named and constituted for their plenipotentiaries, newed and confirmed, in the best form, as well charged with the concluding and figning of the as all the treaties in general which subfifted beDefinitive Treaty of Peace, viz. the King of tween the high contracting parties before the war, Great Britain, the Most Illustrious and Mort and particularly all those which are specified and Excellent Lord George, Duke and Earl of Man- renewed in the aforesaid Definitive Treaty of chester, Viscount Mandeville, Baron of Kimbol. Paris, in the best form, and as if they were hereton, lord lieutenant and cultos rotulorum of the in inserted word for word; so that they are to be county of Huntingdon, actual privy-counsellor exactly observed for the future in their full tenor, to his Britannic Majefty, and his ambaffador- and religiously executed, by both parties, in all extraordinary and plenipotentiary to his Most the points which shall not be derogated from by Christian Majesty; and the Catholic King, the the present Treaty of Peace. Most Illustrious and Moft Excellent Lord Peter Art. III. All the prisoners taken on either Paul Abarca De Bolea Ximenes d'Urrea, &c. fide, as well by land as by sea, and the hostages Count of Aranda and Castel Florido, Marquis of carried away or given, during the war, and to this Torres, of Villanan and Rupit, Viscount of day, shall be reitored, without ransom, in fix Rueda and Yoch, Baron of the Baronies of Ga. weeks at latelt, to be computed from the day of yin, Sietamo, Clamosa, Eripol Trazmoz, La the exchange of the present treaty; each crown Mata de Castil-Viejo, Antillon, La Almolda, respectively discharging the advances which thall Cortés, Jorva, St. Genis, Rabovillet, Arcau, and have been made for the sublistence and mainte. Ste. Colome de Farnés, Lord of the Tenance and nance of their prisoners, by the fovereign of the honour of Alcalatén, the valley of Rodellar, the country where they shall have been detained, accastles and towns of Maella, Mesones, Tiurana, cording to the receipts, attested accounts, and and Villa Plana, Taradel, and Viladrau, &c. other authentic vouchers, which Thall be furnishRico-Hombre in Arragon by descent, grandeeed on each side: and fureties shall be reciprocally of Spain of the first class, knight of the order of given for the payment of the debts which the the Golden Fleece, and of that of the Holy prisoners may have contracted in the countries. Ghoit, gentleman of the King's Chamber in em- where they may have been detained, until their ployment, captain-general of his forces, and his entire release. And all ships, as well men of war ambassador to the Mon Christian King: who, af- as merchant-Ships, which may have been taken ter having exchanged their respective full powers, since the expiration of the terms agreed upon for have agreed upon the following Articles. the cessation of hoitilities by sea, fhall likewile

Art. I. There shall be a christian, universal, be restored, bonâ fide, with all their crews and and perpetual peace, as well by sea as by land, cargoes. And the execution of this article shall and a lincere and constant friendship shall be re- be proceeded upon immediately after the exestablished between their Britannic and Catholic change of the ratifications of this treaty. Majesties, and between their heirs and successors, Art. IV. The King of Great Britain cedes, kingdoms, dominions, provinces, countries, sub- in full right, to his Catholic Majesty, the Illand jects, and vasals, of what quality or condition of Minorca; provided that the fame stipulations, soever they be, without exception either of places inserted in the following Article, shall take place or persons; so that the high contracting parties in favour of the British fubjects, with regard to hall give the greatest attention to the maintain- the above mentioned island. ing between themselves, and their said dominions Art. V. His Britannic Majesty likewise cedes and subjects, this reciprocal friendship and inter- and guaranties, in full right, to his Catholic Macourse, without permitting hereafter, on either jesty, East Florida, as also West Florida. His part, any kind of hoftilities to be committed, ei- Catholic Majesty agrees that the British inhabither by sea or.by land, for any cause, or under any tants, or others who may have been subjects of pretence, whatsoever: and they hall carefully the King of Great Britain in the said countries, avoid, for the future, every thing which might may retire, in full security and liberty, where they prejudice the union happily re-established, endea- shall think proper; and may sell their estates, and vouring, on the contrary, to procure recipro- remove their effects, as well as their persons, withcally for each other, on every occasion, whatever out being restrained in their emigration, under may contribute to their mutual glory, interests, any pretence whatsoever, except on account of and advantage, without giving any assistance or debts or criminal prosecutions; the term limited protection, directly or indirectly, to those who for this emigration being fixed to the space of would do any injury to either of the high con- eighteen months, to be computed from the day tracting parties. There hall be a general ob- of the exchange of the ratifications of the present livion and amnesty of every thing which may treaty. But if, from the value of the possessions have been done or committed, before or since the of the English proprietors, they ihould not be able commencement of the war which is just ended. to dispose of them within the said term, then his

