BEDFORD-Jan. 13, Ap. 21, July 14, Oct. 20.
BERKS-Reading, Jan.12. Newbury, April
20-Abingdon, July 13, Oct. 19.
BRISTOL CITY (same as Somerset.)
BUCKS-Aylesbury (same as Berks.)
CAMBRIDGE County, Cambridge, Jan. 15,
April 23, July 16, Oct. 22. For the Town,
the Monday before.
CHESHIRE-Chester, Jan. 11, April 19,
July 12, Oct. 18.
CORNWALL-(same as Berks.)
COVENTRY-(same as Cheshire.)








Nottingham, Jan. 11, Apr. 19, July12, Oct.18
East Retford 18
Town of Nottingham-two days after the
County Sessions at Nottingham.
NORTHUMBERLAND-The County Sessions
are held alternately at Newcastle on
Tyne, Morpeth, Hexham, and Alnwick;
and for 1830 will be Jan. 15, April 23,
July 16, Oct. 22.
OXFORDSHIRE-Oxford,(same as Cheshire.)

CUMBERLAND-Cockermouth, Jan. 12. Car- RUTLANDSHIRE-Ŏkeham, (same as Bucks.)

lisle, April 20, July 13. Penrith, Oct. 19. DERBYSHIRE-Derby (same as Berks.) DEVONSHIRE-Exeter (same as Berks.) DORSETSHIRE-Dorchester, (as Berks.) DURHAM (same as Cheshire.)


ELY, Isle of-Wisbeach, Jan. 13, July 14.
Ely, April 21, Oct. 20.
ESSEX-Colchester and Harwich, (same as
Cheshire.) Chelmsford, (as Berks.)
EXETER, CITY, (same as Cheshire.)
GLOUCESTERSHIRE-Gloucester (as Berks.)
HAMPSHIRE-Winchester (as Berks.)
HEREFORDSHIRE-Hereford (as Berks.)
HERTFORDSHIRE-Hertford, (same
Cheshire.) St. Alban's, the same week.
HUNTING DONSHIRE-(same as Cheshire.)
KENT-Maidstone, Th. Jan 14, T. Ap. 20,
Th. July 15, T. Oct. 19. Canterbury,
Jan. 12, April 20, July 13, Oct. 19.
LANCASHIRE- - Lancaster (same as Che-
shire.) Adjournments are held at Pres-
ton, at Salford, and at Liverpool.
LEICESTERSHIRE-Leicester (as Cheshire.)
Parts of Lindsey.


Date. City. Kirton. Louth. Spilsby.

January 16



April 24

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October 23


Parts of Kesteven. Parts of Holland.

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Bourn. Sleaford.
January Tu. 12 Th. 14
April Tu. 20 Th. 22
July Tu.13 Th. 15
October Tu. 19 Th. 21 Tu. 19 Th. 21
MIDDLESEX and LONDON.-The Sessions

for Middlesex and London are held eight
times a year; four of these Sessions
(called Quarter Sessions) are held as
near to the times prescribed by the Sta-
tute as convenience will admit; the other
four, termed General Sessions, are taken
in the intervening periods. The exact
times are fixed by the Court of Aldermen
for each year.

MONMOUTHSHIRE-Uske, (as Cheshire.)
NORFOLK-Shire House, Norwich, Jan. 13,
April 21, July 14, Oct. 20. Norwich
City, (same as Bedford.)
14, April 22, July 15, Oct. 21. Peter-
borough, Jan. 13, April 21, July 14,
Oct. 20.

SHROPSHIRE-Shrewsbury (s. as Cheshire.)
For the Town, the day before.
SOMERSETSHIRE-Wells, Jan, 11. April 19.

Bridgewater, July 12. Taunton, Oct. 18.
STAFFORDSHIRE-Stafford, (same as Ely.)
SUFFOLK-Beccles, Jan. 11, April 19, July
12, Oct. 18. Woodbridge, Jan. 13, Apríl
21, July 14, Oct. 20. Ipswich, Jan. 15,
April 23, July. 16, Oct. 22. Bury, Jan.
18, April 26, July 19, Oct. 25.
SURREY-New Sessions House, Newington,
Jan. 12. Ryegate, April 20. Guildford,
July 13. Kingston, Oct. 19.
SUSSEX-Petworth, Jan. 12, April 20, Oct.
19. Horsham, July 13. Lewes, Jan. 14,.
April 22, July 15, Oct. 21. Chichester,
Oct. 23.

