sence of our christian brethren. May they who shall this day surround thy table, share with us in the tokens of thine acceptance and of the Saviour's love. May their faith be strengthened, their hope animated, their zeal warmed, and their charity enlarged. May they and we have fellowship one with another: and while our hearts are knit together in the exercises of mutual christian love, may we have fellowship also with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ.

Be with thy ministering servants : assist them in their labours : strengthen their hands, and encourage their hearts; and while they are the ministers of God for good to others, may they abundantly partake of the good of thy chosen, and rejoice in the gladness of thy nation, and glory with thine inheritance.

Be very gracious to the aged, the infirm, and the diseased, who are prevented from waiting upon

thee in thine ordinances. Supply to them their outward loss : be to them a little sanctuary : speak peace to their anxious and troubled minds : and while all the places around Mount Zion are wet with the dews of heaven, command thou also upon them the blessing from above, even life for evermore.

Let thy presence and blessing be with the young, and with those who shall for the first time publicly dedicate themselves to the service of the Lord their God. Remove from their minds every shade of doubt or of fear: shed thy love abroad in their hearts; and with minds awake to the gracious design of this day's service, may they draw nigh to the table of their Lord with humble yet with sustained confidence, and We go

find from an experience which shall only be the foretaste of future and of growing satisfaction in the ways of God, that the Saviour's flesh is meat indeed, and that his blood is drink indeed. To thy mercy we commend ourselves, O Lord.

forward in thy strength: 'we make mention of thy righteousness. Remember, O Lord, toward us thy tender mercies and thy loving kindnesses, which have been ever of old. Remember not against us the sins of our youth nor any of our transgressions ; but according to thy mercy remember us, and for thy goodness sake. And now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God even our Father, which hath loved us and given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace, comfort our hearts, and establish us in every good word and work; to whom, with the Holy Spirit, be glory, world without end. Amen.



O THOU to whom we owe our means of

grace and ouropportunities of spiritual improvement, follow, we beseech thee, with tbine effectual blessing, the exercises in which we have this day been engaged. Forgive the sins and imperfections that have mingled with our attempts to serve thee; and grant that a sense of thy goodness, and a remembrance of the comforts we have enjoyed while waiting upon thee in thine ordinances, may attend us during our future course, and may excite us to diligence and steadfastness in thy service.

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We give thee thanks, gracious God, for the distinguished privilege we have this day enjoyed, of partaking of the memorials of the broken body and shed blood of our exalted, though once humbled and suffering Redeemer. May the impression made upon our minds by the solemnities of this day, be deepened and confirmed : may the vows our hearts have conceived and our lips have uttered while encompassing thine altar, be heard and registered in heaven ; and may grace be imparted to us from Him who heareth

prayer, and who is the God of all grace, that we may

be faithful to our engagements, and through every stage of our future life, may continue steadfast and immoveable, abounding always in the work of the Lord.

When we resume the ordinary duties and employments of life, help us to retain a lively recollection of the objects and truths which have this day been set before us. May we remember him who died for us, and be willing to live and die to him. May we remember that we have enrolled our names among his disciples, and be anxious to justify the good confession we have thus made before many witnesses.

Nor let us merely remember the obligations under which we have come: may we also remember the promises and grace of Him whose disciples we are. May the rich provision he has made for his people in the doctrine of his cross, the assurances of his love, and the influences of his Spirit, be associated in our minds with the services he claims from us. And while for his sake we are willing to do all things and to endure all things, may we look up to him to be with us always according to his promise, and to ful

fil in us the whole good pleasure of his goodness, even the work of faith with power.

Nor would we confine our views to the present world. Looking forward to the end of all things which is at hand, we would rejoice and be glad in the prospect of that day, when earthly Sabbaths and earthly solemnities having fulfilled their design shall have passed away ; and with all the ransomed of the Lord we shall be admitted to the marriage-supper of the Lamb, and be permitted to drink wine new in our Father's kingdom for ever. O may we be looking for and hasting unto the day of God—the day of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ the day of the consummation of our hopes, and the perfection of our felicity.

Having the promise of this day, may we be diligent that we may be found of him in peace, without spot and blameless. Satisfied with the allotments of his providence, following the guidance of his word, and rejoicing in the riches of his grace, may we grow in resemblance to his image, and in meetness for his kingdom. And thus, O Lord, may our Sabbaths of earthly and imperfect communion lead us forward to an endless and a heavenly Sabbath, and prepare us for the exalted enjoyments of a communion unmixed, uninterrupted, unchanging, and eternal.

With ourselves we would be mindful of all who have this day testified their faith in the Saviour by approaching his table : may their souls be refreshed and gladdened by a sense of his presence, and by the tokens of his love. Especially may the young experience the protecting, comforting and restoring care of the Lord their Shepherd. Having renounced the world for the sake of Christ, may they find from experience that they have made a happy exchangethat they have lost nothing, and gained every thing. Confirm the principles of divine grace in their hearts; and through all the varying stages of their appointed course, according to their day so let their strength be.

May the aged, and they who for the last time have this day taken their place at thy table, be sustained and cheered under the burden of infirmities and years. Looking back to the past, may they remember the days of the right hand of the Most High; and now also that they are old and gray-headed, may they feel assured that thou, who hast been their hope hitherto, and their trust from their youth wilt not cast them off in the time of old age, neither forsake them when their strength faileth.

We commend to thee, O Lord, those who have this day dispensed to us the word and the bread of life. Be with thy church-all who bear office in it, all who are members of it, all who love its peace and seek its welfare. Peace be within its walls, and prosperity within its palaces. For our brethren and companions' sake, we would now say, peace be within thee!

Now, unto Him who hath chosen Jacob for himself, and Israel for his peculiar treasure—to Him whose tabernacle is in Salem, and whose dwellingplace is in Zion, to Him whose glory is the church, and whose kingdom shall have no end-unto Him, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, be all might, majesty,

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