wine, feuttled and funk. I have the honour taken to the wind ward of Barbadoes ! And I have to be, &c.

intelligence that captain Vaughan in the Alarza J. B. WARREN.

with one of the Noops of war, has taken and del:

troyed three privateers in the Gulpb of Paria, April 26.] Extra&t of a Letter from Commodore and retaken four of their captures. Since my Sir John Borlaje Warren to Evan Nepean, Eq: letter of the 17th of January, a fourth ship under dated on board his Majesty's Ship La Pomone, Dirich colours, has been laken, attempting to of the Saints, the 16th of April, 1796. convey French people from Havre de Grace inte

Guadaloupe. I BIG you will inform their lordships, that, on the 17th instant, at eleven P M. a sail being dil. Extract of a letter from Liruterant Rickards, of covered in the N. E. quarter, I immedietely gave kis Majest;'s fhip Aifrea, to Evan Nepies, chace, and at three A. M. I came up with her in Ejg. daied Burbüdces, April 12, 1796. this ship: the proved to be La Robuste Chip.corvette, mounting 22 guns and 145 men, just come I HAVE to request you will be pleased to ac.

from Brelt, bound to L'Orient. The squadron quain the lotus commiflioners of the drainly under my command also captured a brig loaded with my arrival at this island in the late natiscal with salt, from Croisie, on the 13th inftant. corvette La Favourite, a prize to his majefty i

fhip Alired; which corvette was captured on the May 10.] Copy of a Letter from Vice Admiral sth of March la??, with two merchant thips tha Kingsmill, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's the had taken the morning previous, a part of Ships and Vefjels at Cork, o Lvan Nepean, admira! Cornwallis's convoy. Ejg. dated L’Engageante, Cork Harbour, May 5, 1796.

Copy of a Letter from Vice Admiral Ke

Communder in Chief of His Majefy's This and I HAVE the pleasure to acquaint you, for the Vefjets at Cork, io Mr. Nepean, dared itay information of my lords commissioners of the 1796. admiralty, that a French national cutter, (L'Abeille) of fourteen guns and seventy men, is just PLEASE to inform my lords conditioners of brought in here, captured by his m jesty's ship the admiralty, that another French nations culd Dryad, Capiain Pulling, on Monday last, the ter, Le Cigne, of 14 guns and 60 mer, clinker Lizard, bearing north half eaft, fixteen or seven buil', is juił brougnt in here : the vaj been mat teen leag ves, Vihant, S. S. W. thirteen leagues; nine days from the le nt Bas,' but had not raken the other ships of the squadron then in chace of a any thing when the tell la with and was captured Carvette, which there was every probability of b his majesty's thip Daris; having the hiaaud their coming up with.

floop in company, on he 7th initant, after a The Dryad had before taken a large smuggling chace at 24 hours, Sally bearing S. E. diftant cutter, laden with spirits, and sent her to Ply- eigh leagues. mouch.

The prize parted from the Doris, off Cape Mr. Fairweather, one of the mates of the Dryad Clear, at one P M. yetterday, and shall be feal' who has command of the cutter L'Abeille, in along with L'abeilie to England. forms me, that she had only been out three dłys from Brest, and had not taken any thing. She is THE G zette of May 14 contains a letter from three years old, coppered, and appears well found; brigadier geixeral Nicols, cated Por Royal, Gicand shall be sent by the earliest opportunity to nad., March 28, giving as account of hie atake Plymouthi

ing that place, and after an ubitinate engagement

getting poliesion of it. Copy of a Letter from Almiral Sr Peter Parker,

Bart. Commander in Chief of his M jesty's Ships Return of bis Majesty's troops kiled ex1 wted
and Vefsels ar Portmouth and Spitriad, to Evan at the outack of Port Rojat, Grersia, March
Nepean, Eją daled Royal William, at Spithead, 35, 1796.
May 2, 1796.

17th Light Dragoons. : horse killed; 4rack PLEASE to acquaint their lordships, that his and file, and 2 herci, scunded. majesty's floop the Rattler, returned to Soithead · 30 Foot, or Buiti.

i major, 1 liegtenict, 11 this morning, with the Picbegru French privateer, rank ana fil, killed; 2'lieutenants, 1 lerjents

, of ten guns and thirty-four men, belonging to 49 rank anu file, 'nounded. Havre, which the captured yeiterday noon off

8.h Foot or King's.

