ifm, and high treason, sentenced to be hanged, potatoes at the former price of yesterday, and disembowelled and quartered, on Wednesday the with great prevailing, at length obtained them to 2d of Marah next. (See his trial, p. 76.) comply. The Lord Mayor waited to see the

Frayne, convi&ed of defrauding his creditors vessels opened, and the poor ferved. Numbers under a Atatute of bankruptcy, was put to the of the mob, lhewed a drong dilpolition to riot, bar to receive sentence, but

and appeared extremely refractory, at being difCounsellor Ridgeway moved an arrest of judg. appointed of committing depredations on those ment, the ground for which to be argued on vessels - ftill calling aloud, for “ Broad, or Thursday morning. On which day the grounds potatoes." were allowed to be juft, and he was accordingly The immediate and timely attendance of the discharged.

Lord Mayor, happily prevented those irreparable Jan. 2.] The house of Caleb Barnes Har- and devastating acts of outrage, which confeman, esq. ac Bawn in the county of Longford, quently ensue from the assemblage of such was forcibly entered by a number of ruffians to mobs. - The Lord Mayor by a well timed address the amount of twelve or thirteen, when one of to the populace, assuring them, every exertion the villains fired a pistol at Mr, Harman, which was using, and would take place, to prevent mortally wounded him, and afterwards truck him the dearnels of provisions, and the imaliness of feveral times on the head with the but-end of it. the loaf, enabled to disperse the multicude in a Mr. Harman lingered tied the next day when he peaceable manner. died. We have great pleasure in hearing that a 16.) Latc on Thursday evening, the house great part of the gang have been fince taken. of Denis Raymond, cfq. of Wyanitown, was

3.) Between fix and leven o'clock, a gen- robbed by fix villains, wbo carried off property tleman riding into town was stopped by a number in cash, plate, &c. to a considerable amount. of footpads, near Drumcondra, one of whom In the hall they found an hatchet, with which fired at him and severely wounded him in the they broke open desks, &c. Some alarm was neck. The gentleman on seeing the ruffian's given to several of the neighbouring cottagers, pistol presented at him, by a sudden impulse and a number of them surrounded the house with threw up his hand to guard himself in the a dehre to render Mr. Raymond all the afli ítance throat ; the villain inftantly fired, and the ball, in their power, but, intimidated by threats, and after shattering two of his fingers, entered bis being in no circumstances to contend against neck ; but having on a thick cravat, the directie those poflefled of fire-arms, the villains effected on of the ball was thereby changed, and passed their escape. Mr. Raymond received some perunder his throat.

fonal injuries froin thole daring ruffians, having 6.] The Grape, of Liverpool, captain Un. been wounded in the head and face. derwood, homeward bound from Lisbon, with Several erroneous statements of the unfortu. cotton and indigo, was unfortunately loft on the nate affair becween Major Sweetman, and captain coat of Beerhaven, 4 or 5 miles Ealt ward of the Wation, having appeared, we present the folDerfies. She went on the rocks about two lowing account of it from a correspondent: o'clock in the morning, and immediately dalhed

Cobham, yan. 9. to pieces; on this occasion fix of the crew pe The parties were entirely Itrangers to each rihed, the captain, mate, two passengers other; Major Sweetman was of an Independent (psiefts) and four of the hands, providentially company, and captain Watson, the goth, late of escaped; the mate was very badly bruised, and the 115th. After the dispute at the opera, no a poor Dutchman, so much tossed on the tatal convertation whatever took place between them, socks, that be remains behind in a desperate fitu. -They reached Cobham on Sunday night, about ation, to be taken care of by a gentleman of the twelve, each in separate carriages, with their name of O'Sullivan, who administered food seconds and surgeons. The duel took place and raiment moft generously to the ship-wrecked about ten on Monday morning. After fome mariners and messengers.

altercation between the seconds, respecting dis11.] Yesterday mo:ning, about the hour of tance, &c. both parties discharged their pistols at eight o'clock, a large concuur le of working ma the same initant, without any previous agreement aufaäurers, and trades-people, between two to do so, at the distance of six yarils. Major and three thousand in number, affembled on the Sweetman received a fhot under the right breast, quays, adjoining the ftation of the potatoe boats, which perforated nearly through the body. He expreffing their determination to enter these instantly fell, never spoke after, and died before velsels, by force, and take away their cargoes, he reached Cobham. - Captain Watson, received under pretence that the boat-owners, had raised a shot through the right'thigh, which fracturca the price of potatoes 4d. per hundred from the the bone. preceding day. The mob increaling in numbers, They were both taken to the White Lion, leemed difpoled to commis great outrage, until where they Nept the night preceding the unhap: happily the asrival of the Lord Mayor was an- py event. A jury was summuned on Tuelday, nounced among them! when they vociferated, on the body of the Mujor, whose verdict was " Bread, or poiatoes, we are starving."-His manslaughter. He was interred at Cobham, Lordhip used every humane exertion in his power on the tollowing day. to pacity the moo, and cauled the masters of Captain Wation is now at the White Lion, thole boats to come to bis Lordship in an aujoin. and in a faic way of recovery, though the fracing boule, where every realonable argument was tured limb is not yet let, trom che immoderace uled to prevail on the boal-owners to setail cheię lwelling of the part.


