decided according to the law of nations, and to jesties, have signed the present separate Articles, treaties, in the courts of justice of the nation and have caused the seals of our arms to be affixed which shall have made the capture, or ordered the thereto. keizures.

Done at Versailles, the third of September one Art. XXII. For preventing the revival of the thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. law-fuits which have been ended in the islands

(L. S.) MANCHESTER. conquered by either of the high contracting par

(L. S.) GRAVIER DE VERGENNES. ties, it is agreed that the judgments pronounced in the last resort, and which have acquired the force of matters determined, shall be confirmed and executed according to their form and tenor. The King having entirely agreed with his Most

Art. XXIII. Their Britannic and Moft Chrif-' Christian Majesty upon the Articles of the Defitian Majesties promile to observe fincerely, and nitive Treaty, will feek every means which shall bona fide, all the articles contained and elta not only ensure the execution thereof, with his blished in the presenc Treaty; and they will not

accustomed good faith and punctuality, but will fuffer the same to be infringd, directly or indi

besides give, on his part, all possible efficacy to Iectly, by their respective subjects: and the said the principles which shall prevent even the least high contracting parties guaranty to each other, foundation of dispute for the future. generally and reciprocally, all the stipulations of To this end, and in order that the fishermth the present Treaty.

of the two nations may not give cause for daily Art. XXIV. The solemn ratifications of the quarrels, his Britannic Majesty will take the molt prefent Treaty, prepared in good and due form, positive measures for preventing his subjects from thall be exchanged in this city of Vertailles, be interrupting, in any manner, by their competitween the high contracting parties, in the space tion, the fishery of the French, during tlie temof a month, or sooner if portible, to be computed porary exercise of it which is granted to them, from the day of the signature of the present Treaty. upon the coasts of the Illand of Newfoundland;

Io witness whereof, we the under-written am and he will, for this purpose, cause the fixed letbassador-extraordinary, and ministers plenipoten- tlements, which shall be formed there, to be retiary, have signed with our hands, in their names,

moved. His Britannic Majesty will give orders, and in virtue of our respective full powers, the pre

that the French fishermen be not incommoded in fent Definitive Treaty, and have caused

the feals cutting the wood necessary for the repair of their of our arms to be affixed thereto.

scaffolds, huts, and fishing-vefsels. Done at Versailles, the third day of September

The Thirteenth Article of the Treaty of one thousand seven hundred and cighty-three.

Utrecht, and the method of carrying on the fish(L. S.) MANCHESTER.

ery which has at all times been acknowledged, (L.S) GRAVIER DE VERGENNES.

shall be the plan upon which the fishery shall be carried on there; it shall not be deviated from by either party; the French fithermen building only

their scaffolds, confining themfelves to the repair 1. SOME of the titles made use of by the con of their fishing-vessels,and not wintering there; the tracting parties, whether in the full powers, and subjects of his Britannic Majesty, on their part, other instruments, during the course of the nego not molesting, in any manner, the French fithera tiation, or in the preamble of the prefent treaty,not men, during their fishing, nor injuring their scafbeing generally acknowledged, it has been agreed folds during their absence. that no prejudice should ever result therefrom to The King of Great Britain, in ceding the either of the said contracting parties; and that Illands of St. Pierre and Miquelon to France, rethe titles taken or omitted, on either side, upon gards them as ceded for the purpose of serving as occafion of the said negotiation, and of the pre a real shelter to the French fishermen, and in full sent treaty, shall not be cited, or quoted as a pre confidence that these poffeflions will not become

an object of jealousy between the two nations; II. It has been agreed and determined, that and that the fishery between the said islands, and the French language, made use of in all the co that of Newfoundland, shall be limited to the pies of the present treaty, shall not form an ex middle of the channel. ample which may be alledged, or quoted as a pre With regard to India, Great Britain having cedent, or in any manner prejudice either of the granted to France every thing that can aseertain contracting powers; and that they shall conform, and confirm the trade which the latter requires for the future, to what has been observed, and to carry on there, his Majesty relies with confiought to be observed, with regard to and on the dence on the repeated assurances of the court of part of powers who are in the practice and pof- Versailles, that the power of surrounding Chan. feffion of giving and receiving copies of like trea. dernagore with a ditch for carrying off the waters, ties in a different language from the French; the shall not be exercised in such a manner as to make present treaty having, nevertheless, the same force it become an object of umbrage. and virtue as if the aforesaid practice had been The new state in which commerce may, pertherein observed.

