40th Regiment. i serjeant, 11 rank and file 19.) A private letter from on board the Mars, killed, 1 major, i subaltern, i surgeon, i fer-' one of Admiral Cornwallis's squadron, reports the jeant, i drummer, 14 rank and file wounded; unfortunate accident which befel the Bellisarius. 8 rank asıd file miffing.

transport, to have been occafioned by a dispute be54th Ditto.

6 serjeants, 1 drummer, 24, tween the master and the second mate, when rank and file killed, i captain, 4 subalterns, 5 wearing the thip: by which, not paying proper serjeants : drummer, 44 rank and file wounded, attention, they fell athwart the Royal Sovereign, 4 lerjeants, i drummer, 40 rank and ble missing. when the Sovereign's jib-boom and bowsprit took soth Ditto.

serjeant, 5 rank and file kile their main mast, and ftruck her mid-thip, by led, 2 subalterus, 19 rank and file wounded; which the almost instantly funk. To add to the 4 rank and file miffing.

distress of this dreadful scene, an unhappy woman 2nd Weft India dicta. I rank and file killed; with her infant in her arms, who stood upon the I captain, 3 fubalters, 7 rank and file wounded ; quarter deck of the Bellisarius, attempted to 15 serjeants, 125 rank and file missing.

save the life of her infant by chrowing it on board Total. 8 ferjeants, i drummer, 45 rank and the Royal Sovereign, at the instant of the two file killed ; 1 major, 2 captains, 10 lubalterns, hips meeting, but unfortunately

, it fell be., I surgeon, 6 serjeants, 2 drummers, 87 rank tween the two thips Gides, and was crushed to and file wounded; 19 serjeants, į drummer, atoms before the eyes of its unhappy mother, 18o rank and file misling.

who, in her distraction of mind, instancly pre(Signed) J. STIWART, B. Gen. cipitated herself into the sea, and shared the grave

of her child. Names of Officers wounded.

The total nomber of persons on board was

207, out of which were saved captain Barge, 16 Brigadier general Strutt, brigade major Stew- of the laips company, un soldiers, 8 officers and art, brigade major Walford, (not iacluded in the 5 women. above return.)

A letter from St. Kitts dated Jan. 29th, says, Major Harcourt.

on the igth inft. about 300 troops having arrived Captains Harrison and Davidson.

at St. Vincent's, part of the armament of Ado Subalterns Simmonds (fince dead), Frederick, miral Christian, colonel Hunter determined to at. Spence, Cairns, Verity, Chaplain, Panton, Dar, tack the enemy, which he did with great impe! ley, Murroud, and, Le Cader.

tuofity, and complete success. The mixed band Surgeon Bollon,

of negroes and men of colour were defeated in Captain Cumming, affiftant to the quarter every point, and the inand delivered from all mafter general, milfing.

further danger. Almoit the whole of them Volunteer Alhburner (40th regiment) killed. were put to the sword.

[End Gazette.)

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The trial lasted till fix in the evening, when DUBLIN, Feb. 29, 1796. the jury returned a verdi&t of Guilty, againft

the first mentioned ten persons; but the other COMMISSION INTELLIGENCE. three remains in cuftody, as other bills of in

di&tment are to be preferred against them, and This day came on the trial of

also againit the ten persons now convicted, on a Andrew Glannan, Owen Reilly, charge of defenderism and high treafon, the ofPbilip Kane,

Charles Sorahan, fence of which they were convicted in the prePatrick Kinsbela, John Connor, fent case is not capital, being only a mildeJohn Rarigan,

James Carmichael, Michael Slevan,

James Dempsey, Marck 1.) Phelim Mulhern, a private of the Hugh Bryan,


Donegal militia, was tried on an indi&tment for Simon Wallb,

James Connor, the wilful murder of a poor man, the servant of on an indi&mene for conspiring and combin. Mr. Dorao, attorney, of Stephen's-green, by ing to murder John Hanlon, a private in the footing him through the body, and afterwards Royal Irish regiment of artillery, in order to pre- fracturing his skull with the but-end of his mula vent him from giving evidence againft a number guet. of persons charged with detenderism and high The only provocation for this barbarous fanteafon, and now confined in the jail of Naas. guinary act was, that the deceased, who was