Art. II. The Treaties of Westphalia of 1648; Catholic Majesty shall grant them a prolongation those of Madrid of 1667, and of 1670; those of proportioned to that end. It is farther ftipulated, Peace and of Commerce of Utrecht of 17133 that his Britannic Majesty shall have the power that of Baden of 1714; of Madrid of 1715; of of removing from East Florida all the effects which Seville of 1729; the Definitive Treaty of Aix-la- may belong to him, whether artillery, or other Chapeile of 1748; the Treaty of Madrid of 1750; and the Definitive Treaty of Paris of 1763; serve as Art.Vi.The intention of the two high contract. a basis and foundation to the peace, and to the pre- ing parties being to prevent, as much as poßible, Sent creaty; and for this purpose, they are all re- all the causes of complaint and misunderstanding

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heretofore occafioned by the cutting of wood for ery for their subsistence, on the coasts of the disa dyeing, or logwood; and several English settlement trict above agreed on, or of the islands situated having been formed and extended, under that opposite thereto, without being in any wise dirpretence, upon the Spaniih continent, it is ex- turbed on that account; provided they do not pressly agreed, that his Britannic Majesty's sub- establish themselves in any manner on the said jects ihall have the right of cutting, loading, and islands. carrying away, logwood, in the district lying be- Art. VII. His Catholic Majesty thall retween the Rivers Wallis or Bellize, and Rio Hon- store to Great Britain the Islands of Providence, do, taking the course of the said cwo rivers for and the Bahamas, without exception, in the same unalterable boundaries, so as that the navigation condition they were in when they were conquered of them be common to both nations; to wit, by by the arms of the King of Spain. The same the River Wallis or Belliz”, from the sea, ascend. stipulations inserted in the Fifth Article of this ing as far as oppofite to a lake or iniet which runs Treaty shall take place in favour of the Spanish into the land, and forms an isthmus or neck with subjects, with regard to the islands mentioned in another fimilar inlet, which comes froin the side the present article. of Rio-Nuevo, or New River; so that the line of Art, VIII. All the countries and territories, feparation shall pass straight acrois the said isth. which may have been, or which may be conquered mus, and meet another lake formed by the water in any part of the world whatsoever, by the arms of Rio-Nuevo, or New River, at it's current. The of his Britannic Majesty, as well as by those of his said line shall continue with the course of Rio- Catholic Majesty, which are not included in the Nuevo, descending as far as opposite to a river present treaty, neither under the head of ceffions, (the source of which is marked in the map) be- nur under the head of reftitutions, shall be restored tween Rio. Nuevo and Rio-Hondu, and which without difficulty, and without requiring any comempties itself into Rio-Hondo; which river shall