haps, be found, in all parts of the world, will deIn witness whereof, we the underwritten am mand revisions and explanations of the subfisting bassador-extraordinary, and ministers plenipoten- treaties; but an entire abrogation of those treawary, of their Britannic and Mof Christian Ma- 'ties, in whatever period it might be, would throw




commerce into such confusion as would be of in- prehends India as well as the other parts of the finite prejudice to it.

world; his Britannic- Majesty may therefore be asIn some of the treaties of this sort there are sured, that his Majesty will never permit that an not only articles which relate merely to commerce, object fo inoffensive, and so harmless, as the but many others which ensure reciprocally to the ditch with which Chandernagore is to be sure respective subjects, privileges, facilities for con rounded, should give any umbrage to the court of dučting their affairs, personal protections, and London. other advantages, which are not, and which ought The King, in propofing new arrangements of not to be, of a changeable nature; such as the commerce, had no other design than to remedy, regulations relating merely to the value of goods by the rules of reciprocity and mutual conveni*and merchandize, variable from circumstances ence, whatever may be defective in the Treaty of of every kind.

Commerce signed at Utrecht, in one thousand seWhen, therefore, the state of the trade between ven hundred and thirteen. The King of Great the two nations shall be treated upon, it is requi- Britain may judge from thence, that his Mafite to be understood, that the alterations which jesty's intention is not in any wise to cancel all may be made in the fubfifting treaties, are to ex the ftipulations in the above-mentioned treaty; he tend only to arrangements merely commercial; declares, on the contrary, from henceforth, that and that the privileges and advantages, mutual and he is disposed to maintain all the privileges, faciparticular, be not only preserved on each side, but lities and advantages, expressed in that treaty, as even augmented, if it can be done.

far as they shall be reciprocal, or compensated by In this view, his Majesty has consented to the equivalent advantages. It is to attain this end, appointment of commissaries on each side, who desired on each side, that commiflaries are to be fall treat solely upon this object.

appointed to treat upon the state of the trade belo witness whereof, we his Britannic Majesty's tween the two nations, and that a considerable ambassador-extraordinary and minister-plenipo- space of time is to be allowed for compleating tentiary, being thereto duly authorized, have fign- their work. His Majesty hopes that this object ed the present Declaration, and caused the seal of will be pursued with the same good faith, and our arms to be set thereto.

the same spirit of conciliation, which prefided Given at Versailles, the third of September, over the discussion of all the other points comone thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. prized in the Definitive Treaty; and his said Ma. (L. S.) MANCHESTER. jesty is firmly persuaded that the respective com

miffaries will employ the utmost diligence for the

completion of this important work. COUNTER-DECLARATION.

In witness whereof, we the under-written mi. The principles which have guided the King, nister-plenipotentiary of his most Christian Ma. in the whole course of the negociations which pre- jefty, being thereto duly authorized, have signed ceded the re-establishment of peace, must have the present Counter-Declaration, and have caused convi ced the King of Great Britain, that his the real of our arms to be affixed thereto. Majesty has had no other design than to render it Given åt Versailles, the third of September, solid and lasting, by preventing, as much as posli one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. ble, in the four quarters of the world, every sub.

(L. S.)

GRAVIER DE VERGENNES. ject of viscussion and quarrel. The King of Great Britain undoubtedly places too much confidence in the uprightness of his Majesty's inten

We, ambassador-plenipotentiary of his Impetions, not to rely upon his constant attention to

rial and Royal Apostolic Majesty, having acted prevent the Inands of St. Pierre and Miquelon that the Treaty of Peace figned this day at Ver

as mediator in the work of pacification, declare from becoming an object of jealousy between the failles, between his Britannic Majesty, and his two nations. As to the fishery on the coasts of Newfound- ticles thereto annexed, and of which they form a

Most Christian Majesty, with the two separate Arland, which has been the object of the new arrangements settled by the two sovereigns upon ftipulations which are therein contained, was con

part, as also with all the clauses, conditions and this matter, it is sufficiently ascertained by the Fifth Article of the Treaty of Peace signed this day, Apoftolic Majesty. In witness whereof, we have

cluded by the mediation of his Imperial and Royal and by the Declaration likewise delivered to-day, signed these presents with our hand, and have by his Britannic Majesty's ambassador-extraordi

caused the seal of our arms to be affixed thereto. nary and plenipotentiary; and his Majesty de

Done at Versailles, the third of September, one clares that he is fully satisfied on this head. In regard to the fishery between the Island of thousand seven hundred and eighty-three.

