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Ho Exellenců Tehn Jefferies Pratt,


, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of


W A L K E R's



Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge,

J U NE, 1796.



Memoirs and Character of his Excellency Earl CAMDEN, Lord

Lieutenant of Ireland.

(Embellished with a beautiful Portrait.) T

is a melancholy truth, that it has cool and deliberate judgment, were ia

been too much the practice in all dispensable requisites. countries, to pay servile homage, to The event has fully proved his compepersonages, who poffeffed no other kind tency to fill so important and so arduous of pre-eminence, save only that of high a function. By his excellency's firmnels Jank and larion. The sage writers of and moderation, peace and good order the Augustan age, have pathetically were perfectly restored, and his excellenpointed out the direful effeds of servile cy's humanity and judicious difcernmene adulation and unmerited encomium; were eminenily conspicuous in the choice

uft therefore conclude, at ihe of a general, io take the command at a language of panegyric has been but crisis to truly critical. too often perverted, and 100 often mis Recently when many parts of the emapplied. But on the other hand, when a pire were menaced with famine, his exvirtuous nobleman, in an exalted station, cellency's most anxious folicitude was is indefatigable in promoting the good powerfully exerted to prevent fodreadfil of the community, and the happi- a visitation: his excellency prol bited the ness and prosperity of the nation, exportation of grain, as being the only over which he presides ; 10 withhold means left at the time for the prevention praise from fuch a character, would of scarcity, nay even of famine. be ungenerous, imprudent and ungrate Theuniform attention and vigilance of ful, nay even criminal. That our pre- his excellency have been leadily and unfent chief governor is such a character, alterably directed to forward every meais universally acknowledged ; where sure that had the interest and welfare fore to duly appreciate bis excellency's of the kingdom for its object; and he worth, can never be ascribed to any, has proved himself the fincere and warm but the purest motives ; fulsome adu- friend of every charitable and humane lation we abhor, and unmerited com- inftitution. Under his excellency's pliment would be only satire in dif- aufpices the association for discouragguise. An impartial ftatement of facts ing' vice and immorality, diffeminate will be most conducive to the interest throughout the kingdom the feels of of the country, and unqueftionably most piety, virtue and religion. The Camcongenial to the feelings of his excellency. den adminiftration glides {moothly on,

Lord Camden was invested with scarce has its surface been ruffled by eithe government of this country, at a ther winds or forms. Such was' che moment when firmness, political abili. pradence, precaution and humanity of ly, great experience combined with his excellency in fupprefling tumult and Wib. Mag. June, 1796



tranquilizing the country, and bis zeal object for the purpose of acquiring a in promoting our manufactures and al- tranfient and temporary popularily; he leviating the wreichedness and mifery proceeded on folid principles, which in of the poor cannot be surpaffed. From their consequences embrace the future, tbefe confiderations his excellency's po- as well as the present happiness of the pularity is easily accounted for, and we nation. faiter ourfelves we will not be thought The advantages that have been gainofficious in our endeavour to contribute ed by the nation in the recent conceffiour humble mile, to increase if poffible, ons of the legillature, had eluded the the viceroy's present popularity. We observations of the people, becaufe their therefore prefent our readers with a effects were not immediately felt, and portrait of Lord Camden, a nobleman before they could be fenfible of their who reflects honour on bis illuftrious ameliorated ftate, they were duped, ancestors, by pra&tifing their exalted milled, and hurried into tumult and virtues. Lord Camden is son of the commotion, in suadry parts of the kinglate earl Camden, a nobleman, who dom. was universally esteemed and revered, In such a perilous fituation, when we and whole virtues, talents, upright were menaced with the horrors of anarconduct and inflexible integrity will ehy and confufion; the judicious intersemain on record while the annals of ference of his excellency saved the Britain exift.

country. Earl Camden cut at the root His excellency was born in the year of the evil, by enabling the executive 1759, and married in December 1986, power, by wife and falutary laws, to Mils Molesworth, niece to lord Lucan, check every species of innovation. His by whom he has issue three daughters. excellency has not only ftimulated ebe