pensatior. also serve as a common boundary as far as it's Art. IX. Immediately after the exchange of junction with Rio Hondo; and from thence de- the ratifications, the two high contracting parscending by Rio Hondo to the sea, as the whole ties shall name commissaries to treat concerning is marked on the map which the plenipotentiaries new arrangements of commerce between the two of the two crowns have thought proper to make nations, on the basis of reciprocity and mutual use of, for ascertaining the points agreed upon, convenience; which arrangements hall be settled to the end that a good correipondence may reign ard concluded within the space of two years, to between the two nations, and that the English be computed from the first of January 1784. workmen, cutters, and labourers, may not tres- Art. X. As it is neceffary to appoint a cerpass from an uncertainty of the boundaries. The tain period for the restitutions and evacuations to respective commissaries thall fix upon convenient be made by each of the high contracting parties, places, in the territory above marked out, in or- it is agreed, that the King of Great Britain shall der that his Britannic Majesty's subjects, em- caure East Florida to be evacuated three months pioyed in the felling of logwood, may, without after the ratification of the present treaty, or interruption, build therein houses and magazines sooner if it can be done. The King of Great necefiary for themselves, their families, and their Britain shall in like manner enter again into por. effects; ard his Catholic Majesty assures to them fession of the Isands of Providence, and the Bathe enjoyment of all that is expreffed in the pre- hamas, without exception, in the space of three sent article; provided that these stipulations shall months after the ratification of the present treanot be considered as derogating in any wise from ty, or sooner, if it can be done. In consequence his rights of sovereignty. Therefore all the Eng- whereof, the necessary orders shall be sent by each lith, who may be dispersed in any other parts, of the high contracting parties, with reciprocal whether on the Spanish continent, or in any of passports for the ships which shall carry them, im: the islands whatsoever, dependent on the aforesaid mediately after the ratification of the present Spanith continent, and for whatever reaton it treaty. might be, without exception, shall retire within Art. XI. Their Britannic and Catholic Mathe district which has been above described, in the jesties promise to observe fincerely, and bonâ space of eighteen months, to be computed from fide, all the articles contained and established in the exchange of the ratifications; and for this the present treaty; and they will not suffer the purpose orders Mall be issued on the part of his same to be infringed, directly or indirectly, by Britannic Majesty, and on that of his Catholic their respective subjects: and the said high conMajerty, his governors mhall be ordered to grant tracting parties guaranty to each other, generally to the English dispersed every convenience poflible and reciprocally, all the ftipulations of the presei.t for their removing to the settlement agreed upon treaty. by the present article, or for their retiring where- Art. XII. The folemn ratifications of the ever they shall think proper. It is likewise stipu. p:esent treaty, prepared in good and due form, lated, that if any fortifications Sņould actually shall be exchanged in this city of Verfajlles, behave been heretofore erected within the limits tween the high contracting parties, in the space marked out, liis, Britannic Majesty shall cause of one month, or sooner it poffible, to be comthem all to be demolished; and he will order his puted from the day of the signature of the present subjects not to build any new ones. The English treaty. In vitness whereof, we the underwritten inhabitaßis, who hailsetile there for the cutting ambassadors, extraordinary, and minifters pleri. Of logwood, ihall be permitted !o enjoy a freç filh- potentiary, have figred with our hands, in their


námes, and by virtue of our respective full pow- and that the privileges and advantages, mutual ers, the present Definitive Treaty, and have caused and particular, be not only preserved on each side, the seals of our arms to be affixed thereto.

but even augmented, if it can be done. Done at Versailles, the third day of September, In this view his Majesty has consented to the one thousand feven hundred and eighty-three. appointment of commissaries, on each side, who (L. S.) MANCHESTER.

Thall treat solely upon this object. (L. S.) LE COMTE D'ARANDA. Done at Versailles, the third of September, one

thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. SEPARATE ARTICLES.

(L. S.) MANCHESTER T. SOME of the titles made use of by the contracting parties, whether in the full powers, and

COUNTER-DECLARATION. other inftruments, during the course of the nego- The Catholic King, in propofing new arrangetiation, or in the preamble of the present treaty, not ments of commerce, has had 10 other design than being generally acknowledged, it has been agreed to remedy, by the rules of reciprocity and mutual that no prejudice should ever result therefrom to convenience, whatever may be defective in preeither of the said contracting parties; and that ceding treaties of commerce. The King of Great the titles taken or omitted, on either side, upon Britain may judge from thence, that the intenoccasion of the said negotiation, and of the pre- tion of his Catholic Majesty is not in any manfent treaty, shall not be cited, or quoted as a pre- ner to cancel all the stipulations contained in the cedent.

above-mentioned treaties; he declares, on the II. It has been agreed and determined, that contrary, from henceforth, that he is disposed to the French language, made use of in all the co- maintain all the privileges, facilities and advantapies of the present treaty, shall not form an ex- ges expreffed in the old treaties, as far as they shall ample which may be alledged, or quoted as a pre- be reciprocal, or compensated by equivalent ad. cedent, or in any manner prejudice either of the vantages. It is to attain this end, desired on each contracting powers; and that they shall conform, fide, that commissaries are to be named to treat for the future, to what has been observed, and upon the state of trade between the two nations, ought to be observed, with regard to, and on the and that a considerable space of time is to be alpart of powers, who are in the practice and pof- lowed for compleating their work. His Catholic session of giving and receiving copies of like trea- Majesty hopes that this object will be pursued with ties in a different language from the French; the the same good faith, and with the same spirit of present treaty having, nevertheless, the same force conciliation, which have presided over the discus. and virtue as if the aforesaid practice had been fion of all the other points included in the Defitherein observed.

nitive Treaty; and his said Majesty is equally In witness whereof, we the underwritten am- confident, that the respective commiflaries will baffador-extraordinary, and ministers plenipoten- employ the utmost diligence for the completion tiary, of their Britannic and Catholic Majesties, of this important work. have signed the present separate articles, and have Done aë Versailles, the third of September, caused the seals of our arms to be affixed thereto. one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. Done at Versailles, the third of September,

(L. S.)