LE COMTE DE MERCY ARGENTEAU. Newfoundland, and those of St. Pierre and Miquelon, it is not to be carried on by either party,

(L. S.) but to the middle of the channel; and his Majesty will give the most positive orders, that the French We, ministers plenipotentiary of her Imperial fishermen shall not go beyond this line. His Ma- Majesty of all the Rusias, having acted as mediajesty is firmly persuaded that the King of Great tors in the work of pacification, declare that the Britain will give like orders to the English fisher- Treaty of Peace, figned this day at Versailles, be

tween his Britannic Majesty, and his Most Chris. The King's desire to maintain the peace com tian Majesty, with the two separate Articles there



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to annexed, and of which they form a part, as


may relate to the happily accomplifing of also with all the clauses, conditions and ftipula- the aforesaid work, in as ample manner and form, tions which are therein contained, was concluded and with equal force and effect, as we, if we were by the mediation of her Imperial Majesty of all present, could do and perform: engaging and the Russias. In witness whereof, we have fign- promising, on our royal word, that we will aped these presents with our hands, and have caused prove, ratify and accept, in every more perfect the feals of our arms to be affixed thereto. Done form, whatever may happen to be transacted and at Versailles, the third of September, one thou concluded by our said plenipotentiary, and that sand seven hundred and eighty-three.

we will never fuffer the same to be violated orina (L. S.) PRINCE IWAN BARIATINSKOY. fringed by any one, either in the whole or in part. (L. S.) A. MARCOFF.

In witness, and for the greater validity of all which, we have caused our Great Seal of Great Britain to

be affixed to these presents, signed with our royal HIS BRITANNIC MAJESTY'S FULL POWER. hand. Given at our court at St. James's, the GEORGE R.

twentieth day of April, in the year of our Lord GEORGE the Third, by the Grace of God, in the twenty-chird year of our reign.

one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, and King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, De. fender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenberg, Arch. Treasurer and Prince Elector

HIS MOST CHRISTIAN MAJESTY'S FULL of the Holy Roman Empire, &c. To all and fingular to whom these presents shall come, greet LÉwis, by the Grace of God, King of France ing. Whereas, for perfecting the peace between and Navarre, to all those who shall see these preus and our good Brother the Most Christian King, Tents, greeting. The Preliminaries signed at Verwhich has been happily begun by the Prelimi Tailles the twentieth of January, in the present. nary Articles already signed at Versailles, on year, laid the foundatión of the peace re-estathe twentieth day of January last, and for bring blished between us and our most dear and most ing the same to the desired conclusion, we have beloved good Brother the King of Great Britain. thought proper to invest fome fit person with 'We have nothing more at heart than to confofull auçhority on our part; and whereas our right lidate that salutary and important work, by a trusty and right entirely beloved cousin and coun Tolemn and Definitive Treaty: for these caufes, fellor George Duke and Earl of Manchester, and other good considerations us thereunto movViscount Mandeville, Baron of Kimbolton, lord ing, we confiding entirely in the capacity and lieutenant and custos rotulorum of the county experience, zeal and fidelity in our service, of our of Huntingdon, has merited our favour, by his most dear and well-beloved the Sieur Count De illustrious descent, eminent qualities of mind, Vergennes, our counsellor in all our councils, fingular experience in affairs, and approved fide commander in our orders, president of our Royal Jity, on whom therefore we have conferred the cha. Council of Finances, counsellor of state military, racter of our ambassador-extraordinary and pleni- minister and secretary of state, and of our compotentiary to our said good Brother the Most mands and finances, having the department of Christian King, being persuaded that he will foreign affairs, we have named, appointed, and highly dignify the office, which we have resolved deputed him, and by these presents, signed with to entrust to him; know ye therefore, that'we our hand, do name, appoint, and depute him, our have made, constituted, and appointed, and by minister-plenipotentiary, giving him, full and abthese presents do make, constitute, and appoint, folute power to act in that quality, and to confer, him the faid George Duke of Manchester, our negociate, treat, and agree, jointly with the mitrue, certain, and undoubted plenipotentiary, nitter-plenipotentiary of our most dear and most commiffioner, and procurator, giving and grant beloved good brother the King of Great Britain, ing to him full and all manner of power and au invested with full powers in good form, to agree thority, and also our general and special com upon, conclude, and fign, such articles, condimand, for' us and in our name, to meet and tions, conventions, declarations, definitive treatý, confer with the said most Christian King, and accessions, and other acts whatsoever, that he his ministers, commissioners or procurators, fur- Thall judge proper for securing and confirming the nished with sufficient authority, as also with the