I lieutenant colonel Cherbourg, after a chace of eight hours.


. 29th Foot. 3 rank and file, killed; I lieto Niay 14.) Extract of a Letter from Sir Jchn tenant, ? enign, s ferjeint, 13 rank and ált,

Laforey, Bort. Commander in Chej of his mi. wounced, jesty's Ships and Vefsels at the Leeward Iflanis, * 631 Foot. 2 rank and file, killed; 1 leto to Evan Nepean.jjq. dared Majestic, ai mare jeant, rdrummer, 12 rank and file, r surgeetha tinico, March 19, 1796.


.88th Foot. 2 rank and file, killed; i ferLa Picque and the Charon have sent in here jeant, 5'rank and file, wounded. a privateer brig of fourteen guns and ninety men, Total, 1 mejor, i licutenant, 13 rank and file,

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and i horse killed ;. 1 lieutenant colonel, 3 lieu- mander no affiftance, there not being a breath of tenants, i enlign, 5 ferjeants, 1 drummer, 83 wind during the whole of this unfortunate tranrank and file, i surgeon, and a horses, wounded. fa&tion ; we are happy to add, chat only four

British seamen were killed, and one officer and fix Names of officers killed and wounded, seamen Nightly wounded. The reamen were im.

mediately thrown into prison on their landing ; 3d Regiment or Buffs. Major Edwards and and fir Sídney underwent a long examination bea lieutenant Williams, killed ; lieutenant Campbell fore the French commandant, after which he was and lieutenant Harding, wounded.

ordered to be conveyed, under a Atrong escort, to 8th, or King's. Lieutenant colonel Dawson, Paris. The following were among the officers wounded.

captured with fir Sidney Smith MeQrs. W. 29th. Lieutenant Tandy and enlign Arbuth- Moory, R. Kenyon, and R. Barrow : one of not, wounded.

there was wounded. When the officers on 63d. Surgeon (attached) Morrison, wounded. board the Diamond heard of the disafter which (Signed,)

had befallen their gallant commander, they sent J. H. DREW, Major of Brigade. a Hag of truce into Havre, to enquire whether he

was wounded, and entreated that he might be Return of olonial troops killed and wounded in the treated with kindness. The governor returned

illand of Grenada, from the 23d to the 25th of answer, that fir Sidney was well, and that he March, 1796.

Tould be treated with the utmost humanity and

attention. The French, it appears, warped out. St. George's light cavalry. 1 horse killed ; another lugger of superior force against that capI rank and file, and I horie wounded.

tured by fir Sidney Smith in Havre-de-Grace Loyal Black Rangers. 2 captains, 5 rank and harbour, with which they engaged him, for a file, killed; 1 lieutenant, 23 rank and file, confiderable time, that rendered all his resistance wounded.

ineffectual, and therefore compelled him te Captain Brander's black company. 1 rank and strike. file billed; I caprain wounded.

27.]. The campaign has been opened on the Caprain Davis's ditto. 6 rank and file fide of Italy, and with the most decifive effect wounded,

on the part of the French. Two moft signal vic. Total, 2 captains, 6 rank and file, and i tories they have already gained; the firit, on the horse, killed; 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 30 rank 14th, the lecond a few days afterwards. General and file, and 2 horfes, wounded.

Beaulieu attacked the French with 15,000 men

early in the morning of the 13th. Some success Names of officers killed and wounded. seems to have attended him in the early part of

the day; but a trong redoube, called the redoubt Royal Black Rangers. Captain Noel and of Munte. Lizino, kept him in check, and refifted eaptain John Forbes, killed ; lieutenant Porter ali his efforis to make bimself master of it. wounded.

Night put an end to the combat. During the Captain Brander's black company. Captain night the French general Laharpe, with the right Brander wounded.

wing of the army took poft behind the redoubt, Signed,

while by a dextrous, and as it appears an unexJ. H. DREW, Major of Brigade. pected movement, the commander in chief of the (End of the Gazette.]

army of Italy, with the troops of the centre and

the left wing took a position in the fiank' and rear LONDON, April 21, 1796. of the Austrians.

