An act for appointing and enabling commir. TUESDAY, JULY 1:

fitners farther to examine, take, and state, the HIS Gazette does not contain any intel. publie accounts of the kingdom. ligence.

An act for t'r sale of prize-goods incured in

warehoufes in this kingdom, for which the due SATURDAY, JULY 5.

ties are not paid, or the goods exported within a This Gazette does not contain any intelligence.

limited time.

An act for eftablishing certain regulations in TUESDAY, JULY 8.

the receipt of his Majesty's Exchequer. This Gazette does not contain any intelligence. An act for making compensation to the pro

prietors of certain mesluages, lands, tenements, SATURDAY, JULY 12.

and hereditaments, in the county of Kent, pure Westminster, July 11. This day, the Lords chaled in pursuance of an act, made in the last being met, the royal affent was given by com seslion of parliament, to vest certain messuages, million to:

lands, tenements, and hereditaments, in trura An act for granting to his Majefty several ters, for the better securing His Majesty's docks, additional and new duties upon tamped vellum, fhips, and stores, at Portsmouth and Chatham. parchment, and paper; and also, for repealing An act for vesting certain meifuages, lands, certain exemptions from the stamp duties. tenements, and hereditaments, in trvítees, for

An act for granting to his Majesty a stamp the farther securing his Majesty's docks, thips, duty on licences to be taken out by certain per- and stores, at Portsmouth; and for the more fons uttering or vending medicines, and certain safe and convenient carrying on his Majesty's stamp duties on all medicines fold under such li- gunpowder-works and mills near the town of cences, or under the authority of his Majesty's Feverlham. letters patent.

An act for repealing an act made in the fifth An act for granting-to his Majesty an addi- year of the reign of his present Majesty, inti. tional duty upon stage-coaches and other car tuled, An act for repealing the act, made in the siages therein mentioned.

last feffion of parliament, intituled, An act for An act for granting to his Majesty several vesting the Fort of Senegal, and it's dependenrates and duties upon waggons, wains, carts, and cies, in the company of merchants trading to other such carriages not charged with any duty: Africa, and to veft as well the said fort and it's ånder the management of the Commissioners of dependencies as all other the British forts and Excife.

settlements upon the coast of Africa, lying beAn act "for granting to his Majesty a stamp tween the Port of Sallee and Cape Rouge, toduty on the registry of burials, marriages, births, gether with all the property, eftate, and effects, and christenings.

of the company of merchants trading to Africa An act for raising a farther sum of money by in or upon the faid forts, settlements, and their loans,or Exchequer bills, for the seryice of the year dependencies, in his Majesty, and for securing, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. extending, and improving the trade to Africa, • An ad for taking away from the Commislio and for vefting James Fort in the River Gamners of Excise in England and Scotland the bia, and it's dependencies, and all other the power of compounding with persons making malt British forts and settlements between the Port of not to sell, but to be consumed in their own Sallee and Cape Rouge, in the company of mer. private families.

chants trading to Africa, and for securing and An act for the more effectual preventing the regulating the trade to Africa. illegal importation of foreign spirits, and for ** An act to provide that the proceedings on the putting a stop to the private distillation of Bri- bill, now depending in parliament, for inflicting tish-made fpirituous liquors; for explaining such certain pains and perakties on Sir Thomas Ruma part of the act impofing a duty upon male fer- bold, Baronet, and Peter Perring, Esquire, for vants, as relates to the right of appeal from the certain breaches of public trust, and high crimes justices of the peace; to amend and rectify a and misdemeanours, committed by them whilft mistake in an act of the last feflion of parlia- they respectively held the offices of governor and ment, with respect to the removal of tea from president, counsellors and members of the Select one part of this kingdom to the other parts Committee of the settlement of Fort Saint thereof; and for preventing vexatious actions George, on the coast of Coromandel, in the East against officers of excise acting in pursuance of Indies, shall not be discontinued by any the authority given by excise statutes.

gation or dissolution of parliament. iii An act to enable the adjutant-general of his An act for farther continuing so much of an Majesty's forces, and the comptrollers of army act, palled in the twenty-second years of the accounts, to send and receive letters and packets reign of his prefept Majesty, intituled. An act free from the duty of postage.

for restraining Sir Thomas Rumbold.. Baronet, An act to allow the drawback of the whole and Peter Perring, Esquire, from going out of this Qury

of customs upon the exportation of rice. kingdom for a limited time, and for discovering VOL. III.




