The art of valuing rents and tillages

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274. oldal - APPRAISEMENT or valuation of any property, or of any interest therein, or of the annual value thereof, or of any dilapidations, or of any repairs wanted, or of the materials and labour used or to be used in any building, or of any artificers
i. oldal - Tenant's Right of Entering and Quitting Farms, explained by several Specimens of Valuations; with Remarks on the Cultivation pursued on Soils in different Situations. Adapted to the Use of Landlords, Land-Agents, Appraisers, Farmers, and Tenants. New Edition ; corrected and revised by JOHN DONALDSON.
7. oldal - ... vested after their deaths in their executors, who were to make up the accounts of their testator with the lord, and his other creditors, and were entitled to the stock upon the farm. The lessee's estate might also, by the ancient law, be at any time defeated by a common recovery suffered by the tenant of the freehold...
249. oldal - ... rent-charge to prevail and to be established in respect of the same, without specific reference in the award to any other parish or lands, but having regard nevertheless to the general amount of compositions which they shall find to have prevailed in other parishes of a similar description, and not to the money payments in the parish under consideration, or the value of the tithes in kind therein.
193. oldal - The areas of circles are to each other as the squares of their diameters.
6. oldal - So that a farmer, firmarius, was one who held his lands upon payment of a rent or feorme: though at present, by a gradual departure from the original sense, the word farm is brought to signify the very estate or lands so held upon farm or rent.
5. oldal - The usual words of operation in a lease are, " Demise, grant, and to farm, set ; " and it must exist for less time than the lessor holds, or it will be an assignment or alienation. Farm or "feorme...
238. oldal - ... the name or description and the true or estimated quantity in statute measure of the several lands to be comprised in the apportionment, and shall set forth the names and...
232. oldal - Actof1839" be deemed to be of the value of such quantities of wheat, barley, and oats as the same would have purchased in case one-third part thereof had been invested in the purchase of wheat at seven shillings and one farthing per imperial bushel ; one-third part thereof in the purchase of barley at three shillings and elevenpence half-penny...
173. oldal - Thus in the case of a tenancy at will, or from year to year, the...

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