper's Private Correspondence. Edited by the Rev. T. S. GRIMSHAWE, A.M. With an Essay on the Genius and Poetry of Cowper, by the Rev. J. W. CUNNINGHAM, A.M. The work will be illustrated with sixteen steel engravings, from drawings by S. D. Harding, Esq. A Prospectus, shewing the type, &c., may be had on application

London : WILLIAM TEGG and Co., Pancras Lane, Cheapside.


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: a general Description of the Island and its English. By HENRY MARSHALL, F.R.S.E., Author of the " Military Miscellany." Post 8vo. cloth, 7s.

" Mr. Marshall has accomplished a work possessing the highest interest for all whose eyes are intent on the progress of our colonial empire, addressing himself to the task in a true spirit of unaffected philanthropy, utterly devoid of cant, and under the guidance of intelligence." -Morning Chronicle.

Among military writers, the author of this work occupies a distinguished place. His book is not one of the bulkiest, but it is one of the best."- Allas.

" This is a very compact, useful little volume for reference, containing a vast quantity of practical matter within a small compass." -Naval and Military Gazette.

London: WM. H. ALLEN and Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

still retains the same moderate price which, with its usefulness and gentlemanly appearance, has secured such general popularity. It has been made by special command for their Royal Highnesses Prince Albert, Prince George of Cambridge, Prince Edward of Saxe Weimar, His Grace the Duke of Wellington, and the several Royal Visitors to the British Court. In London it can only be purchased of the Patentees, H. J. and D. NICOLL, Court Tailors, 114, Regent Street, and 22, Cornhill. Agents :-Liverpool, DawBARN and Son, Bold Street; Dublin, Geo. MACDONA, Molesworth Street; Birmingham, WARRING and Son, New Street; Edinburgh, CHRISTIE and Son, George Street; and the principal Tailors in other large towns. Agents abroad :-JAMES BRUCE, the Cape, ROBERT RUTHERFORD, Hong-Kong: D. Wilson and Co., Calcutta;


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THE ATLAS FOR INDIA.—The object of this publi-

cation, which is issued on the 7th and 24th of every month, is to give, in a condensed form, the news of the preceding fortnight, up to the hour of the mail's departure, collected and arranged with especial reference to the requirements of the Indian public. Whilst matter not affecting the interests of, or calculated in any manner to entertain the Indian reader, is scrupulously excluded, the utmost pains are taken to obtain from every possible source often from original and exclusive sources information of peculiar interest to residents in the Indian presidencies, Ceylon, China, and the Straits. The better to secure the accomplishment of this desirable end, and to render the publication in every respect what it professes to be, an ATLAS FOR INDIA, the management has been placed in the hands of a gentleman recently editor of one of the leading daily journals of Calcutta.

The ATLAS FOR INDIA is not a mere reproduction of the principal contents of the weekly paper, but is in a great measure written expressly for Indian circulation. It contains a compendious narrative of the principal domestic and foreign events of the fortnight; military and commercial intel. ligence; literary and social chit-chat; items of personal news, &c. &c. Every number embraces a general summary of the news of the past fortnight, written expressly for this journal, regard being had to the relative importance and interest of the different events touched upon, in the eyes of the AngloIndian reader. It is the endeavour of the conductor of the ATLAS FOR INDIA, not only to give a condensed historical narrative of political events, but to catch the tone and temper of the times, and embody in the pages of this journal all that lighter fabric of social and literary intelligence, past, present, and prospective, which, in this age of progress, is so abundant in every great European metropolis. Atlas Office, 6, Southampton-street, Strand. To be bad of all News-agents.

The next ATLAS FOR INDIA will be published this afternoon, April 24th.

SCHOOL, Head Master, Rev. WM. GOODENOUGH BAYLY, B.C.L. (late of New College, Oxford), Incumbent of Midhurst.

Terms.-Board and Tuition in the Classics, Mathematics, Writing, Arithmetic, &c., French, Drawing, and Dancing, 52 guineas per annum (washing and medical attendance included).

** Each boy has a separate bed. Charge for children left with Mr. BAYLY during the racation, 8 guineas per annum.

Apply to Rev. W. G. BAYLY, Midhurst; or Capt. E. E. LUDLOW, E.L.Army Agent, 13, Clifford's Inn, London.



