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Munshi Gulab Singh & sons, 1895 - 1221 oldal

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264. oldal - ... the arm above the elbow, a kind of exercise, placing the hands on the ground, and then bending down so as almost to touch the earth with the breast danif-ptl, one who exercises himself at the dan$.
464. oldal - The musical glasses or harmonicen, playing on glasses or China bowls by rubbing the edges, a brass vessel in which water is put and the edges are beaten with two sticks...
265. oldal - Trans-Indus, in theplains,and perhaps the same plant in one place near Lahore. In the hills the leaves are applied to boils, and are also said to be poison, the mouth swelling from their touch, and the head and throat being affected when they are eaten. A man was poisonously affected by eating the plant gathered in the Lahore habitat, and the Negi of Lahoul, when at Le in 1867, suffered from its narcotic effects for two or three days, some of its leaves having been gathered by mistake with his sag...
828. oldal - ... Temperate and Alpine Himalaya, from Kashmir to Sikkim ; altitude 9,000 to 15,000 feet. Chemical Composition — Several varieties of Anemone contain a principle, anemone or anemone camphor, which is stated to be an acrid poison. Anemonic acid is also contained in the fresh herbs. Medicine. — In Hazara the pounded root, which is acrid, is mixed with milk and given internally for contusions.
93. oldal - God ; the all-pervading, the divine cause and essence of the world from which all things are supposed to proceed and to which they return ; spirit, the very soul.
249. oldal - ... of which a string is attached. The other end of the string is fixed in the cleft end of a stick.
755. oldal - Inferior proprietors ; the former claiming to be owners of all unappropriated land and entitled to a small share of the crop produced in appropriated land, the latter being...
257. oldal - JOOO feet near the Safed Koh. It is stated to be a favourite food of goats, and in Kullu the leaves are said to be added to the beer of the country to make it strong.
755. oldal - ... and loosely-connected tribes whom he found in possession of the lands, he encouraged strangers and Hindu capitalists to sink wells, dig canals and cultivate the lands of the nominal owners...
994. oldal - The pods, which ripen before and during the rains, contain, when scarcely ripe, a considerable quantity of a sweetish farinaceous substance, which...

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