At day break on the 14th, the battle comADVICE was received at the admiralty, menced between general Beauijeu who received brought by lieut. Chrispe, of the Telemachus reinforcements, and general Laharpe. The cutter, of the capture of the enterprizin, fir Sid. combat was dreadful, and for some time doubtful. pey Smith, commander of his majesty's ship Dia. Ar length the French general Massena advanced, mond, on the coaf of France. Having, on the and took the Austrians in Alank and rear, and 18th inftant, boarded and taken'a lugger privateer, their defeat was soon completed. The loss of the belonging to the enemy, in Havre-de-Grace hare Auftrians was between 3 and 4000 men, 2500 bour, by the boars of his fquadron, then on a ree of whom were taken prisoners. conpoirering expedition, and the tide making The French immediately followed up this ad Arong into the harbour, she was driven above the vantage: they attacked the Austrians, who had French forts, who, the next morning, the 19th not yet recovered from their first defeat, and discovering at break of day, the lugger in tow by gained another victory over them, much more a ftriog of Englith boats, immediately made the fignal than the former, fignal of alarm, which collected together several The Auftrians loft 10,500 men, 40 pieces of gun-boats and other armed vessels, that a tacked cannon, and their hories and waggons, 15 pair of the lugger and British boats; when, after an ob- colours, all their equipage, and several magazines. Hinate reGfance of two hours, fir Sidney had the The Austrian general Provera was taken pri. mortification of being obliged to surrender himself loner. prisoner of war, with about fixteen of his people, In consequence of the signal victories obtained and three officers with him in the lugger, The by the French army in Italy, and their rapid apPiamond frigate is safe, but could afford her com


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proach to Turín, the capital of his Sardinian may the King of Sardinia, who ferve in the Auftrian jefty, which must have speedily surrendered; an army in Italy, are to be compaised in the faida application was made by general Colli, commandes' fulpenfion of hostilities. in chief of the Piedmontese army, to the French 7. The citadel of Ceva shall be furrendered, togeneral Baonaparte for a fufpenfion of arms ; ag gether with all its artillery, ammunition, and his Sardinian majefty had sent plenipotentiaries to provisions, and its garrison is to retreat into PiedGenoa to treat for peace with the French repub- mont. Kc: the following conditions were mutually 8. In the fortress of Coni and Tortona, as well agreed on.

as in that of Aletlandria, inveatories fhall be

drawn up of all the artillery, ammunition, and Conditions of a Sufpersion of Arms, agreed ugun provisions, delivered up to the French troops, for béiween the French ard Piecémoriefe armies, which the French republic shall remain aniwera

ble to the king of Sardinia, by restoring the are Head Quarters at Cherefco the gih tillery, and paying the value of such part of the Flareal, 4th year.

ammunition and provisions as fhall have been con

sumed. Art. r.

All holilities in all cease between the The same shall be done respecting the citadel of Prench army in Italy, and the army of the King Ceva. The troops who occupy these places ihall of Sardinia, from the day that the undermentione:t withdraw into Pieimont with their arms, baggage, conditions shall be furilled until the expiration of and all the honours of war. five days atter the end of the negotiations, which

(Signed) are to be set on foot to attain the conclusion of a Lieutenani-General DE LA TOUR. treaty of peace be ween the two powers, viz.

Colonel COSTA, and BUONAPARTE. The fortress of Coni shall be occupied by the The Caira, of 84 guns, taken from the French Prench on the gih Floreal, or iře 28th of April, in the Mediterranean by Admiral Hotham, has. of this prefeot year, the fortress of Allesandria been burnt in St. Fiorenzo harbour, Corsica hali likewise be taken poffeffion of by the French The boiling over of a pitch kettle is alleged to as soon as possible, and at latest the inth Floreal, have been the cause. None of the crew were or zoth of April, until the fortress of Tortona luft, and none of the other ibips in the harbour can be surrendered to them.

received any damage. 2. The French army shall remain in poffeffion 7] Kyd Waks, who was convicted' at the of its conquests, that is to say, of all the country fittings atter laft Hillary Term, of having on the fituated between the right bank of the Sure and first day of the present rellions of parliament, its cun fluence with the Tanase, and from thence' fulced his majesty in his paslage to and froin pa. along the right banks of that river as far as the liament, by hilling, and uling leveral indecent er. point where it joins the river Po, as long as the pressions, such as, No George-No Was," French shall remain in poteftion of Allefiandria; &c. received sentence to be confined five years, but after this place fhill have been restored to the stand once in the pillory, and find 'security a king of Sardinia, in consequence of the fortress' 100cl. for 10 years after his enlargement, of Tortona being occupied by the Prench, the Skinorti, v. Bumfted, and others. boondaries fhall extend farther from the conflu At the litrings last Easter term in the court of ence of the Sure and Tarianò, to the height of king's bench, an action was brought by the Afty, on the right banks of the said river ; fiom' plaistiit, who was the holder of the lottery ticket this point, the high road which lead to Nizza de No. 5,278, which was actually the last drawa la Pailte, and from that place to Caftury, is to ticket in a foriner lottery, and consequently eno serve as a line of demarcation; from thence cror.' titled him to rcool.-The Commissioners had fing the Bormida 'under Calligny the French ajjudged that sum to the bolder of Na. 31,003, army thall remain in poffeffion of the right bank which was never drawn, which had never been ia, of the Bormida, to its discharge into the Tartano, the wheel, or if it was, had got out of it come how and from thence into the confluence of this river or other before the plaintiff's number was drawn. and the Po.

