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Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge,

For JANUARY, 1796.

TO THE P U B L I C.. THE commencement of a New Year, reminds us of a duty; which we

would be peculiarly remiss if we omitted paying, we mean that of acknowledging with what fincere gratilude we feel the extenfive encourage

ment and patronage this Work has experienced. While the sensations of an honest exultation arises in our breaf, at the

decided preference tke Hibernian Magazine has received, and which has enabled it to keep the field for so many years*, against a numerous holl of rival competitors's who are now dropped into oblivion , we shall not forget that it is only by firictly adhering to the principles, by which we huve obtained that celebrity, we can hope to relain it, no relaxalion, therefore, shall take place in our endeavours to preserve, and increase the reputation already gained. A retrospect of the past, is the best security we can give for future excellence, promises are, confequently, scarce necessary; we fall barely flate, that every exertion of Talent in the different branches of Polite Literature, Mall be employed in the Complement, while the choicest productions of the Pencil, shall be made subservient to the Artist's Graver, in the Embellishment -One oblervation we would wish particularly to impress, is that, this Work bring the only one where the Parliamentary Debates, in full, of this Kingdom, State Papers, Resolutions of Public Bodies, with moji other interesling Tracts, are preserved in a regular series, (materials, that the future Hiflorian would otherwise have to seek for in vain); no

Irishman interefied in the fate of his Country should be without it in his ** We shall continue to insert the contributions of perfons of Genius,

cither in Prose or Verseto such this Magazine will be always open ; but we muss deprecate any disquisitions on either Religious or Political subjects, where liberality is not made the basis of the strictures.

* The Hibernian Magazine was established in the year 1764. Remarks on the Effect of Dramatic Representations, with some Account of

Mr. HENRY ERS KINĖ JOHNSTO N. fOrtamented with a Capital Likeness of that Performer in the Charafter of Douglas.) HE ebeatre, under proper regulati- of the understanding are necessary to

ons, has long been allowed by our be exerted in any fuperior degree ahove most rigid moralifts, to be the best the usual and common concerns of life. school for forming the minds of youth The precepts of virtue, and the moral to pursuits where the nobler qualities duties, inculcated on the fage, indubitaHib. Mag. Jan. 1796.




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