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The Marquis of Donegal, a linen hip, not in any degree fallen from that flourishing from Belfast for the port of Bristol, was lately, state of advancement, which in the last session by a sudden squall of wind, dismafted, and with of parliament was a subject of such juit congragreat difficulty reached Douglas, in the Ine of tulation. This circumitance affords a decisive Man, under jury masts. A man was waihed proof that your prosperity is founded on a solid overboard and perlshed.

basis, and leads me to indulge the Aattering 18.] Saturday last in the afternoon a boy fell hope, that whatever additional burthens you may into the Liffey at Arran-quay, and woula inevi- find it necessary to impofe will not be materially tably have perished, though many were specta- felt by the people. fors of his situation, had not a country .gentle I have ordere i the public accounts and estiman luckily came to the spot at a critical minute, mates for the ensuing year to be laid before you, who, though booted, and spurred, instantly and have no doubt of your readiness to provide plunged into the river in his clothes, and such supplies as a due sense of the exigencies of brought the child safe to land.

the kingdom shall suggest, and the wise policy of

ftrengthening his majesty's exertions for procuIrish Parliamentary Intelligence. ring a solid and permanent peace shall appear to

render necessiry.

My Lords and Gentlemen,
TNURSDAY JAN, 21, 1795.

It is with regret I feel myself obliged to adyert

to those secret and treasonable affociations, the "HIS day his excellency, John Jeffreys, dangerous extent and malignity of which have in

earl Camden, came in the usual tale, and some degree been disclosed on several trials, and opened the fesfion of parliament, with the fol- " to the dilturbances which have taken place in lowing speech from the throne :

some parts of the kingdom. It has at the lame

time been a source of great satisfaction to me to My Lords and Gentlemen,

observe the successful and meritorious exertions I have received his majesty's commands to meet of the magistrates in several parts of the king, you in parliament.

dom, and the alacrity which his majesty's reguIt gives me the most fincere satisfaction to be lar and militia forces have universally manifested authorized to inform you, that notwithstanding in aid of the civil power, whenever they have the advantages which the enemy poffeffed at the been called upon for the preservation of the commencement of the lat year, and the fuc- peace and support of the laws. It remains for celles which attended their operations in the for your prudence and wisdom to devise such meamer parts of the campaign, the general situation sures as, together with a continuance of those of affairs is on the whole most effentially improve exertions, and the adaitional powers, which, by ed.

the advice of the privy council, I have thought The continued and brilliant fuccefies of the it necetrary to establish in different counties, will Austrian armies upon the Rhine ; the important prevent the return of similar excesses, and captures of the cape of Good Hope and of Trinco- rettore a proper reverence for the law of the male by his majesty's forces and the decided and country. confirmed superiority of his ficets, are circum The superior and increasing importance of the ftances of the utmost importance to the common agriculture and manufactures, and particularly cause; and their effect is strengthened by the of the linen manufacture of the kingdom, will internal distresses, the ruined commerce, and command your accustomed support. Under the increasing financial embarrallments of the enemy, present situation of Europe you cannot fail to at

The crisis lately depending in France has led tend with peculiar vigilance to the general ftate of to an order of things in that country, such as provisions; and if circumstances thuli at any will iduce his majesty to meet any citpolition to time render your interpolition aa viseabie, I have negociation on the part of the enemy with an no doubt of your adopting such measures as carneft defire to give it the fullest and fixediet hall best apply to the existing neceflity of the effect, and to conclude a treaty of general peace times. when it may be effected on juft and luitable terms I am also desirous of poisting your attention to for himself and his allies.