LANG begs to inform his sporting friends (particularly those who are resident in India, and who are but par. tially acquainted with his highly-approved and very superior-finished guns) that he has always in hand a few choice pieces of his own manufucture, and which are wrought by the same workmen who were employed by that celebrated maker, JOSEPH MANTON. Also a few double and single rifles, made on the most approved plans of rifling, with moulds on an improved plan to cast the egg-shaped balls and bolts for tiger and other large animal shooting. J. LANG's patent walking-stick guns, with rifle and shot-barrel, and folding telescope-stock, which are now in general use by the sportsmen of this country. Also his patent greyhound starters, which are used at all the great cours. ing meetings in the kingdom.

LANG'S GUN MANUFACTORY, Haymarket, London.




400, £1. 105
DIALOGUES. 8vo. 158.

London: WM. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

PELLATT and Co. (late Pellatt and Green), Glass Manufacturers and Dealers in China and Earthenware, having for many years past been honoured with orders of Regimental Messes, Merchants, and the Public in India, respectfully solicit a continuance of those favours they have for so long a period received. Purchasers may be assured of the quality of their goods being of the choicest description, the charges moderate, and the utmost attention paid to packing. Chandeliers and Wall Brackets in highly refractive white, and in arievgated coloured glass, of the most novel and artistic designs. Drawings and estimates of Chandeliers, Table Glass, and China, forwarded to all parts of India free of charge.

Address, APSLEY PELLATT and Co., Falcon Glass Works, London,

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powered by Special Act of Parliament, l, King William Street, London.


JOHR STEWART, Esq., M.P., Deputy Chairman.
Major-Gen. Sir Richard Armstrong, Francis Macnaghten, Esq.
C.B., K.C.T., and S.

Charles Otway Mayne, Esq. John Bagshaw, Esq.

William Rothery, Esq. Augustus Bosanquet, Esq.

Robert Saunders, Esq. Charles Dashwood Bruce, Esq.

James Duncan Thompson, Esq. Ellis Watkin Cuncliffe, Esq.

Capt. Samuel Thornton, R.N. William Kilburn, Esq.

AUDITORS. Richard, Clark, Esq. Robert Gardner, Esq. | Robert Hitchens, Esq. BANKERS.-Bank of England, and Messrs. Currie and Co.

SOLICITOR. William Henry Cotterill, Esq. PHYSICIAN.-Geo. Burrows, M.D., 45, Queen Anne Street, Cavendish Square.

The principle adopted by the Universal Life Assurance Society, of an anmual valuation of assets and liabilities, and a division of three-fourths of the profits among the assured, is admitted to offer great advantages, especially to Those who may wish to appropriate their proportion of profit to the reduction of prerniums

The following Table will shew the result of the last division of profits, as declared on the 13th May, 1846, to all persons who had on that day paid six annual premiums:

EAST-INDIAN RAILWAY COMPANY, OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Deed of Setoffices, 8. Broad Street Buildings, and the proprictors of scrip receipts, mumbered from 1 to 80,000, are hereby required to transmit the same to the Secretary, for registration, on or before Saturday, the 1st day of May next; in default whereof, the shares will be subject to forfeiture.

Copies of the Report, with printed forms to accompany the scrip, may be obtained on application at the otfices of the Company, 8, Broad Street Buildings; Messrs. Carden and Whitehead, Royal Exchange Buillings; and Messrs. Laurence, Cazenove, and Pearce, Bartholomew Lane.

N.B.-The registered share certificates will be issued in the order in which the deed is executed, and the priority regulated by the date of execution.

So soon as arrangements will admit, a notice will be issued, calling on holders of new scrip to present the same for registration.

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ADIES TRAVELLING, or otherwise exposed to the

scorching rays of the sun, and heated particles of dust, will find ROWLAND'S KALYDOR a most refreshing preparation for the complexion, dispelling the cloud of languor and relaxation, allaying all heat and irritability, and immediately affording the pleasing sensat ion attending restored elasticity of the skin. The numerous varieties of cutaneous eruptions, together with sun-burn, freckles, tan, and discolorations, are pleasingly eradicated by the Kalydor, and the skin rendered delicately soft and clear. Its purifying and refreshing properties have obtained its exclusive selection by her Majesty the Queen, the Court and the Royal Family of Great Britain, and the several Courts of Europe ; together with the eilte of the aristocracy and haute volée, from the suitry climes of India and the drawing-rooms of Calcutta and Madras to the frozen realms of the Czar and the saloons of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle.