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their estates and effects, and preventing the transporting or alienating the same, as relates

Lord Loughborough, Lord Chief Justice to restraining the said Sir Thomas Rumbold, Baronet, and Peter Perring, Esquire, from alien- Berkshire. Monday, July 28, at Abingdon.

Mr. Justice Nares. ating or otherwise disposing of their respective Oxfordshire. Wednesday, July 30, at Oxford. real estates. An aet for paving and regulating Church

Worcestershire. Saturday, August 2, atWorcester, Lane, in and near the parishes of Saint Mary, City of Worcester. The same day, at the city of Whitechapel, and Saint George, in the county

Worcester. of Middlesex, and several other streets, avenues,

Gloucestershire. Wednesday, August 6, at Gloxin and places, within the same parish of Saint

cester, Mary, Whitechapel, and preventing annoyances City of Gloucester. The same day, at the city therein; and for enabling the inhabitants of the

of Gloucester. said parish of Saint Mary, Whitechapel, to raise

Monmouthshire. Saturday, August 9, at Monmoney to defray the expencts incurred in re

mouth. pairing the parish church.

Herefordshire. Tuesday, August 12, at Hereford. An act for continuing the term, and altering Shropshire. Saturday, August 16, at Shrewsbury. and enlarging the powers of two acts made in Stafforddhire. Wednesday, August 20, at Staf the second and twenty-fifth years of the reign

ford. of his late Majesty, for repairing the highways

MIDLAND CIRCUID. between Sheppards Shord and Horsley Upright Lord Chief Baron Skynner.-Mrs Justice Willes. Gate, leading down Bagdown Hill, in the county of Wilts, and other ruinous parts of the bigh- Northamptonshire. Tuesday, July 29, at North ways thereunto adjacent.

ampton. And to tvo private bills.

Rutland. Friday, August 1, at Oakham.

Lincolnshire. Saturday, August 2, at the Carie Extract of a Letter frim the Righi Honourable of Lincoln.

General Sir George Auguftus Eliott, K.B. City of Lincoln. The same day, at the city of Governor of Gibraltar, dated April 25, 1783,

Lincoln. received at the Office of his Majesty's principal Nottinghamshite. Thursday, August 7, at Not Secretary of State for the Homie Department. tingham. On the 23d instant (St. George's day) pub- Town of Nottingham. The same day, at the fic communication was made to the troops of

town of Nottingham. the high sense his Majesty entertained of their Derbyshire. Saturday, August 9, at Derby. conduct in the defence of this fortress, with the Leicestershire. Wednesday, August 13, at the resolutions of both Houses of Parliament: there

Castle of Leicester. high testimonies of the royal fatisfaction, and Borough of Leicester. The same day, at the Bou? their country's approbation, were received with

rough of Leicester. the loudest acclamations of joy.

City of Coventry. Saturday, August 16, at the The same day I received the honour of invefti

City of Coventry. ture with the enligns of the Bath from the Warwickshire. The same day, at Warwick. hands of Lieutenant-General Boyd; a double

NORFOLK CIRCUIT. colonnade being formed upon the King's Bastion, adorned with the various Aags: in the evening,

Mr. Justice Ashhurston-Mr. Baron Hotham, there was an illumination and fire works. Buckinghamthire. Monday, August 4; at Buck.

You'll do me the justice to believe, that at ingham. my age, neither vanity nor oftentation could Bedfordihire. Thursday, August 7, at Bedfordo have

any share in the compliance with what was Huntingdonshire. Saturday, August 9, at Huntr prescribed by Lieutenant-General Boyd, who, ingdon. throughout the whole behaved with the must Cambridgeshire. Monday, August 31, at Cam. obliging attention, and was desirous to fulfil his bridge. Majesty's commands in the most honourable and Suffolk. Thursday, August 14, at Bury St distinguished manner that circumstances would, Edmond's. admit.