The Protestant charter Ichouls and other inititu. The treaty of commerce between his majesty tions of public charity and improvement. and the United States of America having been Your unanimity and zeal can never be of more mutually ratitied; I have ordered copies of it by importance than at the present ciilis, in order to his majesty's con mand, to be laid before you. impress the enemy with a thorough conviction of

I have the pleasure to announce to you that the resources of his inajesty's kingdoms, and to her royal highness the princess of Wales has been procure a favoursöle termination to your honourhappily delivered of a princess : an event which able efforts. His mujilly bias the fullest rejjar.de by giving additional stability to his majesty's au on your firmness and attachment, and on the tor. gut boule, cannot fail to afford you the highest titude, spirit, and perseverance of his people. satisfaction.

It will be my ambition, as it is my duty, to

reprelent your zeal in his majesty's service; and Genilemen of the House of Commons, it will be my perlonal anu mot anxious wish to I observe with the fincerelt pleasure that, no!. co-operate with your efforts in the common caure withilanding the continued pressure of the war, in which we are all equally engaged and intereft. the commerce and revenues of this kinguam have cd, and my utinult endeavours ihall be used


fecore the happiness and prosperity of this king. Jaw, which should always confift of an effective dom, and to protect and maintain its most excel. force of 12000 men for the home defence, and kent conftitucion.

which in the months of June, July, August, September, October, and November, were confiderably under that number. In the American

war we had been left naked, and in the Frencia HOUSE OF COMMONS. war we had been left naked : there were two

impeachable crimes under the British adminiftra.' THURSDAY, Jan. 21.

tion. He reprobated the conduct of a former

administration towards the Catholics of this counThis day the house met pursuant to the last try: the hornets of government were sent out prorogation.

to the different county grand juries in order to At twenty minutes past 4 o'clock the Speaker, procure addresses and resolutions to wall out the took the chair.

Catholics from the conditution, as the English A message from the lord lieutenant, by Bryan had formerly walled out the Scotch, and the Connor, Esq. yeoman usher of the black-rod, Chinese the "Tartars. He said that the British 1 bat it was his excellency's pleasure that this cabinet, during the administration of Lord Filz.

boule do fortbwith attend him in the house of William, had broken faith with this country.-peers.

He reprobate the conduct of Lord Westmor. The Speaker, attended by several members, land in granting the reversion of every capital went up accordingly, and on his return, and have employment in this kingdom, after his ferocessor ing refused the chair, informed the house, that had been appuinted ; and that during his adminihe had procured a copy of his excellency the stration, fourteen new employments had been lord lieutenant's speech to both houses of parlia- created, and thirteen reversions granted away; Dent; which he read from the chir, and being this syttem he reprobated in very Itrong and leafterwards read by the clerk at the table,-(For very terms: he said that the conduct of the ubich wide lords )

British cabinet towards this country was influencLord Tyrone rose to move an address to his ma ed by false witnesles against Ireland; by bad jety, expreffive of their attachment to the best of Viceroys, who had acted in their administration Levereigns, to our most excellent conftitution, unfavourable to Ireland ; and if not by bad and to a monarchical form of government. After Viceroys, the British cabinet was influeuced by atverting to the fituation of a neighbouring king- clerks, by spies, and by runners.-Having dem, which had been brought to a state of anar dwelt for some time on the conduct of the Briby and confufion, and to the daring outrage tish cabinet towards this country, which had which had been committed on the person of our drained itself of its men and money for the fupbeloved sovereign, and expressing his abhorrence port of Great Britain, he contrasted the conduct at an attack of lo atrocious a nature, he moved of the British cabinet towards other countries. the address, which was, as usual, nearly the The British minister offered one million eight echo of the speech.

hundred thousand pounds to the king of Prussia Col. Foster, in a short speech seconded the for the fupply of 32,000 men; the king of action.

Pruffia takes the money, and afterwards makes Mr. Grattan said, that the address, as far as peace with the French republic : he fublidies expreffing our abhorrence at the daring outrage the king of Sardinia at an expence of two buncommitted on the person of our sovereign, and as dred thousand pounds annually, in order to defaz as expressing our congratulations on the in- fend himself. He next alluded to the Emperor crease to bis domestic happiness, and as far as it of Germany, who, after being defeated at the went to compliment lord Camden, it met with battle of Jemappe, had surrendered Luxemhis approbation; but that part of the address burgh, and being driven out of the low counwhich expressed a confidence in the present ad- tries had a loan granted to him by the British miniftration, met with his decided disapproba- minifter of four millions sterling. He said he son. He said that Ireland has not been treated should take no notice of the conduct of Holland, with respea. The people of Ireland were loyal nor of that ardent lady the Empress of Ruflia. to their sovereign, and how have they been He mentioned the conduct of the British minir. treated? The system of the British minifter has ter towards America, where he was obliged to kun to treat us uniformly with insolence and strike; and alluding to the treaty between Great seotumely; and the system of the administra. Britain and the United States of America, che ion for these several years past has been proflic Americans by that treaty, were allowed to trade gate and corrupt. He now took a retrospect of to our poffeffions in both the Esst and West In