The moft finished trait that can be give magistracy to a due discharge of their en of the Camden adminiftration, has duty, but also imposed judicious reftricbeen recently manifefted at the affizes of tions on their official conduct, as by Armagh, where the Attorney General the late act 10 prevent fedition, no declared that it was the positive inftruc- part of the kingdom can be declared in tions of government, to bring all the i ftate of difturbance, unless seven maagitators of the peace, to the bar of giftrates convened at a special feffien, justice, of whatever religious perfuafion memorial his excellency to proclaim the they might be, or of whatever descripti- diftrict, or country to be in a face of on, whether in high or low life, and commotion ; thus a discretionary power that the chief motive of undertaking rests in the bands of his excellency and the prosecutions, was not solely the council, to comply or not with the obi promotion of public justice, but to con- ject of the memorial. vince bis majesty's subjects, whatever Thus the wife measures adopted by their religious creed might be, or what. his excellency muft effcctually operate ever their fituations, ihat they might to the total prevention of crimes: this fely upon receiving protection from is applying at once a specific remedy every species of violence or oppression, 10 the evil, and it is vastly more meri. and that when the poorest peafunt in the torious in government, to prevent the land, would land forth with his com- commiffion of crimes, than after the plaint, he thould be heard and pro- perpetration of them, to punith the Teeted.

milguded delinquents. In the feveral While our viceroy thus impartially infances of his excellency's administra diftributes justice, and protects the in- tion that have come before us, we with jured and oppresled, by a wife and tem much pleasure behold a fpirit of conperate adminiftration, he will be be- ciliation endeavouring to unite and bar loved and adored by the Irish nation; monize the kingdom, and justice leae and that this will be the case during his soned and tempered with mercy. flay amongst us, we have every reason to

N o TE. presume; as his excellency has no dia * See an abstract of this bill in our Iceted his attention to any particular Mag. for March laftpage 206.

The Irish court exhibits a splendour and feffes himself the patron of literature elegance highly honourable to the vice. and the encourager of genius ; a cir. roy, because they have for their

object the cumstance that will add to his glory, encouragement of our manufactures, and while learning and genius are held in the welfare of our artifs. Vice, immora- estimation. By cultivating fuch virues, lity, and nocturnal revels, are discounte- a chief governor will ever be revered, nanced at the castle, at a time that be- will ever be eftecmed, and his name coming festivity, and hospitality are de- will be read in the page of history with coroudy practised and cajoyed. No veneration and esteem. We faall only idle profufion, falhionable vice, or ri- add, that we fincerely with his excel. diculous folly, have been countenanced lency may long, very long continue his by our present amiable chief governor. refidence amongst us, nam nil ortum He exhibits a noble example to our ri. tale, nil alias oriturum tale fatemur. fing nobility; by an imitation of which they will become an honour to their Character of the late Colonel Conyngham. country, and an ornament to their illus. trious families. We do not with to

TO THI IDITOR. deal much in anticipation, but it from the past, we can form any judgment of

Dublin, June 14, 1796. the future, we may fairly and reasona

SIR, bly conclude, that earl Camden's admi- By inserting the following fetch of the niftration will prove. both a pure and character of the late much lamented virtuous one, and thai as great a de Colonel Conyngham, you will not on. gree of popularity will attach itself to ly gratify an individual, but every him, as to any of the mof admired of well-wisher of Ireland, his predeceffors.

I am, Sir, Earl Camden expends every Shilling

you contant reader, of bis ample fortune and salary, in lup

W.T. porting the becoming fplendour and dignity of the viceregal state, and in "Vivit poft Funera Virtus." public acts of munificence. If we conLidered ourselves at liberty to mention IED, on the 31st ule. (May) at hig names, we could enumerare several in house in Harcourt Place, the right Atances of his benevolence and charity ; honourable William Conyngham, one how many belpless orphans and widows of the commiffioners for executing the could we name, who have been relieved office of lord high treasurer of Ireby his bounty! and scarely does a day land, a member of his majefty's moft pass without adding to the charitable honourable privy council, representaand humane qualities, so eminently tive in parliament for the borough of possessed by our chief governor. Ennis, governor of the county Donegal,

His excellency's noble father 26. Lieutenant colonel comunandant of the quired immortal fame by support. militia of laid county, and treasurer of ing the palladium of our conftitu. the royal Irith academy, &c. &c. Betion, trial by jury, it is therefore no loved in private and respected in public wonder that his excellency inberiting life, this country, could not boaft a the virtues, should imitate the example firmer patriot, bis sovereign a more of his great and good father. He has loyal fubje&, or thofc who enjoyed his publicly avowed himself the affertor of friendship, a more fincere and affectiche people's rights, and the generous onate friend ; in parliament his conand humane advocate for the promotion duct was ever marked by solid and of every measure, that can poffibly tend manly fenfe, integrity, and humanity; to ameliorate the situation of the coun. attentive to every measure which could try. As the encouragement of literature dire@ly, or in the remoteft degree prois not the prevailing custom of the day, mote the happiness and improvement it may be claffed not among the lowest of bis native country, he was always of his excellency's virtue, that he pro« seady to suggest such measures himself,

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