The jury gave a verdia for plaintiff, fubjet 3. The town and citadel of Coni, as well as to the opinion of the court, the town and citadel of Fortona, Thall be surren. The point was argued by Mr. Erkine for the deres up to the French, together with the artit plaintiff, and by Mr. Law and Mr. Ward, for the Jery, acomunition, and provifiurisg existing in defendants. thofe places, of which an inventory is to be The court held, that the defendants, wbo drawn up;' the l'ame shall be done with regard to were the commillioners of the lottery, had no 2 the town and citadel of Alessandria, which are thority to decide the buliness, and that they provisionally to be occupied by the French, until were mere mini'tcrial ctAcers. The court ceaibey fall be put in poffeflion of the town and ci. firmed the plaintift's title to the roool. tadel of Torunia.

Colonel J. F. Cawthorne, of the Weltminter 4. The French army shall be at liberty, to cross Militia, having been found guilty of twelve of the Po under Valence.

the fourteen charges brought againit him, the 5. Alt extraordinary couriers, Aides-de-camp, judge advocate, pranounced the sentence. "That or other officers whom the commander in chief 'the said John Fenton Cawchurre, having acted in may think fit to lend to Paris, shall be allowed to a fcandalous and in ia tous manner, up becoming pats and repass the shorteft way.

the character of an officer and a gentlemen, 6. All the troops and officers in the pay of ordered to be caffiiered; and rendered uncerty and

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facuy zo atévir.

incapable of serving his maiefly in any military ca- dictment for high treason, for being concerned

And, for ille purpole of make in the famous pop-gun plot in the year 1994, ing ihe example more thiking, his majesty has for taking the life of his majesty by a poisoned given orders, that the adjudication of ihe court arrow discharged from an air-gun. He was acThall be read at the head of every militia regiment quitted, no evidence being produced that could 'in the kingdom. He was soon after, on the lubftantiate the charge. motion of General Conway, expelled the house of 18.] Smith, Higgins, and Lemaitre, wese

put upon their trial at the Old Bailey; a jury was And lieutenant colonel O'Kelly, of the same impannelled, but no evidence having been adregiment, tried on eighteen charges, having been duced against them on the part of the crown, they found guilty of one, respecting the ap lication of were of courfe pronounced not guilty, public coals to his private use, was fentenced 19.] His majesty went in the usual ftate to se to forfeit the sum of one hundred pounds, and the house of peers, and prorogued the parlia. That he be dismified his majesty's service."

12.) Thomas Crossfield was tried on an in.



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January, closed its proceedings, which termiDUBLIN, April 20, 1796. nated inoft bonourably for that officer.

On seventeen charges he was acquitted with N inquest was held on the body of Tho. honour ; he was found guilty of two, one of

mas Whitehouse, at his late refidence in which did not appear deferving of the least ces James's-freet, wbo brought in a verdict of felo fure ; the other was adjudged ceasurable, va de je. His remains were found suspended from account of irregularity. the balusters, where they were suppored to have The prelident addressed lieut. col. Shaw, and bung for upwards of a month, and contequently acquainted him “ that he had no order from goin a dreadful ttate of decay and putrefaction. It vernment to convey any other confuse than the feems he had discharged his female attendant une mere reading of the sentence." der pretext of retiring to Powerscourt, in the The court added to the sentence, “ Thac the county of Wicklow, and shut up his shop with prosecution appeared to them to have originales this avowed intention. A confiderable time bave more from malicious motives than trom any ata ing elapsed without any information being re tachment to his majesty's service ; lever ud of seived by his landlord or other interested persons, the charges appearing frivolous and vexatious, and the doors were forced, and the wretched man dif- ochers not having been attempted to be supported covered in his shirt, his night-cap over his face, by evidence." in the above lamentable circumstances.