the adminiftration of the Marquis of Bucking- dies. ! ham, who was sent over here to promise that He compared the conduct of the British mi

which he did not perform. - He adverted to the nister to that of a drunken bully, who Krikes Lle of Peerages, for the purpose of obtaining a Ireland as he was running away fiom France; he corrupt and undue influence in the House of charged the British minifter with iwindling IreCommons, which had been part of the system of land out of her revenue ; and he inhifted, that a the Buckingham administration; he nexe advert- crime against Ireland was a crime against the od to the dispensing power, of a former Lord empire at large. Ar the very time that Holland Licutenant (the Earl of Weltmorland) to take was gone; that Pruffia had deleted us; that away the army from this kingdom, contrary to Spair had lowesed her tone, her arn.its defeated,




and her fovereign tottering on his throne, and

BIRTH S. made a peace with the French republic, at this 'T Diomean, county of Wicklow, the lady very time, the British minister thought fit to of Thomas Huson, sq. of a son. In insult Ireland :-after animadverting, in very Camden street the lady of counsellor King, of a pointed terms, on the conduct of the British daughter.–At Frank Lodge, the lady of William cabinet towards America, when it was under Hunt, esq. of a son.-in Hollis street, the lady the dominion of England, he concluded a foeech of Nicholas Coddington, efq. of a daughter. of confiderable length with moving an amendment to the address, nearly to the following

MARRIAGES. purport :

RCHIBALD REDFORD, ESQ. barrister " That we shall pay the utmo: attention to at law, to M 15 Mansergh, daughter of every measure for the purpose of preserving the the late Bryan Mansergh, of Limerick, esgpeace and good order of che country, and to At Limerick, James Patterson, efq. of the royal amend the condition of the lower defcription of navy, to Miss White, daughter of the late the people in this kingdom; with a view to William White, esq.-Maurice Fitzgerald, of render the connection between the two countries Kilcullen, county Kiluare, efq. to Miis Nugent, the more endearing, and to enable us more of Johnstown, county of Westmeath. Robert cheerfully to contribute to such burdens as shall Shaw, jun. of Fleet-street, esq. to Miss Wilbe imposed upon us, we humbly beseech his kinson, only daughter of Abraham Wilkinson, majefty that he will be graciously pleased to re of Dawson-freet, esq.-). T. Chambers, of commend to his parliament in England, to adopt Aungier-street, esq. to Miss Praval, of Plataruch measures for the admission of the manu. nus.-At Waterford, the Rev. Mr. Wallis, to factures of this kingdom into che ports of Great Miss Moore, daughter of Alderman Moore. Britain on terms not less advantageous than what At Eyrecourt, county Galway, James Dawes, of manufactures of Great Britain are admitted into Tuam, esq. to Miss Skerrett. - in Tuam, lieu. the ports of this kingdom.”

tenant Sinnott, of the Northamptonshire FenciMr. Vandeleur seconded the motion,

bles, to Miss Charlotte Bradley. This brought on a very long and defultory conversation rather than a debate, in the course

DE A T H S. of which the honourable Mr. Stuart, Mr. Arch. T the caftle of Kilkenny, the right honoudall, fir Hercules Langrishe, Mr. Osborne, Mr. rable John Butler, earl of Ormond and Corry, and Mr. Barrington, opposed the amend. Oftory, premier earl of Ireland. His lord'hip ment not on the principle, but on the ground is succeeded in his titles and estates, by his eldet that this was not a time for introducing such an fon, Walter lord viscount Thurles, now earl of amendment to an address to the throne.

Ormond and Oslory. --The Rev. James Crawley, The amendment was supported by Mr. Wilc parish priest of Armagh.-Ac Cloncallow, wil. liam Tighe, Mr. Duquery, Mr. Fletcher, and liam Murray, esq.-Sunday the 3d inftant, Mr. Curran.

Caleb Barnes Harman, of Bawn, esq. one of the On the question being put to agree to the knights of the fire for the county of Longford. amendment the house divided, when the num- (See page 93.)- In the 78th year of his age, the bers were

Řev. St. John Browne, rector of Bandon, county For the amendment,

14 of Cork.-In Dawson-Street, George Rawson, Againft it,

esq. Member of Parliament for the borough of Tellers for the Ayes, Mr. Grattan and Mr. Armagh.-In Limerick, Mrs. Vincent-la Vandeleur.

