The Fair Penitent. A Tragedy: Written by Nicholas Rowe, Esq

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J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper, 1754 - 82 oldal

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73. oldal - That I must die, it is my only comfort ; Death is the privilege of human nature, And life without it were not worth our taking: " Thither the poor, the pris'ner, and the mourner, \\* " Fly for relief, and lay their burthens down.
48. oldal - Calista's name ? What is so fair, so exquisitely good? Is she not more than painting can express, Or youthful poets fancy, when they...
30. oldal - Some sullen influence, a foe to both, Has wrought this fatal marriage to undo us. Mark but the frame and temper of our minds, How very much we differ. Ev'n this day, That fills thee with such...
16. oldal - Oh, great Sciolto! Oh, my more than father! Let me not live, but at thy very name, My eager heart springs up, and leaps with joy.
72. oldal - Weep on your feet, and bless you for this goodness. .Oh ! 'tis too much for this offending wretch, This parricide, that murders with her crimes, Shortens her father's age, and cuts him off, Ere little more than half his years be number'd.
24. oldal - It follows that his Justice dooms her dead, And breaks his Heart with Sorrow ; hard Return, For all the Good his Hand has heap'd on us : Hold, let me take a Moment's Thought. Enter Lavinia.
60. oldal - It is enough ! but I am slow to Execute, And Justice lingers in my lazy Hand ; Thus let me wipe Dishonour from my Name, And cut thee from the Earth, thou Stain to Goodness.
69. oldal - To tell me something; — for instruction then — He teaches holy sorrow and contrition, And penitence. — Is it become an art then? A trick that lazy, dull, luxurious gownmen Can teach us to do over? I'll no more on't; [Throwing away the Book.
62. oldal - Stretch'd at my length, and dying in my cave, On that cold earth; I mean shall be my grave, Perhaps you may relent, and sighing say, At length her tears have...
57. oldal - ... she, Whom day and night, whom Heav'n and earth have heard Sighing to vow, and tenderly protest, Ten thousand...

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