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lord Frederick, lord Charles, and the chaise opposite to Argyle-street, he quito
witness, who being indifpored, was ted his horse, went to the fide of the
permitied to ride along with them, fet carriage on which the gentleman fat,
off, in a chaife and four. Their con- and asked, “ what part he was to go
versation was the moft friendly, general- to,” he replied, " to the Bishop of Nor
ly upon the election business. On their wich's," the witness pleaded ignorance
arrival al Beccles, the first stage from of the place where he lived, wa dd
Yarmouth, lord Charles propoted that for a rascal, and defired to inquire.
the witness fhould ride outside.-The On turning bis back towards the pa v
carriage, however was crowded and ment for the purpose, the gentlem
uncomfortable, but he rode according. opened the door, and quitted the cha īre
ly with lord Frederick's servant on in a violent paflion, running up
horseback. They dined at Wood-bridge; the witness, and struck him a blow
had a plain beefftake dinner, and liop- the face and infifted upon fighting, and
ped a very liule while. On their are in a very few minutes ftripe himself
rival at Colchester, the election mob in the skin. The witness then observed
the streets seemed to affe&t his master for the first time, the deceased in the
much and his conduct appeared very carriage; he called for affiftance, and
ftrange. Saddle horfes not being to be the gentleman very peaceably affifted, in
had, they followed in a chaile and putting his own cloathes on again ; fe-
pair, but never overtook them after. veral people coming up he was secured

At Brentwood, the post boys that and taken to Mary-le-bone watch house,
had driven their masters met them, and accompanied by the witness. On his
gave the witness a watch which they relurn the body was taken out of the
faid lord Frederick desired them to take, chaise.
and also to take a guinea a piece from The other poft boy remained upon
his ferrants when they met them. the spot, and ftrictly agreed with the

Lord Frederick Townshend's ser- former, that he never saw, during the
vants corroborated the former witness's whole ftage, any more than one gen-
teftimony; and added, that his mar. tleman in the carriage, nor had he an
ter, lord Frederick, about two years idea there were two until the discovery
ago, was derangeu in his mind, and for of the unhappy circumstance.
the space of eight or nine months, was Mr. Barnham, chymist, corner of
under the care of Dr. Willis.

Argyle-ftreet, Oxford street, received
James Aires, poft boy at the Angel the body into his house between five
Inn, Ilford, said a chaile and four ar and fix o'clock, it was then warm but
rived at four o'clock on Friday morn no pulse ; he observed a fracture on
-ing, the horses were put to immediately, the upper part of the head feparating
and he drove the wheel horses, that he the hair ; he extracted a ball which lay
observed but one gentleman in the car- very near the furface: proceeding in his
riage who ordered him to drive to examination he observed ii had perfo-
Hanover square ; he did not get out at raied at the roof of his mouth and ta.
all; that the gentleman paid the turn- ken a direction up to the crosn of his
pike at Stratford, and defired them to head; be had no doubt the pistol bar.
drive on: when at Mile End he heard rel muft have been placed immediately
the report of a piftol, and instantly against the roof of ihe mouth, none of
turning round observed it thrown out the teeth or lips being the least injured.
of the chaise, but thinking the firing At twelve o'clock at night, the Jury
of it-a frolic, on arriving in town he did returned the following verdict :
not stop the chaise, but drove on till " Upon the view of the body, and
they were in Oxford streer; between from the evidence obtained, that lord
Mile End and this spot he had obiery- Charles Thomas Frederick Townr.
. ed extraordinary behaviour in the oen. bend's death was occafioned by the pif.
tleman in the chaise, such as holding tol tot, but they have no proor' by
bis hat out of the window, as if in the whose hands the pistol Phot was fireil.”
act of buzza - Upon bis opening the

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so all the way.

ler came up, and said to lord Frede[Fariher particulars.]

rick, Sir,


had better take your

money, and put it in your pocket :" James May, Lord Charles's valet, on which obfervation, he replied, "I as we have before stared, never wit believe I had better," and did fo. He need fuch extraordinary conduct in hen de fired them also to drive to Has. his mafter; and from his manner and over-square, and they immediately let conversation at Yarmouth, he conclud off. Ai Strasford, the only turnpike ed he was insane. When they left town, they had to pay at, the gentleman gare lord Charles's pillols were iaken with fixpence, and ihen defired them to go them, whether they were or were not on; that he had never observed a le loaded, he cannot positively recollect. cond person in the chaife. When he Lord Frederick took no piftols. heard ihe pistol go off, observed it had

Airy, one of the post boys, who been fired from the chaise ; he thought drove from Illford, in addition to our the report a faint one. former ftatement, observed but one gen When the deceased was discovered tleman (lord Frederick) in the chaise, in the chaife in Oxford street, he was who fat on the off fiue, and remained lying along the seat, with his head tow

The chaise door was ards the hories, and must have been never opened at Illford; but he observ- immediately behind lord Frederick as ed on the gentleman's cheek a spot of he fat. A great deal of blood was blood, about the size of a fixpence. He about the seat of the chaile, which was had then no idea there were more than dried in several places. The flaps beone in the chaise ; looked back at the bind the great coat which lord Frede. carriage several times as they drove rick bad on were very bloody, and along, and had a fecond perfon been dried on, when the body was taken out, bring up in the chaise, thinks he must The wiiness found in the bottom of have seen him.

