unless the Buyer receive Part of them, or give something in Earnest, or fome Noie thereof in Writing be signed by the Parties to be charged, or their Agents.

No Nuncupative Will shall be good, where Nuncupathe Estate bequeathed exceeds 301, unless it tive Will. be proved by three Witnesses present at the making thereof; nor unless the Testator bid them bear Witness, that such is his Will ; nor unless it be made in the last Sickness of the Deceased in his Dwelling-house, unless he be surprized and die before his Rerurn. And after six months, no Testimony shall be received of luch Nuncupative Will, unless the said Testimony were put into Writing within fix Days after making such Will. No Will in Writing of any Personal Estate Revoca

tion. shall be repealed by Words only, except the same be in the Life-time of the Teftator committed to Writing, read to him, approved by him; and this attested by three Witnesses.

By 29 Car. 2, cap. 9, The Writ De Here- Herefy. tico comburendo, with all Proceedings thereon, and all Punishments by Death in pursuance of Ecclesiastical Censures, are abolished. By 31 Cur. 2, cap. 2, Upon the Service of Habeas

Corpus an Hubeas Corpiis on a Jaylor, or his Servants,

Act. or upon any other Person having a Prisoner in his Custody; the Prisoner within three Days after, upon paying or tendering twelve Pence a Mile for the Removal of him, shall be brought up, and the Writ returned, and the Cause of his Imprisonment certified: And Officers refusing to make their Returns, or bring the Prisoners up, &c. as aforesaid, shall forfeit 1oo l. for the first Offence, and 2001. for the second. H h 2


If any Perfon committed to Prifon for Trea: son or Felony, expressed in the Warrant, shall the first Weck of the Term, or Day of the Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, pray to be brought to his Trial; if he be not indi&ted the next Term, or Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, after such Commitment, he shall, upon Motion the last Day of such Term, or Seffions, be admitted to Bail.

Prisoners may obtain their Habeas Corpus from any Judge, or out of the Chancery; and if the Lord Chancellor, Keeper, or any ocher Jodge, Tall deny such Habeas Corpus,

lie shall forfeit sool. to the Party grieved. More be- Upon a Review of this Alftract, it must be ad. neficial

mitted, that King Charles II. pased more Afts Laws made in of Parliament for the Benefit of his Subjects, than this Reign any Prince that ever reigned before or fince. than in any other.

The End of the Reign of King CHARLES II.

C H A P.

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The Reign of King JAMES II.
HE Capacity of the late King for AD 1685
Affairs of State, was sufficiently

manifested in the last Years of his. 17 u. II. Reign, when he was pleased to apply him- The great self to Business. To conquer a powerful and Capacity obftinate Faction by pure Dint of Policy,

of the late

King. without an Army, and without' Treasure to bribe or soften their Prejudices, and reconcile a People to him, who had been long paysoned in their Principles, and drawn from their Dury by the most artful Infinuations of their great Republican Leaders, discovered an uncommon Genius. But nothing could give a greater Luftre to that Prince's Adminiftration, than the unpardonable Errors of his Successor; who, notwithstanding he came to the Crown wich' very great Advantages, was not two Days upon the Throne, before he gave such Indications of his furure Conduct, as alarmed fome of his best Friends, even of his own Religion. Buç not to anticipare Matters, and prejudice the Reader against an unfortunate Reign, I shall proceed to give the History of it, in as favourable a Light as the Truth, and Fidelity of an Hiftorian, will admir; not aggravaring every little Slip, or finde

Faults, where there are really none, as too many Writers have done, in order to justify the Conduct of their Friends.

To descend to Parriçulars: The fame Day King King Charles II died, his Brother and Heir James II.

proclaimKing James II, was proclaimed in the Cities ed.


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