Beware of spurious “ KALYDORS," containing mineral astrigents utterly ruinous to the complexion, and which, by their repellent action, endanger health,

ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL.-The singular virtues of this successful invention for restoring, improving, and beautifying the Humau Hair, are too well known and appreciated to need comment. The very fact of its having stood the test of nearly half a century of probation, and obtained the especial patronage of her Majesty the Queen, H.R.H. Prince Albert, the whole of the Royal Family, and of every Court in the civilized world, and the high esteem in which it is universally beld, together with numerous testimonials constantly received of its efficacy, afford the best and surest proof of its merits.-Price 35. 6d. ; 78.; family bottles (equal to four small), 10s. 6d., and double that size, 21s. per bottle.

ROWLANDS' ODONTO, or Pearl DENTIFRICE, a white Powder for the Teeth, compounded of the choicest and most recherché ingre. dients of the Oriental Herbal, of inestimable virtue for preserving and beautifying the Teeth and strengthening the Gums. Its truly efficient and fragrant aromatic properties have obtained its selection by the Court and Royal Family of Great Britain, and the sovereigns and nobility throughout Europe. -Price 25. 9d. per box.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION.--Unprincipled individuals, for the sake of gaining a trifle more profit, vend the most spurious compounds under the names of " Macassar Oil," "Kalydor," and "Odonto;" some under the implied sanction of Royalty and the Government Departments, with similar attempts at deception, while they copy the labels, advertisements, and testimonials (substituting fictitious names and addresses for the real) of the original preparations. It is therefore highly necessary to see that the word “Rów. LAND'S” is on the wrapper of each article.--All others are FRAUDULENT INITATIONS !!

The genuine articles are sold by the Proprietors, and by every respectable Perfumer and Chemist throughout the kingdom.

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Richard Hartley Kennedy, Esq., Chairman,

George William Anderson, Esq., Deputy Chairman.
Sir H. Elphinstone, Bart., M.P.

Rev. David Robinson. Harry G. Gordon, Esq.

John Savage, Esq. Henry Allan Harrison, Esq.

John Shewell, Esq. Frederick Jones, Esq.

Archibald Spens, Esq. Rev. S. Tenison Mosse. INVALID LIVES ASSURED; also, Select Lives, -including the Lives of Naval and Military Officers proceeding to or resident in India, or other parts of the world.

Tables of Rates adapted to every class of Policy-holders.

INDIAN RATES.-Annual Premium for 1000 Rupees.
Civil Service.

Military Service,


J. , ,

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B. SANDER, 319, Holborn, London (corner of

Southampton-buildings, opposite Gray's-inn-gate), has constantly on view the Largest Stock in London of Table Glass), plainly or elegantly cut; Dinner, Dessert, Breakfast and Tea Services, and Toilet Sets in China, 'Iron. stone, and Earthenware ; Ornamental China, Papier Maché, and Iron Tea Trays ; Chandeliers, Lustres ; Argand, Solar, and Vesta Lamps; Hall Lanterns, stained or plain; Alabaster Figures, Vases, &c.

Parties favouring this Establishment with a visit, will obtain every informa. tion relative to Prices, and will not be importuned to make purchases.

Goods for Exportation carefully packed, and delivered in Town and at the Docks Cartage Free.


• London, begs respectfully to acquaint gentlemen proceeding to or resident in India, that he continues to manufacture Guns and Pistols of every description, at the lowest price consistent with first-rate workmanship.

Double and Single Rifles, of large bore, suitable for tiger shooting. Double Pistols with musket and carbine bores, Pea Rifles, Air Guns, & c., on the most approved principles.

Established 1809. YTOOPING of the SHOULDERS and CONTRAC

TION of the CHEST are entirely prevented, and gently and effectually removed in Youth, and Ladies and Gentlemen, by the occasional use of the IMPROVED ELASTIC CHEST EXPANDER, which is light, simple, easily applied, either above or beneath the dress, and worn without any uncomfortable constraint or impediment to exercise. To young persons especially it is highly beneficial, immediately producing an evident improvement in the figure, and tending greatly to prevent the incursion of pulmonary diseases; whilst to the invalid, and those much engaged in sedentary pusuits, such as reading or studying, working, drawing, or music, it is found to be invaluable, as it expands the chest and affords a great support to the back. It is made in Silk; and can be forwarded, per post, by Mr. ALFRED BINYON, Sole Manufacturer and Proprietor, No. 40, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London; or full particulars, with prices and mode of measurement, on receipt of a postage stamp.


by HOLLOWAY'S PILLS and OINTMENT.-Mrs. Gibbons, of Tivoli Place, Cheltenham, was for two years so dreadfully afflicted with erysi. pelas, that she became (however extraordinary it may appear) both blind and deaf from the severity of the disease. During the iime she was attended by several of the most eminent medical men in Cheltenham, but without receiving any benefit whatever, and as a last resource she tried Holloway's Pills and Ointment, which, in two months, perfectly cured the dreadful complaint, and restored her to health. This remarkable cure can be authenticated in every particular at the Bookseller's, No. 10, Arcade, High Street, Cheltenham.