9.) The board of aldermen met, to take into The above wretched person, wiib his brother confideration a meflage from the rigbt hon. Ms. Joshua, (who died suddenly about a twelvemouth Secretary Pelham, delivered to them by the lord ago) leveral years since, and before lotteries were mayor, relative to the granting licences, when it relóried to for pational purposes, had been employ- was decernined, that in future no licence for any ed as agents in the sale or tickets itsued for divers retailer in malt or spirita, should be forwarded to schemes then carried on in aid of certain charita- the commisiioners of the revenue, unless ligaed by ble inftitutions and inprovements in this city, the lord mayor for the time being, the superina and became eminent therein: Having, however, tendant and other magiftrates, and the time tor embızzled, under the idea of legal impunity, a figning them to be Monday in each week, at the sum of considerable mag nicude, the fund for pay. Tholtel. ment in one of those schemes was so materially By the last will of Richard Daniel, of Bath, affected by the fraud, that the holder of the num-. clerk, deceased among others, the following dea ber entitled to the chiet prize never received his quests are made : the iuterest of gool. annwaddy money ; the brothers were nevertheless arrested to S:. Luke's parish, Dublin, for its poor and ina and thrown into prison by the managers for debt, digent inhabitants -- interest of gool. annually to and, though well circumstanced, as ii was uni- Hospital for Incurables, Dublin-interett of 2001. verfally believed, to liquidate the demand, cone annually to Dublin General Dispentaryinteie tinued to remain voluntary facrifices to their ava of 5091. annually to Dublin Lying-in-Hofpital.com rice for many years, till, by an unmeriied guod intereit of 400l. annually to Mercer’s-hvlpica, fortune, they obtained, for a trifie, the above Dublinmaslin, the interest of sool. for evsi, 10 ticket, which being a kind of receipt for the be annually applied in aid of the maintenance of debr, produced their enlargement fouin durance. four protestani clergymans' widows of the ea. Bankrupta chus in reputation, they for a num blished religion in Ireland ;--and also sle to che bes of years led a solitary live, marked by the poor of the parish where buried. greatest fingularities, for which they were at all 18.) An unfortunate poor man and woman, Eines remarkable, until the unfocial and unhappy suppoled to be man and wife, and both intoxicated, career terminaied as we have related.

feil into the new cut of the Caoil in acceapoing May 2) The general court martial.cbat has to crols the bridge on the Black-rock road, and been ligting oa lieut. col. Shaw, since the 4th of were boch dra:vned; their bodies were found the


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following morning closely clasped in each others the hon. Mrs. C. Hely Hutchinson, lanty of til arms.

hon. Christopher Hely Hutchinfon, brother Lord Charlemont's temple, a: Marino, was lord Donoughmore, and daughter to fir Jan robbed by some villains, who have found means Bond, bart.-Daniel Tracy, eiq. collector's clera to elude detrction. Even the bed and the win. ani commiffioner of revenue affidavits in Dube dows have been despoiled of the curtains, which Pori.-In Grovesnor- ftreei, London, fuddenly were of fine chintz, and added much to the ihe countess of Ludlow, lady of Peter earl of Lud beauty of that interesting monument of his lord. low, of this kingdom.-In London, fir Huge thip's elegant tafte.

Palliser, bart, admiral of the white, and govern

or of Greenwich-hospital, and coufin to the late BIRTH S.

rev. Dr. Palliter, of Rachfarnham -in Bride T Tullamore, the lady of the rev. Peter Street, Travers Hartley, esq. a very eminent mer co. Cork, the lady of lord Doneraile, of a daugh- tatives in parliament for the city of Dublin, (Se ter. In Leefon-ftreet, the lady of lieut. col. our latt, page 388.)-The rev. Mr. Demple: O'Hara, of a daughter.-In Monkftown, the of Bridge-itreet Chapei ; his premature death hon. Mrs. Moleswortb, lady of the hon. Robert attributed to the shock and impreifion which lå Molesworth, of a son and heir.-In Great George's received during his official attendance on the bar ftreet, Rutland-Square, the lady of lieut. col. unhappy criminal Hart, previous to his execu L'Estrange, of a fon.

tion. -At Granada, captain Auguftus Colems

of the 29th regt. foot -Ac Dundalk, suddenly MARRIAGE S.