Norfolk. Monday, August 18, at the Castle of"

Norwich. The Circuits appointed for the Summer Aflizes City of Norwich. The fame day, at the Guild are as follow, viz.

hall of the same city.
Earl of Mansfield, Lord Chief Justice. Mr. Baron Eyre. Mr. Justice Buller.
Mr. Justice Gould.

City of York and County of the same City. Sam
Kertfordshire. Monday, Augu? 4, at Hertfordo turday, August 2, at the Guildhall of the said
Efex. Wednesday, August 6, at Chelmsford, city.
Kent. Monday, August 11, at Maidltone.

Yorkshire. The same day, at the Castle of York. Suflex. Friday, August 15, at Lewes.

Durham. Tuesday, August x, at the Castle of Surrey, Monday, August 18, at Croydon.






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Town of Newcast?e upon Tyne and County of sum of money by loans or Exchequer bills, to pay

the same, Saturday, August 16, at the Guild. off and discharge the debts due and owing on the hall of the said towi).

Civil List. Northumberland. he same day,, at the Cattle An act for repealing so much of an act made of Newcastie upon Tyne.

in the twenty-first year of the reign of his present Cumbe: land. Friday, August 22, at the City of Majesty, as took off the duties payable upon the Carlisle.

importation of that species of Blue called Smalts, Westmoreland, Wednesday, August 27, at Ap- and for granting relief to the owners or propriepleby.

tors of tobacco of the growth of that part of Lancashire. Saturday, August 30, at the Çaftle Great Britain called Scotland, which shall not of Lancaster.

be worth the duties imposed thereon by an act of

the last session of parliament. WESTERN CIRCUIT.

An act for granting relief to the United Com. Mr. Baron Perryn.-Mr. Justice Heath. pany of Merchants of England trading to the Southamptan. l'uesday, July 29, at the Castle East Indies, by allowing farther time for the of Winchester.

payment of ceriain sums due and to become due Town an: County of Southampton. Saturday, to the public, and by advancing to the said Çom

August 2, at the town of Southampton, pany, on the terms therein-mentioned, a certain Wilts. The same day, at New Sarum.

sum of money to be raised by loans or Exchequer Dorset. Tharfday, August 7, at Dorchester. bills; and to enable the said Company to make Devon, Monday, August 11, at the Castle of a dividend of four pounds per centum to the * Exeter.

proprietors at Christinas one thousand seven City and County of Exeter. The same day, ať hundred and eighty-three; and to regulate the the Guildhall of the said city.

future payment of debentures of drawbacks on Cornwall. Monday, Aug ift 18, at Bodmin,

East India goods.
Ś merset. Saturday, August 23, at Bridgwater, An act for altering the duties and drawbacks
City an County of Bristol. Thursday, August upon plain muslins, unrated muslins and callicoes,
28, at the Guildhall f the City of Bristol. an? Nanquin cloths,

An act for appointing commiffioners to

enquire into the lofies and services of all such John Williams, Esq. 'and Abel Moysey, Esq. persons who haye suffered in their rights, proGlamorginihire. Tuesday, August 26, at Cow- perties, and profefions, during the late unhappy bridge.

diffentions in America, in consequence of their Breconshire. Tuesday, September 2, at Brecon. loyalty to his Majesty, and attachment to the Radnorshirç, Munday, September 8, at Prese


government, teign,

An act for the more effectual encouragement

i of the manufactures of flax and cotton in Grea

Lloyd Kenyon, Esq.