Sold by all Druggists, and at Professor HOLLOWAY's Establishment, 244, Strand, London. Wholesale

Agent for the Presidency of Bombay, Mr. FRAMJES NASSERWANJEE, 11, Forbes Street. For the Presidency of Madras, Messrs. ASHTON, RICHARDSON, and Co., Mount Road, and Messrs. STEPHENSON and Co., Beach. For the Presidency of Bengal, Mr. J. H. Cook, Waterloo Street, Calcutta. For Meerut and Simla, Mr. JOSEPH ANDERSON. For Agra, Messrs. THOMAS HULSE and NEPHEW.


to India can be supplied, at a short notice, with the proper description of LINEN, Military Accoutrements, Cabin Furniture, &c., requisite for an outfit, of the best quality, at moderate prices, by CHRISTIAN and RATHBONE, 11, Wigmore Street, Cavendish Square, London.

Camp Furniture, Overland Trunks, &c.—Estimates and Samples sent on application.



INDIA and GENERAL AGENCY.-127, Leadenhall Street, opposite the India House, London,

Mr. W. M. Boyce, late of the Indian Navy, begs to intimate that he has commenced business as an East-Indian and General Agent.

In soliciting the patronage of his numerous friends in India, both European and Native, and that of the public generally, W. M. BOYCE trusts, by the most unwearied attention to the various interests and wants of those who may honour him with their support, to render his Agency as efficient as possible.

W. M. B. is prepared to transact every description of Agency business, including the procuring and forwarding of supplies of every kind; passages to India, round the Cape or Overland; clearing and warehousing of luggage, &c.; transmission of packages, parcels, aud letters overland.

Arrangements have been made for clearing and disposing of baggage belonging to parties arriving from India, either by the Cape of Good Hope or by Alexandria. Passengers arrived by the latter route, and desirous of having their luggage cleared without delay, should write to Boyce and Co., via Marseilles, who will always have their Agents in attendance at Southampton.



THE following SPLENDID SHIPS, belonging to

, Messrs. GREEN, of Blackwall, built expressly for the INDIA TRADE, will be despatched punctually from GRAVESEND at the undermentioned dates:

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ASSURANCES OCIETY. Established 1824.

DIBECTORS. Sir John Barrow, Bart., F.R.S.

Right Hon. Sir T. F. Freemantle. Lord W. R. K. Douglas, F.R.S.

Bart. Charles Elliott, Esq., F.R.S.

James Murray, Esq. Joseph Esdaile, Esg.

Samuel Skinner, Esq. William A. Guy, M.D.

Sir William Young, Bart. Henry Harvey, Esq., F.R.S.

PHYSICIAN.-Seth Thompson, M.D. NEW RATES OF PREMIUM.–The Directors of this Society, with the view of meeting the wants and wishes of the large class of persons who prefer the present advantages of reduced premiums to a prospective bonus in the shape of an addition to their policies, have constructed a new scale, based on the safest and most approved data, viz. the Experience Tables recently compiled by a Committee of Actuaries from the records of seventeen of the leading London offices, including the Amicable and the Equitable.

The Society now offers the following advantages :-
The Lowest Scale of Premium which can be safely adopted.

For an Assurance of £100 payable at death.


£i 13 1 Age ...... 30 ...... 2 2 10 Age ...... 40 ...... 2 18 7

Other ages at proportionate rates. Undoubted security guaranteed by a large capital, an influential proprietary, the long standing of the office, and the satisfactory results of its business.

Facility in the settlement of claims, which are payable within three months from the date of proof.

Liberty to travel in any part of Europe without extra premium.
Loans equivalent to the value of the policies.

To those who desire to secure the advantages of a prospective bonus, by a small additional outlay, the deed of settlement assigns four.fifths of the profit.

Bonuses may be commuted for equivalent reductions of premium at the option of the assured, by which arrangement the amount originally assured may be kept up at a continually decreasing cost.

Insurances effected on joint as well as on single lives, for short terms or other. wise, and to meet any specified contingency.

Premiums may be paid in one sum, or in any other equitable manner to meet the convenience of the public.

The age of the life assured is admitted on the policy at the time of effecting the assurance, or at any other time, on production of satisfactory proof.