great work of peace, the whole with the same ambaffadors, commissioners, deputies, and pleni- latitude and authority as we ourselves might do, potentiaries of the other princes and states whom if we were there present in person, even though it may concern, being likewise furnished with

- there should be something which might require a fufficient authority, whether fingly and feparately, more special order than what is contained in these or collectively and jointly, and with them to

presents; promising, on the faith and word of a agree, treat, consult, and conclude, upon the re king, to approve, kcep firm and stable for ever, establishing, as soon as may be, of a firm and fulfil and execute punctually, every thing that lasting peace, and sincere friendship and con the faid Sieur Count De Vergennes shall have cord; and for us, and in our name, to sign what stipulated and signed, in virtue of the present full ever may be so agreed upon and concluded; and power, without ever infringing, or permitting the to make and mutually deliver and receive, a same to be infringed, for any cause or under any treaty or treaties, or such other and so many in pretence whatsoever; as also to caufe our letter's struments as thall be requifite, upon the business of ratification thereof to be expedited in good concluded; and to transact all other matters, form, and to cause them to be delivered, in order


to their being exchanged, in the time which shall ing previousy concerted measures with her Majebe agreed upon: for such is our pleasure. In fty the Empress of all the Russias, did not hesia witness whereof, we have caused our feal. to be tate to confirm the expectations they had conput to these pretents. Given at Versailles, the ceived on our part, by accepting, with a willing fourth day of the month of February, in the year and chearful mind, the trust committed to us. of Grace, one thousand seven hundred and eighty- For which end we have made choice of the ill.,three, and in the ninth year of our reign. Signed strious and noble, our faithful and beloved FloriLouis; and on the fold, By the King, La Croix mond Count de Mercy Argenteau, knight of the Marshal de Castries; and sealed with the great Golden Fleece, our actual privy-couniellor, and feal of Yellow Wax.

our ambassador residing at the court of the Most

Serene and Most Potent King of France and NaTHE EMPEROR'S FULL POWER. varre, a person of fingular fidelity, integrity, and

experience, in the proper conduct of affairs; and We Joseph the Second, by the Divine Favour, have appointed, and hereby given him

full power Emperor Elect of the Romans, always August, to take upon him, in our name, the office of meKing of Germany, Jerusalem, Hungary, Bohe- diator, conjointly with such person or persons who mia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, and Lodome

shall be appointed, and furnished with equal full ria; Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, power, as well on the part of her Majesty the Lorrain, Stiria, Carinthia and Carniolia; Great Empress of all the Ruflias, as co-mediatrix, as Duke of Tuscany; Great Prince of Transilva on the part of the other princes who may be innia; Marquis of Moravia; Duke of Brabant, terested therein; and to contribute his counsel and Limburg, Luxemburg and Gueldres, Wirtem

affistance for concluding, by the interposition of burg, Upper and Lower Silesia, Milan, Mantua, friendly offices and united efforts, such treaties, Parma, Placentia and Guastalla, Osvecinia and conventions or regulations whatsoever, as may Zatoria, Calabria, Barri, Montserat and Ter

appear to be necessary for compleating the work chin; Prince of Suevia and Carolopolis; Count of peace; all which he shall subscribe and fign', or Hapsburg, Flanders, Tyrol, Hainault, Kiburg, and shall also deliver such instrument or inftru. Goritia and Gradisca; Marquis of the Holy Ro ments, on his part, as may be

