Victorian Women

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NYU Press, 1995 - 264 oldal

The first book to render Victorian women of all classes in their own voices

While the aristocratic women of the Victorian age have long preoccupied the popular imagination, seldom have women of other classes been granted a voice. Victorian Women is the first book to allow women of all classes to render their own lives, in their own words, from birth to old age, in the long nineteenth century between the French Revolution and the First World War.

In letters, memoirs, and other contemporary sources these women describe their childhood and education; courtship, marriage and homemaking; sex and motherhood; marital breakdown; widowhood; and their pastimes and entertainments. Their voices, heretofore drowned by the cacophony of louder, often male versions of history, speak to us with clarity and poignancy, revealing strength of feeling, courage, and humor. We find in this book the unmarried woman worker, the single mother, the prostitute, as well as those who fought for professional recognition against the regiments of the church, government, and law.


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Informative, clarifying where some current assumptions about Victorian women go wrong (and quite in line with Gathorne-Hardy in that respect in spite of a considerable difference in time!) due the ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása


Class and
Education for Girls
Sex Courtship and Marriage
Marriage and Domestic Life
Womens Interests
Holy Deadlock Separation
The Lives of Unmarried
The Lives of Unmarried WorkingClass
The Lives of Married
Philanthropic Voluntary and Political
The DemiMonde
To Become Themselves
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249. oldal - PRINCIPLES of EDUCATION Drawn from Nature and Revelation, and applied to Female Education in the Upper Classes. By the Author of

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Joan Perkin teaches women's history at Northwestern University. She is the author of It's Never Too late: A Practical Guide to Continuing Education for Women of all Ages, and Women and Marriage in Nineteenth-Century England.

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