The Character Building Readers: First reader, part one-[eighth year], 2. rész

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Hinds, Noble & Eldredge, 1910

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213. oldal - This textbook may be borrowed for two weeks, with the privilege of renewing it once. A fine of five cents a day is incurred by failure to return a book on the date when it is due. The Education Library is open from 9 to 5 daily except Saturday when it closes at 12.30.
76. oldal - LULLABY. Hush ! the waves are rolling in, White with foam, white with foam ; Father toils amid the din ; But baby sleeps at home. Hush ! the winds roar hoarse and deep, — On they come, on they come ! Brother seeks the wandering sheep ; But baby sleeps at home.
166. oldal - ... for lost. 6. At last, they heard a splash on the left side of the ship. " Pull on, quick ! quick !
20. oldal - BEHOLD a little baby boy, A happy babe is he ; His face how bright, His heart how light, His throne his mother's knee. Now in her face with laughing eye I see him gaily peep ; And now at rest Upon her breast He gently sinks to sleep. His lips are red, his teeth like pearls ; The rogue ! he has but two ; His golden hair How soft and fair, His eyes how bright and blue ! His tiny hands are white and plump ; And, waking...
1. oldal - There are many flags in many lands, There are flags of every hue, But there is no flag, however grand, Like our own "Red, White and Blue.
153. oldal - For if I love my country, I'll try to be a man My country may be proud of; And if I try, I can. She wants men brave and noble, She needs men brave and kind ; My country needs that I should be The best man she can find.
10. oldal - She does not care — not much, I mean — If a fellow's face is not always clean ; And if your trousers are torn at the knee, She can put in a patch that you'd never see.
168. oldal - A shark! a shark!" sounded from the boat to the ship. Bobby swam right and left, and dived and doubled, showing his teeth, and never allowing the shark time to turn on his back, without doing which the monster could not bite him.
27. oldal - My little white kitten now wants to go out And frolic, with no one to watch her about; " Little kitten," I say, "Just an hour you may stay, And be careful in choosing your places to play.

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