An act for the better preventing frauds in the
The Honourable Daines Barrington. landing and removing of wine in this kingdom,
Montgomeryshire. Thursday, August 21, at Pool, and to prevent the re-landing of refined sugars
Denbighshire. Wednesday, August 27, at Wrex entered for exportation to obtain the drawback

or bounty. Flintshire. Tụesday, September 2, at Mold. An act for preventing the exportation of corn, Cheshire. Monday, September 8, at Chefer. grain, or meal, with a bounty, during the ope

ration of two acts pafied in this present session NORTH WALES CIRCUIT.

of parliament, for allowing the importation of James Hayes, Esq. and Thomas Potter, Esq. Merionethshire. Thursday, August 14, at Dola

An act for the farther encouraging the growth gelly.

of coffee and cocoa-nuts in his Majesty's illands Carnarvonshire. Wednesday, August 20, at Car- and plantations in America.

Whitehall, July 15. Sunday night laft Lieu Anglesey, Puesday, August 26, at Beaumaris,

tenant Foliot, of the Baracoota cutter, arrived Conftantinople, June 10., The plague has bec' with dispatches from his Excellency Sir Roger gun to spread in different quarters of the city, Curtis, Knight, his Majesty's ambassador to the and some accidents haye happened in two of the Emperor of Morocco, dated Gibraltar, June 14; villages fituated on the Canal of the Black Sea, in which he gives an account that the former This disorder has also broken out at Foglieri, of newed and confirmed, and that additional arti

treaties of friendship and commerce had been reFoggio, in the Bay of Smyrna, where the cosaz cles, for the better regulation of the commerce fuls furnish foul bills of health.

between the two nations were concluded and TUESDAY, JULY 15:

figned at Sallee on the 24th of May lalt WeAminster, July 15. This day the Lords

SATURDAY, JULY 19, being mét, the royal afsent was given by com, mission to

Westminster, July 16, 1783. This day his An a$ to enable his Majesty to raise a farther Majesty came to the House of Peers, and being



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in his royal robes, feated on the throne with the and power in this nation; and withoạt which,
ufual Tolemnity, Sir Francis Molyneux, gentle- all regulations for the improvement of the one,
man uther of the black rod, was fent with a or the increase of the other, will have no effect.
message from his Majesty to the House of Com Then the Earl of Mansfield, by his Majesty's
mons, commanding their attendance in the House command, faid
of Peers. The Cominons being come thither

accordingly, his Majesty was plealed to give the
royal afsent to--

It is his Majesty's royal will and pleasure, An act for granting to his Majesty a certain that thiş: parliament, be prorogued to Tuelday fum of money out of the Smking Fund, and for

the gth day of September next, to be then here applying certain monies therein mentioned for the holden; and this parliament is accordingly proz fervice of the year one thousand seven hundred rogued to Tuesday the gth day of Septeinber next. and eighty-three, and for farther appropriating CARMARTHEN AUTUMN CIRCUIT. the fupplies granted in this feffion of parliament. William Beard, Esq. Archibald Macuonald, Esq. An act for fettling and securing a certain ana

Carinarthenshire. Monday, Auguit 25, ay Nuity on George Lord Rodney, and the two next

Carmarthen. perfons to whom the Barony of Rodney ihahl de

CountyBorough of Carmarthen. The same daya foend, in confideration of the eminent services

Pembrokeshire, Saturday, August 30, at Hia. performed by the said George Lord Rodney to

verfordwest. his Majesty and the public.

Town and County of Haverfordwest. The An act for settling and fecuring a certain an

fame day, puity for the use of the Right Honourable Sir

Cardiganshire. Friday, September 5, at Car-
George Augustus Eliott, Knight of the Moft
Honourable Order of the Bath, in consideration

digan. of the eminent services performed by him to his

TUESDAY, JULY 22. Majesty and this country.