WARWICKSHIRE-Warwick, (as Berks.)
WESTMINSTER-City, are generally held..
on the Thursday preceding the Monday
of the Quarter Sessions for Middlesex.
WESTMORELAND-Appleby, (same as Ely.)
WILTSHIRE-Devizes, Jan. 12. Salisbury,
April 20. Warminster, July 13. Marl-
borough, Oct. 19.
WORCESTERSHIRE-Worcester, (same as
YORKSHIRE-York City, Jan. 15, April 23,
July 16, Oct. 22. St. Peter's Liberty,
Jan. 16, April 24, July 17, Oct. 23.-
EAST RIDING: Beverley, Jan. 12, April
20, July 13, Oct. 19.-WEST RIDING:
Wetherby, Jan. 12. Wakefield, Jan. 14,
Doncaster, Jan. 20. Pontefract, April 19.
Skipton, July 13. Bradford, July 15.
Rotherham,July 21. Knaresborough, Oct.
19. Leeds, Oct. 21. Sheffield, Oct. 27.
NORTH RIDING: Northallerton, Jan. 11,
April 19, July 12, Oct. 18.-ARCHBI-
SHOP'S Quarter Sessions for the Liberty
of Cawood, Wistow, and Otley: Otley,
Jan. 13, April 21, July 14, Oct. 20. Ca-
wood, April 21, Oct. 20.

The Quarter Sessions through NORTH and
SOUTH WALES are held as follow:
The first whole Week after Epiphany, the
6th Jan.; first Week after Easter-week;
the first Week after the Translation of
St. Thomas à Becket, or July 7; and the
first Week after the 11th October. This
is the principle upon which the Sessions
throughout England are, in nearly all
cases, fixed by statute. The magistrates
determine the day of the week on which
the sessions shall commence-and these
days are generally observed,

[blocks in formation]


Position of Stars and Planets.

1st. 4h. 44 9,0 S; Saturn EbS, H; Ursa Major NEbN, H; Cor Caroli NE, H; Leo Minor ENE, H; Regulus E, H; Gemini ESE, H; Procyon SEBE, H; Capella SSE, Z; Orion's Belt SbE, H; a Ceti SWbS, H; Square of Pegasus W, H.: Cassiopeia NWbW, H; a Cephei NWbN, H; Cygnus NWbN, H; y Draconis NbW, H.

15th. 5h. 39 20,9 S; a Draconis NNE, H; a Ursa Majoris NE, H; Leo, E, A; Cancer SEbE, H; a Hydræ SEBE, H; Sirius SbE, Ĥ }; Auriga S, Z; a Orionis S, H; Rigel SbW, H; Aldebaran SWbS, H; Pleiades SWbW, H; Aries Wbs,H; Perseus W, H; a Andromeda WbN, H, Cepheus NNW, H. 20th. The Sun enters W (Aquarius) 41m after 11 in the morning.


Sundays, and Remarkable Days.



h m D. h m 17 5m52 18 6 19 7 20 8



A French writer (Chamfort) says, "General maxims are in the con36 duct of life, what routine is in cer21 tain arts. Situations in each con9 stantly arise, which require something beyond them." A maxim is worth nothing, unless it be applied 54 to the peculiar circumstances in 49 which a man finds himself placed. But the general principles of morals, as the routine of an art, are not therefore to be despised, because their application is not immediately seen



The best maxims appear to be 23 those which possess something of the homely sense of the proverb, with 16 the refinement of a philosophical S truth.

Remarks on Weather.

21 9

22 9 23 10 24 11 45 25 0 a 41 26 1 27 2 28 3 29 4 30 5

31 6



Irish Union 1801

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Edmund Burke b. 1730 Mean height






32 Sun. after Christmas. Impeachment of the



4 M

5 Tt

Members, 1641 Roger Ascham d. 1568

Duke of York d. 1827

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Mean dryness


7 TH

Mean greatest do. of day 3.5

Greatest dryness


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9 S

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101 Sun. af. Epiph.


