The History of Berwick Upon Tweed: Including a Short Account of the Villages of Tweedmouth and Spittal, &c

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Bell & Bradfute, 1799 - 651 oldal

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509. oldal - The pleafures of tafte refrefh the mind after the toils of the intellect, and the labours of abftract ftudy ; and they gradually raife it above the attachments of fenfe, and prepare it for the enjoyments of virtue. So confonant is this to experience, that, in the education of youth...
596. oldal - On stroking its head, it got up, pawed two or three times like an old bull, bellowed very loud, stepped back a few steps, and bolted at his legs with all its force ; it then began to paw again, bellowed, stepped back, and bolted as before ; but knowing its intention, and stepping...
28. oldal - ... soon as the amount is made known to me; when the whole are received, I will promote, as far as in me lies, the reprinting of them here. " I know of no pursuit in which more real and important...
195. oldal - May in the eighth year of the reign of our Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the Faith etc.
492. oldal - ... far in this direction, and at this depth, he found it did not reach the main body of subjacent water, from whence the evil proceeded. On discovering this, Mr. Elkington was at a loss how to proceed. At this time, while he was considering what was next to be done, one of his servants accidentally came to the field where the drain was making with an iron crow or bar, which the farmers in that country use in making holes for fixing their sheephurdles.
117. oldal - And when she was brought to hyr lodgyng every men drew hym to hys awn. " The next day after, being the xxvth day of the said monneth, Saunt Jamys day, sche abode all the day in the said towne, and was at the church masse varey nobly accompanyd. " That sam day, at even, th' erle of Northumberlaund, made, to mony lords, knights, amd others, a goodeley baunket, which lasted to mydnyght, for cause.
593. oldal - Their colour is invariably white, muzzle black ; the whole of the inside of the ear, and about one-third of the outside from the tip, downwards, red; horns white, with black tips, very fine, and bent upwards ; some of the bulls have a thin upright mane, about an inch and a half, or two inches long...
4. oldal - Borough for the time being be one) fhall be thought fit neceflary or requifite to be done for the obfervation of the fame laws ordinances and conftitutions and to levy and have the fame fines and amerciaments...
595. oldal - The mode of killing them was, perhaps, the only modern remains of the grandeur of ancient hunting. On notice being given that a wild Bull would be killed on a certain day, the inhabitants of the neighbourhood came mounted, and armed with guns, &c.
50. oldal - Berwick, is diftindtly feen from many parts of the walls and the immediate vicinity of the town, being diftant from it two miles north by weft. This eminence fully commands the whole of the town and quay : Were the top of it planted with trees, it would become an ufeful object, as it would afford an excellent land-mark for mips at fea, and would alfo greatly heighten the fcenery of the neighbourhood. The rich inclofed fields intervening between Tweedmouth and Ord Houfe, through which there is...

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