The first witness examined was Thomas Smith, driving a horse and car, belonging to his master, a private in the artillery, who, in a very long along the high road, refused to carry the cuba detail of evidence, proved the facts. He was prit and his party, who, the prisoner said, were corroborated by the evidence of John Hanlon, the tireit. perfon again whom the confpiracy was formed, The jury, without beftation, found th: priAlderman Alexander, Alderman Tweedy, who foner guilty. (He was executed the 13in of committed, and the watch constable who affifted March.) ia spprehending the prisoners,

2.] James Weldon, lare a private in the zih



dragcons, was executed at the front of Newgate, lars of this bloody transaction, making by this for high trealon. As far as could be determined' means fome atonement for his concern in the by the spectators in the different avenues, who cruel deed. The wretched culprits, when the were numerous heyond ex mple, the unhappy trial was over, confesed the justice of their sen. min met his fate with fortitude. Having proceeded to the edge of the board, he was, contrary The Portland, Oaptain Bell, from Cork for to the mode ufual on such occafions, shoved off by London, was wrecked in the late ftormy wea-, the hangman; no convulsive throes succeeded the titer, near Boulogne ; she had a valuable cargo fall, his exemption from corporeal sufferance was on board, confiling of 772 cierces of prime Irish therefore instantaneous. After being suspended beef, 400 barrels of beef and pork, 280 fiskins nine or ten minutes, the body was drawn up to of bacter, and 400 bundles of taves and ison the board, in order to accomplish the remaining boops. part of the sentence. In performing this, howa 9.) A general falt and humiliation for the ever, owing to the interruption of the platform, fuccess of his majesty's arms, and for restoring not only a difficulty but rome circumstances or the bleffings of peace, pursuant to order of gom curred highly distressing to the general feelings, vernment, was observed throughous the kinga The body being at length foreed up, 'was placed dom. by the executioner in a convenient situation for Tuesday Patrick M‘Skill was found guilty a decapitation, but the operation was rendered ex the asizes of Clonmel, of the murder of one tremely shocking, very many ineffectual ftrokes Dwyer, and received sentence. He was executed of the axe and applications of the knife having on Thursday. been exerted 'ere the head was severed from the Extrait of a letter from Naas, dated 1stk inf. body, which, when effected, was for some time At the aflizes of this town. exhibited, as the head of a traitor, to the sur. James Deagle,

Patrick Connor, rounding multitude; the remains of the culprit Laurence Kinsela,

Edward Byrne, were then drawn into the prison. (For his trial David Gibney,

Michael Gavigan, and fee p. 76.)

Patrick Dogherty, William Helop, 3.] 'The ten persons who were convicted of a were all convicted of crimes committed as defen. conspiracy to murder John Hanlon, on Monday ders; they were not capitally indicted, though Jaft, were brought up to receive judgment. there came out upon the trial Sufficient prouf to

The right hon. Jord Clonmell addrefled the pri- convi& them of high treason. foners to a considerable length, in a fpeech Three men of O'Connor's club, Anda fraught with strong and pathetic comments on the gins, Thomas King, and William Ficas. enormity of the crime of which tbey ftood con were arraigned for high treason, and pleaost victed on the cleareft evidence, and the mildness Guilty, and benigniry of those laws which they had la 12.) The aßizes of Mullingar ended, when boured to subvert.

the following persons were tried and.capitails The sentence of the court was, that the pri- convicted. foners be hned sol. each, confined in Newgate Barney Farrel, Dennis Dunleary, Dennis Kelly, three years, and after that to find security of the found guilty of a burglary in the dwelling house peace for gool. each.

of William L’Eftrange, to be hanged on the 17th 5-). Friday fe'nnight a wanton murder was inftant. committed in Townshend- ftreet. Two persons Bryan Spollan, Peter Garagban, Bryan Keena, having words, one of them with a shoemaker's Edward Keena, and Patrick Keeds, found guilty, knife gave the other a mortal wound in the back of a burglary in the house of Mrs. Roc, to be The perpetrator of this murder was soon after hanged same day. taken.