LE COMTE D'ARANDA, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. (L. S.) MANCHESTER,

WE, ambassador-plenipotentiary of his Impe. (L, S.) LE COMTE D'ARANDA. rial and Royal Apostolic Majesty, having acte

as mediator in the work of pacification, declare DECLARATION.

that the Treaty of Peace figned this day at VerThe new state in which commerce may per failles, between his Britannic Majesty and his haps be found, in all parts of the world, will de- ' Catholic Majesty, with the two feparate Articles mand revisions and explanations of the fubfifting there to annexed, and of which they form a part, treaties; but an entire abrogation of those trea- as also with all the clauses, conditions, and ftiputies, in whatever period it might be, would throw lations which are therein contained, was conn commerce into such confusion as would be of in- cluded by the mediation of his Imperial and finite prejudice to it.

Royal Apostolic Majesty. In witness whereof. In fome of the treaties of this sort there are not we have signed these pretents with our hand, and only articles which relate merely to commerce,

have caused the real of our arms to be affixed but many others which ensure reciprocally, to the 'thereto. ' Done at Versailles, the third of Seprespective fubjects, privileges, facilities for con- tember, one thousand seven hundred and eightydacting their affairs, personal protections, and three. other advantages, which are not, and which ought LE COMTE DE MERCY ARGENTEAU. not, to be of a changeable nature, such as the re

(L. S.) gulacions relating merely to the value of goods and merchandize, variable from circumstances of WE, ministers plenipotentiary of her Imperial every kind.

Majesty of all the Ruffias, having acted as me. When therefore the state of the trade between diators in the work of pacification, declare that the two nations Thall be treated upon, it is requi- the treaty of peace, figned this day at Versailles, fite to be understood, that the alterations which between his Britannic Majesty and his Catholic -may be made in the subfifting treaties are to ex- Majesty, with the two separate articles thereto tend only to arrangements merely commercial; annexed, and of which they form a part, as alfo

with all the clauses, conditions, and stipulations form, and with equal forte and effect, as we, if which are therein contained, was concluded by

we were present, could do and perform : engaging the mediation of her Imperial Majesty of all the

and promising, on our royal word, that we will Rullias. In witness whereof, we have signed approve, ratify, and accept, in every more perfe& these presents with our hands, and have caused form, whatever may happen to be transacted and the seals of our arms to be affixed thereto.

concluded by our faid plenipotentiary, and that Done at Versailles, the third of September,

we will never fuffer the same to be violated or inone thousand seven hundred and eighty-three.

fringed by any one, either in the whole, or in (L.S.) PRINCE IWAN BARIATINSKOY.

part. In witness, and for the greater validity (L. S.) A. MARCOFF.

of all which,' we have caused our Great Seal of Great Britain to be affixed to these presents,

signed with our royal hand. Given at our court HIS BRITANNIC MAJESTY'S FULL POWER. at St. James's, the twentieth day of April, in GEORGER.

the year of our Lord one thousand seven hune

dred and eighty-three, and in the twenty-third George the Third, by the Grace of God, King

year of our reign.
of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender
of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunen-
burgh, Arch Treasurer and Prince Elector of the