Whitehall, July 22. Advices have been ras After which his Majesty was pleased to make ceived by the Fox packet, which failed from Benthe following most gracious fperchi

gal the 17th of February last, that peace had been

concluded with the Marrattas; that Hyder Ali MY LORDS, AND GENTLEMEN,

died in the month of December last; and that : The advanced season of the year requires some his successor, Tippou-Saib, appeared more paci. remission from your long and laborious atten- fically inclined towards the English than his fation to the public service. The exigencies of ther, having permitted such as were prisoners in that service may oblige '

me to call you together the towns taken by him to have a free communiagain at an early period; and I përfuade myself, cation with the Presidency at Madras, to be from my uniform experience of your

affection to better supplied with neceffaries, and to have egrefs me, and your zeal for the public good, that you and regress; that Mons. Suffrein, after watering will chearfully submit to a temporary inconveni- his fleet at Achin, had crofled over the Bay of ençe, for the permanent advantage of your coun- Bengal to Ganjam, with nine fail of the line and try.

two frigates, where he captured the Coventry fria The confideration of the affairs of the East gate and the Blandford Eaft Indiaman; that the Indies will require to be refumed as early as pos- Medea frigate had retaken the Chafer floop of øble; and to be purfued with a serious and unre- war, on her way from Trincomale with dispatches mitting attention.

from M. Buffy to M. Suffrein, by which it apo I expected to have had the fatisfaction of ac

peared, that the rest of the French fleet was in quainting you, before the end of the session, that great distress from a violent dysentery; having the terms of pacification were definitively settled; Loft a number of men, and was unable to join but the complicated state of the business in dif M. Suffrein as soon as intended; and that M. cussion has unavoidably protracted the negotiation. Suffrein' remained only a few days on the coast, I have, however, every reason to believe, from the and it was supposed had returned to Trincomale, disposition fhewn by the several powers concerned, leaving two frigates to cruize from Ganjam to that they are perfectly well inclined to fuch a con- Ballasore Road, which had captured a number of clusion as may secure the blessings of peace, so vessels bound to Madras with rice. much and so equally to be desired by all parties. : Warsaw, July 2. On Suriday lafi, accounts: GENTLEMEN OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS out at Cherson, at Oczakow, and in the country

were received here of the plague having broken I THANK you for the supplies you have fo lin b.rally granted for the public service; for facili- adjacent; that in the Crimea this distemper raged

with great violence'; and it having begun to matating my arrangements towards a separate esta- nifest itself on the frontiers of this kingdom, orblishment for the Prince of Wales; and for ena

ders have been sent to the Polish_troops to form bling ine, without any new burden on my people, a line to prevent it's farther progress. to di charge the debt which remained on my Civil Lift.


At the Court at St Jamies; the 25th of July 1783, I EARNESTL Y recommend to you an attention towards promoting among my people, in your se

The King's Moft Excellent Majesty in Council. veral counties, that fpirit of order, regularity, WHEREAS information has been received" and industry, which is the true source of revenue from Sir Robert Ainslie, his Majesty's ambasador


at Constantinople, that the plague, had begun to published in the London Gazette; and that, un, spread in different quarters of that city, and had til such ships, veliels, persons, goods, and meralso appeared in places in the neighbourhood,, chandizes, shall have respectively performed and and had also broken out at Foglieri, or Foggio, be discharged from such quarantine, no fuch in the Bay of Smyrna; his Majetty in councit this perfon, goods, or merchandizes, or any of them, day cook'the fame into consideration; and al shali come or be brought on thore, or go or be though it appeared that a quarantine of forty days put on board any other thip or vesť !, in any is at this time sublifting, by order of this Board, place within his Majesty's dominions, unless in upon all thips and veneis coming from or through such manner and in such cases, and by fuch lithe Međiterrane. 1), or from West Barbary on cence, as fall be directed or permitted by such the Atlantic Ocean, or from any of the ports of order or orders made by his Majesty, his heirs the kingdom of Spain within the Mediterranean,

or succeflors, in council as afuietud; and that all or from Minorca or Gibraltar, into any of the such thips and veflels, and the persons or goods ports of this kingdom, or the Ines of Jersey, coming or imporied in, or going or being put on Guernsey, Alderney, Sark or Man; and also board the same, and all thips, vessels, boats, and upou all ships and vessels whatsoever arriving in perfons, receiving any goods or persons out of the the said ports having any books, fills raw, thrown Tamé, full be subje&t to such orders, rules and or wrought, linen, cotton-wool, cotton-yarn,