Extra&t of a letter from Trim, March 13. On Saturday evening last, as a poor higler, of At the aflizes of chis town, fifteen defenders the name of John Rogers, was conveying to and a cow-stealer were capitally convided: the town from the county of Louth some fowl, he cow-Itealer was recommended by the grand jury was met by a detachment of the Donegal militia, for mercy; and judge Downes paid mot humane at the bridge of Jenningstown ; he requested of attention to the recommendation.-Two of che them to make way for his horse to pass, when, defenders were executed last Monday, and 26without any further provocation, one of the fol- knowledged their guilt. diers put him inftanly to death, by giving him 17:) Being the festival of our tutelary Saint, several tabs of his bayonet. The villain was im- the Irish flag was hoisted on Bedford Tower, in nediately apprehended, and lodged in the guard. Dublin Castle; in the afternoon there was a grand house in Drogheda, from whence he was per. lpvee; in the evening the knights companions of mitted to escape by some means or other. the illustrious order, decorated with their colları,

7.] Last Friday, Kennedy and Graham were were entertained at a state dinner in St. Patrick's tried at Trim, for the inhuman murder of Mrs. Hall, and at night there was a ball and supper. Fullam, (See Sept. Mag. p. 286.) and being con 19.) Hart was executed at the front of the victed of the fame, on the clearest evidence, re new prison, convicted of high treason; Kennedy, ceived lentence to be executed on Monday. The who was to bave suffered along with hira, was principal evidence against them was, the depufi. respited. son of an accomplice of the name of Travers, Hart, through the whole of his awful fitua. who at the instance of Alderman Tweedy, who tion, from his arraignment to being launched into went down.for the purpose, disclosed the particu- eternity, cahibited a fortitude worthy a bettes


cause. On the morning of his trial, his life was the co. Down aslizes, wherein Robert Hunter offered him, on condition of bis pleading guilty; was plaintiff, and Thomas Fullon defendant, for his counsel advised him to accept of it, but he re- the recovery of the sum of 171. Is. 3d. alleged to Fored, alleging as a reason that the part of the be won by the plaintiff from the defendant, upon charge which rated a conspiracy to murder the the event of a race run over the Mize course on protestants was false. After fentence hopes of the Wednesday of the lat July meeting. It aplife were offered bim, if he would discover who' peared the devendant proposed the wager, and the were his accomplices as a defender; he acknow-" plaintiff accepted the line on Monday preceding ledged to be one himself, but preferred death to the race on their return from the race ground, the discovery which was defred. The same con the defendant taking the horse Goldfinder, againit ftancy accompanied him to the fatal board. He the field. Goldfinder, it was proved, lost the looked on the apparatusof deftruction, the head's. race; but the defendant conceiving himself not man with his naked axe and long knife, who stood bound to pay the sum he had betted, came to before him, and the rope by which he was to be trial, and refted his defence upon intoxicacion, on ftrangled, with aftonishing anconcern. He ad- his part, when he proposed and agreed to che drefled the crowd in a loud voice from the plat- wager.. He produced evidence to this effect, form, thanked the Sheriff firft, for his humanity, but their teftimonies were rebuted by several of de fored their prayers, acknowledged that he was the opposite site. The judge (the hon. baron a defender, end declared that part of what his Downes) delivered his opinion, that if the jury profecutor wore was true, and part falsc-when considered the wager fairly taken and won, they his cap was pulled over his face, and without any should find for the plain:iff, and if otherwise for Symptoms of fear was plunged into eternity. the defendant-The jury gave a verdict for che

At the aflizes of Longford, which ended the plaintiff with the costs of ruit. 18th, eight men who were concerned in the mur At che affizes of Maryborough a cause was der of the late C. B. Harman, Esq.

were capitally tried, in which Richard Moore, attorney, was convicted, one of whom, Charles Gorman, (who plaintiff, and lord Oxuantown defendant, for a fered the fhoc which killed Mr. Harman) was malicious prosecution, in which 10,000!. da. brought from the court-house at 'nine o'clock on mages were claimed. A verdict was had for the Thurday night, and executed at the front of the defendant. jail, where he remained hanging until Saturday, Sunday se'nnight a deserter, attempting to when the remaining feven were also executed. make his escape from Edgeworth town, was shot

- 20.) - A charity fermon was preached at St. at and killed on the spot, by one of che party Peter's church, by the rev. Walter Blake Kir. guarding him. wan, and a collection made for the support of the Mr. Cox has completed the Rors bridge, to the female orphans amounting to toigt:

entire satisfaction of the commiffioners, who have 21.) Last week the potters' mitts belonging resolved that a piece of plate, of the value of ten to counsellor Robinson, at Mill-town, were felo- pounds, be presented to him, on which ap in. niously broken open by a party of ruffians, who scription, expreffive of their approbation, thall tere the frong iron bars from the windows, defo be engraved. troyed the partitions of the building, tore up a We are informed that Mr. Cox set out imme.. pump, and plundered the factory of a considerable diately for Portumna, in order to erect a bridge quantity of the materials belonging thereto. We ovor the river Shannon, at that place, on the are bappy to hear that, through the active vigi- completion of which he intends returning to his lance of Mt. Juftice Winder, the offenders, , native country, America. fourteen in number, were committed to prison.

