pulse of the renewed mind in regard to itself, is to arise and go to its Father, the first wish of the same mind in relation to others, must be to carry them along with it; that, where it has found relief and satisfaction, they may find the same blessings also. Religion in the family is only the fruit and the index of religion in the closet and religion in the heart; and he who knows what it is in his own person to enjoy the favour and grace of God, will feel that it is as much his privilege as his duty, to engage in exercises which directly tend to bring his children and dependents within the sphere of all he most wishes for them, in time and through eternity.

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* Besides the above, the morning and evening prayers for every Thurs.
day, throughout the volume, will be found suitable for days of fasting
and humiliation. In going through the volume, the reader will easily be
able to mark prayers suited to occasions of thanksgiving, and seasons of
affliction, sickness, &c., in addition to the few to which titles to that effect
are prefixed.


“ The volume now before us is, in its strain, decidedly, and throughout, evangelical. In its diction, we have the elegance of the man of literature, united with the plainness and simplicity of the Bible Christian. We recommend the volume most earnestly to all who stand in need of such auxiliaries, as possessing superior value."--Edinburgh Christian Instructor.

“ The afflictive dispensation which suspended the personal efforts of the pious author, has been the means of furnishing to the public what we consider one of the best aids to family devotion which has lately appeared. We heartily recommend the volume to public favour, and trust that its circulation may be commensurate with its worth.”Edinburgh Literary Jour. nal.

“ The prayers which this volume contains are pervaded by a spirit of deep and earnest piety; the language employed is invariably elegant, yet most simple and Scriptural.

We take leave of the volume, assuring those who find it necessary to use a form, that the prayers which it con. tains are truly excellent."-Presbyterian Review, No. III.

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Works by the same Author, and to be had of the Publishers

of this Work.

In 18mo. price Is. 6d. Second Edition, PRAYERS FOR YOUNG PERSONS, consisting of Two

Series, and Occasional Prayers; also PRAYERS for Young Children : PRAYERS for Children from Eight to Ten Years of Age, and THANKSGIVINGS before and after Meat.

“We conceive that parents cannot easily put any thing more valuable in. to the hands of their children; and that children cannot easily find a book, the diligent study of which will so powerfully tend to awaken and strength. en in their souls those feelings and principles which it is most important both to their temporal and eternal welfare, that they should possess.”Christian Instructor.

In 18mo. Third Edition, Price Is. 6d. bds.


“We cannot recommend them too strongly to the attention of all. They are at once doctrinal, argumentative, and devotional. They contain a view of the nature and obligations of the holy ordinance to which they refer, so clear and simple that even a child may easily comprehend it, combined with such a fulness and such an unction as will delight the mature Christian, and so fortified by argument as to leave no place for the gainsayer."-Christian Instructor.

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