HIS CATHOLIC MAJESTY'S FULL POWER. Holy Roman Empire, &c. To all and fingular Don Carlos, by the Grace of God, King of to whom these presents shall come, greeting Castile, Leon, Arragon, the Two Sicilies, JeruWhereas for perfecting the peace between us, and salem, Navarre, Granada, Toledo, Valencia, our good brother the Catholic King, which has Gallicia, Majorca, Seville, Sardinia, Cordova, been happily begun by the Preliminary Articles al Corfica, Murcia, Jaen, the Algarves; Algeciras, ready signed at Versailles, on the 20th day of Jan- Gibraltar, the Canary Inands, the East and Welt vary last, and for bringing the same to the desired Indies,islands and terra-firma of the ocean; Archconclusion, we have thought proper to invest fome Duke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Brabant, fit pesson with full authority, on our part; and and Milan; Count of Apsburg, Flanders, Tirol, whereas our right trusty and right entirely be- and Barcelona; Lord of Biscay and Molina, &c. loved cousin and counsellor, George Duke and Whereas, Preliminary Articles of Peace having Earl of Manchester, Viscount Mandeville, Baron been happily ageed upon between my kingdom of of Kimbolton, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotu. Spain, and that of England, as well as between lorum of the county of Huntingdon, has merited the other powers, there will soon be occafion to our favour, by his illustrious descent, eminent assemble a general Congress wherever it may be qualities of 'mind, fingular experience in affairs, thought most proper and best adapted to the comand approved fidelity, on whom therefore we have mon interests, in order to settle and determine deo conferred the character of our ambassador-extra- 'finitively all matiers in controversy between those ordinary and plenipotentiary at the court of our powers and states, who have taken part in the good brother the Most Christian King, being per- war now drawing to a conclufion; and confidering fuaded that he will highly dignify the office which it very probable that the French court will be we have resolved to entrust to him: know ye preferred on account of it's convenient situation, therefore, that we have made, constituted, and and the attendance there of those plenipotentiaappointed, and by these presents, do make, con- ries who have interposed in forming the faid-Preo Atitute, and appoint, him the said George Dukeliminary Articles, I have thought it neceffary and of Manchester, our true, certain, and undoubted proper to again authorize a person in my highest plenipotentiary, commissioner and procurator; esteem and confidence, endowed with knowledge giving and granting to him full and all manner and experience, to the end that, in my name, he of

power and authority, as also our general and may affift at all conferences, treat, settle, and despecial command, at the court of our said good termine, whatever may concern my interests in brother the Most Christian King, for us and in the intended Definitive Treaty: therefore, all these our name, to meet and confer with the ambassa- requisites and qualifications concentering in you, dors, commissioners, deputies, and plenipoten- Don Pedro Pablo Abarca De Bolea Ximenes tiaries, as well of our good brother the Catho- D'Urrea, &c. Count of Aranda and Caftel-Florilic King, as of the other princes and states do, Marquis of Torres, Villanan, and Rupit, whom it may concern, being furnished with suf- Viscount of Rueda and Yoch, Baron of the baroficient authority, whether fingly and separately, nies of Gavin, Sietano, Clamosa, and others; or collectively and jointly, and with them to Lord of the Tenencia and honour of Alcalaten, agree, treat, consult, and conclude upon the re- &c. Rico-Hombre in Aragon by descent, gran. establishing, as fuon as may be, of a firm and dee of Spain of the first class, knight of the order lasting peace, and sincere friendship and concord; of the Golden Fleece, and of that of the Holy and for us, and in our name, to sign whatever Ghost, gentleman of my bed-chamber in emmay be so agreed upon and concluded; and also ployment, captain-general of my forces, and my to make, and mutually deliver and receive, a ambassador-extraordinary to his Most Christian treaty or treaties, or such other and so many Majesty, I have resolved to authorize you, as by instruments as shall be requisite, upon the busi- these presents I do authorize and name you, and 'ness concluded, and to transact all other matters grant to you my full power, in the most ample which may relate to the happily accomplishing and extensive form, in order that, with the of che aforesaid work, in as ample manner and other minifters duly empowered by the re

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to us.


spective sovereigns, or states, whom they repre- this falutary business, and interpose our friendly fent, you may treat, fettle, conclude, and fign, all offices for establishing the peace, of which the such points as relate to the establishment of the foundations were happily laid by the aboveinengeneral peace, by means of the Definitive Treaty tioned previous conditions, in order that, by the which is now in agitation; promising, on the united efforts of the mediators, the great work. faith and word' of a king, to approve, ratify, of peace right, on every fide, be the more cerfulfil, and cause to be strictly fulfilled, whatever tainly accomplished. We, ever intent upon that articles, conditions, or agreements, you may con- object, perceived with the greater satisfaction clude and lign. In witness whereof, I have or- the lentiments of the abovementioned princes, dered these presents to be dispatched, figned by and having previously concerted measures with my hand, sealed with my privy seal, and coun- her Majesty the Empiess of all the Ruffias, did tersigned by my under-written counsellor, and not hesitate to confirm the expectations they had

firlt iecretary of state and of the dispatches. Par- conceived on our part, by accepting, with a do, the eighth of February, one thoutand leven willing and chearfai mind, the trust committed hundred and eighty-three.

