The Homoeopathic envoy. v. 3 no. 11; v. 4 no. 2, 7, 9-10; v. 5 no. 2, 4; v. 6, 3. kötet,1. kiadás -6. kötet,11. kiadás

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E.P. Anshutz, 1893

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87. oldal - Tis the Seal Despair An imperial affliction Sent us of the Air When it comes, the Landscape listens Shadows - hold their breath When it goes, 'tis like the Distance On the look of Death c.
68. oldal - If you are a philosopher you may become healthy — you may attain to old age. If anything annoys you, give no heed to it ; if anything is too much for you, have nothing to do with it ; if any one seeks to drive you, go slowly and laugh at the fools who wish to make you unhappy. What you can do comfortably that do ; what you cannot do, don't bother yourself about. " Our temporal circumstances are not improved by overpressure at work. You must spend proportionately more in your domestic affairs, and...
68. oldal - ... place us in a position to live with greater comfort — that is to say, more rationally, more intelligently, more in accordance with nature, more cheerfully, more quietly, more healthily. Thus we shall act more commendably, more wisely, more prudently, than by working in breathless hurry, with our nerves constantly overstrung, to the destruction of the most precious treasure of life, calmly happy spirits and good health. " Be you more prudent, consider yourself first, let everything else be of...
77. oldal - Raymond, it is stated, has observed numerous cases of atheroma in a monastery of vegetarian friars; amongst others that of the prior, a man scarcely thirty-two years old, whose arteries were already considerably indurated. The naval surgeon, Treille, has seen numerous cases of atheromatous degeneration in Bombay and Calcutta, where many people live exclusively on rice.
77. oldal - I could not erpret this symptom as a manifestation of old age, and being, furthermore, not addicted to drink, I was utterly unable to explain the matter. I turned it over and over in my mind without finding a solution of the enigma. I, however, found the explanation quite accidentally in a work of that excellent physician, Dr. E. Monin, of Paris. The following is the verbal translation of the passage in question : " ' In order to continue the criticism of vegetarianism we must not ignore the work...
15. oldal - ... were examined after death as to the condition of their internal organs, and it was found that the nutrition of the tissues had been interfered with, and the substance proper of various vital organs had undergone the same kind of degeneration as that brought about by phosphorus or the germs of infectious disease. The poison of grief is more than a man.
32. oldal - The ordinary effect of green tea taken late at night is incubus or night-mare in its most formidable shape ; and many persons, who after a hearty dinner have taken green tea, wake in the midst of the night in a state of the most fearful agitation and excitement : the head is oppressed, a sensation of approaching death is felt, or sometimes the person seems to be dragged from the lowest abyss of darkness back to the world, from which during his paroxysm he had felt gradually to sink.
69. oldal - ... remain cold and pursue your own course slowly and quietly like a wise and sensible man. To enjoy with tranquil mind and body, that is what man is in the world for, and only to do as much work as will procure him the means of enjoyment certainly not to excoriate and wear himself out with work. The everlasting pushing and striving of blinded mortals in order to gain so and so much, to secure some honor or other, to do a service to this or that great personage — this is generally fatal to our...
69. oldal - The everlasting pushing and striving of blinded mortals in order to gain so and so much, to secure some honor or other, to do a service to this or that great personage — this is generally fatal to our welfare, this is a common cause of young people ageing and dying before their time. "The calm, cold-blooded man, who lets things softly glide, attains his object also, lives more tranquilly and healthily, and attains a good old age. And this leisurely man sometimes lights upon a lucky idea, the fruit...
66. oldal - Well, but let us hear ; you were a horse doctor before ; now it seems you are a man doctor ; how do you get on?" "On, just extraordinar' weel ; for your honor maun ken my practice is vera sure and orthodox. I depend entirely upon twa simples." " And what may their names be ? Perhaps it is a secret." " I'll tell your honor ; " in a low tone, " my twa simples are just laudamy and calamy!

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