Mr. Cox has been in this kingdom five years 23.] Our active and vigilant chief magistrate and nine months, and has built the following fined 17 retailers of spirits, who were convi&ed bridges over different rivers : before him of felling their liquors on Sunday,

Length. Breadth. Depth at low water. during the time of divine servicc, and ordered Londonderry, 1068 feet, 40 feet, 31 feet, their fines to be devoted to the relief of the pour. Waterfori, 832 40 37

Ex:raft of a letter from Madeira, Dec. 26. Wexford, 1553

The Leda frigate was loft on the 11th inftant Ferry Cassig 340 27 in a hard thunder storm, in lat. 37. 56. long. 17. Ross

510 40 30. wind S. W. Only reven men were saved in Also a draw-bridge over the great bason, at the jolly-boat. They providentially got on board Ringlend. the brig Brownlow, of Belfast, Penterk, matter, Portumna bridge, when completed, will be who deserves great praise for his attention and about 840 feet long, and depth of water 24 feet. humanity. On hearing of the accident he hove -He intends having it completed by the int of his veffel to, in hopes of picking up some more July next. of the crew, but alas ! in vain.

BIRTH S. The accident happened at midnight. Two N Kildare-treet, the lady of Benjamin Ball, of the survivors were here. They said the loss of the Leda was occafioned by one or two of the the body of the right hon lord Kilmaine, of a cabin guns fetching way, and going through her daughter. hdes. In about ten minutes lle filled ; about 40 of the people hurried into the pinnace, and it is

MARRIĄ G E S. fupposed, the went down with the Leda.

N the King's .Co. George Armitrong, elg. 26.] A record came on to be wied laft wček at to Miss Armstrong of the said county. Wil.





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Liam Watts, esq. to Miss Grave of Summer, reli&t of the late and mother of the present earl. hiil. Robert Drought, erg. to Miss Bristow, Mrs. Barbara Cooke, relict of the late Alexander eldest daughter of Roger Bristow, of Baggota Cooke, of North Cumberland-Itreet, efqızla Atreet, efq.-Captain John Hunt, of Arklow, to London, at a very advanced age, the hon. Joha Miss Jones, of fais place. In London, Alex. Forbes, great uncle to the carl of Granard, the. ander Hamilton, esq. bar. at law, son of the late oldest officer in the navy, and general of mahon. baron Hamilton, and member of parliament rines, he had been a poft captain exactly 60 for the borough of Carrickfergus, to Miss Ca- years having been appointed in March 1736; be tharine Burgh, fecond daughter of the late Robt. was made a rear admiral in July 1747, and a full Burgh, erg. In Limerick, James Boucher, of admiral in February 1758, and in 1781 he was Kilcolane, esq. to Miss Susannah Cudmore, appointed admiral of the fileet; he was a remarkdaughter of Paul Cudmore, of Ballymartin, elg. able instance of longevity accompanied by lo

- The Rev. Mr. Jones, of Roscrea, to Miss much infirmity, for the last 20 years of his life Letitia Rock, of Moore-ftreet. --Aylmer Humph. he was never able so ftand, nor could he scarce sey, of Luke-Street, Esq. to Mrs. Foy, relict of turn himielf in bed without allistance, being William Gorge's Foy, of Foy's Lodge, county lame both in hands and feet. His immense for Kildare, esq.-Jones Harrison, of Kildare, esq. tune goes to his two daughters, having no male to Mifs' Rachei Winder, daughter of Thomas illuc, one married to the hon. William Wesley Winder, Esq. of the custom-house, Dublin. Pole, brother to the earl of Mornington, che At Paffage church in the co. of Waterford, the other unmarried. Ac Chaillot, in France, the sev. John Richards of Grange in the county of celebrated Abbe Raynal, aged 84 ycars.ml Wexford, eldest son and heir to the late Goddard Dawson. (treet, Miss Beauchamp. Richards, esq. to Miss Paul, eldest daughter of far Joshua Paul, bart.