William-Atreet, Alderman Nathaniel Warren, Tellers for the Noes, Mr. Stuart, and Mr. , fuperintendant magistrate of the city of Dublin, Corry.

and Member of Parliament for the borough of The original motion was then put and carried Callen. --Henry Higgins, of Bonown, county without a divifion.

Westmeath, esq.-In Eccles-Atreet, Mrs. Fox. A committee was then appointed to prepare-In Hume-Street, Gaynor Barry, esq. facher to the said address, which was to meet to-morrow the right honourable lady viscountess Allen. in the Speaker's chamber.

Charles Seaton, esq. an eminent attorney, and Lord Boyle, after a fhort preface, moved an clerk to the guild of merchants.-George Barnaddress of thanks to his Excelency the Lord wall, of Lanelborough, esq.-Miss Rols, daughLieutenant, for his most excellent speech this ter of George Ross, of Ballinterry-On Sum. day to both houses of parliament; which was mer-Hill, Miss Catherine Dobbs, second daughfeconded by Mr. Ogle, and carried in the affir ter of Francis Dobbs, esq.--The right honoura. mative without a division,

ble lady Betty Ponsonby, relict of the late right The Attorney Gercra! gave notice, that he honourable John Ponsonby, many years Speaker Mould, in the course of a few days, bring in a of the House of Commons, and one of the bill to indemnify certain magiftrates and other Lords Justices of this kingdom.-In Frenchpersons who had acted contrary to law in respect Street, Miss Mary Leland, daughter of the late to defenders, and alto, that he should bring in Dr. Leland, F. T. C. D. author of the History a bill to make it a capital felony to enter into a of Ireland. conspiracy to afTefinate.

PROMOTION. The usual standing grand committees were LDERMAN WILLIAM ALEXANDER. appointed.

ele&ted superintendant magistrate of the The house adjourned to next day.

city of Dublin, (Alderman Warrm, deceara.)


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W A L K E R's



Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge,

For FË BRU A RY, 1796.

Short Sketch of the Character of Mrs. LATOUCHE, Lady of

Feter Latouche, Esq.

(With an elegant Portrait.) PERHAPS there is no talk more infidelity to the

marriage bed," mark the pleafing to the biographer or hil.. manners of the higher circles of the torian than when it is their duty to re.' female fashionable world, in a degree cord, or extol the meritorious actions far beyond that of any antecedent peof a truly virtuous character; the luxu- riod ; and rapidly advancing us to the riance of their imagination has then climax of London profligacy, of which ample scope to expand itself in the de- it was our boaft herccofore to be fo lipcation of those virtues that ornament much behind band in this species of criand dignify human nature, without any minality, a conspicuous exception is to apprehension of being clafied with the be found in Mrs. Latouche, the lady of mercenary parafite or flatterer ; the Peter Lulouche, Erg. This lady, emipoffeffor of whom, like the glorious nently diftinguished for her unbounded luminary of the earth, diffuses his charities, ber suavily of manners, her warmth, and health invigorating influ- hospitality, and all the virtues that the ence on all within the circuit of his female breast can be fufceptible of, is orbit, without distinction, and is as daughter of the late Richd. Vickers, of universally bailed as the benefactor of Lavally, in the Queen'sco. Esq. a gentlemankind.

man, who was as universally admired for A faint attempt to display to the view his goodness of heart and generosity, as of our readers, the amiable qualities of his amiable daughter is for her many the character that now engrosses our accomplishments ; but what are all the altention, is all, however, that we can acquired endowments of this world, to expect to attain to. We do not pretend the natural unbounded overflow of the to do thar justice to our subject, which milk of human kindness, which so emiwould require an abler pen, and much nently pervade this lady's foul! Whose more leisure, than the nature of this heart ever feels for the diftresses of her periodical publication will permit us to fellow creatures, with a tear ready to devote to the purpose. If the fight start at every tale of woe, and a purse sketch we here attempt to give of the ever open to relieve the distresses of the merits of Mrs. Latouche Thall excite N O Τ Ε. an emulation in but one of our fair * Vide, a recent trial in the court of countrywomen to copy fo glorious and Exchequer, Dublin, when 10,000l. praiseworthy an example, we hall feel damages were given in an action for ibe higheft gratification in being the crim. con. Together with many others humble inftruinent to excite fo lauda. preceding, which our intelligent readers ble an effed.

will eally recollect. While difiparion, debauchery, and N

afflicted! Hib. Mag. Feb. 1796.

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