Every information and assistance will be given to assurers, either at the offices, No. 7, Waterloo Place, London, or by the Society's agents, established in all principal towns. Jan. 1847.

J. LODGE, Secretary and Actuary.

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do April 26 Sailed. May 15 May 26 June 1 June 21 June 25

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850 W.N. Howard.. Madras & Calcutta Sailed. Royal Albert 750 A, Scanlan Bombay direct

Do. Samarang 700 W. Buckle

Madras & Calcutta
Minerva (new ship)

J. Geere........


26 May Maidstone 1000 J. T. Nash .... Cape & Calcutta, .

3 July Southampton 1050 W.a.Bowen, H.C.S. Calcutta direct.... 20 July Queen 1350 Donald M'Leod


1 Sept. True Briton 800 C. C. Consitt .. Cape & Madras ..

14 Aug. For Freight or Passage, apply to the respective Commanders, at the Jerusalem

Coffee-house; or to WIMBLE and ALLPORT, with Messrs. WIGRAM, 136, Leadenhall-street.


900 Windsor

800 Essex

850 W. Howard Seringapatam .......

1000 Jas. Furnell. Samarang

700 W. Buckle Robert Small

850 Ed. Williams ... Minerva (new ship)

850 J. Geere ........ Wellesley

1150 W. Toller.... Bucephalus

1050 William Bell Barham (new)

1200 J. Gimblett ......

CALCUTTA. Ellenborough

1100 M, C. Close...... Southampton

1050 W.A.Bowen, H.C.S. Monarch

1400 W. H. Walker Alfred

1400 A. Henning Tudor

1150 M. J. Lay.. Prince of Wales ..

1350 W. F. Hopkins Queen ..

1350 Donald M.Leod.. Marlborough (new)

1400 John S. Webb Earl of Hardwicke

1000 J. Drew

CAPE and CALCUTTA. Maidstone

1000 J. T. Nash Agincourt...

1050 E, P. Nisbet Gloriana


John Domett ....

CAPE and MADRAS. City of Poonah ......


C. Nelson........ True Briton...............

800 C. C. Consitt

MADRAS. Duke of Argyll

800 H. Bristow Vernon ...


E. Voss Northumberland

900 R. Pollock

BOMBAY. Madagascar

1000 E. Hight Malabar

700 W.H. Pare ......

CAPE and BOMBAY. Owen Glendower

1000 D. Robertson

July 10 July 20 July 26 Aug. 10 Aug. 18 Aug. 26 Sept. 1 Sept. 1 Sept. 25

July 3 July 10 July 22


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Aug. 14

Overland Newspaper for India, China, and the Colonies.

Aug. 14 Sept. 10

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Oct. 10

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THE “HOME NEWS,” with which is now incorpo-

rated the “ LONDON MAIL," is regularly issued on the 7th and 24th of each Month, in time for the despatch via Marseilles, all intelligence of interest for the reader in India being brought down to the latest hour.

Messrs. GRINDLAY and Co. have the pleasure to announce that arrangements have been made for incorporating with the “HOME NEWS,” the distinguishing features of the “ LONDON MAIL.” They refer to the MiliTARY, COMMERCIAL, and INDIAN News, the greater portion of which has been selected and arranged by the late Editor of the “ LONDON MAIL,whose contributions to those departments in his own Journal attained for i* the wide circulation, high position, and public confidence, by which it was distinguished as a Journal for India.

The Proprietors of the “HOME NEWS" beg to assure the subscribers to the “ LONDON MAIL," that no effort will be wanting on their part to pre. vent regret for the demise of that Journal, and the transfusion of its spirit into these columns. The only cbange which this incorporation has occasioned, is an addition of eight pages to the twenty-four of which the “ HOME NEWS" originally consisted, making a whole of thirty-two pages, without any alteration of its present portable and convenient form ; and they venture with some confidence to express a hope that the talent they have secured for its conduct, the peculiar resources at their own command, and their practical knowledge of the information most acceptable to the Indian public-especially as it regards the Civil and Military services-will give the “ HOME NEWS,” embracing as it now does the leading merits of the “LONDON MAIL,” at once a place in the first rank among the Journals for India.