proper and required man Empire, of Burgovia, Upper and Lower Lu

of him for perfecting the business: promising on satia, Muffopont and Nomeny, Count of Namur, our imperial, royal, and archducal word, that we Provence, Vaudemont, Albimont, Zutphen, Sar- will ratify, accept, and faithfully fulfil, all such war, Salm, and Falkenstein; Lord of Marchpurg, things as our faid ambassador shall have conSlavonia, and Mechlin

cluded, promised and signed, by virtue of these By the tenor of these presents, make known presents, and that we will order letters of ratifiand testify, to all and fingular whom it doth or cation to be expedited at the time agreed upon. may in any manner concern. During the time In witness, and for the greater validity whereof, that the late extensive war overspread almost the we have figned this instrument of full power with whole world, we, and her Majesty the Empress our hand, and have ordered it to be confirmed and sole Monarch of all the Russias, animated with our imperial, royal, and archducal seal af. with an equal desire of putting an end as soon as fixed thereto. Given in our city of Vienna, the possible to the calamities of the war, did not omit 16th day of April, in the year of our Lord one frequently to manifest our earnest inclination that thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, in the by the interposition of our respective and mutual twentieth of our Roman Germanic reign, and friendly offices a reconciliation of the belligerent the third of our Hereditary reign. parties might be promoted, and the former peace and fincere concord between them be restored. It

JOSEPHUS. was very agreeable to us to understand that our

W. KAUNITZ RIETBERG. common endeavours had not failed of the desired effect; for a more pacific disposition afterwards By his Sacred, Imperial, and Royal Apoprevailing in the minds of the princes engaged in

stolic Majesty's special command. the war, and the business being already so far hap

ANT. SPIELMANN. pily advanced, that previous conditions of peace, or Preliminary Articles, were agreed upon between them, on which the general work of pacification

THE EMPRESS OF RUSSIA'S FULL POWER. might be founded, the aforesaid most ferene and molt potent princes desired, in a friendly manner, By the Grace of God, we Catharine the Sethat in concert with her Imperial Majesty of all cond, Empress and Sole Monarch of all the the Russias, we would apply our joint attention Rullias, of Muscovy, Kiovia, Vlodomiria, Novo. to this salutary business, and interpose our friendly gorod, Czarina of Casan, Czarina of Astracan, offices for establishing the peace, of which the Czarina of Siberia, Lady of Plescau, and Great foundations were happily laid by the above-men Dutchess of Smolensko, Dutchess of Etonia, of tioned previous conditions, in order that by the Livonia, Carelia, Twer, Ingoria, Germia, Viatunited efforts of the mediators, the great work of kia, Bulgaria, and other countries; Lady and peace might, on every fide, be the more certainly Great Dutchess of Lower Novogorod, of Czerniaccomplished. We, ever intent upon that object, govia, Resan, Rostow, Jaroslow, Belo-Oforia, Uperceived with the greater satisfaction, the finti- doria, Obduria;. Condinia, Ruler of all the Side ments of the above-mentioned princes, and have of the North, Lady of Iveria, and Hereditary

2 F 2


Princess and Sovereign of the Czars of Cartali. fand seven hundred and eighty-three, and in the nia and Georgia, as also of Cabardinia, of the twenty-first year of our reign. Princes of Circassia, of Gorski, &c. Being in

CATHERINE, tent, during all the course of the late war, which

Count John D'OSTERMANN. had extended over every part of the earth, to testify how much we had it at heart to see the calamities thereof terminated, we were inclined, in

THE DEFINITIVE TREATY OF PEACE AND conjundion with his Majesty the Emperor of the

FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN MIS BRITANNIC Romans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to em

MAJESTY, AND THE KING OF SPAIN ploy our good offices, in order to find means of con

SIGNED AT VERSAILLES,THE THIRD DAY ciliation proper for re-establishing peace and good

OF SEPTEMBER, ONE THOUSAND SEVEN understandir.g between the belligerent powers. HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-THREE. We have had the satisfaction to observe that our common endeavours were not fruitless; and the In the name of the Most Holy and Undivided Tripacific sentiments, with which the said powers nity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. So be it. were happily animated, having ripened and

Be it known to all those whom it shall or may strengthened so far that they proceeded to con.

