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"He vows if I'll enter the conjugal life,
He'll oh! to be sure, only make me his wife,
Then so tender be looks when we lovingly chat
That I long to be married--but wont tell him that.

With his Gramachree Molly och, &c.

Last Sunday at Church he must fain tell the Pricft,
In a week or two more we are wedded at lealt,
And sure since be said it, my conscience will say,
If he dont lead me there I will thew him the way.

With his Gramachrec Molly och, &

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Answer to the Rhapsody.

A Lagman's Reply to Paine's Age of



(Concluded from page 237.)



" fody," in your laft, (page 229,) is. xxvii. 51. 53. to have attended the deemed worthy a place in your Mag. crucifixion are not mentioned by ihe azine for this month, its appearance other writers.' I remark Mr. Paine there will oblige

áfferts boldly, but he should not have A CONSTANT READER. done so. For Mark xv. 38. records

part of what Math, writes in the xxvi. AN Edwin liften to the insinuati- 51. viz. , 'The vail of the temple was

ons of a false friend, and doubt rent in twain from the top so ibe borthe truth of Mary !--Have I not vowed tom,' and Luke xxin. 45. records, 'the to thee eternal conftancy! and can the vail of the temple was

rent in the heart of Mary change! Have I not midit. They both hint by this, at fworn to love thee, and thee only, and some convulfion that tore ihe vail of can Mary break her plighted faith the temple. As to the remainder that Cruel Charlotte ! thou han deceived Math. records of the faints that remy Edwin !- Unkind Edwin ! thou vived. Marh. wrote for the Jews to baft believed an ungenerous girl, and whom those fainis appeared, and had doubted the love of Mary! Ah! could it not been true, the Jews would bayt I for a fingle moment doubt of thine! been ready enough io have contradided -No ! though the whole world pro- it. Who chose faints were, that came claimed thee false, yet would the heart to life again ; as Mr. Paine obferves : of Mary believe thee true! And though whether they came out naked or cloache duty had even - compelled thee to lead ed, whither they went or what became fome richer fair one to the altar, -fiill' of them; we are not informed; but would I believe that Edwin's heart was that they appeared to many in Jerusamine ! And though for ever parted, lem, is recorded ; and it is easy to find Atill would the fondeft affections of a reason for such a proceeding; it might Mary be fixed on Edwin !

-Reason be, 10 prove to the Jews (particularly may quit the mind, but never can af. to those who denied, that there was feâion for her Edwin, quit the heart such a relurre&ion. But as to who of Mary ! Drive then fufpicion from they were, or whether they were naked thy breaft, my Edwin-listen not 19 or cloathed &c : those things, to the the infinuations of deceit and envy, world, are not of any confequence, for not even duty should force Mary to Mr. Paine observes that Mazh. alone break her yows to Edwin !

selates the story of the guard fet over

the fepulchre.--Il is to be obferved that Then doubt not (oh! Edwin) the truth Math. wrote his Gospel in ibe language


of the Jews, and for them ; that it is Nor think I could act fo deceitful a probable he inferted all the facts that part;

were well known to them in particular; First think that the fun from its orbis thus, in a manner defying them thereby. can move,

to deny inem openly : among fuch; is. E'er the heart of thy Mary from Edwin what is recorded Math. c. xxviii. verses

2. 3. and 4. for the guard, who were

afterwards bribed to tell a lie, (that Dablin, April 4, 1796.

Ms. Painc acknowledges contents


can rove.

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itself) were the only witnesses to alledged that Math. invented the whole; it. Which passage I tball begin with; well, let those that fay fo, produce an as I intend (with I hope the help of author coteinporary with Maib. that God) to lay in order (as they are re- contradicts his account by a more ere. laced in one or other of the 4 Gofpels), dible ftory told by the guard, recordthose things that happened the morning ed in his writings. and day of the returrection of our Matthew xxviii. 1. records that Lord. In answer to all that Mr. Paine Mary Magdalene and another Mary relaies about the discordancy of the ac- came to fee the fepulchre, and that it count given by the 4 Evangelifts of the was in the end of the fabbath, as it beresurrection of Jefus. But fickt I mult gan to dawn towards the first day of premise, that because every narrator of the week. But does not say the two any history does not record every trans- Marys were alone. action of it ; it does not follow, what Mark xvi. 1. 2. Differs not with cherefore the facts be records are not Maib. as to the two Marys, nor does true. But it ftrengebens the credibility he say, there were none others, with of such history: if the several narra them; but fays the Sabbath was paft, tors, record, some one part and some and that it was very early in the mornanother part, if some of these are the ing of the firft day of the week, they fame, and all these parts put together, came to the fepulchre, at the rifing of make one concordant account of the the fun, i. e. as the sun was rising. whole. Neither does it fallify the Luke xxiv. 1. says it was on the firft account not to break off the narration day of the week, very early in the of all the information the narrator re- morning, that they (without mention. ceives on any particular fact or facts. ing names) came to the fepulchre. 1 He, unul he puis together all this in. John xt. I. records that it was on formation, defers, informing us who the first day of the week early, when were the perfons that gave the informa: it was yer dark (i. c. it was nog comtion. Nor does it fallfy the facts so plete day light, for it was about the related, that it is not specified which full of the moon, and therefore, dark, of the witneffes, gave information of does not fignify that there was not any this part, or which, of that part of the light, but that it was not completely faas related. It appears to me that day light; besides the Greek word that the scriptures are wrore in this manner is translated, dark, fignifies a dimo 'on purpose, that only those that pels, as well as darkness) that Mary will take the trouble to search the Magdalene came to the fepulchre, scriptures, thall see their perfection. but he does not say she was alone, Now by observing these things, perhaps though Mr. Paine afferts he does. (See it will not be found difficult to Acw, Magazine for January 1796, page 20.) that the account given by the 4 Evan Now I cannot see that four perfons gelifts of those things thai happened the writing an account of the same tranfmorning and day of the relurrection of action, without communicating or comour Lord Jesus Christ, is a concordant paring their accounts of it with one *and not a difeordant account.

another, could give a more concordant Maih. records verles 2. 3. and 4. of account. We find from their accounts chap. xxviii. the cremendous prepara that (Math.) at the end of the Sabbath sion for the resurrection of our Lord. as it began to dawn towards the firf This happened before the women ar- day of the week, so that (Mark) the rived' at the fepulchre, none of the Sabbath was past and early in the mornorher Evangelists record this: therefore ing of the first day of the week; and this would have stood on its own au- therefore was (Luke) very early in the thority alone, had not the Jews framed morning of the first day of the werk, ftory that contradicts intell, but is (John) whilft it was yet dark, or dim able to the occafion. But it may be (i. e. comprentively so to the light of


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