IR Frederick Flood, bart. elected a burgek DEATH S.

in parliament for the borough of Carlow, T Limerick, Mrs, Wallace, reli&t of the (hon. Auguftus Cavendish Bradshaw resigned.)

rev. John Wallace.- At Clifden, Mrs. Sir Thomas Fetherlton, bart. elected a knight Burion, reli&t of the låte Edward Burton, of of the shire for co. of Longford, (Caleb Barnes Buncraggy, csq.---At his Jord!hip's seat at Stan- Harman, esq. deceased.)-The hon. Francis Ma-, don-hall, in Lancashire, England, the right hon. thew, eldest for to lord viscount Landaff, elected Thomas Arthur lord viscount Southwell, of this a,burgers in parliament for the borough of Cal. kingdom: bis fordihip had married a lady of the lan, (alderman Warren deceased.) poble family of Walth de Serrant, in France, by whom he has left iflue four fons and three HIGH SHERIFFS for the presents daughters, Thomas Anthony now viscount

Year, Southwell, Margaret the present lady viscounteis Gormanfton,' and five younger children. The YOUNTY Antrim, James Watson, of

Brook-hill, erg.-Carlow, Philip New. but a few weeks before, made so deep an im- ton, esq.--Cavan, John Enery, jun. of Bawnboy, pression on a mind naturally of great sensibility, as erg.-Cork, Augustus Warren, of Warrento have caused this melancholy and premature court, esq.-Clare, Thomas Morony, of Milevents in Park-ftreet, Merriun-Square, Richaracown-houle, esq.-Down, Daniel Mufsenden, Swift, 'efq.- At Athlone, Charles Irdell, esq.- of Larchfield, esq.- Donegal, Thomas Grove, of In Cork, lieut. Dickson, of the royal navy,-- Cattle-grove, esq.-Dublin, David Latouche, jun. John Kells, esq. barrifter är Jaw.-In Mercer. of St. Catherine's, esq.-Fernapagh, Robert Kreet, Mrs: Wakeley, lady of Francis Wakeley, Weir, of Craig-hall, ety. Gilway, fohn Burke, ciq.-In Dominićk-Atreet, Miss A. Moody, of llercleran, esq.-Kerry, Edward Collis, of youngest daughter of the rev. doctor Moody.-, Knockeragh, erq.--Kildare, Michael Aylmer, in Norton-ttrect, (London) tir William Cham. of Courtown, eig.--Kilkenny, James Wemys bers, knight of the polar ftar, surveyor general of Danestort, erg. -King's co. John Wakely, of of his majefty's board of works, treasurer of the Ballyburly, esq.--Leitrim, the hon. Nathaniel sojal academiyi tellow of the royal aird antiqua- Clements, communly called lord viscount Cleriär. focieties; his abilities as an architect will be ments.-Limerick, Henry Bevan, of Camals, istomer:alized by that great national ornarent, esq.--Longford, John Bell, of Crivy, ele Somerset Place, and by his excellent Treatise ou Louch, Alexander M Clintock, of New town, Civil Architecture.-In York-Atreet, Miss Mary esą. --Monaghan, Humphry Evatt, of MountShee.--In Kilkenny, captain Mahony, of the 4th lovite, efq.-Meath, the bon. Clotworthy Tayregt. of brilh Brigade. - In Dangarvon, Thomas lor.-ivayo, Joseph Lambert, of Brookhill, ela. Burbon, esq.- At St. Stephen's-green, the right -- Queen's co. John Ajair, of Rath, esq.--Rolhon. Jady Elizabeth Southwell, lady of Bowen common, John Conry, of Clunahee, esq.-Sligo, Southwelt, erg. and eldest fitter to the marquis Nichelion Vimsby, e.g.-Tyrone, George D'Arof Cornwallis.-Alexander Henry, of Richards, cey Irvine, ela --Tipperary, John Carden, of town, co. Louth, efq - In North King-street, Barnane, esq.-Wicklow, Thomas Hugo, of Mrs. Wilson, relia of John Willon, ela. one of Drummeen, ela.-Weltmeath, Guftavus Rochthe sheriff's peers of the city of Dublin. - In Kilfort; of Rochfort, cfg. -Waterford, William dare-ftrect, in the 89:11 year of tier age, the right Morris, of Knock-boule, elg.- Wexford, Anhon, Martha countets duwager of Aldborough, thony Clifte, of New Rols, slg..

death of his amiabile contores which appentes Com

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