the chaise a piftol that had been fired On hearing the pillol fired at Mile- off, and a loose pistol ball. end, he turned about, and oblerved it I he last time ibe two brothers were fying towards the ground from the near feen together, wis at the Blue Pofts, fide of the chaile ; but whether it came at Wibam, about half aflet twelve out of the front or fide window he can- o'clock on Friday morning : bere lord noriell, nor did he then fee any other Charles changed a 10l. bank nole: at than the one gentleman, whole cup- the fpread Eagle Inn, at Ingatestone, duct he thoughi itrange, but concluded they stopped for poft horses but could it was the effect of liquor.

not procure them; then lord Charles The poft boys that drove the carriage gul out, and attempied 10 wrelt the to Illioid never made to him or his lanthorn forcibly from the oftler. companion a single obiervation of any They proceeded to the Crown a! thing particular having happened the Burntwood, and juit as they stopped Itage they had drove.

the wheel pofillion heard a pittol fie Morch, the leading post-boy from ed, which he then imagined was done Illford, held the following thort con- only to let the soldiers and other proversation with the gentleman (lord ple who gathered round, know they Frederick) in the chait, previous to were armed : this was no doubt the fac coming off, while tying his great coat tal lot; for on the poftillion going up to the forebrace of the carriage, the to receive his money, and endeavouring gentleman asked him, if he drove ibe to open the door, lord Frederick pre first horles. On his reply in the astir- vented him laying, be bad no money; mative : " Here, my lad, are two guin- and immediaiely gave him his gold eas for you then said lord Frederick) watch, adding, you will hear of you perhaps may fee fome poor person something thocking- but it is done, or a widow with a distrelled family;" and I could not help ir." From that (and here offering with his other hand, time lord Charles was never seen till te veral Ahillings and copper.) The oft he was discovered dead in Oxford-road,

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Several eminent medical and surgi- gyman, baving been ordained at the cal gentleman, from the following re- particular requeft of his father, about flections, entertained the opinion that iwo years ago. His decealed brother, lord Charles must have perpetrated his lord Charles, was a Student at Law. own deach. To have got the piftol,

Snails. which was a large one, so completely into the mouth, without injuring it, by IF prejudice were not a tyrant, Snails a ftrange band, was very improbable. would do more towards the relief of From the blood flowing copiously from the poor, than any thing that has been the chest, and the direction of the ball recommended to their notice. Theie from the roof to the crown of the heal, . wholesome and nutritious qualities are it was a natural conclusion, the body well known; they are eaten as a luxury must have been in an upright polture in some countries; and in Spain, para at the time.

ticularly, their foup is confidered as a The body, it was their opinion, would delicacy. at this time of the year, inclosed in a During one of the famines to which carriage, keep warm for two or three the Highlands of Scotland were fre"hours-il was to when taken out of quently liable, before the use of potatoes the chaise, but no symptoms of life ap- was introduced into that remote part peared ; and from Illford, to the time of the island, two women who lived 10it was taken out, was exactly one hour gether in the fame huf, and who were and a half.

its only inhabitants, being remarked to Lord Frederick Townshend remain- prelerve their fleekness, and wonted ed at the watch-bvufe on Friday morn. mien, while their wretched neighbours, ing üll ten o'clock, ac u hich time he on every side, were wafting, with famine, was conducted to the olħce in Marl. fuperftition promptly fuggefted that borough-Itreet. He was found then thcle pampered high fed dames must to be in such a state of mind, that it have improper dealings. Their hut was was not juriged prudent to examine in consequence forcibly entered; and its him. He remained there with a keeper terrified inmates, to elcape the fury of until the Coroner's Jury had brought their fanatick assailants, gave up their in their verdict at iwelve o'clock at good genius-- a cask of pickled Snails : night; and was then removed to a pri- A Highwayman and Chimney Sweeper; pate lodging in Beaumont street, where he remains under the care of two per

Or, no Distinction at the Gallows. fons fent by Dr. Willis.


HIGHWAYMAN and a chim The keeper, who was with him at ney lw'reper were condemned to Marlborough-itreet, says, that he be- be hanged the same day at Tyburn, che trayed evideni symproms of infanity ; first for an exploit on the highway, the fometimes laughing for five minutes latter for a more ignoble robbery. The together, then crying, and conftantly highwayman was drefled in scarlet, and talking wildly, frequently exclaiming mounted the cart with alacrity; the chim"ah, poor Charles, I'm forry for him; ney sweeper followed him flowly. While but I hope to be with him in a day or the clergyman was praying with fervour, two." "

He put a ball into his pistol the gay robber was attentive; and ihe I put only paper into mine, and the other approached near to his, felpaper has given me a lore throat-I low-fufferer to partake of the same bewas obliged eu lwallow it, and eat a nefil, but mci with a repulsive look from bit of bread to get it down.” “ Poor his companion, which kepi him at some Sophy, the is the best hearted girl in distance. But forgetting this angry warnthe world."

ing, he presumed fill to come nearer; The two unfortunate young noble- when the highwayman, with some dif. men were both sons of the Marquis of dain, faid," keep farther off, can't you?" Townbend, by his former lady, 'Char: "Sir, (replied the sweep.) I won't keep lotte, Baroness De Ferrars, of Chartley, off; and let me tell you, I have as much Lord Broderick Townthend is a clere right to be here as you."








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