Parties desiring to have the “HOME NEWS” forwarded regularly without further trouble to their friends in India, should apply to Messrs. GRINDLAY and Co. or through any respectable Newsman in Town or Country at the Offices of the “HOME NEWS," 16, Cornbill, and Green-arbour Court, Old Bailey. The price of the “ HOME NEWS" is 9d. for each copy, or 185. per

annum, payable in advrince,


Ready-made Linen Warehousemen, and Manufacturing Outfitters, 61 to 64, Houndsditch, present their establishment to Officers, Civilians, and Passengers about to leave for India, as combining facilities for the production and supply of Superfine Clothing for India, ready-made Linen Shirts, and every kind of Under Clothing at value. They also manufacture Cabin and Camp Solid Furniture for outfit and subsequent use. Peculiar Waterproof Overland Trunks, One Guinea each.—Priced estimates in detail, with every particular, sent by post.

Communications for the Editor, and Advertisements, should be sent

under cover to Messrs. Wm. H. Allen & Co., 7, Leadenhall.street.

COUNTRY AGENTS:Edinburgh, W. Blackwood and Sons ; Charles Smith. Dublin, Hodges and Smith. Brighton, C. Booty.

LONDON:-Printed by CHARLES WYMAN, of 16, Castelnau Villas, in the

Parish of Barnes, in the County of Surrey, Printer, at the Printing Office of J. & H. Cox, Brothers, 74 & 73, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's-Inn Fields, in the Parish of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, in the County of Middlesex; and pube lished by LANCELOT WIID, at No. 13, Catherine Street, Strand, in the Parish of St. Mary-le-Strand, in the said County.-Saturday, April 24, 1847.






No. 76.]


[Price 18.







Transit Duties





.. 278

279 279



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past, and seemed to acquiesce in it with great philosophy.

The disturbances originated in personal enmity to GhoLAB SUMMARY AND REVIEW OY

Civil, Military, and Medical EASTERN NEWS 238 Establishments...

SINGH; and the fact of that distinguished personage being


Marine Department.

a Sikh had nothing whatever to do with them. Then, too, Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 259

Domestic Intelligence.. Government General Orders .. 261

Shipping and Commercial In. with regard to the Hazareh insurrection, it turns out, that Court-martial


telligence Civil, Ecclesiastical, Military,

275 the rising was not against GHOLAB Singh, but against the and Medical Establishments 261

Lahore faction, whose representatives, the insurgents, as we H.M. Forces in the East...... 263 Domestic Intelligence. ... 264 Colonel Maberly in China 276

must call them, for want of a better word, bad expelled Shipping and Commercial In


277 telligence 261

from the hills, and shut up in the fort of Hurkeshengur,

Sir Claude Wade ... ALADRAS:


the point of capitulating, when it Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 265

The Hong-Kong Post Office .. 278 Government General Orders .. 266

was relieved by a strong reinforcement from Lahore, just Civil, Ecclesiastical, Military, Arrival of Sir Harry Smith and Medical Establishments 266

before the new arrangement was concluded with the Jamoo Railway Proceedings Domestic Intelligence. ..:: 267 Legal Proceedings

chief. Lieutenant LUMSDEN, it appears, was despatched, Shipping and Commercial In.

Miscellaneous Intelligence..., 280 telligence 267 Shipping Intelligence

not to make war, but to establish and consolidate the relation BOMBAY:

Domestic Intelligence. Monument for Ourselves

of peace. He has been joined by Mr. Vans Agnew as a 267 Arrivals, &c. reported at the Military Memorial 268 East-India House

coadjutor, and it seems not to be doubted that they will Destructive Fire at Mazagon.. 268 Changes and Promotions in The Seinde State Papers again 269 H.M. Regiments in the East 282 succeed. Indeed, resistance to GHOLAB Singh, not Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 269

Embarkation of Troops for Government General Orders .. 272

prompted by rival chieftains, but springing from the mere Court-martial... 272 LITERARY NOTICES .......... motion of the people, is a thing not to be expected. Such

bursts of patriotism are not common in the East; and as The mails from Bombay were brought by the Semiramis, which,

those who resisted, if they were successful, would certainly deaving on the 2nd of April, arrived at Suez on the 19th, and Alex. not establish, nor attempt to establish, a government, under andria on the 22nd, from which place they were conveyed by the Ariel to Malta, wbich they reached on the 26th. The Marseilles

which the rights of all would be respected, and the happiportion was thence forwarded by the Flamer, arriving there on the ness of all promoted—as like the ass in the fable, they ist inst. The Erin, with the remainder, was to leave Malta on the

would merely be transferred from the iron rule of one 26th, and may be expected at Southampton on or about the sth inst.

despot to the iron rule of another, it does not appear why

they should shew so much aversion to Gholab Singh. A mail for Bombay will be despatched, riđ Marseiles, to-morrow True, he is selfish, avaricious, treacherous, and cruel ; in evening. A mail for Ceylon, Madras, the Straits, and China, will be des.