William Montgomery Williamson, esq. survera ILLIAM LOWE, of co. Galway, esq. of that port.- Joseph Verichoyle, esq. aged 96

to the hon. Miss Hamilton.--Edward - In St. Patrick's Hospital, Nanny M Daniel Guinness, of the city of Dublin, efq. to Miss at the advanced age of 106. She pufiefied, he Margaret Blair, daughter of the late James Blair, faculties to the laft moment, and through life en efq. - William Farran, esq. to Miss Smith, daughe joyed an uninterrupted health. This word ter of John Smith, of North Anne. ftreet, esq.- when young, married a soldier, and attended At Limerick, Joseph Fisher, efq. to Mifs Hannah fortune in the field ; where, on the plains Mark, daughter of the late Thomas Mark, esq. Fontenoy he fought for honour, and fell, leavis -Bindon Blood, esq. to Miss Burton, daughter her a widow with two children. The humar of Edward William Burton, of Clifden, co. of of her deceased husband's colonel, enabled hel Clare, esq.- Stephen Travers, cíq. to Miss and her children to reach Irelant. Here another Mountaine, daughter of George Mountaine, esq. foldier was her lot, who fell at the barule of Prey -At Comber, co. Down, Mr. James Stitt, fur ton Pans, where the was present, and had a lo geon, to Miss Mary Greenlaw.-át Stephen's- also killed in the field, whose wife and child werd Green, major Stark, of the Derry Militia, to in the camp. On her return to Dublin, she was Mrs. Bolcon. Francis Hamill, of Dominick appointed by the governors a servant in the fourBreer, esq. to Miss Derham, daughter of the dation of Dean Swift, and was the first person the late Thomas Derham, of Abbey-street, esq. ever slept in that hospital, where she had remained James Montgomery Blair, esq. to Miss Wynne, ever fince. The governors had fuperannuate daughter of captain John Wynne, of Sligo. – her some years, and supported her with decency Ralph Smyth, efq. to Mrs. Fairbrother, fifter to and comfort to her final clofe.-Ar the Hague, the late Arthur Cope, of Loughgall, co. Armagh, Peter Paulus, president of the first National efq.-W. D. Stanley Monck, esq. member of Convention there, and one of the principal authers parliament for the borough of Coleraine, to Mils of the revolution in Holland. - In the 94th year Mafon, eldest daughter of the late colonel Henry his age, Michael Apjohn, of Linfield, co. Linea Mark Mason. At Seafield, co of Cork, Richard rick, csq.--In London, after a few hours illes Devonshire Newenham, of Mary borough, efq. to the hon. John Butler Wandesford, second son of Mis White, eldest daughter of the late Samuel the late and brother to the present right hon. earl White, esq. ani niece to the right hon. lady Lon- of Ormond, one of the knights of the fhire for gueville.--Kane Colclough, lace of Hazle batch, the co. of Kilkenny, and a major in the army. The elq. aged 72, to Miss Caulfield, of Millbrook, in Wandesford eitate, to which he fucceeded on the King's Co. aged 18.-in Merrion-square, John death of his grand-father the late carl af Wandere Smyly, clq. to Miss Belissa Crampton, daughter tord, devolves to his next brother, who will assume of major John Crampton.-Lambert Brabazon, the name of Wandesford --At the age of 894 efq. captain in the royal navy, to Mils Grey, Gfter aldermin Gr Thomas Blackhall, knt.- in Blackto Dr. Grey, of Jervisaftreet. - Christopher A. all-ittreet, alderman Henry Hart, magistrate for mitage Nicholson, erg to Mus Newcome, daugh, the north side of the city, ter of his grace the lord jurimate. Charles Rowin, elq. to Miss Haripole, hiler and heiress of the late

PROMOTIONS. George Hartpole, of Sorule Caitle, Queen's Co. LDERMAN Samuel Reed, eleéled lord esq. and niece to the earl of Alborough.

and Joseph Pemberton, of Capel-ftreet, efqrs. DE A T H S.

elected high heriffs of the city of Dublin, comN thể 72d year of his age, Richard Monsell, mencing from 29th September next.-Jacob

of Denagrogue Castle, co. of Clare, esq.- Poole, of Black-pitts, elected an alderen of the At Falmouth, (England) on her way to Lisbon, city of Dublin, (lis Thomas Blackall decealedido

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