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Archb. Laud behd.1644 Linnæus d. 1778

SirHans Sloane d. 1753

Chas. Jas. Fox b. 1749 Edm. Halley d. 1741 Cicero (M.T.) 107 B. C. Battle of Corunna. Sir J. Moore killed 1809.

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Mean greatest power of sun 4.4 Greatest power.

Mean cold of terrestrial radiation

Greatest do.



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Table of the Winds. Days Dew-P. Days Dew-P. N.. 3310.5S. 1 39. N.E. 4 27 .5S.W. 6 42.5 E. 123 .5 W. 6 37. S.E. 21 34 .5 N.W.4 32. IN the natural division of the seasons, this is the second month LewisXVI.guillo.1793 of the Winter quarter; and upon an average of years, the coldest of the year.

Lord Bacon b. 1561

Rt. Hon.W. Pitt d.1806

Fred. the Great b. 1712
Robert Boyle b. 1627
Robert Burns b. 1759
Bonapte.esc.Elba 1815
Dr. Jenner d. 1823
Mozart b. 1756
Peter the Great d. 1725
George III. d. 1820
Charles I.behead. 1648
SirAshtonLever d. 1738

The mean of the 24 h. upon fall below the freezing point. a long average of years, does not Continued frost is consequently always an exception to the general rule of the climate.

The mean temp. of London is about 20 higher than that of the surrounding country; the difference exists chieflyin the night, & is greatest in Winter & least in Spring. The majority of nights in this month are frosty.

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Position of Stars and Planets.

1st. 6h. 46′ 22′′,4 S; Saturn SE, H; Ursa Minor NbE, H}; Ursa Major NE, H; Cor Caroli ENE,H; Coma Berenices EbN, HB Leonis E, H; Lynx EbS, Z; Hydra SE, H: Gemini SSE, H; Procyon SbE, H: Sirius S, H; Pleiades WSW, H: Algol W, H; Persei WbN, H; a Andromeda WNW, H.

15th. 7h. 41'34",2 S; Corona Borealis NELE,H0; AurigaENE, H+; Leo SEbE,H; Cancer SbF, H; Pollux S, H; Procyon S, H: Orion's Belt SWbS, H; CapellaW, H; Cassiopeia NW, H; a Cephei Nb W, H. 19th. The Sun enters (Pisces) 21m after 2 in the morning.

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6 S

Dr. Priestley d. 1804

Mean dryness

7 Septuages. Sunday

8 M


. 20





. 53


Samuel Butler b. 1612

Mean greatest do. of day
Greatest dryness .

M. Q. Scots behd. 1586 Mean temperature

9 Tu In 8 days of Purif. 4 ret. Dr. Maskelyne d. 1811 Highest

10 W

11 TH

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Ld. Darnley mur. 1567 Lowest
Bp. Hoadley b. 1706
Voltaire b. 1694

Lady J.Grey behd.1542

The Revolution 1688

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Mean greatest power of sun 10.1
Greatest power.

Mean cold of terrestrial ra


Greatest do.

Adin.Jervis's vict.1797 Mean quantity of rain

Bp. Atterbury d. 1732 Mean of evaporation

P. Melancthon b. 1495
Mich. Angelo d. 1563
Molière d. 1673



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4.7 10

Ins. 0.746 . 0.73

Table of the Winds.

Days Dew-P.

Days Dew-P

14 30. S.

2 37.5





Martin Luther d. 1546 N.E. 4
Copernicus b. 1473 E. 2

Dav. Garrick b. 1716

Duke of Suffolk

W. 5 39.
S.E. 2 34.5 N.W.3 34.


THE average of nights in this be-month of which the air is frosty does not exceed eleven. abundance of hoar frost is a well known indication of rain. Great continued thick mists, arising frosts are commonlypreceded by from the condensation of the vapour emitted by the rivers and other waters.

headed 1554
James Barry d. 1806
Dr. Rd. Price b. 1723
G. F. Handel b. 1684
E. of Essex behd. 1601

Jn. P. Kemble d. 1823

John Evelyn d. 1706

Snow, when slowly produced, will often be found crystallized in the most beautiful forms.


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