For which end we have made choice of

the illustrious and noble, our faithful and be(L. S.) I THE KING. loved Florimond Count De Mercy-Argenteau,

knight of the Golden Fleece, our actual privy JOSEPH MONINO.

counsellor, and our ambassador residing at the

court of the Most Serenie and Most Potent King THE EMPEROR'S FULL

of France and Navarre, a person of fingular fi

delity, integrity, and experience, in the proper WE Joseph the Second, by the Divine Favour, Emperor Eleet of the Romans, always August,

conduct of affairs; and have appointed, and

hereby given him full power to take upon him, King of Germany, Jerusalem, Hungary, Bohe

in our name, the office of Mediator, conjointly mra, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia and Lodomeria; Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy,

with such person or persons who shall be appointed, Lorrain, Stiria, Carinthia and Carniolia; Great

and furnished with equal full power, as well on Duke of Tuscany; Great Prince of Trantilva

the part of her Majesty the Empress of all the nia; Marquis of Moravia; Duke of Brabant,

Ruflias, as co-mediatrix, as on the part of the

other princes who may be interested therein, and Limburg, Luxemburg and Gueldres, Wirtem

to contribute his counsel and aflistance for conberg, Upper and Lower Silesia, Milan, Mantua, Parma, Placentia and Guastalla, Olvecinia and

cluding, by the interpofition of friendly offices and Zatoria, Calabria, Barri, Montserat and Tel

united efforts, such treaties, conventions or regu

lations whatsoever, as may appear to be necessary chin ; Prince of Suevia and Carolopolis; Count of Hapiburg, Flauders, Tyrol, Hainault, Kiburg,

for compleating the work of peace; all which he

fhall subscribe and fign, and shall also deliver such Goritia anu Gradisca; Marquis of the Holy Ro

instrument or instruments, on his part, as may be man Empire, of Burgovia, Upper and Lower LuTatia, Muffopont and Nomeny, Count of Namur,

proper and required of him for perfecting the busiProvence, Vaudemont, Albimont, Zutphen,Sar

ness: promising,on ourimperial,royal, and archduLord of Marchpurg,

cal word, that we will ratify, accept, and faithfully war, Salm, and Falkenstein;

fulfil, all such things as our faid ambassador shall Slavonia, and Mechlin

have concluded, promised and figned, by virtue By the tenor of these presents, make known

of these presents, and that we will order letters of and testity to all and fingular whom it doth or

ratification to be expedited at the time agreed upmay in any manner concern. During the time

on. In witness and for the greater validity wherethat the late extensive war overspread almost the

of, we have signed this instrument of full power whole world, we, and her Majesty the Empress

with our hand, and have ordered it to be confirmed and sole Monarch of all the Russias, animated with an equal delire of putting an end as soon as

with ourimperial, royal, and archducal seal aitized

thereto. . Given in our city of Vienna, the 16th possible to the calamities of the war, did not

day of April, in the year of our Lord one thouíand omit frequently to manifest our earnest inclina

seven hundred and eighty-three, in the twentieth tion that by the interposition of our respective and mutual friendly offices, a reconciliation of of our Roman Germanic reign, and the third of

our hereditary reign, the belligerent parties might be promored, and the former peace and sincere concord between

JOSEPHUS. them be restored. It was very agreeable to us

W. KAUNITZ RIETBERG, to understand that our common endeavours had not failed of the desired effect; for a more paci. By his Sacred, Imperial, and Royal Apofic disposition afterwards prevailing in the minds

Itolic Majesty's special command. of the princes engaged in the war, and the bufi

•ANT. SPIELMANN. ness being already fo far happily advanced, that previous conditions of peace, or preliminary ar

THE EMPRESS OF RUSSIA'S FULL POWER. ticles, were agreed upon between them, on which the general work of pacification might be found- By the Orace of God, we Catherine the Se. ed, the aforesaid most Serene and most Potent cond, Empress and Sole Monarch of all the Princes desired, in a friendly manner, that, in Ruffias, of Muscovy, Kiovia, Vlodomiria, Novoconcert with her Imperial Majesty of all the gorod, Czarina of Casan, Czarina of Aftracan, Ruffias, we would apply our joint attention to Czarina of Siberia, Lady of Plescau, and Great Vol. III.

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