brief, he is no better than other Oriental chiefs, but we do patched on the morning of Thursday, the 20th inst. Letters to be not think that he is much worse; and his being under British in time should be posted in London on the previous evening ; but if marked via Marseilles, they will be in time if posted on the evening

influence will necessarily operate to keep him a little in of Monday, the 26th.

check. If, therefore, the people brought under his rule be The Hindustan, with the London mail of January 25th, arrived at Calcutta March 10.

wise, they will act in accordance with the invitation The Queen, with the London mail of February 24th, arrived at placarded by the ticketing shopkeepers, “Give us a fair Bombay March 31.

trial.” The Victoria, from Suez, arrived at Aden on the 29th of March,

LAHORE enjoys a degree of quietness which it has not DATES OF ADVICES.

for a long time known. The rumour that the life of TEJ Bombay.

April 2 Singh was in danger, is now said to have originated with Madras March 25

... March 24

himself, the object being to bring his enemies into trouble.

Thus we have RICHARD OF Glo'ster acted again in SUMMARY & REVIEW OF EASTERN NEWS.

a place where his name was never heard. The finances of

Lahore are, as might be expected, in most “admired disTime, which dispels so many political mists, is clearing order,” but efforts are making to reduce the chaotic the atmosphere of Punjab politics, and shewing us that

mass to shape, and with every probability of success. some of our views, as to the state of things in Northern India, were not quite in accordance with fact. The Cash

SHERE MAHOMED, ex-Ameer of Meerpore, the “ Lion mir insurrection was représented as a great patriotic out

of Meerpore,” as he has : been called; has, after four years' break, originating in the indignation of the people

, in being wandering, surrendered himself to Colonel Lawrence, and subjected to the government of a Sikh chief. The truth is,

retired from public life upon a pension. that they had been under such government for many years From AfFGHANISTAN we receive a confirmation of the

[blocks in formation]

news of the death of Akbar Kuan, and a dark and terrible

BENGAL. rumour accompanies the confirmation. It is denied that

THE GOVERNMENT ORDER FOR THE SUSPEN. the wuzeer died of delirium tremens, as reported; and the SION OF PUBLIC WORKS UPON THE

SABBATH-DAY. event is ascribed to poison-prepared, it is said-by his

In the opening discourse of the Lent Lectures, the bishop father. Such things have happened amid the dark and un

called attention to this most admirable order, and observed, that scrupulous expedients of Oriental policy; but it requires in his judgment it was the most important public step which bad something more than mere assertion to reconcile us to the been taken in favour of religion since the establishment of the

British power in India. He further observed, that he had in belief of such a deed, even though an Indian prince is re

his own name and that of his clergy, offered a thankful acknowpresented as the actor. The character of Dost MAHOMED, ledgment of this great boon to the Governor-General. We are moreover, does not lend credit to the rumour; for,

most happy in being allowed to lay before our readers a copy of

the letter conveying the sentiments of his lordship and the clergy compared with the ordinary run of the class to which he

upon this occasion :belongs, it would be unjust to describe him as prone to

TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL OF INDIA. deeds of blood. At present we must be satisfied with

Bishop's Palace, Calcutta, Feb. 2, 1847. knowing that Akbar Khan is dead—for any trustworthy My LORD,—I beg permission, in the names of the Reverend account of the circumstances of his death we must wait.

Clergy in and around Calcutta, to return you our best acknow

ledgments for the important order which bas just been issued From SCINDE we have little more than the following by you with respect to the due observance of the Christian

Sabbath. sketch of the movements of our robber neighbours :

Last evening the monthly semi-oficial synod of the bishop, "The notorious robber Islam Khan has again been annoying our

archdeacon, and clergy took place; and I was requested to conborders : the Doomkies, Boogties, Murrees, and Jekranees, have all vey to your lordship the strong feelings of gratitude to Almighty been long plundering each other. Capt. Jacob, with a detachment God, and of thanks to yourself as the instrument of His mercy, of the Scinde Irregulars, guards the marches, but is unable to get with which every heart was animated. within sight of the freebooters, so shy are they grown of his society. We did not think it befitting us to call any public meeting The Boogtie chief having swept the country, resolved to make an

on the occasion, lest we should seem to be assuming to pass a incursion on our old allies the Dodah Murree tribe, and pushed on

judgment on the measures of Government, but in our private in considerable strength for Kahun. His intentions were discovered,

capacity in monthly meeting we thought we might, without his movements watched, and a reception prepared for him such as be little expected. The Murrees having prepared an ambush, took

danger of misunderstanding, express our respect and thankfulness their enemies by surprise, and assailed them when straggling down

to your lordship for this most important prohibition of governby a watering-place near Kahun. Six bundred are said to have ment works on the Sunday. fallen or been left severely wounded on the field-amongst these were

