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introduce in its stead two sprightly. lítttle poems, on the same favourite spaniel, written indeed at a later period, but hitherto, I believe, unpub, lished.

Nor was he of the thievish sort,

Or one whom blood allures, But innocent was all his sport,

Whom you have torn for yours,

My dog! what remedy remains,

Since teach you all I can, I see you, after all my pains,

So much resemble man!


Sir! when I flew to seize the bird,

In spite of your command, A louder voice than yours I heard, . And harder to withstand :

You cried “ forbear !” but in my breast

A mightier cried, “ proceed!" 'Twas nature, Sir, whose strong behest

Impelld me to the deed.

Yet much as nature I respect,

I ventur'd once to break (As you perhaps may recollect)

Her precept, for your sake ;

And when your linnet on a day,

Passing his prison door,
Had Autter'd all his strength away,

And panting press'd the floor.

Well knowing him a sacred thing,

Not destin'd to my tooth, I only kiss'd his ruffled wing,

And lick'd his feathers smooth.

Let my obedience then excuse

My disobedience now;
Nor some reproof yourself refuse

From your aggrievd Bow-wow!

If killing birds be such a crime,

(Which I can hardly see,) What think you, Sir, of killing time,

With verse address’d to me?



Weston, Sept. 25, 1788.


Say what is the thing by my Riddle design'd,
Which you carried to London, and yet left behind.

I expect your answer, and without a fee. The half hour next before breakfast I devote to you. The moment Mrs. Unwin arrives in the study, be what I have written much or little, I shall make my bow, and take leave. If you live to be a judge, as if I augur right you will, I shall expect to hear of a walking circuit.

I was shocked at what you tell me of :-Superior talents, it seems, give no security for propriety of conduct; on the contrary, having a natural tendency to nourish pride, they often betray the possessor into such mistakes, as men more moderately gifted never commit. Ability therefore is not wisdom, and an ounce of grace is a better guard against gross absurdity, than the brightest talents in the world.

I rejoice that you are prepared for transcript work; here will be plenty for you. The day on which you shall receive this, I beg you will remember to drink one glass at least to the success of the Iliad, which I finished the day before yesterday, and yesterday began the Odyssey. It will be some time before I shall perceive myself travelling in another road ; the objects around me are at present so much the same; Olympus, and a council of Gods meet me at my first entrance. To tell you the truth, I am weary of heroes and deities, and, with reverence be it spoken, shall be glad for variety's sake, to exchange their company for that of a Cyclops. : Weston has not been without its tragedies since you left us; Mrs. Throckmorton's piping bullfinch has been eaten by a rat, and the villain left nothing but poor Bully's beak behind him. It will be a wonder if this event does not at some convenient time employ my versifying passion. Did ever fair lady, from the Lesbia of Catullus, to the present day, lose her bird, and find no poet to commemorate the loss?

W. C.

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