in any manner concern. The Most Serene and clude Preliminary Articles, serving as a basis to

Most Potent Prince George the Third, by the the Definitive Treaties, they invited us, con Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, jointly with his Majesty the Emperor of the Ro- and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenmans, King of Hungary and Bohemia, to carry bourg, Arch Treasurer and Elector of the Holy our united mediation into full execution, and to interpose our good offices in this falutary work, Most Potent Prince Charles the Third, by the

Roman Empire, &c. and the Most Serene and by concurring to consolidate and fully establish

Grace of God, King of Spain and of the Indies, the peace, the foundations of which were laid by

&c. being equally desirous to put an end to the the aforesaid Preliminary Articles, and thus to

war, which for several years past afflicted their reaccoinplish the business of pacification so happily spective dominions, accepted the offer, which their begun. We, equally induced by the sentiments Majesties the Emperor of the Romans, and the above expresied, as by a juft acknowledgment of Impress of all the Ruffias, made to them, of those which were manifested to us on the part of their interposition, and of their mediation : but the said powers, did not hesitate, in concert with their Britannic and Catholic Majesties, animated his Majesty the Emperor of the Romans, to con

with a mutual desire of accelerating the re-esta. firm their expectation, and to charge ourself with blishment of peace, communicated to each other the important employment which was tendered

their laudable intention; which Heaven so far For this end we have made choice of, blessed, that they proceeded to lay the foundations named and deputed, and by these presents do make of peace, by figning Preliminary Articles at choice of, name and depute, our ministers pleni- Versailles, the 20:h of January, in the present potentiary to his Most Christian Majesty, our be

year. Their said Majesties, the King of Great loved and trusty Prince Iwan Bariatinskoy, lieu- Britain, and the Catholic King, thinking it intenant-general of our forces, knight of the order

cumbent upon them to give their Imperial Maof St. Anne; and the Sieur Arcadius de Marcoff, jesties a fignal proof of their gratitude for the our counsellor of Chancery; giving them full pow. generous offer of their mediation, invited them, er, in our name, and on our behalf

, in quality of in concert, to concur in the completion of the mediators, jointly with him or them who shall be

great and salutary work of peace, by taking part, named for this purpose, and likewise furnished with

as mediators, in the Definitive Treaty to be confull powers, on the part of his Majesty the Empe- cluded between their Britannic and Catholic ror of the Romans, King of Hungary and Bohe- Majesties. Their faid Imperial Majestics having mia, co-mediator, as well as on the part of the readily accepted thatinvitation, they have named, other powers interested therein, to act or inter

as their representatives, viz. His Majesty the pose, and allilt with our mediation and good of: Emperor of the Romans, the most Illustrious and fices, in the arrangement and completion of all

moft Excellent Lord Florimond, Count Mercysuch treaties, conventions, or other instruments, Argenteau, Viscount of Loo, Baron of Crichegas shall be judged necessary for the consolidation née, Knight of the Golden Fleece, chamberlain, and entire confirmation of the work begun; and

actual privy-counsellor of state to his Imperial and also to sign and deliver, on their part, such act or

Royal Apostolic Majesty, and his ambassador to acts as may be required and deemed conducive to his Moft Christian Majesty; and her Majesty the attainaient of that end: promising, on our the Empress of all the Russias, the Most Illur faith and imperial word, to approve and faithfully trious and Moft Excellent Lord, Prince Iwan perform every thing which all have been done, Bariatinskoy, lieutenant-general of the forces of concluded, promised and signed, in virtue of the her Imperial Majesty of all the Russias, knight present full power, by the said Prince Bariatin

of the Orders of St. Anne and of the Swedish skoy and Sieur Marcoff, as also to cause our rati• Sword, and her minister-plenipotentiary to his fications thereof to bc exredited in the time

Most Christian Majeity; and the Lord Arcadi, agreed upon. In witness whereof, we have signed De Marcoff, counsellor of state to her Imperial these presents with our own hand, and have caused Majesty of all the Russias, and her ministerthe Great Seal of thc empire to be fixed thereto. plenipotentiary to his Most Christian Majesty. Given at our residence of St. Petersburgh, the In consequence, their faid Majeities the King of twelfth of March, in the year of Grace one thou- Great Britain, and the most Christian King, have


to us.

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