The Law and Customs of the Stock Exchange, with an Appendix Containing the Rules and Regulations ..

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H. Sweet, 1884 - 196 oldal
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140. oldal - ... every man must be held responsible for the consequences of a false representation made by him to another, upon which a third person acts, and, so acting, is injured or...
109. oldal - Company, to hold unto the said CD, his executors, administrators, and assigns, subject to the several conditions on which I held the same at the time of the execution hereof; and I, the said CD, do hereby agree to take the said share [or shares] subject to the same conditions.
164. oldal - In cases where fully paid shares have been granted in lieu of money payments, an official certificate will be required that the contract providing for the issue of such shares has been filed with the registrar of joint stock companies, as prescribed by the 25th section of the Companies
56. oldal - Any note, mem orandum, or writing, commonly called a "contract note," or by whatever name the same may be designated, for or relating to the sale or purchase of any stock or marketable security of the value of £5 or upwards . . . . Id . Section 69.
152. oldal - No member shall attempt to enforce by law a claim arising out of Stock Exchange transactions against a member or defaulter, or against the principal of a member or defaulter, without the consent of such member, of the creditors of the defaulter, or of the Committee.
69. oldal - ... if a man gratuitously undertakes to do a thing to the best of his skill, where his situation or profession is such as to imply skill, an omission of that skill is imputable to him as gross negligence.
28. oldal - All contracts or agreements, whether by parol or in writing, by way of gaming, or wagering, shall be null and void...
158. oldal - ... must not be bought in until reasonable time has been allowed to the seller to obtain the verification required. If the seller have a larger coupon than the amount of stock conveyed, or only one coupon, representing stock conveyed by two or more...
164. oldal - ... that the articles of association restrain the directors from employing the funds of the company in the purchase of its own shares, and that a member of the Stock Exchange is authorised by the company to give full information as to the formation of the undertaking, and be able to furnish the committee with all particulars they may require.
150. oldal - I am not engaged in any business, except such as is transacted at the Stock Exchange, nor am I clerk in any public or private establishment unconnected with the Stock Exchange, nor a member of, or subscriber to, any other institution in which dealings in stocks or shares are carried on.

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