directions concerning quarantine, and the pregrograin or mohair yarn, goats hair, Carmenia vention of intection, as have been or shall be made wool, carpets, camblets, burders, or other ma by his Majesty, his heirs and successors, in counnufacture of dilk and cotton, kid Ikins, skins in

cil and notified by proclamation, or published in the wool or haii, spunyes, wine and oil in chelts, the London Gazette as afoie-mentioned, under thread stockings, all goods packed with straw and

such pairs and penalties as are inflicted by the cotton, matts, and matting, and fails, being said act. goods inore especially liable to retain infection, And whereas information hath been received, and which may have been brought from Con that the plague hath broke out and now rages Itantinople, and other parts of the Levant, into

at Chenon, at Oczakow in the country which is other countries, and from thence imported into

cailed the Tartary of Oczakow,and in the Crimeag his Majesty's dominions in thips not obliged to

and hath manifested itself likewise upon the fronperform quarantine; his Majelty judges it necef tiers of Poland; and his Majelty by and with the sary upon this occafion to cause the said orders advice of his privy-council, doth thereupon judge to be enforced; and to that end his Majesty doth it probable that the infection may be brought hereby require and command all the officers into this kingdom from Dantzick, or some port appointed for the service of quarantine, to use or place in Royal and Ducal Prullia or Pometheir utmost care and diligence in causing the re

rania; his Majesty doth therefore, by and with Veral rules and regulations established for the due the advice of his privy-council, hereby order, performance of quarantine, to be punctually and that all thips, vessels, perfons, goods and mer Arictly observed and carried into execution: where- chandizes, now arrived, or that shall hereafter ar, of the said officers, and all others whom it may rive, in any port of this kingdom, or the Iles concern, are to take notice, and govern them of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark or Man, selves accordingly.

from Dantzick, or any other port or place in STEPH. COTTRELL. Royal and Ducal Prussia or Pomerania, do maks

their quarantine for forty days, which is to com At the Court at St James's, the 25th of July 1783, mence and be computed from the day. each hip

or veffel shall come to anchor in the place apPRESENT, The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council, pointed for performing quarantine, and not be

fore. WHERE AS, by an act of parliament passed in That the places hereinafter-named shall be and the twenty-sixth year of his late Majesty's reign, are hereby appointed to be the places, wherein such intituled, " An act ro oblige chips more effec.. thips or vessels (not having the infection on board)

tuaily to perform their quarantine, and for shall respectively perform quarantine, that is to

the better preventing ihe plague being brought fay, all such thips or vessels which are or shall be • from foreign parts into Great Britain or Ire bound to the port of London, or any member, • land, or the Ines of Guerns.y, Jersey, Al- creek, or other parts thereof, or to the River & derney, Sark or Man,'itis, anong many other. Thames, or Medway, shall perform their quaranthings enacted, that all ships and vefrels arriv tine in Standgate creek. All such ships or vessels ing, and all persons, goods and merchandizes which are or shall be bound to the ports of Ipswich, whatsoever, coming or imported into any port or Yarmouth, Lynn, Boston, Hull, Newcastle, oc. place within-Great Britain, or any of the isles Berwick upon Tweed, or any of them, or any afore- mentioned, from any place from whence his member or creek thereof, or other place therein, Majesty, his heirs or successors, by and with the shall perform their quarantine in Whitebooth Road advice of his or their privy.council

, shall judge between Hull and Grimsby. All such ships of it probable that the infection may be brought,shall

. vessels which are or shall be bound to the ports of be obliged to make their quarantine in such place, Carlisle and Chester, or either of them, or any and places, for such time and in such manner, member or creek thereof, or other place therein, as has been, or full from time to time be, di or to any part of the Ine of Man, Thail perform rected by his Majesty, his heirs or fucceffors, by their quarantine in a place called Highlake, near his or their order or orders, made in his or their Liverpool, at the west end thereof. All such privy-councit ; and notified by proclamation, or thips or vessels which are or fhall be bound to the


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