The False Heir, 2. kiadás

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63. oldal - Our eyes are changed, even if the things we look upon remain the same. The persons we have loved too are sure to have altered, and rarely for the better ; for, if they be still on the bright side of life, the rose-bud is generally more beautiful than the rose ; and, if they be on the autumnal side of the hill, we shall have to mark many a leaf that has fallen, many a flower that has faded away. CHAPTER XXXI.
63. oldal - In returning after long absence to the home of our early years, we may, it is true, find ourselves disappointed ; a part of the brightness is almost sure to have passed away, and our eyes are changed, even if the things they looked upon have remained the same. The persons whom we loved, too, are sure to have altered, and rarely for the better ; for...
51. oldal - Almost as he spoke , the sound of wheels rolling over the stones of the court-yard announced the coming of a visitor; and, going out with ceremonious politeness to receive him , the count met the intendant at the door of the chateau , and returned with him to the room where the rest of the...
65. oldal - Then the philosopher's stone has been discovered," cried Gerard Latouches; "for nothing but a transmutation of metals could do that." "Why, it is true, I am your first cousin," replied Jean Marais, "and they say what is bred in the bone will never go out of the flesh; but still I am trying to be as honest as the bad blood in my veins will let me.
14. oldal - DO answer, but walked on musing, and at the top of the hill they found Francis de Langy gazing with a look of wild enthusiasm upon the magnificent scene that lay spread out before him. His whole features seemed lighted up , his quivering lips were apart, the glow in his cheek was heightened, his very breath withheld. It was the first time in his young life that he had been strongly affected by the beauty of the earth he dwelt in; and now it seemed to come upon him all at once : the impression of...
19. oldal - But you are used to all that,' he added, smiling. 'I see you know what poor folk are made of.' 'I have been living among them nearly all my days,' said Albinia. 'I hope you will give me something to do, I should be quite forlorn without it;' and she looked up to his kind, open face, as much at home with him as if she had known, him for years. 'Fanny — my wife — shall find work for you,

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