For myself I can truly assure you, that no step so momennine chiefs of note: two hundred and fifty horses were taken. Only tous for the religious interests of this country has, as I think, one of the assailants was slain. Islam Khan is now shut up amongst been taken during the fourteen or fifteen years of my Indian the mountains, Hostile tribes are on one side of him; on the other residence. The suppression of Suttees and Thugs was of a difhe is cut off by the Scinde horse from the supplies usually drawn by ferent character. Horrid infractions of the first laws of humanity him from Ali Moorad's dominions ; so that he will speedily have

were then put down. the alternative of starving where he is, facing his mountain enemies,

But the suspension of public works on the Lord's day is a or surrendering himself into our hands."

direct acknowledgment of the divine authority and perpetual The GOVERNOR-GENERAL and the COMMANDER-IN

obligation of this primeval Institution, ordained by the Almighty Chier it is expected are now at Simla.

in Paradise, as the portion of rest to be allowed to man for reli

gious repose and worship in every age, and incorporated afterThe commercial news from Calcutta is not very gratifying,

wards in the moral law.

The Heathen and Mahomedans will see that we have a reli

gion. an increased demand for rice, and of the permission to use The numerous Christian officers and superintendents of sugar for brewing and distillation had given some increased government works will be relieved from the necessity of desedegree of activity to the market for those articles. This how

crating God's holy day.

Nor can we doubt that the Great Arbiter of the universe ever was counteracted by the scarcity of tonnage and the will honour the British power in India, while that power puts consequent high rates of freight. Money, too, as in this honour on this distinguishing feature of the Christian faith. country, was scarce; the banks having raised the rates of

With our united prayers for your Lordship’s health and the

success of your administration, interest to 12 per cent. (the legal maximum) on private bills,

I remain, and to 8 per cent. on government acceptances. Under

Your most obedient Servant, (Signed)

D, CALCUTTA. these circumstances the face of affairs was, on the whole, - Christian Intelligencer. gloomy. Madras and Bombay offer scarcely any thing sufficiently

DISTRIBUTION OF SCHOLARSHIPS AND PRIZES. important to report. The latter presidency furnishes a

The annual ceremony of distributing scholarships and prizes

to the students of the Government Institutions, was beld in the favourable report as to the health of the people, but the.

Town-hall, yesterday forenoon. The Honourable Deputyweather, which agrees with every body else, seems un Governor, Sir Herbert Maddock, and suite, were present, as also suitable to the constitutions of lawyers, for both the judges

the Hon. F. Millett, the Hon. C. H. Cameron, D. Elliott, Esq.,

E. M. Gordon, Esq., J. W. Colville, Esq., Col. Burlton, G. A. of the Supreme Court have been indisposed. The state of

Bushby, Esq., F. J. Halliday, Esq. ; E. A. Samuells, Esq., C. commercial affairs would seem, from the following report Beadon, Esq., a company of ladies and gentlemen, together with of the Chamber of Commerce, to be not more satisfactory

a large assemblage of native gentlemen, among whom were

Rajah Radacunth Babadoor, Rajah Kallee Kishen Babadoor, at Bombay than at Calcutta :

and Rajah Sutto Churn Ghosaul. The hall was crowded both “ The import market manifests continued and increasing dulness.

with spectators and students, the latter including those belongThe scarcity of money generally felt has checked business, and

ing to the four of the Government Institutions, namely the Hindu, there seems to be very little inquiry for transmission to the interior,

Mahommedan, and Sanscrit colleges and the Russapugla school. while local wants would appear to have been satisfied by the pur

The report of the first mentioned of these institutions was read chases made in February last, and in the early part of March. The by Baboo Russomoy Dutt. With reference to the instructive offers for nearly every description of goods are much lower than arrangements of the Hindu college, one or two points they were lately, and many parties in consequence are actually re were particularly mentioned in the report. Mr. Newmarch fusing to shew their stocks in band."

having offered his services, has been appointed, under sanction of the Government, as Lecturer of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. The chair of civil engineering has not yet been filled, Mr. Lodge delivered a course of lectures in natural and

although the intelligence received there from this country of gia

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